Ruier’s eyes were fixed on me when she finished speaking, and she resumed the cold attitude when I first met her.

I told Ruier that there was something that could be said, and we could work out countermeasures together. Ruier said that she just didn’t want to be disturbed.
Look at Rachel for a while. I turned away from Rachel’s cloth barrier and walked away from it.
During this short time with Ruier, I know that Ruier is also very stubborn. She decides that things are hard to change. She doesn’t want to say anything, even if she asks, she won’t say anything.
So I choose not to ask Ruier anything too much.
Put Goo Tsai in Yinzhu, and I’ll be alone in my own cloth boundary. Keep an eye on Ruier’s situation.
I saw that after I laid the enchantment, Ruier covered the ice coffin, took the silver square box hanging on her chest to shake hands, and then covered her hands with long cuffs, and then removed her enchantment and lay still in the ice coffin.
Frowning at what I saw in front of me, I teleported the invisible paper man from the object ring and threw it out to urge the invisible paper man to approach the ice coffin.
Close your eyes and urge the fifth layer of bamboo slips. I always pass the situation that the invisible paper man outside the ice coffin notes Rui Er.
Being in the enchantment, I continued to urge the fifth floor of the bamboo slips for a long time. I can be invisible. I didn’t even see the core lying in the ice coffin again.
In the ice coffin, Ruier lay motionless with her eyes closed, just like the dead body before.
I don’t know what material is added to the ice coffin. I can’t feel something fishy in the core of the ice coffin through the invisible paper man.
There have been foreign objects breaking in where the ice coffin is located.
Ruier told me to destroy her body, and then she lay in the ice coffin herself. It’s definitely not because she wants to be quiet.
It is reasonable to explain that she wants to lure the enemy with her own bait and give him a fatal blow when he is unprepared.
Continue to close your eyes and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips. I hope the dawn will come soon the next day
I don’t want any uncontrollable situation in this place before dawn the next day, and I don’t want any accidents in Ruier.
A long time later, the dark environment in this place suddenly became more black, and a black-robed male ghost spirit floated into this place.
I was instantly horrified when I saw the ghost spirit. From the picture on the dark cave wall, I knew that the ghost spirit appeared here, which was the boundary of Ruier. Master was the biggest bss that Ruier and I were going to fight in this ancient tomb.
The arrival of the Enchantment Master made us feel depressed again and continue to urge the bamboo slips to move.
It’s hard to gather all my emotions. I stopped practicing and didn’t open my eyes. I can be invisible. The reaction of this enchanter has only increased the suspicion of this enchanter.
After the enchanter entered this place, he glanced at my position, and then his lip angle took a sarcastic arc and fell straight to the ground next to the ice coffin, staring at the ice coffin with resentment in his eyes.
The enchanter stood still in the same spot, and Ruier lay still in the ice coffin. I was so nervous that I broke out in a cold sweat on my palm.
After a long time, the enchanter took out a steel nail from his cuff and carried it in his hand.
Seeing the enchantment master move me is the reason why the steel nail fell out of Ruier’s body before I knew it, so that Ruier lay in the ice coffin.
Enchantment division with the steel nail lip angle with a ponder smile stretched out his hand and was ready to lift the ice coffin lid.
Seeing this, I suddenly opened my eyes and clenched my fist. I stood up from the ground and instantly closed the enchantment. I raised my hand and aimed at the enchantment division. I was ready to force the enchantment against the enchantment division at any time.
It was the enchanter who touched the ice coffin lid and paused. He lifted the ice coffin lid and began to caress the edge of the ice coffin lid. He didn’t really hit the ice coffin lid and then turned his head to look behind him, which is where I am.
When I see the enchantment master move, I will immediately spread the enchantment and sit on the ground again and close my eyes.
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Master
But the invisible paper man’s eye, when I saw the enchanter twist his head and glance at me, I took back my sight, and then I took a look at the core in the ice coffin and put the steel nail in the cuff, and my body floated away from this place
The enchantment division left me quietly and immediately, but the invisible paper men tracked the enchantment division and there was no unnecessary move.
Through the invisible paper man, I know that the enchanter is not far away from this place, but after leaving this place, he looks up and stares at the ice coffin and my position.
As the enchanter’s figure rises, he can be tracked, and the invisible paper man naturally hangs high. I can also see that Ruier in the ice coffin remains motionless.
There is silence in the dark tomb, and the enchanter can’t leave me. I can just keep my original sitting position still.
Lest Ruier mistakenly think that the enchanter has left and climbed out of the ice coffin, my mood is getting more and more nervous as time goes by.
Fortunately, Ruier has always been petrified.
I am too nervous to restrain my emotions and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips to tighten my body and sit on the ground. I feel too uncomfortable.
I feel like I’m going to sit in an old posture forever. At all times, the enchanter always goes straight back to this ancient tomb and sits cross-legged on the ground to practice.
For the enchanter along the way, he never even gave a corner of his eye.
Just as the enchanter was just practicing, I heard something coming from the ice coffin.
With my eyes open, I saw Ruier pushing the lid of the ice coffin out of it.

Li Chongjiu nodded his head and said, "It is so necessary for Luoyang to reign, so that’s settled."

