However, it is very funny that they never imagined that they would be dragged into a whirlpool after only two incidents. One is about money, and the other is about identity.

What if I have no money? Since the two other disciples decided to experience mortal life, they naturally didn’t think of using special means to seek it. Moreover, since they decided to be mortals, they can skip meals, but they can’t teleport to the mountains or settle on high-voltage lines to adjust their breath. Therefore, you need money to stay in the hotel, otherwise how can you experience the modern life of thousands of miles and the wind?
"Brother, what do you think? We can’t always sleep overlord? " Lu Zheng asked.
"This, … used to be a fashionable busk in our world, wasn’t it? This place seems to be ok! " Lu gan wanted to think.
"Ok, let’s choose a place to perform!"
At the end of the day, their performances were wonderful enough, and they earned a lot of paper money and coins. It was not difficult to stay in a hotel and conjure up two ID cards under their cover! After a night, Lu Gan asked, "How do you feel, Junior Brother?" Liu Zheng replied, "Brother, I can’t say I feel it. The air in that disco we went to was too stuffy. In this hotel, that phone rang several times at night, but I ignored it and stopped calling for a long time. Brother, all this seems to be different from the world when we fix the truth! "
"Teacher younger brother, I also want to a night, until dawn in the concentration for a while. I really can’t find the feeling that Qianli said with the wind. Maybe the time is too short. I am a little disgusted! "
"Brother, whatever, let’s stay for two more nights, and we really can’t find the feeling, so let’s resume our original practice!" Liu Zheng’ an comforted.
In the street, I bought a newspaper and watched it. Lu Gan suddenly became furious. "Teacher younger brother, come and have a look. What nonsense place is this? It’s not easy for me to do something out of line. I worked hard to sell art for a day and earned two pence, so I reported it. I also called on the urban management department to strengthen management. Let’s go, today, in the same place, if someone comes to take care of it, will we be able to implement the everyone-judge system in the maritime entertainment empire? This is simply a violation of my right to live. If it weren’t for Xuan Xian, I wouldn’t starve to death! "
Liu Zheng took a look at the newspaper, and the two other disciples did report it. The photo of the clear coffin was obviously a close-up, which made their expressions so exaggerated. "Ha ha, there is something wrong. By doing so, they simply won’t let Jianghu people like us make a living."
A very complicated problem arises from this. We can’t say which one is wrong when the two concepts collide, but the executors of both concepts have strong power. One is not the basis for truly understanding the existence of the "three systems", while the other is a long-term strong cross. Therefore, it is not easy to communicate. Anyway, things are very big.
A bunch of Xuanxian will do all kinds of strange things in the east of the earth, which I’m afraid was not expected by the Supreme Immortal Fanhua in the East before its origin. However, at this time, he has been struggling in the deep blue line base and has no time to take care of it.
Light spirit because every mortal, infinite spirit, true as and Qin Wu Tian have not hit the line for a long time, little spirit heart is very impatient, and at the same time greatly despise these supreme, fairy Buddha demons in the special channel waiting for them to "save", but these guys just don’t move, as if they don’t know that their men are in trouble.
Because of its own color, the dark spirit’s stealth ability in the void is too perfect. Finally, it is persuaded by the light spirit, Dolly, Mu spirit and Tu spirit to make it always meet and keep an eye on the archangel Gerry. The next distribution is simple, and the earth spirit is defiantly intercepted in Jupiter’s void by the Tai Su star condensate of the Oriental celestial mortal supreme. If it weren’t for the fairy brothers and the boss’s help, several people would not be able to get away. Therefore, it will meet Fanhua Supreme. The light spirit finds the Buddha statue, the gold spirit just finds the magic statue of Qin Wu Tian, and the wood spirit finds the demon statue of the infinite spirit.
The appearance of the earth spirit is more dazzling than that of the fire spirit. When the hammer of Xuanleiling comes out, it will be like thunder exploding in nine days, and the four supreme angels watching the battle are almost out of their souls. Every China Supreme saw a small hammer blow at himself with magnification, and one of them moved away to avoid it, but the earth spirit had followed him. In the process of reading, a wisp of consciousness attached to the hammer of Xuanlei spirit followed the move and struck, and it itself also carried up the loess, which was really spiritual and mysterious, and chased it out.
"You finally came out!" Every China Supreme only moved to a half, attached to a small move twice, finally off the track of XuanLeiLing hammer, and then greeted the earth spirit that had rubbed in front of him. "Let’s talk."
