Its two dark eyes are ten times bigger than ordinary scorpions, and you can notice at a glance that there is a kind of wave light flow every time you turn your eyes, unlike ordinary scorpions who often ignore their eyes.

It has seven broad front abdomen and five narrow and flexible back abdomen, and there is a layer of extremely light gold in the front and back abdomen, which is still red in the seam.
At the end of its tail, there is an elliptical sphere with a venom-hiding protrusion to form a tail thorn, which is dark red and held high like a combat knife.
"Blood crystal? Red crystal? If it doesn’t move … why does it feel like a crystal scorpion? It’s so soft, but it’s not like that. How can it tell if it’s a male or a female? Never studied it! How can you help me deal with the enemy when I grow up so soft … "
Scorpion seems to feel the quick opening and closing of Yi Yi’s pincers. After a few times, the tail needle of the abdomen rolls up, the palm of the hand tilts, wobbles and turns several times, and the body gradually becomes like a substance.
The sense of hierarchy is rarely angular, and it instantly turns into a mighty little scorpion. The auxiliary arm is very smooth and natural in crystal armor.
"Good little guy actually knows what I mean." Yi’s left hand flicked its body a few times and tinkled like steel.
He didn’t believe in evil and strengthened his strength. Xiao scorpion quit, twisted his body and crawled around. His eyes looked like grievances, and he pointed his fingers back and forth. It seemed like a threat.
"Ha ha ….." Easy to be amused by its humanized dynamic expression and couldn’t help laughing at the moment.
Scorpion’s four pairs of feet gradually adapted to crawling, happy, easy to turn around, and all parts of the body began to shake frequently, like combat knives, and the tail needle left, right and left did not stop
As time goes by, the more I look at it, the more interested I am. Observing its every move with great interest, the more I look at it from the inside out.
I don’t know how amazing the toxicity of the scorpion toxin was when it was sucked away, but if it was developed, it would be a problem and it would take so many years to take shape!
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Yearning for magic.
I’m afraid I have to keep it as a pet in this issue! It’s an idiotic dream to expect it to present itself to the enemy!
The little blood scorpion is slow to move, and the head seems to have lost a lot of energy. It’s strange to say to himself, "Are you hungry?"
Yi wanted to take out a piece of raw scorpion meat, tear it into small pieces, put it in his mouth and whispered, "Eat."
I didn’t know that the scorpion’s claws reached out and touched it, but it was easy to climb backwards. I was surprised and took out glutinous rice to crush it. I fed it or not, and then it turned into all kinds of food. It didn’t move.
"Huh?" It’s strange that you don’t eat any vegetarian food. Do you eat some insects?
Remember that the Internet said that scorpions are carnivores who like to eat soft, juicy and protein-rich small animals. This kind of animals will not eat these things, right?
Yi spread it in his right hand and went out of the prison forest to look for all kinds of bugs and animals.
After many experiments, it is easy to find that it is true. It is very fond of spiders, centipedes, locust nymphs, crickets, ground beetles, rice moths and earthworms.
At first, it was easy to catch it, and then it was put on the ground. It had the strength to wander around for a few laps and began to run around and start looking for it.
This little thing doesn’t look like it just laid eggs, just like killing insects when it was born. When it comes to eating well-fed and not getting in the way … I’m afraid that it’s a plunge regardless of the size of the tail needle.
Avoid slow worms or animals and instantly turn into a pool, braving smoke and pus, and run fast. It runs after it and has no strength. It starts to kill insects, eat and continue to kill. When it disappears, it will stop after opening and closing a few pliers.
The tail needle is extremely sharp and hard, and so is the pliers. Two clicks on stones and trees can make a gap, and the tail needle pierces once.
As time goes by, the body of blood scorpion looks more and more substantial, and the bloody horny shell shines brightly by the sun, giving off blurred colors and forming a circle of pale gold halo outside, which makes it look more pleasing to the eye and more enjoyable.
And the little blood scorpion never forgets that Yi climbs away from a pair of dark eyes and looks at Yi from time to time. If he doesn’t follow, he will come back to him and seem to be attached.
Moreover, the four pairs of walking feet can climb freely from the easy foot to the top of the head, and they can throw their weight around and open a pair of pliers.
It’s also very playful, with its tail hooked around its ears and its body shaking upside down, or it’s easy for pliers to gently clamp its earlobe and curl up into a circle like a big red earring.
That is to say, it is easy for the flesh to be polished enough to be strong, otherwise, a clip of the pincers that can cut gold and break jade can not be opened. The pincers with sharp tail needle and acute toxicity are really a very dangerous animal for outsiders.
Easy to start is also very defensive. Later, the mysterious and mysterious association made him put his guard down and finally stopped being afraid.
Although he is happy in his heart, he is also sad. First, he often goes out to walk, meditate and practice, and he can’t go in and out all the time.
There is also a little blood scorpion that needs to eat and kill insects, which is really troublesome for people who often practice for a few days. I haven’t seen it eat until it seems to be the bottom of my stomach for such a long time.
It’s inconvenient that the dry Kun bag can’t hold living things. Although the insects are small, there are fluctuations in life. How to bring these insects with you at all times becomes a problem … "Yes! This brain actually forgot the worm sac. "WAP 11 Dune frowned and slapped his head hard. He swept away his sorrow and took out the black flat leather worm sac and leaned into the smile, which was even more beaming.
"There are countless poisonous methods, and the insects are several times more powerful than the ordinary fragile insects. The little guy is not afraid of virulence, but he loves it. After he gets revenge, he puts it in his pocket and keeps it somewhere else."