"Are you considering moving the capital to Luoyang?" Zhang Xuansu asked, "I’m not the first one. There must be others who say so in the future."
Wei Zhi said, "The pursuit of Luoyang is in the sky, just as in the Qin and Han Dynasties, when Xiang Yu was attacked, he was advised to make his capital, but Xiang Yu said that wealth did not return to his hometown, such as a night trip. Xiang Yu did not make his capital, and finally Liu Bang lost his day."
Li Chongjiu said, "Moving the capital is a big deal. If I don’t know how to make progress and build Luoyang, the capital of the Central Plains? At that time, the surrounding area of Luoyang experienced several wars. In the past, it was as prosperous as a ghost town, and now it is a capital. This is not a policy, but I will discuss it in a year or two. "
Zhang Xuansu and Wei Zhi heard Li Chongjiu say that they no longer insisted on moving the capital. Zhao has always been controversial, and the two sides insisted on each other.
Li Chongjiu said, "I’ll leave the matter of Luoyang’s accession to the throne to two Aiqing. Don’t be extravagant, but let everyone know."
"Nuo" Wei Zhi Zhang Xuansu is also called
People in Tianjie, Luoyang are crowded with people.
Wang Shichong, Wang Xuan, Ying Zhu Can, three people were pushed into the street by Zhao foot soldiers, and the people threw stones at the three of them.
"Beasts and evil animals!"
"Wang Shichong, you also have today!"
"Zhu Can always hates not eating your meat raw!"
Behind the three men, the Wang clan was led by a string of ropes. When Wang Shichong proclaimed himself emperor, all his brothers were crowned kings, but Luoyang was broken. These people were already in prison waiting for them to be exiled to Liaodong Field.
Zhang Xiaohu quietly beside Tianjie. He didn’t struggle to throw stones at the Wang Shichong prison car like the people.
Zhang Xiaohu looked at Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren, both of whom were dragged forward by the Zhao army, behind the prison car in Wang Shichong. Wang Xiaohu thought of the scene when Wang Renze rode high in his home to rob the fields and sent officers and men to take away his parents. He will never forget it for a generation.
But now Wang Zeren is tied with his hands, and his father walks into the street like a tiger with his spine pulled out.
Seeing these two men, Zhang Xiaohu touched the waist dagger and thought that your Wang Jiafu also had today. When he rushed to the front of the two men, Zhao Jun stopped and said, "Wang Zeren, do you still know me Zhang Xiaohu?"
Wang Zeren raised his head and looked fierce towards Zhang Xiaohu and asked, "Who are you from? What should I know about you? "
Wang Xiaohu sneered, "Did you forget that you killed my parents by taking the property next to the White Horse Temple of the Wangs?"
Wang Zeren was so heckled by the other side that "if you kill too many people, you will have to pay for it, and the old generation will not be able to pay for it."
"I want you to return two lives to the Wangs!"
Wang Zeren hummed, "I have been sentenced to exile in Liaodong. If you want to kill me, you will disobey the imperial edict of the Prince of Zhao, and you will not be able to run away. He will kill me."
"All right, all right!" Aside, Zhao Jun listened to Wang Zeren and pushed Wang Xiaohu away. "We can’t care about your grievances, but don’t hinder us. Although this man deserves to die, Zhao Wang forgives him and you can’t kill him, otherwise you will pay for it if you dare to kill people in the street!"
"Pay for your life?" Wang Xiaohu sneer at once waist dagger according to Wang Zeren reaction quickly when back and exclaimed "don’t you dare to start work! Save me, just me. "
On one side, Zhao Jun all looked over and raised their guns and shouted, "What do you want to rob the court?" Wang Xiaohu sneered that his heart would have put life and death at risk, so he had to change his fortune and avenge his parents. He had already made up his mind to kill the Wangs even if he risked his life.
Just when Wang Xiaohu was impulsive for a moment, he suddenly felt that his shoulder was pulled.
"Teacher!" Wang Xiaohu one leng.
Aside, Zhao Jun was surrounded by Tan Zongdang and shouted, "What’s the matter? Don’t you even recognize me?"
When Zhao foot soldiers saw that it was Tan Zongdang, they hurriedly said, "It turned out that it was General Tan who wanted to rob the court and we were about to take him."
"Why didn’t I see someone hijacking the giving ceremony?" Tanzong Avenue
Zhao foot soldiers listened to Tan Zong’s saying that it was also knowing that one person was in power. "General Tan said that if there is no, there will be no separation. Let’s move on."
Wang Xiaohu cried after being rescued by Tan Zong. "Uncle, I want to avenge my parents!"
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, you will lose your life if you do this, understand?"
Wang Xiaohu firmly tunnel "even so, I will do it".
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, don’t be silly. I told you that I have already told you about your affairs for you, and the horse will come to trust this man. I know that he is the most defensive and will ask the father and the son to pay for your life!"
Wang Xiaohu when nodded.
At this time, the prison car was taken all the way to Tianjin Bridge, and the people gathered here for a circle. When Wang Shichong Wang Xuan’s father’s head fell to the ground, several Luoyang people were all relatives who burned paper and mourned in front of Tianjin Bridge and were killed by Wang Shichong.
Zhu Can killed a moment, and the people threw all the rubble on the body, and soon the rubble piled up into mountains.
Wang Xiaohu saw that Wang Zeren was in good condition and could not help but clench his fists.
"There is a will!"
Riding a fast horse, I ran across Tianjin Bridge and beheaded the supervisor. "It’s imperative that Cha Wangshi, Yun Wang and Zeren’s father occupy the land and abandon the market in front of Tianjin Bridge together in Wang Shichong!"
The "promise" supervisor agreed to drink, "The executioner will drag Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren out for me!"
As soon as the imperial edict came out, Wang Shizhen’s father was scared out of his wits. Wang Shizhen was even more scared when he was old. Wang Zeren was unwilling to shout, "The prince of Zhao promised to spare me. How can he go back on his word?" I can’t die! I can’t die! "
Wang Xiaohu, on the other hand, suddenly burst into tears with his eyes and knees, and slammed three heads in the direction of the northern palace in Tianjin Bridge. "Thank you for taking revenge on my parents!"
Wang Xiaohu took the pledge to tie up a white cloth and watched Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren’s father being dragged to the execution ground by Zhao foot soldiers like dragging a dead dog.
Two executioners in red took a sip of wine and sprayed broadswords, each pressing their heads toward each other.
Cavity blood straight up and two heads rolling to the ground.
Wang Xiaohu Avenue "Parents, you have to report your great hatred!"
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Embroidery
Wang Xiaohu’s revenge was reported.

In the Muhai layout, Gen didn’t put the crack cannon in.

"It’s okay. It’s okay."
Muhai took Yang Wen to fly in the sky and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
But Yang Wen face is not a face of bitterness at MuHai.
And Muhai doesn’t seem to have sensed Yang Wen’s eyes smiling while she talked about everything.
"Oh …"
Yang Wen is light replied MuHai is also very excited.
Tang Yu and others flew in front and sensed that the two men loved each other and contributed a magic thought to him from time to time.
It is also very important for Tang Yu Mo to read Muhai.
Can’t take care of two people’s feelings at the same time?
Muhai returned to the dormitory after half an hour.
Yang Wen was naturally pulled to his dormitory by him.
"Vivian son …"
Muhai, the dormitory door, hugged Yang Wen and kissed her lips.
However, Yang Wen is mechanical and there is bitterness in his eyes.
"Wen Er, what’s wrong with you?" Mu Haixin asked
"Nothing?" Yang Wen pursed her mouth and sat on the bed with her head turned to one side.
How can I not know when I see Yang Wen like Muhai?
"I’m still mad at you."
Muhai smiled and sat on the bed for five yuan Lingguo refining ring.
The reason why Yang Wen is angry is very simple, that is, Muhai gave each Devil a ring and deliberately did not give it to her.
I saw Muhai in Yang Wen and forgot her. I didn’t have her in my heart.
It is easy for women to catch these little things and get angry easily.
And I don’t like to say it, but I like to let men guess, which is really difficult for men
Fortunately, Muhai is a thousand-year-old monster, and as soon as her little mind is seen through.
Actually, it’s not that Muhai didn’t give him the ring, but that those rings are a little small.
Since it’s your destiny to identify a woman, you must forge a bigger point.
After sitting in the sea, Suomu Pan forged a ring.
And one refining is two.
Naturally, two women can’t be partial to anyone.
Mu Hai’s mind moved two rings to fly in the palm of his hand.
Yang Wen wait for a while looked at this scene and his eyes showed off.
"Wener, it’s not that I won’t give you the ring, but because you are the most important person to me. You can’t give the ring too badly."
Say that finish MuHai handed a ring to Yang Wen.
Yang Wen blushed when he heard this, but he couldn’t help revealing an extremely embarrassing color. "Xiaohai is right … I’m sorry I misjudged you."
"It’s okay. You look good when you’re angry," Muhai said.
"Hate" Yang Wen smiled and took a sea.

