Ji Fan looked up and said to Tian Feng, "Where is Dian Wei? It’s not peaceful in the city. "

Dian Wei was just outside the temple. When Ji Fan called him, his cold face moved, and he marched in, kneeling with his hands clenched and yelling, "Dian Wei is here!"
Ji Fan said faintly: "Go kill people!"
———————————— dividing line
An hour later, Dian Wei was covered with blood that had not dried up, and presented three heads.
Ji Fan looked at it and nodded and said, "Take it down!"
At this time, a voice came from outside the temple: "Oh, my God, brother, you are back!" Long time no see! Did you miss your brother? "
JiFan canthus pulled pull, everyone knows who is coming!
What a unique way to speak!
Seeing the fat figure at the entrance of the temple, JiFan couldn’t help sighing.
This Wang Qiang is the oldest old man around JiFan, who appeared earlier than Lu Xun.
Ji Fan smiled and said, "Yes, it’s been a long time, and you’ve gained weight again!" "
Wang Qiang suddenly wolf ao: "I this is strong! You understand? Seriously, do you really miss my brother! "
Ji Fan smiled at Wu Yeyun and Jia Wen behind him. When he heard this, he immediately made a big supercilious look and shouted, "I’m not gay! Die! "
Wang Qiang suddenly shivered all over, trembling and saying, "This is a big misunderstanding!" Only to find that Wu Yeyun looked at him with a disgusting look, but also far away.
Wang Qiang’s face turned into a bitter gourd face: "I can’t wash it if I jump into the Yellow River!" Only to find Jia Wen still standing in the same place, he immediately leaned up and said, "I’m not gay."
Jia Wen raised his eyebrows and said, "Gays are normal in front of outsiders, and they don’t call themselves gay."
Wang Qiang was indignant and pointed to Ji Fan, Jia Wen and Wu Ye Yun, who was far away, with trembling fingers. "You bad guys! Be careful that I find out what underwear you are wearing. "
JiFan mirth on the surface, but the heart is very anxious.
Tian Feng frowned and shouted, "What a scandal! Now the mistress has fallen into the hands of the Deng family in Beiping, and the Han family has defected! You still have time to chat here! "
Wang Qiang frowned and asked, "What? Is that information true? " In a hurry, I took a crumpled paper film out of my arms.
It says. . .
"Nanpi Korea’s house moves strangely, I hope to pay attention! June 17th. "
Today is June 23rd. It happened five days ago.
Wang Qiang looked at JiFan with a pale face and a guilty face. He was sorry. He didn’t think that people who would become JiFan’s father-in-law in July would betray JiFan.
Tian Feng grabbed the note with a livid face, and roared with a grim face: "Be beheaded!"
Ji Fan said with a smile: "Hey, don’t talk about this now. By the way, Marotta said that you three have an idea."
JiFan a look at the situation is not good hurriedly change the subject.
Tian Feng looked upright and said, "Master, you can’t be Fiona Fang without rules!"
The table in front of JiFan suddenly rang.
Ji Fan said calmly, "Wang Qiang! He’s not my subordinate, and he never was! He is my friend. When did you hear that Wang Qiang was my subordinate? "
Tian Feng was speechless. After thinking about it, his face calmed down a lot. He stepped forward and said, "I propose to remove the commander of the Wang Qiang bandit troops."
Ji Fan frowned and looked furious: "Is this the time to say this? What’s more, all the bandit troops in this life belong to him in Wang Qiang. This is my promise, and I also think Wang Qiang’s style is very suitable. Now it’s about saving lives! Tian Feng, don’t go too far! "
Tian Feng look a shock, look above is the color of guilt.
Jia Wen stepped forward and presented a map with both hands, then said, "This is the way."
JiFan curious opened on see, stunned looking at the hands of this thin layer of paper.
Chapter 15. Waste Deng Ji’s five limbs
On this map paper, all the buildings in Nanpi City are painted in detail. .
Ji Fan’s pupil suddenly shrank into a needle. . .
Here. . .
This is … . . .
This is the tunnel!
JiFan suddenly stood up and didn’t know what to say with his mouth open.
Who is this?