"Come on, little guy!" Yi stretched out his palm and said to it.
Blood scorpion is a little confused. It looks easy to hesitate for one or four pairs of steps. Move back and forth from the easy vamp to the right palm pliers.
"This little thing is not the kui is a heterogeneous …" Yi Zan’s left hand pinched the tactic to find out a grotesque little poisonous method and sent it to the mouth of blood scorpion.
Blood scorpion mouth stretched out a pair of pincers, grabbed open pincers and severely pinched it. Suddenly, a stream of juice came out, and it changed in two.
It was so excited that it started to eat a few mouthfuls and then licked the palm juice clean.
Then a little fidgety, the pincers stretch back and forth, and it’s easy to watch and stare at the worm, and the pincers are easy to rub their palms.
"How interesting it would be if this little thing could talk!"
Easy to take a full face of smile to find out the poisonous method of the worm capsule one by one and send it to the mouth of the blood scorpion to feed it like a child.
When I feel different, I feel that time passes very quickly. I spend a little blood in one day.
Its spiritual wisdom grows very fast. At the beginning, the sacrifice was very big and easy. It has a subtle connection. Whenever the spirit extends to it, it will have a mysterious feeling of blood connection.
It’s easy to convey one’s heart’s meaning through oral speaking and mental reading, and the blood scorpion is vaguely incomprehensible, and it becomes more and more human with time.
It’s easy to wonder if this is a mark of a different kind, which has been carried out since it was born … Otherwise, how could it become so spiritual just after laying eggs!
Yi can be sure that this blood scorpion will become a demon sooner or later if it is not taught some knowledge in an accident.
He is also more and more keen on talking with blood scorpions. He seems to be possessed for a day.
Yi is also a test. The bleeding scorpion has a characteristic from repulsion to harmony for the body qi and flame elements. The flame is all over the body, and it needs to be stable.
And it looks very excited with fire, and its pale gold will slowly spread to the body and become a glittering scorpion, which is very strange and makes Yi extremely excited and confused.
When Yi returned to the virtual floating pagoda, the blood scorpion hid behind his neck, and the collar and body faded, and the flesh recovered, and it was very honest to stick to Yi’s neck.
It’s easy to be uncomfortable at first, but now I’m used to letting my hair hang freely to cover my neck to prevent being seen and making a fuss.
No, it will delay the business. Anyway, it will be more intimate than anyone in the future.
Easy to sit and practice, dispel a distracting thought, calm down and sum up the experience of zombie fighting.
There are two reasons for thinking about it: one is that it is not repaired enough, and the other is that the flying sword is not sharp and hard enough.
It is easy to see that the drawback of the red blood ghost sword is that when I first refined it, I wanted it to be soft and hard, and a lot of flexible metals were added.
Usually, the flying sword is a hard sword and will not bend, but it will become soft and hard after being integrated into the true qi, and it will be controlled by mind and mind.
But in this way, because Wang Tong is invulnerable, his flying sword will have an anti-shock, and there will be a bending change in the control of mind and mind
Yi had to break the sword of red blood and ghost several times if he didn’t stop working hard. This is one thing.
Another point is that the material is not good, and it is too popular. The ordinary sword repairing base in the field of revision is made of this kind of pure gold and other metal materials. It is easy to think about it, except that it has a little more texture and a little unique practice.
As far as the dead Yan Wuxing flying sword is concerned, it can be seen at a glance that Gao Lai doesn’t even look twice.
These days, I have gained a lot of knowledge, and at the same time, I have gained a lot of natural materials and several extremely rare materials, which makes me more and more dissatisfied with refining my own magic weapon
For example, I can’t get rid of the heterogeneous roots like Wang Tong, so I can change the enemy one by one, but there is no sharpness at all.
Easy to yearn for is to cut off all substances with three feet of Qingfeng in your hand, pierce all the bodies, and fight for extreme destruction and extreme elimination.
These magic weapons are yearning for each other, but they don’t match each other. What Yi Xian wants most is not a natural treasure. Second, it’s not a magical secret. Third, it’s not a beautiful woman, but a real magic weapon.
It is also easy to practice for a short time. I have never seen a magic weapon in the past two years! I just heard that if you are sharp, if you are spiritual, you will automatically choose the main kind of nonsense.

"Well, you scared me. What did I see when I was young?" Tang Sike patted his chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

I got a taxi and waved Tom away.
After Tang Sike leaves, I will wave a taxi to come and sit in the car and wait for Tang Sike’s emperor Amar to come out.
Tang Sike Huang Ama Jade Shop not only bought jade bracelets, but also selected a Hetian jade lotus pendant.
I raised my eyebrows when I saw the Hetian jade lotus pendant.
Lotus is a symbol of holiness and purity, and Tilian is a symbol of longevity and pure love.
Tang Sike’s Emperor Amar actually chose the lotus pendant for the female ghost, which really blinded the eyes with joy.
I spit in my heart. Can it be said that meeting a female ghost made Tang Sike’s emperor Amar finally realize that that is true love?
When Tang Sike Huang Ama came out of the jade shop with things, it was dusk.
I asked the taxi to follow Tang Sike’s car to see Tang Sike’s car. Huang Ama parked his car in a parking space outside the hotel and walked towards the hotel gate with the things he bought from the jade shop.
Seeing this situation, I paid the fare and took out a paper-cut paper from my backpack from the taxi side to shake hands.
I went to the outside of the hotel and turned the mobile phone bell to vibrate. When Tang Sike Huang Ama crossed the hall and walked into the ladder door, I quickly entered the hotel.
When I entered the ladder, I saw that there was Tang Sike Huang Ama in the ladder. When the ladder was closed, the destination was the building.