It can be said that the longer the delay, the better for her.

In fact, Nan Furong didn’t hate Hua Shading for killing her so much. If it wasn’t suppressed by Hua Shading for more than 200 years, this Luo Cha tactic would eventually abandon the body.
Nowadays, those who practice dharma and ascend to fix the truth gain immortality, but they abandon the shadow of Luo Cha, but this shadow is immortal.
Of course, being killed by someone else can’t help it.
In fact, in the past two hundred years, Nanfurong has perfected the cultivation method of Luo Cha tactic. After all, she was still incomplete when she got Luo Cha tactic.
Nan Furong, who has regained her freedom, is in a good mood, so it would be better if she were given some more.
But she didn’t expect Hua Shading to finally give up her body. You know, Hua Shading can practice the magic formula Luo Cha without shadow. She never taught seven disciples the key part.
In the past 200 years, Hua Shadow has been suppressing the shadow of Nanfurong in her own body, hoping to refine her into the shura shadow in the seven-brake shura array. This shadow is the total pivot of the seven-brake shura array, and the other six shadows need to be controlled by this shadow, so Hua Shadow can’t directly refine her soul consciousness as she did with her sisters, and she can imprint herself on her soul.
However, the soul level is too complicated, and the cultivation formula obtained from the master is endless. She has been planted in the soul source of Nanfurong.
In fact, Nan Furong knows a lot better about Luo Cha’s tactic and the Seven-Brake Shura Array than Hua Shadows. She knows how to avoid being shadowed and refined by Hua Shadows. For 200 years, she has quietly countered Li’s being in Hua Shadows to facilitate refining part of her consciousness in Hua Shadows, hoping that one day she can control Hua Shadows and get rid of herself.
But at this time, it is impossible to hide from Hua Shading. After all, the avatar is connected with the body and soul. For nearly a hundred years, she has never let the avatar leave the body, and just a few decades ago, Hua Shading found a way to refine the South Lotus.
So the two men fought for more than two hundred years. At the last moment, they gave up their body and soul, and the two-in-one controlled six shadows to hit South Furong hard. They all chose the simplest and direct way, either devouring each other or being swallowed up by each other and destroying them. Finally, the master defeated his disciples. The two of them overlapped and stayed in South Furong, and their appearance remained unchanged.
When the two shadows of Nan Furong and Hua Shading are fighting in pairs, it is more dangerous than she naturally doesn’t know the outside situation, and she doesn’t know that she can successfully swallow Hua Shading because Hua Shading was killed by the magic flute.
The joy of successfully devouring each other is that it lasted for a short moment, and the five-pointed needle of the magic flute and the fire of refining the heart hit her at the same time, and there were three light spears burning with purple fire.
Time has passed, and most of the days are already dark.
In Li Wei’s eyes, the shadow of Nanfurong still stands motionless in the middle of the night, and there is a faint lotus flower in the night. The other six shadows are surrounded by her eyes, and her eyes are dull, and her hands are dim for half a month.
The difference between Nanfurong and them is that she is still holding a dharma tactic with her eyes closed at this time, and the spiritual force is converging towards her shadow.
Li Wei has found himself a trouble. There is no doubt that he was attacked by his soul purple fire. It can be said that the base has no chance to make a comeback. Besides, there are so many attacks by the magic flute and it hit Nan Furong at the same time. At that moment, if Li Wei didn’t stop the magic flute from continuing to attack, Nan Furong must have been stunned.
But just like this, she is close to the edge of disintegration. Levi left a purple fire in her shadow, waiting for her to recover gradually.
Li Wei also thought about accepting her directly, but now the state of South Furong is different from that of a soul. That is to say, Li Wei can now catch the soul of South Furong, but there is no way to drop her figure together. If there is no soul, Li Wei estimates that her shadow field is floating away.
Li Wei broke through the soul barrier of Nanfurong with strong soul power and tried to find a way to accept her, but now he can’t accept the shadow because of practicing Luo Cha’s formula. It’s a bit like being in two places at once, but it’s slightly different. He thinks that if there is a woman in his body or a strange and extremely beautiful person, it always feels strange.
If there is a shadow of Nanfurong, Li Wei’s malicious heart may be destroyed, but the other six shadows will be destroyed at the same time, because now there is a soul connection between Nanfurong and them. Li Wei regards it as a combination of mind and contract, which is a unique mind control technique of Luo Cha’s tactic.
In the classics that have always been impressive, Luo Cha is called a cannibal. This kind of ghost can fly in the sky and escape quickly like the wind, which is a very terrible thing. In male Luo Cha, it is very ugly and terrible, while in female Luo Cha, it is very beautiful.
However, there are also ancient records that Luo Cha is the protector of dharma, and he often participates in the Dharma and will follow the Buddha’s teachings with joy.
Li Wei’s memory from Nanfurong is that Luo Cha was a tribe of Buddhism in the Middle Ages. The tribal owner was called King Fengxiu of Luo Cha, the owner of Nanfurong, and the Luo Cha tactic and the seven-brake shura array were snatched from a tribal leader when she traveled to Luo Cha. According to her memory, the place should be the junction of Sri Lanka and India today.
Li Wei also had to admire this South Lotus, which is also a great genius. She combined Luo Cha’s tactic with her former cultivation and repair method to create such a unique skill that she transformed herself into a non-human and non-soul.
Li Wei now that there is no way to collect these shadows and she is unwilling to destroy them, she has to wait here for Nan Furong to wake up from that similar sleeping state. Because of the purple fire in Li Wei, she can sense the fluctuation of her soul, which should not keep him waiting for too long.
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Day behind a knife
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Day behind a knife
There is nothing serious about Hu Lang’s injury. He was knocked unconscious by the flower shadow force, and then he has been behind. Zhang Yifan saved him, and several other people have no problem.
Qin Tie needs some trouble. Li Wei spent a lot of time on his broken arm.
Like Qin Tie, there was no strike force in front of these people who came out in the virtual world. Levi once again felt how powerful the people there were, which is why he was also full of expectations for the seven-brake shura array.
If it wasn’t urgent, he really wanted to study this seven-brake shura array. In the former world, his uncle Galo was a master of magic array, but he was never interested in magic array, and so was he after he came to this world.