"Let’s talk about it after the fight," Tu Ling said, with a small hand blowing out the true spirit of loess, and at the same time, the small body was completely submerged in the true spirit of Xuan Qi that had overflowed. Every China supreme sighed, shipped out the Tai Su star condensate, stepped on the "Tai Su Ji step", and stood still, fighting with the earth spirit.
To deal with Tai Su star condensate, Tu Ling knew that it was useless to recruit Sanshou. Therefore, it recalled XuanLeiLing hammer, and a real spirit Xuan gas was sprayed on it. XuanLeiLing hammer gave off yellow light, and the hammer body instantly grew into a small planet. The yellow light quickly gathered back, and Tu Ling’s little hand pointed, and he didn’t speak any tricks. He smashed the target Tai Su star condensate.
Fire spirit and western god king Gregory’s fighting, every China supreme watch along while, how to deal with the spirit of the small planet hammer already have experience, he doesn’t care about running Tai Su star condensate and spirit hammer hard hit, but it is not yet time to use Tai Su star condensate to fight. When my mind moved, the protective flying sword turned into a bright blue light and hammered at Xuanleiling.
"You’ve been fooled!" The earth spirit utters a voiceless sound, and Xuanleiling hammers nine strokes and nine illusions, and each hammer is crazier than the other. The flying sword of Fanhua Supreme can block one hammer, two hammers and three hammers, but it can’t be blocked behind, so it can’t be called back. Tai Su Immortal Power is used to protect itself, and the outermost part of Tai Su Star Condensate turns into a white mist, which meets Linghammer, only the mist is smashed, but Linghammer is also held by an extremely elastic aura. Every China supreme satisfiedly say with smile, "fairy boy, I this Tai Su spiral sea? This is specifically for dealing with large-scale weapons. "
"Big man, how can you stop my hammer in that smelly sea? Turn! " Soil spirit light drink a way, small hand pinched the word "turn" tactic, I saw XuanLeiLing hammer gradually disappeared in a whirl, and in Tai Su spiral sea sprint, every China supreme suddenly feel wrong, you see, not by surprise, that damned little star hammer I don’t know when it became a transparent spike hammer, after each turn, he felt that Tai Su spiral sea was eroded by a circle, and the tightened Tai Su fairy force sea was actually dismantled and kept those attached.
"Is it true that Tai Su’s immortal strength is no match for the true spirit?" An idea suddenly occurred to the Supreme Immortal of Fanhua. He had seen that the Lang teeth on those star hammers were really spiritual and mysterious. If heavenly heart were here, it would definitely do Sarah laugh. The little hand of the true spirit, Xuan Qi, even dared to touch the Qi of Dreadwind, the seven mysterious days, which would be afraid of Tai Su Fairy Force. Think about how the star hammer was tempered!
A little uneasy lingered in the heart of Fanhua Supreme, and he tried to recall the book he had read about fairy spirits. At the same time, the Tai Su spiral sea was recovered, and the star condensate was directly used to fight against the earth spirit’s Xuanlei hammer, no, Xuanlei spike hammer. "Fairy boy, spiral sea is no good, star condensate … If you are brave, put the hammer in and spin it." Fan Hua really refuses to accept it.
The seven spirits became "refined" when they were doomed by the seven mysterious days. The earth spirits knew the strength of the force field, and thought how powerful the Qi of the seven mysterious Dreadwind was. When they entered the seven-star force field, they were not cut off from energy supply and became lambs to be slaughtered. Therefore, every China’s angry words, he can only listen to, really can’t let XuanLeiLing hammer into the Tai Su star condensate, to rotate, to erode the density of Tai Su fairy force. To put it bluntly, Tai Su Star condensate is a force field with great density in Tai Su, and its capacity is so great that it cannot be eroded in a short time. It is only a matter of time before the star hammer enters and becomes the supreme food of the owner of the force field.
However, in the face of the Tai Su star condensate that has been rotating and the spherical surface is rising with aerosol, Tu Ling couldn’t think of a good solution for a while, and his mouth could not help but scold, "Grandma, bear, have a good time first, big man, I can’t believe you can’t beat your guts!"
Just do it, the vast thunder rolled in, and the hammer of Xuanlei Spirit turned into the largest asteroid state, and the earth spirit no longer injected the true spirit Xuan gas into the hammer body, but gasified the true spirit Xuan into the power to make the hammer. The spirit hammer was refined from the Qi of Seven Xuans and Dreadwind, which could not be worse than the solid Tai Su immortal power.