Through the hall, I went to the secluded place on the stairs, threw a paper-cut paper with my palm, and then turned around and took the stairs to the building.
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Tracking
The paper-cut paper man gave back the message that Tang Sike Huang Ama got out of the ladder and walked into the room.
Tang Sike Huang Ama opened the door, and the paper-cut paper man saw that there was a female ghost embroidered with orchid cheongsam in that room. The female ghost level was spectre.
At the moment, that female ghost is no longer a simple ghost, and her body can be seen by ordinary people without the help of foreign objects.
The feedback from the paper-cut papermen made me frown. It seems that the female ghost’s entanglement with Tang Sike’s emperor Amar is a cruel hand. It is not necessarily necessary to continue to go to Tang Sike’s emperor Amar.
When I got out of the ladder, I reached for the door of the ladder and waited for the paper-cut paper man to put it in his pocket and walked slowly outside the door, waiting for Tang Sike’s emperor Amar and the female ghost to start having sex.
Since the disappearance of the snuff bottle, I have prevented the snuff bottle female ghost from escaping from the snuff bottle and pestering Tang Sike again. Emperor Ama specially did his homework for the female ghost.
This way, once the female ghost starts to have sex with someone, it is a way to get out of the way before the yang essence of her sex person is out of state.
Female ghosts can be nourished by vital yang essence through human sex.
This process is very harmful to people. For female ghosts, they are nourished by yang essence and at the same time they are in a defensive state.
When female ghosts start to have sex with people, they will always exert their body skills to make the man who has sex get the yang essence as soon as possible.
In the room, Tang Sike talked to the female ghost, and I took out the charm from my backpack and stuffed it into my pocket, then shook hands with the soul-eating whip.
I was tongue-tied. Tang Sike, Emperor Amar, said those sweet words to female ghosts. She was full of words and felt like a teenager, and her ears were badly poisoned.
The house will have sex soon, and I still stay outside the door without moving.
I said that I would definitely go back and wash my ears after dealing with the female ghost tonight.
I found from the internet that sex between men and women is always short for the first time, and it will last longer for the second time.
I have to wait until they start to break into the room for the second time, and Tang Sike’s emperor Amar took the opportunity to let the female ghost get away, and he will be stunned.
I’m scared. I’m not worried about whether Tang Sike’s emperor Amar will cause a psychological shadow to Tang Sike’s emperor Amar and affect his brother in the back bed.
In such a developed society, even if Tang Sike’s Emperor Ama has a psychological shadow, it can always be cured sooner or later.
That female ghost must not stay tonight or she will be poor in the future.
The female ghost is charming and charming for three days, and Tang Sike’s emperor Amar breathes low. Listen to me, my face is black.
From time to time, people pass by in the corridor, and they can hear the movement in the room. They are all surprised, glancing at the door of the room and holding the soul-eating whip. I am full of interest in divination.
There is even a person who simply stopped walking and looked at me with his arms around me not far away.
I am full of depression and let people look at me, hoping that no one will speak and ask me what has disturbed the female ghost in the room and the emperor Amar of Tonsko.
The man who looked at me with his arms around him stared at me for a few minutes and then came up to me with his lips slightly open, as if he wanted to say something to me.
The man’s reaction made me frown. I gave him a gesture of silence and gave him a hard gouge. I waved to him to roll quietly.
The man came towards me, paused, raised his hands at me, made a surrender, and always left.
Seeing that man leave me is a little wider, but it is also more depressing.
Damn it, dogs bite and mind their own business. It’s strange that I stay wherever I don’t steal or love.
Wait at the door for a while. Sex in that room always ends with a growl.
I heard the room coming to take a shower, and then I heard Tang Sike Huang Ama ask the female ghost what she wanted to eat.
The female ghost voice is charming and bone-like. She replied that Tang Sike Huang Ama said that she didn’t want to eat anything. She wanted to eat Tang Sike Huang Ama.
When the shower is over, I hear Tomsk’s eager footsteps coming from the house, and then two people chew together.
When I raised my eyebrows for such a short time, Tang Sike’s emperor Amar was able to hold the soul-eating whip in his hand again and prepare him to have sex with the female ghost again, and then he entered the room.
There was no sex in the room, as I expected. After a while, I heard Tomsk dressing in the room.
Tang Sike Emperor Amar smiled and said that the female ghost was a grinding goblin. The female ghost smiled and confessed that Tang Sike Emperor Amar had a meal later and went to the drugstore to buy some entertainment drugs.
When I heard this, I turned to the direction of the stairs, where I hid my figure and paid close attention to the room.
Soon Tang Sike Emperor Amar came out of the room with a big smile and went straight to the ladder.
At this time, my mobile phone pocket began to vibrate.
I told her that I was not finished with my work, and I would go to her house in an hour or so.
Tang Sike said angrily that her emperor Amar is still a mobile phone. She was angry with her emperor Amar and worried that something would happen to her emperor Amar.
I was convulsed at the corner of my mouth when I heard Tang Sike say that she was worried about something happened to her emperor Amar.
Tang Sike is worried that it is unreasonable. Her emperor Amar has gone to buy an aphrodisiac at the moment. She thinks that peony flowers are dead and romantic, and she has already prepared for the dead female ghost belly.
I’m not the only one who misses her emperor Amar over there. But I told her to wait patiently and not to worry too much.
I told Tang Sike that she is now an adult and should learn to control her emotions by herself. Her reaction will affect her mother’s adult emotions.
My words came out, but Tang Si’s anger subsided a lot. She really cared about her anger, but she forgot that her mother and adult should be in a worse mood than her.
