Kelly saw father-in-law Yang was really anxious and didn’t say much. He told several craftsmen a few words to let them get themselves out quickly. Without waiting for a few people to react, they turned and followed father-in-law Yang to go outside.

As soon as I stepped out of the Zhuangmen and didn’t wait for Kelly to ask questions, Father Yang looked dignified and said to Kelly, "My Lord didn’t know what a discount Hou gave the emperor today. When I finished reading it, I was furious and told me to come to the palace to find you. It seems that today’s events are not good for my Lord. Adults should be careful when they see the emperor for a while. Don’t annoy the emperor again, otherwise it will be a hard day!"
Kelly couldn’t help "hitching" when he heard this. He didn’t know what the hell this Hou Jun was doing. Supposedly, this Hou Jun was just picking up this hot air balloon army soldier, and he was also in the process of selecting and recruiting. He hasn’t had anything to hand over to this matter since he consulted the candidates that day. Speaking of which, there should be no place to fight with Hou Jun. How could a discount come out and make Comrade Li Er so angry? It’s really something!
Wang Ke can’t think about it, but he can also secretly make a good idea in his mind. After meeting Comrade Li Er for a while, he will try to understand what is going on first and then do something about it. It’s no use not knowing what happened now.
Yang Gonggong sat there and saw that Kelly’s face was so dignified, and he knew that he was considering what would make Comrade Li Er so angry. Although he knew what Kelly should have done this time, Yang Gonggong really didn’t believe that Kelly’s daily performance would make Comrade Li Er have such a huge reaction. This is really puzzling, and Hou Jun’s discount must be aimed at Kelly. It also needs to be questioned. Is it true that Kelly has done something wrong?
Two people each bosom worry soon came to the front of Comrade Li Er’s imperial house without delay. Father-in-law Yang directly went in with Kelly. Father-in-law Yang told Comrade Li Er that when Kelly arrived, Ma went aside and left Kelly alone to face Comrade Li Er.
Kelly saw that Comrade Li Er was Yu Nu. He bowed carefully to Comrade Li Er and said, "Does the emperor know that I have orders to call my junior minister?"
At this time, Kelly always pays lip service to himself instead of directly bowing to himself as he did when he was happy with Comrade Li Er. This is actually a trick played by Kelly. Calling himself a vassal directly when Comrade Li Er is happy means that he is no different from others. You should know that when Comrade Li Er is unhappy, you will call yourself a vassal, so that Comrade Li Er will hear that you are too young to make any mistakes. Don’t care about yourself a lot, Comrade Li Er. After you forget it, you will keep it in mind and pay attention to correcting it. Never again!
Although it doesn’t make any difference to others to add or subtract a word, in fact, people who hear it will follow Kelly’s psychology in their hearts and let Wang Ke escape heavy punishment. This method is tried and tested in Kelly, and Kelly is lucky.
Comrade Li Er heard Kelly’s question and said with a snort of cold, "I didn’t feel sorry for you when you were doing business in the shop on weekdays!"! Today, however, you put the means to my head and secretly put people into the army to award high titles. You can’t spare you if you don’t say goodbye to me today! "
Comrade Li Er said that he would strike back on the desktop to show his determination.
Kelly’s words to Comrade Li Er are half awake and half confused. This means that he secretly put people into the army without asking. Comrade Li Er means that Liu Er said that when Li Ke recruited Liu Er, he told Li Ke that he was confident and could explain clearly at most, that is, to trouble Father-in-law Yang to go and invite Li Ke to prove himself. But when it comes to his own means, it’s really not white what happened to Comrade Li Er’s head Kelly.
Kelly gave Comrade Li Er a hand and said, "The emperor has a request. When I explained to the emperor, I also asked the emperor to allow Yang Gonggong to invite me to be a witness in the Wu Wangdian. While explaining to the emperor, I waited for the Wu Wangdian to come forward and asked the Wu Wangdian to arrive, so that I could be cleared."
Kelly didn’t have a horse, so he asked Comrade Li Er what it was that made Comrade Li Er say that he was playing tricks on him. Anyway, now it’s two problems. Let’s make this Liu Er thing clear first, and then it’s not too late to figure out other problems. If the two problems are mixed up, even there is no way to make it clear.
Comrade Li Er was annoyed when he saw Hou Jun’s memorial, but he didn’t lose his mind. He didn’t directly put Kelly in prison or just click, but called Kelly to Kelly to make things clear. Comrade Li Er still grasped this very well.