Under the manipulation of the true spirit and mysterious gas, a burst of thunder exploded for nine days, and the hammer of Xuanleiling could still see the residual image first, but then it could only feel the distortion of the void. In the center of Tai Su Star Condensate, the shadow of sweat looms on the forehead of the supreme mortal of the Oriental Fairy, stepping on the "Xuanji step" backwards, walking faster and faster, while driving the star condensate to run, the figure fluctuates slightly, giving off a circle of strength, and eliminating the crazy shock caused by Xuanleiling’s hammer hitting Tai Su Star Condensate.
"This big man, it seems that he is very good at beating!" Earth spirit circled the true spirit and mysterious gas with his left hand, and resisted the harassment and blow of the flying sword of the spiritual spirit issued by the Supreme of China, while using the hammer to find the weakness of Tai Su Star condensate. However, it’s too difficult. Tai Su star condensate is equivalent to the outer skin of Fan Hua. Even if it is a little light pressure, Fan Hua will immediately notice it, thus mobilizing Tai Su’s immortal strength to meet the enemy.
With constant small moves, shocking big moves, powerful use and intelligent cut-in, the fighting between Tuling and Fanhua Supreme has become fierce, with the former having the strongest strike force, Xuanleiling Hammer; The latter has the best protective force field, Tai Su star condensate. Seemingly every China supreme suffer, in fact, it is not, his spirit flying sword is also like a golden horse, looking for the trouble of the earth spirit, so as not to let the earth spirit have more time to find the weakness of Tai Su star condensate.
"Oh, so deadlocked, so hard to shake, don’t look at it!" The dark spirit on the sidelines sighed, turned to find another target, and watched the battle between the light spirit and the supreme Buddha in the Western Heaven.
This spirit is playing an alternative power confrontation game. The light spirit feels that the use of Xuanleiling hammer by the fire spirit and the earth spirit has not worked, and the bald big man in front of him can’t hope that Xuanyangling hammer can beat the bald head with a ring bar. Who knows what the bald head is made of? This half a minute, it looked at it for a long time and didn’t understand it.
"Good, good, the old woman and the little benefactor have a good relationship," as if seeing the light spirit coming with a stroke, he eyed him up and down with small eyes, and he said.
"Monk big man, what is good, what is the fate, not in his own home Purdue sentient beings, but ran here to run wild. The boss said, such a Buddha can’t be told. Only by prancing on the horse’s long street and Wyndell Dichinson’s emptiness can you get true knowledge. I will teach you how to get true knowledge, big monk? " Light spirit willy-nilly, head held high small head to send out a thin voice.
"Ha, ha, old na line in three hundred long live, Buddha’s heart, no matter the name and benefit in the world, covet is just a little different forms of enjoyment, because the desire is timely, born in the right place, at the right time, in its place, unstoppable. Or, when the time changes and the place changes, the big desires will be reduced and the small desires will be eliminated. True knowledge is color, goodness, illusion and emptiness. The little benefactor wants to teach the old woman the method of obtaining true knowledge, which is really like teaching! " Buddha statue is really like a faint smile, with nine colors shining faintly on his head and radiating to the void in a rainbow way.
"Hee hee, old monk, your consciousness belongs only to you. Hungry, thirsty and sleepless people have a good life, and the creatures in the original place will die if they don’t eat, drink or sleep. This so-called law belongs to you, and my law belongs to me, which has nothing to do with you. The boss said, I gave birth to my labor, I grew up and strengthened myself, and I spread the law to thousands of families, and I will protect Wan Jiale. Old monk, I’ll teach you a new term. This is system engineering. Do you understand? When you understand the wicked, have you ever imagined the suffering of the victims? When you invaded the source, did you ever think about the anger of the people in the source? My generation practices the law, enjoying pleasure with traitors, suffering with the weak, and dying miserably in this life will surely be rewarded in the next life. Bullshit! " Light spirit voice high up.
"Amitabha, the little benefactor seems to have a deep understanding of Buddhism! It’s a piece of material! " True or faint smile.
"Come on, tell you this old monk nagging these, I’m a little light spirit to talk about the donkey, the horse. If you don’t use real means, you’ll go back to the square. Look at it. " This time, the light spirit doesn’t wait for the truth to be answered. The pure yang and the true spirit are pouring out, like mountains, stones, islands, water and fog, pouring towards the truth at the speed of light.