Tang Sike told me to pay attention to Ann later and go to her house earlier, saying that she would control her emotions to appease her mother’s adult, so she hung up.
Put your mobile phone back in your pocket, and I’ll wait at the stairs for Tang Sike’s Emperor Amar to return again.
"Hey, beauty, why are you here again?" I just put my mobile phone in my pocket, and the man who stared at me with his arms just passed by the stairs and looked at me jokingly.
"This isn’t your home. I can stay wherever I like." I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the man who appeared in front of me again.

Lano’s request is to export all the data in Shenglong Laboratory and give it to him and then clear it.

There is indeed some arbitrariness in it. However, the fact that he is the king of the sea demon is also the fact that Leno said that Quentin was a tool man before.
"Aren’t you afraid that I will keep a backup?"
"You can have a try," Lanno said.
Quentin stopped talking.
Although he dared to provoke the sea demon king here, he also knew that a fantasy empire was stronger and more powerful, and Lannuo was also very obvious. On the surface, he seemed to have a good temper.
The federal genius continued to see a headline in front of the migrant workers when his pupils suddenly shrank.
"Well, I think I know why you want to do this … is it really good?"
"Not with you"
Lanuo cold way
"Don’t note what you shouldn’t note-I think the Federation warned you about what you shouldn’t see, but it will bring you more pain."
"Yes," Quentin said, but he still wanted to tilt his face slightly to see Lanuo’s sight. Some frivolous things were avoided by Lanuo.
"What’s the memory clear? -Will you check my memory? If you see something you shouldn’t see, isn’t it bad? " Quentin asked interminably
Lano answered him nothing.
Mozi wind also watched Lano pick up the scattered Lano information.
It is true that even a federal genius will be shocked by this incident.
It is understandable that the dark sects seem to be very confident about their construction of the network. At that time, they may have infiltrated the top level of the Federation. They don’t have to worry about it. According to the Federation generals, at that time, the genius of the Federation Star Network seemed to be assassinated in large numbers-both of them thought it was the other party.
The federal fight has given the dark sects too many opportunities.
At that time, they brazenly handed in data on the Internet, including some topics that would cause an uproar on the Starnet. Lano could see the ambition of the dark Sect at that time.
"Feasibility report on artificial crown"
"Feasibility analysis of invading S-class fantasy body"
This idea, which seemed scary, was finally abandoned, followed by a large row of disapproval.
But it also passed the project, which shocked Quentin and was with Lanuolian.
"Experimental Report on Feasibility Analysis of Capturing the Awakening Crown"
It is verified that this method is unstable and reproducible.
There are only a few lines in the title, but the meaning is very easy to understand.
The same network ID is also similar at the same time
"Follow-up data analysis of winning the Awakening Crown"
Lannuo Jie this page finger paused a.
He has seen part of this analysis form, which Sylvie brought out.
"The two are still interrelated, and the distance is an important determinant. It is suggested to separate them and continue to observe the experimental results."
Is this really the case? I didn’t mean to let him leave Wang Ting.
Lanno put away all these experimental records and data, not because of the crown or the blood relationship, but now he has seen the crown and has some ideas in his heart
Quentin didn’t continue to look as if Lano had warned, and the federal genius had already completed all his work at this time. His data will go to the starnet together, which is definitely the dark Sect’s unprepared.
"It’s very kind of you to be cold-blooded." Quentin raised his face and looked at Lano.
In fact, he has a baby face, and he doesn’t look very old, even a little cute.
"Will you kiss me so that I won’t tell anyone?"
Lanno frowned. He seemed to suddenly realize what kind of personality this federal genius was-from Quentin’s first nonstop questions, he should have understood that Quentin was a genius and possessed the same chaotic characteristics as the devil. In essence, he did not distinguish between good and evil, and at the same time he was very stubborn because he had been kept by the Federation.
However, before Lano started, the blade of Mozi Wind had already crossed Quentin’s throat, and the tiny blood stains emerged. The black dragon warning was very obvious.
"You are too much, Dragon Brother," Quentin said. "Do you know what kind of person he is? Do you defend him like this?"
Quentin’s voice just fell and there were three blood stains on his cheek.
Federal genius roots can’t be white. This is a place where Mozi Wind can’t touch-especially Lannuo is right in front of him.
"I know. I’m really scared of you."
Quentin raised his hand to show that he was soft.
Lano didn’t speak again.
Mo Zefeng’s punishment for Quentin was enough, and he didn’t want to borrow a federal genius to come back, which destroyed the federales. Although Quentin’s life and death should not affect the diplomatic relations between the two countries, there were still some problems.
Okay, Reinhead, here.
If there is no Mr. Turtle who can do something about human memory, then Lano really trusts the federal help.
With a little subtle irritation, he got up and said, "It’s time for us to leave."
Actually, it went smoothly. From finding the trail to finding the members of the dark Sect, it went very smoothly, and almost all the results Lano wanted were obtained by rolling.
However, those reports from the past and the names referred to by that number made him feel deeply unhappy after all.
Even if he is far away from the glacier or the laboratory, the Holy Dragon Empire will never be his cage again.
But someone will still call him number 37.
This subtle emotion has not been released by Lano, who has always been very good at controlling his emotions. Lano got up and the member of the dark Sect, Mosefeng, followed him.
"I think our goal will be achieved soon if there is no problem with the information."
Lano said simply
Mozifeng quickly returned to the scope of the Holy Dragon Empire. It seemed that after thinking for a while, he and Jiyu looked at each other with no accident.
I heard that Lannuo said that the dragons were all dazed.

