"Well, stop it. I don’t want to hear the following. Now, you can teach me the language."

"So all right, what do you call friends? My name is Zichun, and my brother’s name is Zihan, "said the female Yuanying.
"My name is Tianxin," I laughed.
"As friends, the language here is like this …"
After a long time, the gods soon learned the ancient language when they knew the sea and some knowledge of geography and humanities on the planet Wanhuang. "Well, I already have a rough idea, your other disciples retreat. Thirty years later, I asked Ziyue to wake you up. Then, you can tell her everything. "
After his gods quit, I missed hearing it.
Chun asked helplessly, "Brother, do you think this man can be trusted?" Zihan also replied, "Sister, that’s the only way. I hope this person keeps his word and won’t miss the great event of our Tianyin Pavilion 36 years later."
With the guidance of the brothers and sisters of the two divisions, I successfully came to the Oriental House in the extremely mysterious mainland with Purple Moon. Dongfang Fu is a modern science and technology city, but it exudes antique and retro flavor everywhere. It’s nice to stay in a splendid hotel. As long as you have money, I won’t ask you for any documents. However, for the sake of safety, such a good hotel still needs to be registered. I had a brainwave and took a resounding name, Wan Huang Tian Xin. Hotel registration lady stare big eyes, such as she was taken away by another service lady, just said, "wanhuang Tianxin, good name, but how is it possible? He is not an adult yet, and he has such a big baby. "
It doesn’t matter if you are surprised, Miss. You are really startled. On the registration book, I filled in but! It is in line with your young appearance. At this time, the waitress probably guessed my thoughts. "Sir, I think you are missing a word in front of you. You are not yet an adult at 30. How can you have children!"
"Yes, yes, I am 130 this year." 130, how uncomfortable it is to listen to yourself. I didn’t know until I checked the information later. The average height of human beings on the planet Wanhuang is about 180 points, and the average life expectancy is years old. Only when they are 60 years old can they be considered adults. Dizzy!
A few days later, I bought a building to live in, not far from the Oriental Vague College. Money, hey hey, I didn’t expect Zi Yue Xiao Niu to have a gold card. Tianyin 36 Pavilion is a rich landlord. Little Niu Niu is so cute! So, I hired another nanny to take care of the lovely little girl. Two-year-old Ziyue soon got acquainted with herself because she didn’t have much memory. When she was older, she began to build a foundation for her. Little Niu Niu grew up to be six years old and became more naughty, naughty and cute. However, kung fu is not built. The first order of internal energy has been practiced. In fact, this should be attributed to the nine-color energy. Although she is asleep, she is still transforming the physique of Ziyue Xiaoniu all the time.
Himself, also didn’t show up! Practice with Zi Yue Xiao Niu all day and cultivate feelings. Then, in the dead of night, God’s knowledge was released, and he became familiar with the Wanhuang planet inch by inch, while inviting the thieves he visited to the street to play Tai Chi. This planet. As long as you are strong enough, you can erect your own system; As long as you have enough money; you can have countless bodyguards and even mercenaries. It is also a base for beautiful women and a cradle for criminals, not only modern weapons, but also laser guns, high-energy guns, tanks and cannons. As long as you walk through Madman Street, you can see it. Even monks and flying swords are very popular.
The days passed slowly. Two years ago, I took a 10-year-old Purple Moon by the gate of Dongdong, and was accidentally seen by a gray-haired old man. Ziyue, whose internal energy has reached the sixth order, won the grand prize, and the old man wanted to register Ziyue Niuniu into the school himself anyway, even though he asked for a position as an ancient books librarian in the library.
I spent two years in the library of Oriental Dimly discernible College. Ziyue was too young to sneak into the library to find herself from time to time, which seriously violated the confidentiality principle of the college. However, the old man seemed to care. And with two years in the past, I have groped for the planet of Wan Huang, and combined with the ancient books I saw, I found that this planet has been divided into four worlds.