In fact, the Buddha’s truth is also unjust enough, and the accusation of Guangling is not unreasonable. Any karma, if it is really solved by Tathagata, is not difficult to solve satisfactorily with its great wisdom. However, as Guangling said, your consciousness belongs only to you, not to others. In a sense, when it was released by the emotions and spread to the bottom, it was already trimmed by various interests, polished by ulterior motives, and the deviation of the spokesperson’s intellectual knowledge. The essence has long been unrecognizable and horrible, and it has become another kind of infinite lethality. It is euphemistically called "Buddhism." These four words, which dare not be said at the top, are commonplace at the bottom.
The purpose of the trip to the source place is not so simple, just like having a general interest in the creatures in the source place and not caring about any political system. What he cares about is such a legend, and what he cares about is that in that legend, the annihilation of Buddhism was predicted. He doesn’t care about everything, but it’s important if it’s related to incense. He wants to find out the reason and the solution.
Conversation with light spirit, he secretly. He doesn’t know that the light spirit comes from the dream star field with high unity of Kewu, where everything in Buddhism has no living soil. There, people attribute the ultimate cause of all suffering to their own lack of strength. Not strong enough, so I can’t go to the spiritual realm, not strong enough, so I can’t go to the spiritual realm, and it’s not because of some fruit newspaper or something.
The "three systems" promoted by the maritime entertainment empire are indeed Buddhist killers, but after carefully filtering the three systems, he does not believe that the three systems can really be implemented on a large scale because the basic conditions required by the three systems are too high. But in any case, such a system of denying authoritarianism and denying God’s belief is still terrible, and this sign will be stifled. From this point of view, he stood on the same front with Gregory, the king of western gods.
Another purpose of the trip to the source place is also related to the survival of the Buddhist world in the West. For millions of years, who doesn’t want to be the unified male leader? The Supreme Vanguard of the Oriental Fairy World hurried to make a trip. He followed the king of God, the magic statue and the demon statue without saying a word, risking his lair to be attacked by quadrupole creatures, for fear that the Supreme Vanguard would gain something from his trip.
"Little benefactor, your anger is too big." It’s as beautiful as a jade hand, and thousands of Fo Yin bear fruit, and the golden body Buddha’s light is different from the nine colorful lights on the head, and the enemy lives in the pure yang with irregular shape.
"Old monk, I have a bitter hatred, and my hatred is as deep as the sea. I have nowhere to vent, so you just came!" Light spirit xi xi laughs. "Not long ago, a little MM caught me in her hand and spit on my face. I didn’t dare to find her trouble, so I had to find you."
"The little donor’s language contains mystery, but I don’t understand it."
"Stupid, this all don’t understand, the small MM is too strong, I can’t beat it. But my anger is dangerous and I will die. As it happens, you are a beaten opponent, so I am angry with you. " Light spirit said, while playing the true spirit and mysterious gas that is intended to be transformed into various shapes.
"I see, I am merciful!" Really no longer answer, the light spirit boy has made it very clear that he is saved to fight this fight. He turned to the golden body, the golden light gushed out, and the Buddhist donkey kong’s magical power was launched under the handprint, grabbing the light spirit.
"Hey, this monk, how to use his hands, really thought that he was a small MM, with the tenderness and softness of his small hands, and he didn’t look at how many layers of shackles were formed on his hands, so rough that his scalp was numb when he was reminded." Light spirit somehow entertain foolish ideas, but his hands are not neglected. Pure Yang’s true spirit Xuan gas intends to melt a nine-headed sharp thorn unique to the celestial world of light yuan, bringing up a gust of wind and plunging into the palm of donkey kong’s hand.
Just like the stop gesture on the earth’s playing field, the competition between light spirit and truth is less tricky, and the spirit begins to compete. The golden light is like a tide, and the mysterious gas is like a weave. Really like hanging eyes, the light spirit opens its eyes, and two golden lights of different shapes are added to the void, where they confront each other. Jin Guangju’s hand pressed, and Jin Guangli stabbed the top. The distant observer sighed in a dark spirit, "Nine-headed thorn, Wuzhishan, this couple, I don’t know when to play?"
Compared with Yu Guangling’s "literary" fight with the Buddhist world in the West, Dolly’s fight with the magic statue of Qin Wu Tian is a wordless fight. At the beginning of the battle, the magic statue of Qin Wu Tian was on guard, but Dolly, who jumped by surprise, let him suffer a small loss. Before he had time to conjure up the star magic body, he was rewarded with a "star-dotted" Sanshou trick. The golden sand conjured by Xuanjin gas was endless and hard as an arrow, and closed to him from all directions, which made Qin Wudi feel like he was back in his infancy and was baptized by the bean rain in the wilderness naked. Although it was not fatal, it also hurt his skin and closed his eyes.