At this time, Zhang Zhenhai came in again and said, "When the President informed Director Li Fangzheng, he had already got the news. Now he is coming to Beijing Road, and now he has reached the border of Langfang. I am afraid it will take three hours."

Zhang yi said with a snort of cold, "isn’t he the CIA? He’s the only one who can’t let Cheng Xiao rewelding immediately bring all the information about this incident. I want to listen to their report! The dog said that after such a big thing, he didn’t get a bunch of fools in advance. It seems that it is too comfortable for them to live these days! "
Xu Huaijin whispered, "Instructors should not be too eager. They have an unshirkable responsibility for this matter, but I think they have met their opponents. Otherwise, the anti-reconnaissance system of Tribulus can’t lose so badly!"
Zhang Yi glanced at Xu Huaijin and said, "Nonsense, it must have been Lao Feng’s hand. The world can inadvertently make the thistle plant a big fall, except for Lao Feng, who can’t find a third person at all. Both of them have this ability!"
Mo Ru, the founder of Tribulus terrestris, founded the CIA with his own hands. Tan Feng, a senior brother of Mo Ru, also helped Mo Ru to create Tribulus terrestris greatly. It can be said that the Tribulus terrestris system is as white as paper for both of them, and it is easy to destroy it.
Although the tribulus has changed a lot since Tan Feng left and turned into the CIA for a year and a half, it is almost impossible to finish the transformation, which is why it has left a huge hidden danger!
A twitch in Xu Huaijin’s mouth is not only a dull ache for Zhang Yi, but also for these old brothers. Outsiders all recognize Xu Huaijin as Zhang Yi’s master Zhuge Liang, Zhang Yihu is Zhang Yimeng and Zhang Fei, but the old brothers all know that neither Zhuge Liang nor Zhang Fei is as important as Tan Feng, who is a cloud leader. Tan Feng is the best Zhang Yi and Zhang Yixin in Cang Lang!
Xu Huaijin whispered, "Instructor, during this period, we have been strengthening the infiltration of the Qing court, which is even more important for the situation in Guangdong. Some time ago, Founder just told me that the old peak Guangdong has built a new Cang Lang-the Xiaohu Camp has been nearly two years since it was built, and it is almost taking shape. I think it is impossible to catch all of us unless Laofeng personally launched it!"
"Whistling tiger camp …"
Zhang Yi muttered, "It seems that in the future, Cang Lang will have an opponent!"
Although it was Zhang Yihu who took over the command position of Zhang Yihu’s Cang Lang Brigade at the beginning, it is Tan Feng who has the deepest understanding of Cang Lang training!
Zhang Yihu may be better than Tan Feng in battlefield command, but compared with artillery and special forces training, the whole of China does not do the second person except Zhang Yi, and even Xu Huaijin may not be better than him.
Now Yuan Shikai supports Tan Feng to personally teach this roaring tiger camp, even if it is not generally tough!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Unlucky founder li
Until the beginning of the Hua Deng, everyone was still discussing the deputy director Cheng Xiao rewelding, and the atmosphere in the room was a little boring!
Just when everyone was unhappy, Zhang Zhenhai ran in and said, "President Li Fangzheng, director of the president, has arrived here. Should he come in?"
Zhang Yi angrily said, "Nonsense, let this waste get in here!"
The words sound just fell and founder Li rushed in sweating profusely. This time, he was exhausted and frightened.
Founder Li just finished processing in Tianjin and thought about relaxing in Tianjin for two days before going back to Beijing. Where do you know that Tianjin Branch almost scared his soul? The Guangdong Branch of the Central Intelligence Agency was wiped out by Tan Fengren overnight. * * * * * This is trouble!
A branch is gone like this, and it is second only to Wuchang branch in the Qing court! This president will never let it go. This director is the first to bear the brunt.
Li Fangzheng didn’t dare to stay for a moment. The train from Tianjin to Beijing went straight. Who knows that the train just left Tianjin less than 100 miles away was still out of order. Li Fangzheng was so righteous that he couldn’t break into Wuqing County and directly grabbed a fine horse. He rushed to Beijing and even threw the guards around him aside!
In less than four hours, I rushed to Beijing from the horse. Li Fangzheng felt tired and his legs trembled, but even if he was tired, he had to stand still. He went to the CIA first, and Cheng Xiaoxu had already been recruited into the presidential palace. Li Fangzheng jumped on one.
Then founder Li came to the presidential palace.
When I met Zhang Yi, Li Fangzheng bowed his head with shame and said, "President, I made a mistake. Please ask the president to deal with it with the president!"
Zhang Yi looked at Li Fangzheng with a sneer and a livid face. "It’s good to be a founder. It’s really more and more promising. It’s good that a provincial branch was taken over by others. You didn’t receive any wind at all. It’s good that your intelligence workers are too home …"
Li Fangzheng can no longer bear the enormous pressure, and the whole Guangdong Province is hundreds of’ elite’ English, so once it is lost, it is not a simple pardon, which makes sense.
Founder Li plopped down on his knees and cried, "It’s my fault that the President made mistakes. Hundreds of brothers have been separated from us forever because of my negligence. I’m sorry for these brothers. I ask the President to put me to death and apologize to my brothers …"
Zhang Yi was so angry that he kicked founder Li in an somersault and roared, "I will shoot you now! Are you worthy of your dead brothers? "
Said Zhang yi has pistol "smoke" out from the waist.
Xu Huaijin got a fright, but he couldn’t give himself a director to collapse. It seems that the instructor is really angry.
Xu Huaijin quickly dragged Zhang Yi’s arm and shouted, "Instructor, please calm down!"