Now Kelly asked to call Li Ke to testify for himself. Although Comrade Li Er didn’t know what to do, he agreed to wave and ask Yang Gonggong to go there quickly, while he sat there and listened to Kelly as his own defense.
Looking at Yang’s father-in-law walking out of the imperial house, Kelly said to Comrade Li Er, "The emperor said that it was really wrong for me to put people into the army privately. Although this person is from my Wangjiazhuang family, it is not true for me to let him into the army. It was the Wu Wangdian who thought about letting this person join the army considering that he was not proficient in hot air balloon at that time, but he couldn’t let the people in the test site. At that time, the minister also told the Wu Wangdian whether it was inappropriate or not, but the temple also had no way to make this policy. Besides, the emperor also knew that it was a good way to do this
For Kelly’s explanation, Comrade Li Er doesn’t care about Kelly. Anyway, Li Ke will come soon. When Li Ke arrives, what is going on will be known immediately, and there is no need to entangle with Kelly at this time.
Comrade Li Er asked again, "What is the rank? How can you award a petty officer as soon as you join the army? Aren’t you afraid of other soldiers doing this? "
Kelly answered the question just now, and he had already thought of this. He didn’t say it directly just now, that is to say, if Comrade Li Er still asks if he wants to ask himself, he will answer if he doesn’t ask. When Li Ke arrives, he will naturally make everything clear.
Now, when Comrade Li Er asked Kelly, he directly replied, "I also asked the emperor about this question, which means that this person is going to train others. If he keeps his hands down according to the normal procedure, the soldiers will consider giving him the rank of sergeant directly. When the temple comes, the emperor will explain it clearly."
Kelly is also telling the truth about this matter. After all, this was the case at that time, and at this time, Li Ke was much bigger than himself.
As soon as Comrade Li Er heard this, it was Li Ke who lost his temper with Kelly, so that all his anger in his heart went to the last question. "Then why don’t you explain your hot air balloon problem to me again? What did you report is more than twice as high as that calculated by Hou Qing? How do you explain this problem! You have earned a lot of money! "
When Kelly heard this, he almost fell to the ground at that time. Kelly really didn’t know how to deal with this matter when he remembered that he was too busy during this period. How much did these two hot air balloons cost? I really didn’t calculate it myself. How can a price come out now? It is so much higher than others’ calculation!
Kelly looked puzzled and asked, "What’s going on, Emperor? I don’t have time to calculate the price of this hot air balloon. Up to now, I don’t know how much this hot air balloon needs. The price is like this!"
Comrade Li Er listened to Kelly’s words and took a closer look at Kelly’s expression. He felt that Kelly didn’t lie, and he couldn’t help wondering himself. Since this is the case, is this Hou Jun’s price like this? But it doesn’t seem like lying to see Hou Jun fold but file. Now it’s such a good thing. Do you have to call Hou Jun?
Comrade Li Er thought of here and felt very difficult. He could wait for Yang’s father-in-law to call Li Ke before calling Hou Jun. This is great. Nothing can be asked again. As soon as the room is quiet, Comrade Li Er sits in a chair and Kelly is stunned. Because Comrade Li Er didn’t say anything, he can sit down and wait for Li Ke to help.
Well, it didn’t take long for Li Ke to come in as Yang’s father-in-law. When Kelly saw Li Ke, he hurriedly took Li Ke and said what he had just said. Let Li Ke hurry up and say something to Comrade Li Er.
Li Ke smiled at Comrade Li Er and made it clear what the situation was like that day. When Comrade Li Er heard this, it was decided by Li Ke, and Kelly would not say anything at all. After all, Li Ke was himself. This is also true. Fix the hot air balloon. If Kelly didn’t make decisions privately, Comrade Li Er wouldn’t ask again.
Comrade Li Er no longer asked about this matter, so he had to find out the price. He asked Yang’s father-in-law to call Hou Junlai. Li Ke couldn’t help laughing when he asked Kelly what Hou Junlai was doing.
When Kelly and Li Er saw Li Ke laughing, they all looked at Li Ke and handed it over to Comrade Li Er and said, "Father, even Hou Shuai misunderstood the day before yesterday. Hou Shuai sent someone to ask my son about the value of this hot air balloon. I didn’t know how much it was, so I went directly to ask Nanping’s sister. At that time, Nanping’s sister calculated the required cost and handed it over to Hou Shuai. At that time, I forgot to tell the soldier that the price was two hot air balloons. It was estimated that Hou Shuai was a lot higher when I saw it. This fact was a mistake.