And it’s not over yet!

When the blood lake is swallowed up, Xia Qi estimates that the strength of the blood dragon will surpass Xia Qi!
Excited in my heart, Xia Qi didn’t know at this time that a plot against him was on display in Taiyin Sect!
Ten thousand elite people in East Xuanzhou set off for the Blood Moon Mountain and returned to Taiyinzong to report that Yang Chen was seriously injured but did not go to the Blood Moon Mountain again.
At this time, Yang Chen came to the core hall of Taiyin Sect to meet a new deputy patriarch of Taiyin Sect and several elders!
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Crisis arrival
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Crisis arrival
"Yang Chen, do you have something important when you go back?"
See the return Yang Chen blood river and the newly released deputy patriarch and several elders asked with a wrinkly eyebrows.
"Tell your deputy patriarchs that I have something important to tell you when I come back!"
Yang Chen never answers superciliously.
Although he has never stepped into the realm of virtual fairy, there is only a thin line between him and the virtual fairy, and most of the newly-released elders and deputy patriarchs are the punishment hall. He is very confident.
"Something important?"
Blood river, deputy patriarch tied for the first middle-aged monk is also the latest out of a deputy patriarch Yang Ke with a puzzled mouth asked.
Yang Ke is also a monk in the punishment hall. Yang Chen is quite familiar with it. At this time, I heard that Yang Chen had something important to announce and didn’t inform him beforehand. Yang Ke was slightly confused.
"I want to report something to Xia Qiyou, an elder who recently joined Taiyin Sect!"
Yang Chen corners of the mouth with a insidious smile hung his head.
"Xia Qi?"
Blood river deputy patriarch heard Yang Chen words suddenly eyebrows a wrinkly eyes flashed a cool color.
In Fang Jing, the King of Fire Dan also raised his eyebrows.
Xia Qi punishment temple grievances they know very clearly or they stepped in, which made Xia Qi an elder. At this time, Yang Chen was almost instantaneous for Xia Qi, and they thought of Yang Chen. This is to deliberately make things difficult for Xia Qi.
But Nanzhou suddenly invaded the Blood Moon Mountain Friar, and it seems that Mu Hong, Hu Chun and Yang Chen escaped, which means Xia Qi is dead!
Yang Chen is still holding on to Xia Qi, making the blood river and the net fire Dan king also puzzled.
"Didn’t you say that the monk Taiyin Sect who went to the Blood Moon Mountain this time has been wiped out except for your department?" Yanke frowning slightly way
Xia Qi heard about it as soon as he came out, but since Xia Qi was dead, he ignored it again.
"Deputy patriarch Xia Qi although dead, but he gave us a big trouble in the blood moon mountains! He killed Muyuer, the patriarch of the five elements of Zongmu Hangzong, in the Blood Moon Mountains! And the news should have leaked out! "
Yang Chen looked calm and even said that Xia Qi killed Mu Qing.
Of course, it’s not clear whether Mu Qing killed Yang Chen by Xia Qi himself, but Xia Qi is dead. He said nothing, and he believed that fleeing back to Mu Hong would definitely attribute Mu Qing’s death to Xia Qi.
"What? Xia Qi killed MuYuer and was known? "
Yang Ke and many elders in Xuehe River all felt that something was wrong.
After all, the Five Elements Sect is the first large number of six monstrous patriarchs, and Mu Yu, who was beheaded by the elders of Taiyin Sect, will never let it go!
"If there is no accident, I think Mu Yu already knows about it now."
Yang Chen corners of the mouth with a smile head low light mouth.
"damn it! Mu Yu is his focus on cultivating successors with outstanding talent. Mu Yu attaches great importance to being killed by the elders of Taiyin Sect. Even if it is now the key period of attacking Nanzhou, I am afraid I will not let it go, and I will definitely find us in trouble with Taiyin Sect! "
Yangke low scold a mind thoughts turn to find a way to eliminate wood yu anger.
Even the blood river is frowned.
Although everyone in Taiyin Sect knows that Xia Qi is his protective figure, at this time, Yang Chen and others are looking for trouble to go out, and his face is also light, but at this time, the blood river can not consider so much
It is the most important thing to eliminate Mu Yu’s anger.

Theoretically, this great contribution is also attributed to China, who not only went out with Xu, but also sent military forces from the Odkelon family.