Zhang yi nu way "you let me calm down? I * * * * * How to calm down? Look at him. He’s a bear or a figure from Cang Lang. Is there Cang Lang’s spirit? Does he * * * work hard to stand up to nothing? "
Xu Huaijin quickly said, "Well, after such a big thing happened to the instructor, Fang Zheng was also worried about’ paying’ and’ messing up’!"
Aside at this time of Duan Qirui, Li Fangzheng has been greedy. Just now, that kick was not light.
Zhang Yi looked at Li Fangzheng at this time and said, "Say, how much have you learned about this matter? What the hell happened that we were so caught off guard? If you go out, do you know how big a blow it will be to us? "
Li Fangzheng muttered, "We have got some news about the president’s affair two days ago. In Guangdong, we are’ sophisticated’ in all aspects and are very strong enough to cope with all kinds of risks; Second, I am in charge of Tan Feng’s eldest brother in Guangdong. After all, he won’t be cruel to us because he has the original incense feeling. There are some thorny things that need me to deal with in Tianjin, so I temporarily put them away. I didn’t expect that such a big change has taken place in just three or four days … "
Zhang Yi airway "’mixed’ eggs! You are a complete’ mixed’ egg! Even Lao Feng, no matter how good you are, it’s already a thing of the past. Now, even if you are close to people, you can’t believe it, okay? "
Founder Li nodded bitterly and said, "Yes, I was careless. I relied on our means. Even if they wanted to deal with us, it was not so easy. Our concealment, anti-reconnaissance and so on were all the best. I really didn’t expect Tan Feng to be so powerful that we would fall apart overnight …"
Zhang Yi roared, "Are you a pig? Didn’t you get the news long ago? Lao Feng now has a camp’ Jing’ sharp, which is comparable to Cang Lang’s strength. Don’t say that you are Cang Lang, and you may all suffer a big loss!"
Founder Li is dead now.
Aside Cheng Xiao rewelding whispered, "President, this, this, I heard that this action seems that no one died in our tribulus base, and almost everyone was captured alive by others. I feel that we still have hope for the President. Can we try to write a letter to Tan Feng’s eldest brother and ask him to be kind and let these brothers go …"
Xu Huaijin’s heart is also moving, but he doesn’t know the news yet, but please let people pass these thistles? If you wipe this thing, how can the instructor live after that? This slap in the face has been slapped too hard by others, that is, you have to be wronged to death!
Xu Huaijin sighed and said, "Founder has learned from a fall, and this fight has been planted too much!"
Li Fangzheng wiped his tears and said, "Chief, I think I have lost my job. No matter what you do with me, I have no complaints."
Xu Huaijin took a look at Zhang Yi, and Zhang Yi looked away. It seems that the anger has not disappeared.
Xu Huaijin replied, "Founder will get up from where he fell. With such a big accident, you are no longer fit to be in charge of the CIA. From now on, I will entrust you with the new head of the Guangdong Tribulus Division to rebuild the Guangdong Tribulus Division in half a year! Can you do it well? "
Li Fangzheng wiped his tears and smacked at attention and shouted, "The president and the chief commander are the ones who have this accident. Brothers, I must rebuild the Guangdong Tribulus Branch. If you can’t do this, you can find my body from the Pearl River!"

"Thank you!" Lin Chong bowed to Zhenyuan.

"You should remember that after I broke my own roots and evolved Pangu and returned to chaos in 365, the other heaven could not spy on the door of life.
Therefore, if you want to reorganize the foundation of life and heaven, you must remember and remember it in 365 years. "
Zhenyuan suddenly looked up at the 23 historical giant vines outside the universe. "Your spiritual objects occupy our body and our foundation is bad. If you don’t give you some lessons, you are still little …"
Say it.
Zhenyuan flashed his sleeve.
Dumped three out of the universe.
Lin Chong didn’t know what he was smoking, but he heard that "this is the magical power of Gankun in the sleeve, but look at it."
See how I can learn … Huh?
Lin Chong suddenly found that his high vision actually had an extra function.
He can collect and release all foreign objects.
The possibility that the root fruit is poor
A complete, three-clean and four-imperial primitive root is even more lucky with HarmonyOS’s heaven and earth.
At this moment, it is the second nirvana merging after Zhenyuan obtained Pangu Yuangen Avenue, and the first merging. He has given birth to the only secret of’ germinal manifestation’.
For the second time, Nirvana has no unique secret to present, but it has left Lin Chong with a high magical power in his sleeve.
This is amazing!
Linchong daxi
He even put the remaining four Kun-class and 500 fish-class departments into the high vision when he was summoned by the high vision.
There are more than 500 scattered pieces on the coffee table in front of Lin Chong, such as four of the glass marbles’ toys’ and more than 500 of them are smaller.
Looking further, Lin Man is also a bigger one.
There are also three secrets that are in line with God’s way.
This is not a dry Kun in the sleeve, this is the universe in the sleeve!
What is the principle of this?
The avatar of Gankun in this sleeve is second only to the first nirvana, and the only secret should be the second top avatar in the whole universe!
Bang …
At this time, Lin rushed to the outer wall of the plane and saw that the giant vine of life heaven broke into several pieces and fell in the universe.
Zhenyuan once again joined in the Nirvana.
"You always go well." Lin Chong bowed down again.
In the past, the era of gods and buddhas was great.
Unity and unity
He turned the earth into mountains and rivers
Eyes hanging from the sun and the moon
Hairy stars
A piece of original land was spread out in front of Lin Chong again.
Life heaven is equal to restart once.
It became a chaotic world at the beginning of heaven.