The attack on Dolly, Qin lawless reaction is anger. Five supreme, although he is the most ignorant, although he doesn’t know that Dolly is a fairy, but the guy who can plot against Qin’s lawlessness is definitely a number between heaven and earth!
The striking effect of "Stars and Dots" came into being and disappeared with the star demon’s mind. He finally saw the appearance of Chu Jinling, glittering, with his small hands scratching, his calves kicking and even his small body flashing around. However, in these movements, the extremely hard hardware is really mysterious and mysterious, and it is emitted from the mouth, hands, feet and body, straight to his growing star demon body. "Yes, a little boy, it’s amazing that he can make this deity in a hurry!" He praised.
"Bah, big guy, what is your fart skill? I can teach you a lesson in Dolly without a hammer." The arrogant words of the Magic Zun Qin provoked the same arrogant Jin Ling’s great anger. With a light rebuke, the real spirit turned into a stick and needle, and gathered together at one point, hitting the lawless star demon body of Qin. Qin Wu Tian already lost the upper hand, and Dolly made a determined effort, which made him almost abolish the best magic weapon to protect himself, and then blocked the stick needle that went towards the heart, but it was not so easy to regain the upper hand. This is a struggle between two arrogant people for pure cultivation and experience!
The other four statues have opponents, and the demon statue spirit is infinite, which is inevitable. The blood malefic condensate is black and red, and the enemy lives against the true spirit of the wood spirit that is green and mysterious. He was amazed at the smallness and strength of Mu Ling. Wood spirit is looking at this and to some extent, it is the best demon spirit of the same kind. The little spirit heart doesn’t quite understand that it is also a "spirit". Why is the difference so big? Look at the brilliant black lotus flower on this guy’s face, how much blood is it!
"All the wood floats, and the hammer of Xuanjinling protects the body." The wood spirit is called as it is now. The wood that is simulated by Xuanjinling gas bombards LingWuji in all directions, while Xuanjinling hammer is waiting for an opportunity to get some heat. At the same time, it hides into the grass green and Xuanqi.
There is no gravity or falling force in the void, and the blow is driven by strength. LingWuji can’t move, and his moving direction is blocked by Xuanjinling’s hammer, so he steadies himself, spins up the blood evil star condensate, and deals with the uninterrupted attack of Muling’s increasingly bulky true spirit Xuan gas log. First, he extends his long halberd to make trouble and resist it. Later, he simply resists it with the star evil spirit body. Mu Ling smiled, "How many skills, haha, then beat you for 100,000 years!" Suddenly, I thought, "If only the water was bright, and the seven little spirits turned upside down, the seven colors of true spirits and mysterious spirits would show great prestige, and thousands of small hands would crush these big men."
Ling Wuji feels cold all over!
Sea entertainment empire.
Moist at this time is also missing the beautiful days of the deep blue asteroid base. Two small hands are helplessly circled together. It really can’t figure it out. They are all hiding so well. This Milan MM can find it and keep chanting in its small ear, "Little instructor, be kind and accompany me to lie in the desert, where the situation is not very good!"
"M MM, although I am gentle as water, I am instructed by the boss to guard the maritime entertainment empire and can’t leave. What if those big black men from the northern underworld come during their absence? They kill people without blinking an eye. "
"Little instructor, let’s just go out for a while and walk quietly. Who knows if you are there?" Milan pleaded that she was also afraid of the big black people in North America, but she couldn’t help asking about something at the group headquarters.
"No, those bald big men will make them make trouble. When the boss comes back, he will get even with them. It’s useless for me to go with you. On the contrary, it will make things worse. We have no follow-up power. If we are caught somewhere, this sea entertainment empire will not be finished. Who knows what the big forces are doing in secret! " Moist and bright is not as adventurous as Milan. "Mi MM, remember, if you can’t bear it, you will make great plans."
"That how to do? What then? Moist and small military instructor, little boy, little ancestor … "Milan kept rubbing his hands.
"Here we go again, my God, MM turned out to be so horrible!" Moist and hide your face and sigh, stand still, after a while, you can’t resist, "m MM, you be quiet! Guangling, you are so cool! I’m so miserable … "
"Hey, why didn’t you run? I remember you disappeared every time at this time, leaving me with a good worry and a good sadness, a good worry and a good worry …"
"Run, where can I go? You don’t catch me every time!" Moist and their roots, hurriedly truncated milan, "so, I decided to stay with you! But can you find a movie and let’s watch it … for fun! "
"See what movie, I have prepared a documentary for you" mighty desert "! That’s the masterpiece of your great boss. "
"But I’ve seen it a hundred times!"