"Aha, beautiful lady, we mean no harm!" Ulu jumped out by himself and said politely, but I didn’t expect it to be too much, because it unconsciously took a few steps forward, giving the red bear the feeling that Ulu, the smelly bear, was about to rush over.

"Hoo!" The red bear slapped him with a hard paw.
Ulu smile froze. Unexpectedly, my enthusiasm ushered in such treatment? Open druids, naturally, will not be so easily hit by a pure bear Warcraft. Ulu gently added a bear paw. Gently blocked the red bear’s claws. Mouth side loudly explained: "beautiful young lady, please believe me, I really mean no harm, my name is Ulu, just want to know you."
Taking his word, the red bear started work around, and attacked Ulu severely. His huge body was like Taishan coping, and he hit it hard. Ulu had a big headache. It was love at first sight for herself with this beautiful red bear, so I couldn’t bear to let myself do it. Ulu had to hide there and didn’t dare to fight back, for fear of laying hands on her too big, and she suddenly slapped Miss Red Bear, who manipulated the flame, into a paste.
After all, Ulu is a combination of a druid with claws and a bear of the earth, and the most amazing thing about the bear of the earth is their magic and amazing power! There is no doubt that Ulu has inherited the great power of the bear of the earth!
Qin Chu knows Ulu’s mind. Aha, this smelly bear has a crush on a Miss Bear from into the badlands? Qin Chu didn’t come forward to calculate, these days in the vast virgin forest, have never seen such an interesting thing, Qin Chu didn’t intend to come forward to terminate.
The more red bear fights, the angrier he gets, and the more surprised he is. This small smelly bear is so resistant to beating? Your own strength is not small, but you can’t do anything about each other? And the other party is still relaxed!
Red bear knows something is wrong. Roar, Sichuan "2" suddenly broke two orange boiling flames, mercilessly slapped Lu’s face and hands, seven, a deep roar. Visible to the naked eye, a layer of khaki light quickly spread from the body and quickly covered the whole body. Especially on the two forearms, they are covered with a thick layer, which looks like they are wearing thick armor.
A violent clash. The sky is full of flames. If it is a shattered butterfly wing, it flutters.
Qin Chu face a slight change. In such an environment, the use of flame, this is not to die? There are trees all around. These magic flames are not ordinary flames, they can turn a green tree in an instant. Burn to ashes! The general fire is Warcraft, even if you live in the forest, you rarely use flame like this!
After the red bear drove Ulu away, he immediately turned and ran to the forest behind him without hesitation. It is confident that in this forest, no one is more familiar with the terrain here than himself! As long as they find Fang Yizang anywhere, they will find it hard to find themselves!
The red bear moves fast. Almost in a blink of an eye, he jumped out of a long distance flexibly.
Ulu watched the red bear leave in astonishment, and Qin Chu reminded him, "Don’t you chase?"
Ulu woke up like a dream. Grateful to see Qin Chu one eye, immediately start to recover to the front, Qin Chu smiled, with a small white on his shoulder, floating body, followed by Ulu. Chase in the direction where the red bear disappears.
Red Bear ran in front, thinking that he could get rid of Qin Chu, but he didn’t expect it, but it was a mysterious time, these guys. Try to catch up quickly!
The red bear was depressed: "How do you feel that they are more familiar with this place than I am?" Because she is now, Ulu is almost chasing herself in a straight line. She thought Ulu was more familiar with the terrain here. And you don’t know it. Ulu is a natural druid with claws, and he is born to manipulate plants.
Watching Ulu get closer and closer. Red bear suddenly understood something: "they can detect the route I have taken."
"These bastards, there is no way, I can only hide there!" Red bear gnashed her teeth in her heart, and her feet suddenly increased. More liquid ran forward, "went there, I can’t believe it. You can also explore my tracks! "
Qin Chu felt the sudden movement of the red bear in front of him, and he was surprised, but there was no stagnation at his feet. Action is much faster than the most sensitive ape. There is Ulu’s way ahead. Qin Chu cast the most suitable posture of Yi Mufeng in this kind of environment, and Ulu will only be more accelerated if it is like a duck to water. If Qin Chu was not in the mood to help, at this moment, he would have caught up with the red bear.
The trees are getting taller and bigger. Qin Chu found something unusual. Among the high-density weeds, there are many red stones, which are quietly scattered among the weeds. The farther you go, the more red stones there are. A more fiery breath, coming from the front!
Qin Chu suddenly stopped his body. He said to Ulu, "Stop, there is something strange ahead."
Ulu made a big turn. There is a thick layer of sand and stone on the surface, burning red sand!
The air around Ulu is so dry that there is no moist breath. The scenery ahead seems to be distorted. Ulu knows, of course, that this kind of scene will only appear around the flame!
"What a high temperature!" Ulu looked around, and the weeds around him were covered with red sand. Hot breath, constantly rising from the surrounding sand seam recommendation.
