Through the true qi quickly including the Dan medicine in Luo Ming’s body, quickly divided into four parts towards his limbs scattered, and then cut in the wound.

These two days, Luo Ming’s limbs wound has been cocooned, and Haikui’s true qi rushed. Luo Ming felt pain, frowned, and his body trembled slightly. He knew that this was healing, and it would definitely hurt, and he insisted on biting his teeth.
Haikui glanced at Luo Ming and was relieved to see that he could persist. He had to break through the cocoon wound again and then connect it quickly to recover.
Haikui condensed the true qi into a needle, and when he rushed, Luo Ming snorted, and the bellow at the back was swallowed back by him. Haikui secretly praised him, but he was still a man, but his hobby was a bit special.
Luo Ming’s limbs began to shed a lot of blood, but at the same time, Xuerongdan quickly exerted its efficacy, and quickly connected and healed at the speed visible to the naked eye. In just a few tens of seconds, his limbs were cocooned again.
Luo Ming body quickly come up to a lot of sweat, instantly give wet clothes, teeth have been he bite out of the blood, he don’t insist on utter a sound.
Haikui was ashamed. If he were himself, I’m afraid he would have cried out. He felt ashamed to think that he had been beaten and begged for mercy before.
The pain only passed for a while, and when Luo Ming came down, he felt tingling. He couldn’t stop twisting his body, which really made him unable to get up or down.
Finally, the body and skin are all red.
Blood-melting Dan is not the kui is a second-class Dan medicine. In less than a few minutes, Luo Ming’s wound healed quickly, and the veins were connected together. Although there were thick blood cocoons, Luo Ming found himself moving his fingers, and his face lit up with excitement.
"How?" Haikui withdrew her palm and asked in a cold voice.
"all right! Ok! " Luo Ming was so excited that he hurriedly got out of bed. When he came to Haikui, he knelt down and kowtowed to Haikui.
Haikui hurriedly pointed to Luo Ming’s knee, and his anger hit Luo Ming’s knee to prevent him from kneeling down. He said, "This is what I promised you. Besides, after I took so much money from you, no one owes anyone."
Luo Ming hurriedly said, "That’s no good! In the future, I will follow you behind the saddle. Besides, I asked for it. If I hadn’t paid someone to deal with you, I wouldn’t have been ruined. "
Haikui smiled and said, "There’s no need to mention this again. If I were you, I would do the same. I don’t even trust myself. Forget it." Haikui suddenly felt very generous.
"Now that you are well, I will go first. Remember what I said to you today. In the future, no matter what you do, don’t get involved with the yogi. From today on, stay away from the yogi, so that you should not be inexplicably abolished. In addition, be a good person and do some serious business." Haikui sighed and said that he didn’t have much experience, but he just thought it would be better to stay out of trouble if he wanted to be happy.
Hai Kui had just taken two steps when there was a splash behind him. When Hai Kui turned around, he saw Luo Ming kneeling on the ground and said, "Master, please accept me as an apprentice and teach me to practice!"
Hai Kui looked at Luo Ming kneeling on the ground and took a long breath. After half a ring, he said, "Actually, I don’t know whether cultivating immortality is good or bad. At first, I was very excited and happy when I opened this door. I thought I would be a very powerful person in the future, but since I got farther and farther away, I found that this was not the case. The road to practice was full of dangers, and I was injured. I was also afraid, and I was also.
Luo Ming was already haggard, and his eyes were sunken, but because Haikui spent the true qi for him and took the blood-melting pill, his body and skin were red at this time, as if he had just done something, and it looked very easy for people to think slanting. He hurriedly said, "I know, but I have thought about it for a long time these two days. I don’t want to be a mortal. I have thought about it clearly. I think what my previous life was. I want to cheer up."
Haikui pondered, and he had his own feelings. "You haven’t stepped in yet, but you have some choices. Once you step in, you really have no choice, either die or keep living!"
This is his feeling these days. He once asked Zhou Lin, "If one day I find someone I like and don’t want to cultivate immortality, can I give up?"
Zhou Lin replied with a sneer: "You have no choice. This is fate. Destiny is a line that keeps pulling you away. You have no choice at all."
Haikui thinks Zhou Lin is right. From the beginning to now, does he have any choice? What he meets and what happens is not what he wants to meet, but he can hide if he wants to.
Luo Ming banged his head heavily. "I don’t regret it. Please accept me as a disciple and teach me to practice. I want to achieve great things."
What is the avenue? Haikui didn’t understand, but Luo Ming said that he wanted to become a road, and Haikui was silent again for a while.
Luo Ming knelt there and waited for Haikui to speak, waiting for his consent.