As soon as Li Ke finished speaking, Comrade Li Er also laughed. Kelly was on the side, but his heart was too busy to die. I didn’t expect it to come out behind him. It really made me laugh and cry.
Comrade Li Er finally stopped laughing and waved and said, "No, it’s okay. Go and do your thing."
Kelly said to Comrade Li Er that it was so easy to salute Comrade Li Er, leaned forward with a full belly of resentment and walked out and said in his heart, "You’d say it lightly. It’s okay! I was really tossed by you today. What a thing! "
Chapter DiErLiuSan regulation too (2)
I just got back to my office and sat in Kelly’s belly full of resentment, but Li Ke came in with her heels before and after. When I saw Kelly with that dead face and her eyes looking at herself like something, Li Ke knew that this little guy was still angry.
Li Ke smiled and said to Kelly, "B-brother is still angry. No, it’s already been said. Father didn’t blame you for being angry."
Kelly looked at Li Ke and felt how uncomfortable he was now. Today, all these things were Li Kegan, but Hou Jun put them all on his head. What would happen to him if it weren’t for playing it by ear?
Kelly said with some resentment, "Don’t be the boss in the post-trouble hall, and someone will wait for you afterwards. Today is over. If you do it again, it won’t kill me!"
Li Ke knew that Kelly was complaining to himself as soon as he heard this, but he really didn’t have anything to say. A few things were all made by himself. Afterwards, I really didn’t expect to get out of such a big basket. This Hou Junlai just stared at Kelly all day long. It happened that these things were all in Kelly. How could he not let Hou Junyou have the idea of Wang Ke fighting again?
Thought of here, Li Ke hurriedly smiled apologetically at Kelly and said, "B-brother, this is really a rash thing for my younger brother. I didn’t expect to cause so many things. Now that this matter is over, my younger brother must think about what to do beforehand. It won’t happen again!"
Come to Kelly, that is, be angry by yourself. After Li Ke’s arrival, the gas in his stomach will be relieved a lot. Now that Li Ke has said this again, Kelly really can’t fight with Li Ke again. Now he is thinking about what Hou Jun really wants to do. Even if it is really his fault today, it can be said in detail that Hou Jun is not guilty. What are the benefits of doing this?
Wang Ke couldn’t figure it out, so he told Li Ke that he wanted to hear what Li Ke would think about this matter. This one-man plan is too short, and three heads are better than one. It’s better for everyone to think together than for themselves.
After listening to Kelly, Li Ke also felt strange. Supposedly, Hou Jun was able to sit in this Kelly. Although Li Ke also knew that Kelly would never be willing to let Hou Jun sit in this position, it was the best way at that time. I didn’t expect this Hou Jun to come to Wang Ke with such a single hand, which really made people think of it.
Two people sitting in front of Kelly’s desk, you told me everything in your heart. Of course, most of them can also be said to have made this conjecture about Hou Jun through analysis. But for them, Hou Jun’s temperament is mastered, and Wang Ke has described and concluded Hou Jun from later generations in history, which can help them to have a general understanding of Hou Jun’s psychological activities more or less.
The last two men came to a conclusion that Hou Jun must have considered Kelly’s hand this time. The purpose of this hand is just to see what attitude Comrade Li Er will have towards Kelly and whether he can weaken the position of Comrade Kelly and Comrade Li Er in his heart.
Thought of here, Kelly unconsciously gnashed her teeth. This Hou Jun is too unreasonable. He just helped him get this position, and his horse was so single-handedly against himself that it really made him feel uncomfortable.
Seeing Wang Ke’s appearance, Li Ke quickly said, "Brother, don’t do anything stupid. Let’s discuss it carefully. We can’t be impulsive. Otherwise, we will have a hard time with our father!"
Wang Ke is angry, but there is still reason. Li Ke says that he is white in front of Li Ke. He doesn’t hide anything and will show it directly.
Li Ke said that Kelly hurriedly said, "How come? I still know that we can’t do anything easily without his handle now. He can also take hold of his sore spot and make him feel uncomfortable. Let him do it. We will never do so many things now. Where can we have the leisure to play with him?"
Li Ke saw that Wang Ke had said this before he released the big stone in his heart, but he still couldn’t help but ask, "Brother Wang said that, but we can’t just sit here. Should we also do something to make him not sit in this position so comfortably?"
Li Ke laughed as soon as he finished Kelly. He thought so himself, but he didn’t say it yet. Moreover, Li Ke had to come forward to do it. Kelly didn’t know what Li Ke would think. As a result, Li Ke himself said it and went to a lot of trouble.