"What a strange place!" Qin Chu tried to explore with the gods, but he felt that his gods were here, and seemed to be affected. The detected influence was unclear. Qin Chu even feels that there seems to be a kind of power, trying to break down the power of God’s knowledge!
"The red bear. I hid in it! " The giant bear just now has hid behind the huge red stone standing inside.
Qin Chu was curious and let Ulu and Xiaobai be around: "Go, go in and have a look!"
Qin Chu, who just walked over, turned slightly, and his body suddenly drifted backwards. At the same time, a big handprint came crashing out. The green flame, which is one person tall, fluttered and flew over. In the face of the attack of the big handprint, it didn’t mean to dodge, but a clever turn. Follow the big handprint to Qin Chu.
"Huh?" Qin Chu was surprised. The body continued to retreat, and at the same time it was a big one. Surging spiritual force. Swept through the surrounding space. However, the two green flames did not recede, but twisted into a strange appearance, and continued to closely follow the figure of Qin Chu, chasing after this side. Not only that, but also a huge green flame emerged from behind the huge red stone. To swell up here in Qin Chu.
Qin Chu mused slightly. The body stopped suddenly, leaving only a layer of spiritual power. Protect yourself around your body.
Strange things happened, but the green flame didn’t continue to follow me, just quickly reduced, and then stopped a few meters away in Qin Chu, jumping in place. After the mystery, it drifted slowly to the red stone. Qin Chu felt a faint suction coming from behind the stone. Like a faint wind, it attracts these oily green flames!
"underground phosphorus fire!" Qin Chu gently spit out a sigh of relief and looked dignified. "This is a place where bones are buried!"

Chapter 113 Giant Bone
Chapter 113 Giant Bone
Underground phosphorus fire is a strange flame. ※. Yan Zhu is generally dry and ghostly, and the green attracts everyone’s common sense. Generally, the brighter the color, the more problematic it is. The color of this underground phosphorus fire is very bright, and of course it is also very vicious. No matter what creature accidentally meets this kind of flame, if it is provoked, it will follow its body, just like when Qin Chu’s net came over. Because no matter people or animals, when they move, they will drive the airflow around their bodies, and the fire itself has no weight, so it is extremely sensitive to the changes of the airflow around them.
Here is in the dense forest, dense trees and all kinds of vines make it impenetrable, plus the strange terrain here. So that these underground phosphorus fires will not drift at random on weekdays. But once an animal or someone else approaches. It will destroy the air flow direction here, and then release the underground phosphorus fire from the comfort of weak air flow.
Once the underground phosphorus fire is contaminated with the body, it will keep burning. It is not only destructive, but also extremely destructive to consciousness.
Because the formation of the Yin phosphorus fire is very special! Where the underground phosphorus fire is produced, there must be abundant vitality, and there must be many bones there! If these bones are placed here for a long time, they will form a strong dead body. For a long time, these dead bodies will undergo specific changes under the action of the vitality of heaven and earth, and finally form a vicious underground phosphorus fire!
The appearance of underground phosphorus fire represents the place where it is, and it is a place where bones are buried!
"So many underground fires indicate that there are a lot of bones here." Qin Chu looked around, except for the striking red stones, but nothing else was seen. "But where are all the bones here?"
Due to the special nature of underground phosphorus fire, the creatures passing through here will turn into bones one after another, so usually, the place where bones are buried will become bigger and bigger, and there will be more and more bones. However, I didn’t see any bones here, only a lot of red stones!
"However. In any case, this kind of underground phosphorus fire is very precious, as long as everything in the world is used properly. Can be useful things. What’s more, it’s so precious? " Qin Chu’s eyes turned to these dark phosphorus fires. The special nature of the underground phosphorus fire, which never dies, and the special nature that it can burn the soul, made it notorious. But even so, there are still many people. Using the underground phosphorus fire, it has become a special magic weapon.
I remember that there used to be Jin, called Jiao Yan’s Sanxiu, nicknamed "Gourd Taoist." His gourd is called the seven treasures gourd. It is a special magic weapon that is quite a headache, and the daily gourd can be used as a magic weapon for small-scale storage of one catty. When fighting, this gourd has become a magic weapon with strange tricks. In his gourd, one of the magic weapons is the underground yin phosphorus fire that has been sacrificed and practiced. After sacrifice and practice, make balls the size of Jackie Chan’s eyes. When fighting with people, when they are unprepared, they will follow the enemy like living things. Compared with the destructive power of ordinary underground phosphorus fire, the power of underground phosphorus fire after sacrifice practice is more than ten times greater!
Qin Chu took out a catty from the storage belt. Gourd, this emerald little gourd is made of pure jasper. Qin Chu originally planned to put his own refined wine, but the wine has not been made, so this little gourd has been idle.