However, Wu Chen, Wen Chen and the royal family made a definite plan in the conflict of interest, and it was also because Hughes certainly didn’t want the Odkelon family to get credit.
"Koham … Diru … Yuge …"
Hughes was furious in the town hall. On that day, the audio-visual materials that were not recognized were actually confirmed. "Just a few adventure groups dared to talk to the family. They simply overreached, but since they took the job of stealing dragon eggs, why did they attack those low-level planets? What do they want? "
The ministers are right, even though many of them are clever and wise, but the enemy’s actions are so incredible that no one can guess their real purpose.
"Father, king and son think it will be a diversion?" Erwangjin said
"Yes, those guys deliberately attack low-level planets until they attract our troops in the past …"
"What will it be?"
Hughes glanced at the attached and three Wangsu coldly and said, "Idiot! Do you mean to attract our troops and they will take the city directly? With those five damn adventure groups? Even if the city gives them ten days, it is impossible to attack! "
The whole city is banned step by step, especially in the palace, which is heavily banned and powerful. It is not a matter of three moments if no one guards the five adventure groups alone.
What’s more, Hughes won’t be stupid enough to leave no troops in the city after the army is transferred out.
"My father, my son and I said a diversion from the East to the West is not what my third brother said."
The second king couldn’t wait to kill that fool’s third brother. It’s stupid, but if you’re not smart, don’t mess around and disturb your thoughts.
He secretly stared at Sue and said, "Maybe it’s an attack on a low-level planet and an attack on the east. It’s a attack on a low-level planet, not a dragon egg, but some other important things, but I’m not sure what the real goal of the other party is yet."
"Hmm … that’s right. What about this possibility?" Hughes thought of his daughter who had just come to the good news.
"Leave the message that Princess Wang Xu is waiting in place. The information obtained from the enemy has been summarized. Princess Xu has no other way for the time being. It may not be inferred before the fourth wave of surprise attack on the enemy will definitely change its strategy."
"That’s right!"
Hughes thought for a moment and waved his hand, "Xu has made great contributions this time, so let us know who the enemy is. Since it is temporary to determine the enemy’s movements, let her come back first."
Chapter 749 Leading the way
? Flocculant is back.
Although the enemy has not been completely wiped out, it has brought more than 200 prisoners and confirmed the exact identity of the enemy, which is already a valuable gain.
Chen Han is a member of Odkailong’s family, and he has an agreement to cooperate with him in two aspects, which creates an illusion. Since Chen Han promised to use this matter to at least make Xu’s status rise, it is likely to make her a king, which means that there is hope to dissolve her engagement with China.
That engagement was not good for the Odkelon family and Xu, so after receiving Chen Han’s news, China got a strong order to cooperate with him and Xu to perform the play well
The accompanying troops have suffered a lot. According to Xu, the enemy’s strength is not weak. Maybe there are five large adventure groups on the surface, but they actually use other forces. Or these adventure groups have been hiding their strength. In fact, it is not as simple as the rumors outside.
Of course, it was Rong and Xu who killed these people, but the Odkelon family abandoned them.
Every faction has moths. It’s not convenient to eradicate them at ordinary times for fear of attracting criticism, but it’s not easy to die in the war. Chen Han said earlier that there will be losses. What the Odkelon family can afford is still an opportunity to eradicate dissidents. They should thank Chen Han.
It took several hours for Xu to come back from the battlefield, and the enemy did not dare to make much changes for a short time after being attacked by this attack.
The atmosphere in the discussion hall was extremely depressing. Although it brought some achievements, it also brought back bad news that the enemy was strong.
"No wonder they dare to talk to the family. Their original strength is much stronger than they thought."
The news that Flocculant brought back explained Hughes’ doubts in his heart. He always thought it was very strange that only five adventure groups dared to fight the magic feather Teng Dragon. It turned out that the enemy was not as simple as the outside world said. It may have been supported by other forces, and it may have hidden most of its strength.
Of course, the fact that the soldiers were damaged was there, and so was the testimony of his daughter. He never thought it would be a chess game.
"Who can tell me what to do next?"
Hughes’ stern eyes swept the courtiers in the temple, but unfortunately they didn’t get an answer. Those old deathlessly closed their eyes as if they hadn’t heard him at all.
At ordinary times, when the credit is close at hand, they struggle to break their heads and rob their brains one by one, but they choose to escape when they really encounter difficult problems.
This is officialdom!
Worried flocculant shine at the moment, she doesn’t know what to do, and she has been waiting for Chen Han to come over.
When the message came at a good time, she immediately didn’t know what to do in the previous step. She had an inexplicable belief that "Father and the enemy will definitely imagine every step of the plan and consider all factors."
"Third sister, everyone knows this, so you won’t repeat it." Two kings are loyal lackeys, and three kings won’t give up a chance to crack down.

As Chen Han once speculated, the universe in which he lived before was not made up of Xuanyuan Huangdi, but that reincarnation.

Slowly multiplying from the center of the source star is like a species taking root and sprouting, growing branches and growing leaves. At that time, the planet was full of higher-level fairy spirit. Over time, the practitioners grew stronger and stronger, and eventually the immortals had the strength of conan the destroyer. At the same time, they went out of the source star and opened up a larger territory to cover the entire vast universe
Then the universe continued to multiply and consume resources, and more fairies and demons should be used, so there was a disaster
Disaster is destruction and rebirth, which makes the rules of heaven and earth in the universe constantly strengthen, and makes those who fix the truth and immortals divert to the real fix the truth and the celestial world. If they are not separated from heaven, they will eventually fall, and the rules of heaven and earth will increase day by day.
In the end, not to mention the powerful immortals in the universe, even those who fix the truth become extremely weak.
They opened up a wider world from the source star, and during this extremely long period of time, the whole universe re-entered the stage of accumulation and gestation.
When the re-bred resources reach a certain level, the rules of heaven and earth will gradually end, and more and stronger practitioners will emerge.
Once the resources are exhausted, the drama of destruction will be played again. From destruction to rebirth, it is a cycle that stops forever.
Xuanyuan Huangdi and Chiyou Magic Zun are just the last reincarnated overlords, but they have gone through countless reincarnations before them.
Witch clan is a strong person before many reincarnation.
There is the greatest chance that the person who fixes the truth will appear in each reincarnation because of external factors such as fairy aura, heaven and earth aura or heaven and earth rules, etc., which leads to the person who fixes the truth has the opportunity to choose naturally. However, this situation is not absolute witchcraft, but it is an exception
In that reincarnation, witches and practitioners rose at the same time. This practitioner has its defects and advantages. The witches played their advantages to a great extent and became the mainstream of practitioners in that reincarnation.
Their achievements are far more than that, but they have broken the hole and entered the celestial world!
That was a real disaster!
Immortals are all practitioners who have been promoted to immortals. In the history of immortals, there have also been alternative cultivation groups, but most of them will be extinct for the first time once they are diverted to the celestial world. In the history of the celestial world for several years, there have also been extremely powerful alternative cultivation groups that have caused disasters.
The reason is very simple: different practitioners are the most fundamental contradiction, just like the opposition between two races, irreconcilable war is bound to break out.
The disaster brought by the witch clan is that the former clan is stronger than the previous one, sweeping the celestial world and killing all directions, making a large number of celestial territories fall into the hands of the witch clan.
At this time, Heaven decreed that the two tribes would fight a decisive battle to control the celestial world.
It’s a pity that the witchcraft is stronger than the celestial world for several years. When the forces of all parties in the celestial world are hidden, the powerful ones appear one after another, and the witchcraft finally loses.
Heaven cannot be changed.
However, there is always a chance for heaven to fly up and the witchcraft in the celestial world is completely wiped out. However, the witchcraft in the fix-true world is not extinct. The fix-true people attacked and almost died. Only a few witches were sealed in the fierce land. After all, they are the only ethnic group in history that can barely compete with the orthodoxy of the celestial world.
Even if heaven rarely gives them a line of Miao people, this is a privilege that those alternative cultivation groups have never enjoyed.
The great evil is to protect them. It is almost impossible for those who fix the truth with the natural barrier of the Jedi to enter.
The fierce land is also a restriction on them, and the witches can’t leave the area that is demarcated in the core area.
That is to say, even in the core area, they can’t walk around, and they can be bound to stay in such a small place for life and death.
The core area is divided into three layers, that is, the information revealed by the young population that witches can move in the central third layer, but their puppet witches and beasts are limited, and they can move in other areas except the entrance according to their strength.
This is a kind of check and balance between witches and practitioners, and it is also a way of keeping a chance in heaven, which does not mean that all practitioners who enter the core area will die.
In the past few years, the witches have never seen the practitioners, and those people were killed by puppet witches and beasts up to the second floor.
I can’t help it. It’s also a witch tribe. The way of self-protection depends on their little tribe. If there is no puppet witch beast to defend against the army of fix true people, the consequences will be unimaginable
Until more than 100,000 years ago, a seriously injured person appeared in the third floor area. He was Chen Han, the real-name master-Junlong.
An amazing talent is coveted, taboo and jealous by all practitioners, and even the elders of his master will kill him, fearing that he will be unruly, he will seize the palm of his hand, and he will be hunted down and flee to the sunset.
He is full of hatred for his master, but the whole world of repairing the truth is full of hatred. He has reached a mutually beneficial agreement with the witches.
In this agreement, he will get that the Wizards will spare no effort to cultivate all the resources and ask all the ancestors to keep secrets. What he should pay will be to take charge of the celestial unification at all costs and help the Wizards to revive the great power of the past.
He tried to cultivate Xingtian’s strongest secret code, but he found a problem, that is, once he had pure witchcraft, he would leave here.
The rules of heaven bind all witches. If they want to be born here, people can’t leave this area, but outsiders are also bound by another kind, that is, the cultivation of witchcraft will also be restricted
Chapter 371 "Wu clan 1"
Being able to compete head-on with the rise of a small inferior universe has a history of several years, and the secret method of the celestial witch is not tough.
However, the cultivation of the Witch’s Mind Method will be restricted. From Junlong, all the abilities gained from practicing the Witch’s Mind Method will be abolished. By virtue of its right talent, it will be possessed for several times, and by virtue of the combination of the cultivation of the true mind method and the Witch’s Mind Method, it will create a stunning and unique record.
He couldn’t have created these methods if he didn’t know both methods very well, if he didn’t have extremely proud talent, if he didn’t have the guardian of witchcraft masters, and if he didn’t have a lot of talents and treasures to continue his life, he would have been possessed by millions of times for hundreds of years, and he would have died many times.
The setting sun didn’t lack the most resources, so it rose thousands of miles a day and finally broke through to the late Mahayana, crossing the apocalypse and rising to the celestial realm.
It is precisely because his practice of mind method is based on the integration of the mind method of the Wu nationality, and the mind method has been modified and the Wu nationality has disappeared for thousands of years, which has not been noticed by the strong in the celestial world. Although it is dangerous, it has not been noticed by the real strong.