After a few minutes, Haikui sighed and said, "You can think it over. Once you step in, you can’t quit unless you are dead!" "
Luo Ming nodded heavily. He had thought it over. He didn’t want to be a mortal. He took pains every day for the sake of the world, his wife and children, his business and his competitors. But he didn’t think about it. No matter what road he chooses, there are fights and intrigues. Now he just wants to jump out of his circle blindly.
But one thing, Luo Ming wants to be strong, which is definitely something a mortal can’t give.
"I have thought it over." Luo Ming positive color way.
Hai Kui looked at the middle-aged man with half bald hair in front of him and accepted him as an apprentice. Forget it. He didn’t have the ability yet, and the apprentice didn’t look good. "Even if I accept you as an apprentice, I can accept you as my servant. Will you?"
Luo Ming did not hesitate. "As long as he can follow you, so can the servant."
Haikui nodded. "Don’t resist later. Relax." Say that finish, Hai Kui bit his fingertips and drew a rune to push forward. The rune flashed lotus flower and was quickly printed on Luo Ming’s eyebrows. Ma Shanghai Kui could feel the soul of Luo Ming.
"Close your eyes." Haikui ordered.
Luo Ming closed his eyes, Haikui grabbed at his head, and a wisp of ghost was caught in his hand. He took out a jade bottle from the storage bag, wrote Luo Ming’s name and put it in the storage bag.
"Well, you will be my servant in the future. I will naturally tell you something. In the past two days, you should live according to your previous life. I will naturally come to you later and teach you how to practice." Haikui commanded, opened the door of the ward and roared off.
Luo Ming got up from the ground, and there was nothing unusual about touching himself. He was surprised, but since Haikui had given orders, he had to do it.
Luo Ming’s men and his wife and children came in from outside the ward, and they were all excited to see Luo Ming standing on the ground. Luo Ming’s wife quickly ran over and said excitedly, "Hello, husband."
Luo Ming smiled and nodded. "Well, it’s all right."
"Why is your skin so red?" Luo Ming’s wife asked.
"Normal, healing qi and blood exercise, can it not be red?" Luo Ming impatiently replied.
Luo Ming’s men but all know Luo Ming’s special hobby, looking at his red skin, the in the mind are wondering whether gay?
Haikui came out of the hospital, suddenly feeling a lot more in his heart, took out his phone and dialed his father’s mobile phone.
"Dad, how are you recently?" The phone is connected, Haikui asked.
"Very well, Kuizi, how are you at school?" Dad also asked with concern.
"Dad, I’m fine, too." Hai Kui felt warm in his heart. "Dad, I have made some money recently. I will put it on your card. You and my mother will buy more delicious food. Don’t work so hard in the future. I have grown up!"
Dad smiled happily on the other end of the phone twice and said, "That’s no good. You’re not married yet, and you have to make money to marry a beautiful wife for you."
Haikui sighed in his heart. Parents all over the world love their children so much, and he was very moved. "Dad, don’t worry, I’ll get married naked, and you don’t need to prepare anything for me!"
Chapter 174 You play Zhou Youwang.
"How can I do that? Although naked marriage is popular now, your mother and I have only one child. You have to pay attention to what you say when you get married," said the father on the other end of the phone.
"I know, I know, how is my mother these days?" Haikui didn’t want to talk to her father more about this problem. It’s still early and it’s still a question whether he will get married or not. Think about yourself. If you live for hundreds of years in the future, if you marry a wife and live for decades, wouldn’t it be lonely to leave yourself? But if you let her practice, people won’t want to.
Or if you suddenly die one day, wouldn’t it hurt your wife?
"Your mother is still like that." Dad sighed.
"Why sigh?" Haikui was a little heavy when he heard his father sigh.
"Kuizi must be kind to your mother and your father in the future. I have no ability to make your mother suffer with me in my life. I haven’t had a good life, and now it’s still so hard every day." Dad said with a trembling voice. Haikui could feel his father’s apology to his mother.
"Dad, I know that I will honor you well in the future, and I will make a lot of money to make you comfortable for the rest of your life." Haikui’s heart is also sour. He knows that his mother has to do housework at home every day, and she needs to clean up. It is just a day to bend over and have little time to straighten up.
Especially, my mother is looked down upon by many people as a cleaner. Although she earns money by her own labor, she is regarded as inferior by others.
Haikui thought that she must let her parents live a comfortable life for the rest of their lives.
"Come on, Kuizi, don’t waste the phone bill. Take care of yourself. You must be more careful when you are alone outside." Dad charged.
"I know, dad. You and my mom both pay attention to your health."
Hang up the phone, Haikui is so disappointed that he must find a reason as soon as possible, and then he can take back the money in his hand and let his parents enjoy it.
He was thinking that the phone rang and saw that it was Yang Yulu’s phone.
Haikui picked it up and pretended not to know this number and said, "Hello, I’m Haikui."
"Haikui, where are you now?" Yang Yulou’s voice came over the phone.
"Who’s calling, please?" Haikui continued to pretend.