There are two big worlds in Wandianfeng, commonly known as the Upper Bound and the Fixed Reality Bound. Outside the Wandian Peak, there is a mortal world, and there is a more mysterious sea world in the ocean, which accounts for half of the Wanhuang planet. As expected, the sea moon pavilion, one of the three pavilions of the planet, should be there.
The development of Wanhuang Planet for tens of thousands of years, except that the upper bound is unknown, the fix-true world, the mortal world and the water world are already complicated and have different ideas. Think about it, I have been lurking for ten years, and now Ziyue has the big nanny of Oriental Vague College, and whether I should be brilliant!
The emperor’s heavenly heart is daydreaming, and his heart suddenly rises with warning signs. There was a struggle on the first floor. The gods revealed that Ziyue and Nanhua were fighting with a group of masked men.
"Well, I just want to walk around, so I can’t worry about finding a reason to convince Ziyue."
As the heavenly heart floated down, I saw about eight masked men circling the Purple Moon, but Nanhua should not be the target. Only one masked man was fighting for her. Looking at the past, there were about 100 black and masked men lined up. While looking outside the library, the leader shouted, "Three, five, thirteen, twenty, forty, six, seven and nine, hurry up." As he shouted behind him, "Ten more."
Ten more masked men rushed up, and a sword of light greeted them obliquely. At the same time, they drank violently. "Oriental Dimly discernible College has been built for ten thousand years, and no one dares to run wild. Today, good friends unexpectedly come uninvited under the bright sky, so try the taste of the seven dimly discernible swords!"
In the binge drinking, ten masked men were stopped by a middle-aged teacher. At the same time, the college alarm sounded, and the air was around, and the masked man leader swore, "Damn, what a broken college! What a quick response! Go up, go up, "a color signal in the air.
As a heavenly heart, the skill of eight masked men is really not brilliant. Seriously, only the cultivation in the Dan period can make the purple moon at the end of the seventh order cope. However, he dare not careless. This group of masked men obviously came for Ziyue, and they should be the men in black in those days. It’s just that it’s a little too much to go to the prestigious Oriental Vague College to make trouble or take people captive. There’s something in it! When the masked leader gave a color signal, he became more and more careful. More than a hundred celebrities came to create chaos.
"Hey, Purple Moon looks very important!" As random thinking.
There are more and more teachers and senior students in the college, and hundreds of Mongolian celebrities are quickly surrounded. The masked leader suddenly laughed, and a teacher was frightened and shouted, "Spread out!" " I saw a hundred masked men suddenly tearing off their black clothes, and each of them was tied with a shiny thing. The teacher exclaimed, "Micro-nuclear bomb."
"Yes, there are people who know these old things," said the masked leader with a smile. "There are many experts in the Oriental Dimly discernible College, but we are here today, and we have made up our minds to cross the rubicon. Either, you let the little girl on Purple Moon come with us, or we will detonate the hundreds of micro-nuclear bombs and blow themselves up. At the same time, we will sink this area, and we will die, and you will ask for more happiness. How about it? "

Chapter one hundred and fifty-three WanDian don’t boundary
Face-to-face, this will shock the whole audience. Eight men who fought with Purple Moon and a masked man who fought with South China also stopped and confronted two women.
"You … mean," South China gnashed her teeth.
"Mean, beauty, if it weren’t for the strict order that no complications are allowed, I would let you know what is really mean?" The masked man who played against South China laughed, and his eyes shone with thick desire for light unabashedly, sweeping across the chest of South China Gaoting.
"You, damn it!" South China scold a way, canthus distortion, refraction murderous look.