Don’t go and sit instead. What’s the matter with you? You look preoccupied. I’m very worried. Because when a capitalist is worried, a comet is the same. It indicates that some kind of disaster is about to happen in the world.

I’ve had bad luck these days. Danglars said I always heard bad news.
Ah, really, did Monte Cristo say that you stumbled again in the stock exchange?
No, I can at least get some compensation in that respect. My current trouble is caused by the collapse of a bank in Trieste.
Really, are you referring to the failed bank that is Jacob Manfri’s?
Exactly. Think about this gentleman. I don’t know how many years I’ve been doing business. The annual transaction amount reaches 900 thousand. I’ve never made any mistakes or delayed the date payment. Well, I paid him 1 million in advance, but now my good gentleman Jacob Manfri has delayed the payment.
This kind of misfortune is unheard of. I took 600,000 livres from him, and my ticket was not cashed back. Besides, I also gave him a draft of 400,000 francs, which was due at the end of this month and accepted by his Paris correspondent. Today is the 30th. I sent someone to cash it at his place to see that the correspondent had disappeared, and the Spanish incident hit me hard. I have seen enough at the end of this month.
So did you really lose a lot in that Spanish incident?
I lost seven hundred thousand francs.
Hey, how could you take this wrong step? An old fox like you.
Oh, that’s my wife’s fault. She dreamed that Mr. Carlos had returned to Spain. She believed it. She said it was a magnetic phenomenon. When she dreamed that something was bound to happen, she informed me. In this belief, I allowed her to speculate. She, her bank, her securities broker lost money. Of course, she speculated that money was hers, not mine. But you know that when 700 thousand francs left her wife’s pocket, her husband always knew. Didn’t you hear anyone talk about it? Hum, it has made everyone know.
Yes, I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know the details. No one is more ignorant than me about securities trading.
So you don’t do speculation?
I’m-I’m in enough trouble just to take care of me. How can I speculate? In addition to my housekeeper, I have to hire a clerk to take care of this Spanish affair. I don’t think the story of Mr. Carlos’ return was a dream. See? The newspaper also talked about it, didn’t it?
So do you believe in newspapers?
I don’t believe it at all, but I think the faithful news is an exception. It publishes true news and urgent news
By the way, that’s what I don’t understand, replied Danglars. The news that Mr. Carlos is back is really urgent news.
So Monte Cristo said that you lost almost 1.7 million francs this month.
To be honest, it’s not almost the same. I did lose that much
Damn it, Monte Cristo said sympathetically, it was a terrible blow to a third-class rich man
Danglars, a third-class rich man, said he felt a little humiliated. What do you mean?
Of course, Monte Cristo also said that I divide the rich into three classes: first class, second class, third class. In countries like France, Austria, and Britain, all the treasures have minerals, fields and real estate, and the total amount of such treasures and property is about 10 million. I call them first-class rich people. All the major shareholders of manufacturing or joint-stock companies are responsible for a certain amount of money. If the total assets reach 1.5 million francs, they are called second-class rich people. Finally, all the assets are scattered in various enterprises. Small shareholders can’t stand making money by his will or opportunity. Since the collapse of the bank, it can’t stand the sudden change of the times, and the increase or decrease of property simply depends on speculation. The total amount of big fish eat small fish’s law with real and false capital is about 15 million. I call them third-class millionaires. I think your situation is probably the last one.
That’s the trouble, replied Danglars.
Then in six months like this, Monte Cristo said calmly, a third-class rich man is going to despair
Oh, Danglars said, he turned very pale. How fast did you speak?
Let’s imagine these seven months. Monte Cristo continued in the same calm tone. Tell me that you have never thought that 17.7 million times is almost 12 million. Well, you are right. If you reflect on your vacation like this, you will never take your money to risk, because money is the same to speculators. We all wear some clothes and are more gorgeous than others. This is obvious to all, but when a person dies, he will be left with flesh. When you return to the mall, you will not have more than five or six million real money. Because the real assets of a third-class rich man will never exceed a quarter of what he looks like, it is just like a railway locomotive, which is particularly huge because of the soot vapor around it. Well, you have just lost almost two million of your five or six million real money, which will definitely reduce your belief in imaginary property accordingly. According to my metaphor, if you repeat it three or four times like this, it will kill you. You must pay attention to it. My dear Mr. Danglars, do you need some money? Do you want me to lend it to you?
What you said as a calculator is really frustrating. Danglars said that he tried his best to pretend to be indifferent and have all kinds of optimistic thoughts to support himself. At the same time, I also succeeded in speculating and making money. I can increase nutrition to make up for the loss of blood. I lost a battle in Spain and suffered a loss in Trieste, but my navy will capture a big merchant ship in India and my Mexican advance team will find mineral deposits.
Great, great, but the wound is still there, and once it is lost, it will recur.
I won’t answer that I have to have three governments collapsed just because I’m as sure as a gun, and Danglars’ quack doctor plays the snail.
Hey, this kind of thing has happened.
It must be that crops can’t grow in the soil
Remember the story of seven years of abundance and seven years of famine.
It must be that the sea suddenly dries up, as it did in Pharaoh’s time, but there is still a lot of sea now, and even if something happens like that, the boat can be turned into a vehicle
That’s good. I said to you, my dear M. Danglars, Monte Cristo said, I think I made a mistake. You should be listed as a second-class millionaire.
I think I might get that honor. Danglars smiled. Monte Cristo thought that painters often painted the sick moon when painting ruins. Now that we are talking about business, he said that he was glad to get an opportunity to change the subject and tell me what I should do with Mr. Cavalcanti.
Give him money. If he gives you a bill, it seems reliable.
Very reliable. He personally brought a 40,000-franc ticket for you this morning, which was signed by Father Busoni and handed over to me. It was a pay-as-you-go ticket, and I immediately counted the 40,000-franc bill to him.
Monte Cristo nodded his head in recognition.
Danglars also said that he had a head in my bank.