There is no history yet.
There is no high master.
The long rivers of history in the previous life were broken and broken because of this restart, and they fluttered all over the sky like the fruits of the early days of heaven and earth.
At one time, these heavenly blessings were called "Avenue" instead of "root fruit", and this "Avenue" was called "Holy"
After another rotation, top buddhas such as Sanqing merged with Pangu and then blessed. This should be named "root fruit" or "nirvana root fruit"
As soon as the root fruit appeared, grandma tree appeared.
Her hair was disheveled and her body was covered with blood, and she swallowed the fragments of the root fruit and shouted "Me! It’s all me! "
Yeah, these are all pieces of her.
The collapse of Zhenyuan is tantamount to breaking the foundation of life and heaven, and it is also equivalent to breaking grandma tree into pieces.
Now Grandma Tree has to be able to pick up these fragments back, and her lofty body can also be restored to its former length, and the restart of heaven can’t resist her!
"Yes, it’s all you." Lin Chong’s high vision imaging tree grandma.
Then I raised my hand and threw a Kun-class starship at grandma who had grabbed a few huge fruit trees.
When the cosmic avatar in his sleeve reappeared the Steel Torrent, it was like a miracle. A huge diamond-shaped starship rose, rose, rose and rose to Qitian Gaojier, and a piece of’ glass’ was ejected out along the route delineated by Lin Chong’s high vision and bombarded Grandma Shu.

The Terran God smiled crazily for fear that it would not hit Yang Jian, and even imprisoned all the repairs in Yang Jian.

Including the roaring dog, was later imprisoned and put aside.
"The roaring dog …"
Looking at being thrown into the corner, Yang Jian, a roaring dog, echoed weakly.
Yang Jian and Su Yu gave Dan medicine.
You can open it and get it if you need his mind to hook it up
But now Yang Jian can’t confront these guys.
Only by showing the weakness of the enemy and letting them relax will they have a chance.
No matter the current situation of the Chinese Empire, if he is trying to protect the Empress An, he must not let the Empress fall into the hands of this group of gods and terrans!
"If the Chinese empire can’t, would you want to kill us? It’s a pity that you have no chance. You are a weak person! "
The gods, terrans and saints looked at Yang Jian with disdain and contempt.
"Even the Venerable Master Law has been destroyed by our Chinese people."
"You gods will still die when we are Chinese."
Staring into the eyes of the saints, Yang Jian said with certainty
He has the confidence to believe that the Yanhuang empire will not be so easily destroyed, and the emperor’s card can be gone!
Is it just that the Terran can solve the problem that the Chinese Empire has not been destroyed for so many years?
If the proud race like Terran can destroy the Chinese Empire, it will definitely not show this appearance. Yang Jian, seeing that they can’t wait to kill him, is more sure of his guess?
They failed to defeat the Chinese Empire, but lost their wives and soldiers.
Therefore, they will wantonly insult the Terran and hate not to kill them quickly!
"I want to purify you!"
Tory didn’t expect Yang Jian to guess so quickly, and he was so angry that he wanted to kill Yang Jian on the spot.
Fox fur came less quickly than Tory and them. When he came, he happened to see Tory trying to kill Yang Jian.
He intercepted, "My Lord, no way! These people are the Terran Su Yu people. If we kill Su Yu people, we will have no peace. "
Su Yu’s vengeful attitude must be reported. The fox family still knows.
Fox and fur think it’s very simple whether it’s Su Yu or the Terran. He doesn’t want to offend anyone.
But there are never two ways in the world.
"Get out of the way!"
God Terran saints binge drink a tone you’re welcome.
Kill Yang Jian! ?
If it is easy to kill them, An Suyu will be furious. If this matter is known by Fox Nine, he will not let go of God Terran! ?
What’s more, killing Yang Jian, they have no excuse to threaten Ann!
These people can’t be killed!
Otherwise, there will be no turning back!
Fox fur begged and said it was awesome.
Look at the ruins of the group of necromancer honour person terrorist strength god Terran saints hesitated slightly.
Although the venerable people in the clan say that the dead can’t leave the ruins, it’s better to be vigilant in everything.
Let’s let this group of people live for a few days until all the dust settles before killing them!
Thought of here, the Terran Sage waved and cast a reiki avatar to Yang Jian.
Death is a crime, but life is a crime.
Yang Jian one mouthful blood spit out the whole body breath again weak.
The roaring dog exclaimed with his eyes wide open.
Yang Jian has just been beaten to death, and Tory turned to vent his anger.
In less than a quarter of an hour, even though the dog’s skin is rough, the saint’s attack is almost more venting and less intake
"You …"
Yang Jian voice angrily low as if at any time to seriously injured unconscious.
Damn it, fight me openly if you have something to do!
"Put them in prison and wait for the Kyubi no Youko Linghu to get married before executing them."
At that time, Yang Jian and Wang Chuan Ku and others have no profitable value.
Tory told me to leave.
The next person to arrest is Wang Chuan Ku.
"Chief Fox, do you know what you are doing?"
Holding Su Yu’s sword in his hand, Wang Chuan withered and looked at a group of gods and terrans with alert eyes.
He glimpsed the fox fur coming with the protoss.
"From your Terran, we God Terran is the destination of the fox family, and your empress is going to marry our God, so it is natural for you to get rid of this group of blocking stones."
Tory looked at Wang Chuan with dry eyes and gloomy eyes.
At present, the Terran dares to argue with each other and is courageous, especially when he opens his mouth, which can make the venerable one Buddha born and two buddhas ascend to heaven.