"Yes, I am damn it, so what? Can you kill me? " Masked men laughed, eyes thick turn crazy, "this world, who don’t die, Lao tze walk for two hundred years, see people, which don’t die. Playing tricks, disregard for human life, committing crimes, but it is these scum, and the one around him is not a group of beautiful women, luxurious and luxurious. Little girl, you can’t afford it. Marry a man as soon as possible, give birth to the next generation, and have a good training, so as not to say such despicable and brainless retarded words on the star of the Emperor and on the mysterious continent. "
"You, …" South China ruthlessly stare at the masked man. But the masked man didn’t care about the murderous light in her eyes.
Suddenly there was a rush of bells ringing in the sky. After the bells ringing, a group of ten monks dressed in armor with the symbol of Oriental Dimly discernible College flashed in the field. The leader was about two meters tall, with a national face, and he was angry and violent. I only listened to his cold track. "Since you are not afraid of death, you should sign up for the title, and let us see who broke the eternal silence of Oriental Vague College?"
Tianxin looked at everything at the scene, and he felt quite strange. The teachers and senior and junior students who had arrived earlier were consciously evacuating. Then the 10 armor monks who arrived didn’t seem to worry about each other: > play. South China has retired, with irate look and worry on her face. On the field, there will soon be only Purple Moon surrounded by nine masked men and them, and hundreds of masked men with micro-nuclear bombs hanging on them.
"Damn, dare to check. Oriental Vague College is known as the iron wall, and the men have not come in yet. " The masked leader YinYin laughed.
"That’s good. Then you don’t have to go. Oriental Vague College doesn’t avoid people entering, but those who are not qualified to come in will bear the consequences of being unqualified. " The word face armor friar laughed. Behind him, the nine armor monks moved silently, and the nine swords were as bright as Changhong, flashing cold light and practicing, splitting at hundreds of masked men.
"Boom," the masked leader shouted, and took the lead in igniting the micro-nuclear bomb. Other masked men followed suit, releasing sword light to resist. While igniting the micro-nuclear bomb, but more than half of it was too late to do the second action, it was planted by the nine swords, and when the nine swords turned, they were covered by the remaining masked men.
As shook his head, masked men for too low, only Dan period for. On this side of the Oriental Dimly discernible College, there are ten armor monks, each of whom should be trained in Yuanying period, and the guy who was trained in Dan Zai period is not just chopping melons and chopping vegetables. As for the micro-nukes on the bodies, all of them have been covered by a net-shaped law for the Godsworn with the word face.
The masked leader’s eyes showed surprise. Then this surprised color dissipated in the creeping lips and the broken body, but look at the look of regret on his face. Should be understand the word face the monk’s curse, "idiot, micro nuclear bomb although a little powerful, but the ignition process takes time, this time, enough to deal with them. If you don’t understand this, you dare to run wild in Oriental Dimly discernible College. Don’t worry, I will take those nine masked men alive. Chasing out your roots. Disease! "
With this light drink, the magic net suddenly rises and escapes from space. Nine other armor monks have commanded the sword light to strike nine masked men who besieged Purple Moon.
"Yes, yes," came the applause in the sky. Nine armor monks to nine sword light was struck back by a blank gray magic weapon. "Oriental Vague College is well-deserved, but you have a heavenly shield and I have a seven treasures shield." The sound fell, the wind in the air was tight, and dozens of people were also dressed in armor.
"Good friends finally showed up." On this side of the Oriental Dimly discernible College, there was also a burst of laughter. Three bearded middle-aged people fled, and one of them pointed at the gray Qibao shield that turned back the sword light of nine armor monks.
"Dare," dozens of people across the split up the flying sword. I saw a middle-aged man with a long beard hum a little, grasping the five fingers of the seven treasures shield and rising, and five golden lights were emitted, turning into a horse to practice and fight. The dozens of people only felt a shock of sword light, and the flying sword was forced back. They couldn’t help but be frightened. One of the leading people looked at the golden light flying, and his look was shocked. "Hell, there is a master of God’s list here. Go! " Dozens of people anticlimactic, collected the seven treasures and fled, driving the sword light, and disappeared.