"It’s okay. We’ve already performed a play, even if he doesn’t believe it." The play seems to be fake and true. Qi Shaochen said coldly, "We only need to observe it secretly if we have less contact with him."

Gu Jingke sipped his lips and quietly said, "We live in six and you live in seven."
The four quickly divided the rooms to avoid trouble. Mu Ming and Gu Jingke were together, while Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man continued to play loving couples together.
Pay to talk about a few people take the stairs to cold way "that four people is a method of day! I dare to say that the boss is scary! "
"Don’t talk too much" pays attention to the quiet way. At that moment, the eyes quickly gathered up as if there were thousands of sharp edges in it. "Don’t stare so hard when you look at people."
"You have to remember that it’s not easy for us to do things," Fu Tan said word for word. "We just have to tolerate some minor troubles. Don’t be too serious. My face will scare the woman."
Fu Tan doesn’t seem to care about hooking his lips. The scar is even more horrible. Laughing on his face can also become like crying.
"If you want to follow me, you must listen to me or you will pack up!" Fu Tan made a harsh remark and gave a cold shoulder to "I’m not that no one wants to keep up with you two!"
Vigorously and the second army immediately bowed their heads in fear. "The boss will never do it again after teaching us a lesson. Please give us another chance!"
"Opportunity is given by people, and the person who gives you the opportunity is me." If you pay attention to this hidden meaning, you will no longer be silent in front of two people.
Just as vigorously and the second army wanted to talk again, the ladder stopped and a group of people came in from the outside, and three of them went to the side all the way. They were imposing but they were very impressive.
The seventh floor will arrive soon. Talk about locking the door, unpacking, finding clothes, going into the bathroom, washing your body, and sleeping in bed.
He is very tired and exhausted. He just arrived here, and he doesn’t want to think about anything. He has a good rest and closes his eyes. Now his face is a little soft, and even the scar is pleasing to the eye.
Vigorously and the second army also took a shower in the room one after another. At this moment, they were sitting in bed. The second army picked up a magazine and read it for a few times. Vigorously frowned and said, "You said that eldest brother won’t really look at that short-haired woman, right?"
He heard the man talking before he came, but now that he thinks about it, he thinks it’s quite possible
"Eldest brother is what person? You think he’ll watch the kind of rich girl? It’s ridiculous! " The second army showed a deep look at the corners of its mouth. "It’s absolutely impossible to look at the big brother who is rich and affordable and makes trouble."
"Look, it will also be those rich men, such as those two men." The second army tut shook its head. "Those two men are actually good, but their eyes are a little poor."
I poured myself a glass of water when I thought about it vigorously. "You say it’s good. It’s not common for a stupid woman to see it."
In their minds, there are only a few women with big brothers, and they all need means, means, ability and high-energy women.
The second army looked at the magazine with relish and couldn’t help but pull a copy from the side to read it, but after reading it for a long time, it didn’t understand anything. I felt very boring and rolled up the sheets and slept.
It didn’t take long for the second army to lie in bed and sleep lightly. Just now, the plane was tired around the body, and it was late. There were things that all three of them needed to make up their sleep extremely.
Compared with sleeping here, the four people here are talking about things in Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man’s room. They are making sure that no one can eavesdrop and get together.
"Li Yuan, everything is normal on our side, and we will inform you to prepare immediately." Cheng Manchao said there, "They are living in July 1st and July 2nd, and we are July 6th and July 7th."
Li Yuan said a few words and Cheng Man cut off the words and sat at the foot of the bed. "What do you think we should do next?"
Mu Ming was silent for a moment and then said, "We can’t stay in this hotel for too long, and we will leave at the most, or we will be suspicious according to the vigilance of those three people."
"Yes, we have to leave tomorrow, and we must get things done tonight." What Qi Shaochen said naturally refers to sending Li Yuan to criminal organizations.
Gu Jingke gently lifted his eyelids and said, "There are not many coincidences in this world. We can’t appear in front of them for the second time, otherwise suspicion is inevitable."
It was a coincidence that the two sides met for the first time. What about the second time? How to explain it? Everyone with a little brain knows that it can’t be a coincidence. It’s definitely a deliberate calculation.
Being in the whirlpool of criminal activities all the year round, there is no point in the brain to bend around. Who believes it?
"Yes, if we appear in front of them for the second time, they may change their way back to the house." Qi Shaochen frowned. "But how can we pay attention to their movements if we don’t touch them?"
Gu Jingke corners of the mouth gently said, "We can’t bump into them, but we can let them bump into us. But there is a difference. Then let the Cheng team make it again."
Cheng Man frowned and said, "You don’t know how tired acting is. You have to be careful with your wording. You have to improvise. The most important thing is that there is no drama!"
Without the drama, she doesn’t know what will happen next. It’s unacceptable that she is in a state of blind typing and will make mistakes if she is not careful.
How nice it would be to give her a play for acting! Mu Ming glanced at her. "Just now, someone’s performance was so vivid that she could be awarded a winner."
After joking, Mu Ming resumed his earnest look and said, "You must know that without drama, you can be more passionate and coherent. If there is drama, you won’t need us to stay here!"
"It’s boring to have a play according to the play. You can’t guess what will happen next now to be more detailed." Mu Ming bent his finger. "The rigid lines in the past were not flexible enough."
Cheng Man Muming finished gnashing her teeth. "I can see that you and Gu Jingke have teamed up to trick me at all! Why don’t you act? "
She stared at them with tears in her eyes, and when she met these two people, she simply pushed herself into the pit!
Mu Ming bent his eyes and said solemnly, "I can’t play out your feeling. If you deliberately make those three people suspicious, please, Captain Cheng!"
Looking at Muming serious call her captain or in this case Cheng Man eyebrows mercilessly picked pick then gave a way, "I’m resigned not yet? I will release my nature again. "
Qi Shaochen sobbed at the corners of her mouth. Is that what she called releasing nature? He always felt that the word was not appropriate for her.
Cheng Man looked at him with a smile on his face and lifted his foot to kick Qi Shaochen’s leg. "What are you laughing at? I need to act. You don’t need to pretend to be my boyfriend?"
It’s a joke. She needs it, and he must have it!
Qi Shaochen was moved by his eyebrows. "No one will play with you when you are disabled."
Gu Jingke and Muming looked at the lip angle and moved slightly. Gu Jingke said, "We’ll make a chance to be touched by them later. You two should hurry up."
Muming and Gu Jingke went out of the room and heard Cheng Man come in quickly and washed his face in the bathroom. By the way, he tidied up his hair and clothes.
After Qi Shaochen came to Muming’s door and gently knocked, he waited for a long time. Two people in the room also cleaned up Muming and nodded to Cheng Man with satisfaction.
A few people walked slowly to the front desk of the building and saw that it was another excellent temperament. The four people flashed their eyes and said, "What do you need to do, sir and miss?"

