"No, I usually bother Master Guo, but I don’t need it today!" There was a smile on the round face with talent.

Guo Shijie came running from one side and gave his father a thumbs-up sign. "Dad, I knew you couldn’t be that good. You’re a great way to kill someone by using the knife!"
Master Guo glared at his son angrily and whispered, "Fool, get out of here!" "
Master Guo was stunned and his face was not good-looking. "Dad!" Then I saw the shrewd adult, and suddenly I said, "I have seen the shrewd adult!"
The shrewd adult took one look at Master Guo, ignored him, lifted his feet and walked forward. Out of Guo Fu, his own sedan chair was waiting outside!
The shrewd man got into the sedan chair, and Haikui was pulled by the rope of his men and left for the shrewd man.
Master Guo and Master Guo shouted loudly behind them, "Go slow, master shrewd!"
It was not until the sedan chair of the shrewd adult was out of sight that Master Guo walked over and said to his father, "I told you, how could my father be so accommodating! "Master Guo looked at Haikui’s direction and said," That boy’s crime is enough to be dismembered and he can’t live! "
Chapter 390 Reversal
Read "It’s good to die," said Master Guo, clapping his hands.
"Fool, how did I give birth to such a fool," said the old man, shaking his head.
Master Guo’s face is very uncomfortable. "You are my father, so why do you always scold me?"
Master Guo left and stopped talking to his stupid son.
Master Guo looked at his father’s back, spat on the ground, and then shouted, "Come here, second son."
Immediately, a strong man jumped up and bowed, saying, "Master, please call me."
This strong man is one of the people who brought Haikui back.
"Call the brothers and go to Lin Yugu’s house," said Master Guo with a smile.
Two also smiled, "master can get what you want right away, Ye Sheng was taken away by an adult with a shrewd mind, and he was run. When he died, Yu Lin was willing."
Master Guo hey hey smiled and said, "You know, I’m usually a jerk, but I just want that Yu Lin, not only because she is Ye Sheng’s lover, but also because such a beautiful girl can be enjoyed by me. Who else has this blessing?"
21 a face of flattery, "young master said,"
Master Guo patted Er’s face. "Call Master in front of my dad in the future, and call Ye the rest of the time."
Two bowed and said, "Yes, I understand."
Master Guo took people to find Yu Lin, which naturally closed on empty air, because Yu Lin is now looking after grandma in Ye Sheng’s home.
Haikui was tied to the edge of the sedan chair, and the speed of the sedan chair was very slow. I can see that several people in sedan chair tried their best to eat milk. The shrewd adult was too fat and heavy, and it was difficult for four people to carry it. Haikui could not bear to watch, so I really wanted to suggest that the shrewd adult change the eight-carried sedan chair.
The sedan chair creaked along, Haikui swayed slowly, and his eyes looked around. There were vendors and pedestrians on the street, but now they have disappeared. Where the sedan chair of the shrewd adult passed, there was no sound except the creaking sedan chair.
All the way to the east, west, north and south, Haikui doesn’t know which direction, so judging the position by the sun doesn’t work here.
"Boy, you are quite used," a deep voice came from the sedan chair.
"Fat man, why can’t I have luxury?" Haikui asked, looking at the sedan chair sideways.
There was a silence, and the people brought by the shrewd adults looked at Haikui with dribbling eyes except the two in front of sedan chair.
"I don’t know what’s going on," said this sentence after half a day.
Haikui ignored him, not afraid of him, but it was boring to ignore him. Let’s find out what this dragon bracelet is about first.
The sedan chair squeaked and finally came to the door of a halls courtyard, but this halls courtyard was more than twice as big as the halls courtyard just now, and it was also written with talent.
Although it is not magnificent, it is also a bit atmospheric.
"Get out of the car,"
Sedan chair answer and fall, sedan chair four people are long out of breath,
The shrewd adult came out of the sedan chair, and his round body looked ridiculous, just like a basketball rolled out of a basket.
"Bring it in," ordered the shrewd man with his hand behind his back.