The three bearded middle-aged people didn’t chase after them, but they hid beside Ziyue, grabbed nine black masked men, but threw them away when they started. The middle-aged people who had previously shot shouted, "These nine people have died of their own broken hearts and buried them." Update, faster, all in the literature network,.! Mobile phone access: wap. Full text reading makes you clear at a glance and enjoy reading at the same time!
"Yes, elder," the word face armor friar hurriedly replied.
Three bearded middle-aged people looked at Purple Moon repeatedly, but the middle-aged people who were more active said, "Strange, there is nothing surprising about this little girl? The other party actually dispatched dozens of yuan baby players. Strange and strange. "
Purple Moon seems a little nervous. She has been in school for two years. Although she is young, she has heard many stories about Oriental Dimly discernible College, and even some legends of Wanhuang Planet have been heard countless times. The three bearded middle-aged people are definitely not the popular teachers’ costumes in the college at present, and they don’t wear armor. Instead, they simply wear jade robes. The only difference on the robes is the shoulders, which are engraved with patterns of small swords, beads and flutes respectively. This reminds her of a legend, in which there are these three patterns. idolize’s look can’t help but appear on her little face, with admiration, surprise, happiness, naughty and childlike.
Purple Moon’s expression was in the eyes of three middle-aged people with beards. They were a little strange. The middle-aged people dressed in fluted robes smiled and turned to their side. "Second child, look at the little girl like this, as if she knew us."
"Eldest brother, yes, it seems that we are too famous. If this advertising effect continues, when will the excitement of our Oriental Vague College stop?" The middle-aged man with a small sword robe, that is, the active middle-aged man laughed.
"In front of the younger generation, you are not afraid of being ashamed." Flute middle-aged man smiled. Three middle-aged people fade away.
The word face armor godsworn ready and send three bearded middle-aged people flash away, turned around and said, "everyone is scattered," and then to a long face.
, "Yuan Hao, go and inform the funeral company to find someone to deal with these bodies.
South China holding the purple month returned to the library, walking and bold tunnel, "little girl, you see, just how dangerous. If it weren’t for me, you would have been caught. In the future, remember not to run around. Your brother, alas, didn’t see him appear with such a loud noise. Bugs, bugs. "
Purple Moon "poof-poof" laughed and said, "Sister Nanhua, you’re here, so why bother your brother?"
"That’s more like it," South China replied casually. "Let’s go. Let’s go and see your brother. Don’t let me find him under the desk. Hum. "
"South China elder sister. You don’t say! My brother is a hero! "
Looking at purple month face firm look, South China confused, "bugs will be heroes! Xiao Ziyue’s heroic view is so strange! No, I must correct it for her in the future. " Thought of here, South China suddenly felt a great responsibility.
They went up to the third floor, in front of Tianxin’s desk. They didn’t see Tianxin, only to find a letter, which Nanhua picked up and opened. I didn’t see anything, but a few words appeared in Ziyue’s mind. "Ziyue, practice hard, and my brother will help you catch the bad guys who want to bully you." If you catch it, you will come back. "
South China is very upset. What bugs have disappeared! Looked up and suddenly found purple month in tears, "purple month. What happened? Unless there is something wrong with the bug! "
"Sister Nanhua, my brother has something to do!"
"This bug. I’m so angry that I don’t say hello when I’m away from home. Ziyue, don’t cry. When he comes back, teach him a lesson! "
"Sister Nanhua, I’m worried about my brother!"
"What’s to worry about? This bug … well, it’s to worry, not only to worry, but also to worry greatly. He has no skill!" South China gradually said not bottom go to, face light sorrow. Purple moon was amused and her eyes glistened with tears. "Dead brother, it’s really harmful!"
Wandianfeng, Fengfeng is isolated, and there is heavy fog on the mountainside of Fengfeng, which makes the peak head look like it is hanging in the air. The vines on the cliff face the green spring mountain, which is really eye-catching.