Naked provocation!

So shush is even bigger!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Back to the top
"Aha!" Moen laughed when he saw Chang Sheng, the dynamic commentator. After a season of explanation, he was already very clear about Chang Sheng’s temper.
"This is winning! This is his style! He not only wants to beat you, he also wants to stimulate you! If you have a grudge against him, you are out of luck. If you are stared at by him, you will definitely be angry with him! This is an absolute honest man … but he has never tried to hide this, even if he is a villain, he is a real villain … "
When there was a loud hissing and cursing at Calderon Stadium, Changsheng didn’t change himself. He continued to provoke Atletico Madrid fans to stand in front of the coach’s bench.
He’s like a crazy Don Quixote who challenges the windmill, but the problem is … he succeeded!
He personally buried Atletico Madrid’s promotion hopes two seasons ago.
Now he leads the team ahead of Atletico Madrid in the game.
Two seasons ago, people thought it was idiotic for him to challenge Atletico Madrid, but now no one thinks it is incredible.
Since Hertha can beat Atletico Madrid, it should not be a great thing for Valencia to win Atletico Madrid away …
Atletico Madrid coach Aragons has studied Valencia tactics, but the more he studies it, the more obsessed he becomes.
When he took Mallorca, he played Chang Sheng in the final of the King’s Cup. At that time, Chang Sheng coached a newly promoted Mahta team.
At that time, Hertha’s tactics were similar to mad dogs, but at that time it looked rough and the players didn’t understand it deeply. It was more like shape than victory
After all, after a week.
But even so, Hertha defeated Mallorca and won the King’s Cup with such an immature tactic.
At that time, this tactic was still a prototype and not very mature.
Now the mad dog tactics in Valencia are very mature. They are playing dazzling football. Every player is running and running, and then the football is running in this non-stop running, so that the opponent can follow the rhythm of Valencia.
The core of Valencia midfield this season is Guardiola.
This season, Guardiola was injured, which made Valencia’s mad dog tactics suffer a heavy blow. I didn’t expect to win and dig Deco from Porto. The Brazilian midfielder, who was unknown in the European continent, could perfectly replace Guardiola in the team, so Valencia’s mad dog tactics were not negatively affected at all.
It’s not the first time that Aragons has won the King’s Cup. Although they are rivals, Aragons has won the young man very much.
This time, when the two men met again, Aragons became more and more obsessed with studying Valencia tactics.
Valencia’s tactics seem to have opened a window to the new world …
This window let him see a completely different world.
Although he is an opponent, he has to always win the genius wisdom and amaze.
Although this is a bit out of place, and winning and Atletico Madrid are sworn enemies.
So Aragons can keep his appreciation of winning in his heart.
The more you study, the more you find that it is difficult for Atletico Madrid to win at present.
It’s not easy for him to keep the team going for forty minutes.
For Atletico Madrid players, when they didn’t play Valencia, they were very angry. They didn’t think Valencia was good. They had an advantage at home and they were eager for revenge. How could they lose to Valencia with so many favorable conditions?
But when they really played Valencia, they found it was not that simple.
Their Valencia football is either a ball and a ball.
However, when they are on the court, when they really face Valencia’s "ball after ball" tactics, they feel at a loss and don’t know what to do.
Because they can’t catch the ball at all.
No matter how hard they try, they can’t catch the ball.
Valencia ball easily bypassed Atletico Madrid defense like running water.
It’s the first time they’ve fought this tactic, and they realize that it has nothing to do with fighting spirit and hard work.
Valencia passed through a series of kicks before scoring the first goal. This kick was passed from the backcourt to the frontcourt without letting Atletico Madrid players grab the ball once.
Then it was inserted into the Atletico Madrid goal by Ba Laha.
In the face of such a goal, even if Atletico Madrid has more fighting spirit and hard work, what is it?
At half time, the score was over, and neither side changed players at half time.
Valencia continues to play mad dog tactics against Atletico Madrid.
Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, continues to find nothing to do.