Remembering that one’s venerable master had been mocked and his face was as heavy as water, Tory hated Wang Chuan even more.
"Let you shit! Is our empress willing to marry your god or are you forcing her not to count B? "
Holding a hundred swords, Wang Chuan withered in an instant.
He has a few cards, but he is full of tricks
If you fight against the quasi-Saint, you will surely win the battle against Wang Chuan Ku.
But how can the despicable Terran easily let Wang Chuan dry up? How can they let the quasi-saint fight Wang Chuan dry up fairly?
There is no chance that three Terran saints will join hands with Wang Chuan to dry up their roots.
Wang Chuan withered and vomited a big mouthful of blood.
Tory’s strength didn’t leave a hand. Wang Chuan withered. The whole person is now supported by an idea.
"At the beginning, you had the protection of the fox nine to fight with the venerable. Now you are just a little quasi-saint. I can crush you with my hand."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you die. I want you to see your empress marry our god and marry into the fox family!"

"I shouldn’t ask you. It’s best not to ask. I want to get the account in three days. I believe you are a trustworthy person." Longyou finished the sentence and hung up directly.

She doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Wang Jingcheng is nominally her benefactor. Although he came for his beauty, his money really helped her to see a doctor.
On the other hand, he is also a benefactor. He cured the child’s illness directly and saved his life. Isn’t it clear already?
Thought of here, she walked into the health care, slightly filled her soft face with a little cream, changed into a hot and sexy red dress, put on high heels, and wore a blue knee trench coat to look sexy and charming.
She dialed Wang Jingcheng’s words. No one would have thought that Wang Jingcheng would put the account in the USB flash drive and carry it with her. What kind of account Bai Longyou said was black account.
Jiang Liwen was so nervous when he called him for the first time. "Sincerely, come to my place today. I learned to cook steak first."
Wang Jingcheng loves beef very much, but he hates beef, especially his medium-rare bloody steak.
On hearing her, Yin Wang sincerely agreed at once.
She lit a little lavender essential oil, and the smell of lavender spread all over the room. She put on an apron and put the steak she had already bought out on the table.
Light candles, lay a clean tablecloth, soften the lights and wait for him to arrive.
Hearing "Jingle Jingle", Jiang Liwen opened the door and Wang Jingcheng saw it, so she couldn’t help but put her hand in her arms and put it in from the bottom of the windbreaker. She discharged his dishonest hands.
"Don’t be so impatient. Come in after dinner," she said gently.
Wang Jingcheng her ear light respiratory tract "I want to eat you"
After that, she will directly expose her coat, revealing a deep V sexy red dress and revealing a white neck.
"Baby, you are so sexy today." Wang Jingcheng showed a faint green light and couldn’t help but give her a pinch.
Jiang Liwen usually sees that he is very conservative in his clothes. This is the first time he has entered the ever-changing girl. She is very nervous and afraid of being caught by Wang Jingcheng.
Wang Jingcheng looked at the steak on the table. It was his favorite medium-rare steak that he cut a piece directly and tasted "Baby, your cooking is getting better and better."
"I’m glad you like it. Do you want to take a bath?" Jiang Liwen said seductively.
The first time Wang Jingcheng saw her so open, she suddenly felt happy. Did the ice beauty become a demon in front?
He didn’t think much and nodded and said, "Well, I’ll go and wash."
Then he took off his coat directly and went into the bathroom. When there was no movement, Jiang Liwen opened the door. Sure enough, he had fainted. $wwwianhuaangla]
It turned out that Jiang Liwen combined lavender and sandalwood with two kinds of aromas, and then added essential oil to become an ecstatic drug, which did harm to her health and didn’t want to hurt him.
She forced him to put him on the bed and began to keep on groping. He suddenly touched a protrusion. She never dreamed that he would put the card in such a abnormal place.
After getting the card, she will be covered with a red dress and changed into a very conservative suit. She will have packed her suitcase and held it. She decided to do these things at the moment, and she will take her children to live her own life.
Jiang Liwen is very sorry to see his one eye and turned to lock the door and left.
She put the account in the envelope, wrote the longyou words and address, took a deep breath and left with the box.
A few hours later, Wang Jingcheng touched his head and opened his eyes to see that there was nothing in the room.
"Li Wen Li Wen?" He shouted but didn’t answer.
At this moment, he suddenly realized something and quickly touched his secret account somewhere, which had disappeared.
It was cold for him to dial Jiang Liwen at once. Sorry, the number you dialed is no longer available.
Wang Jingcheng believes that the person at his bedside has betrayed him all the time.
At the moment, Longyou and her mother did the last thing, gave her a sum of money and gave her Steve’s address so that she could have something to find him.
He arranged for his mother and son to be green gang’s private jet, which was the last compensation for her.
After seeing off the mother and son, Longyou returned home and put the USB flash drive in his head. As expected, there was a password instruction, but this was a piece of cake for high flyers in his previous life.
Soon he cracked the password and opened it, which shocked him. Jingcheng Iron and Steel Company has to pay a fixed account every year.
And it has never been broken. From the initial tens of thousands to the present, I feel that I have touched the mysterious person’s body.
The more he climbed over, the more shocking he felt. Last year, the state stripped away the money. Sincerely, the iron and steel company actually paid less than one-half of the money to build a factory building, and even cooperated with a material company to replenish it.
One by one, it’s going to be a big deal. Wang Jingcheng is bold and ambitious. How much benefit did the man behind the scenes give him? He was so desperate
Through this account, it seems that I have seen a huge network of interests that are intertwined and intertwined, and I have discovered that there are still layers of poverty. He has a feeling that maybe the day when this behind-the-scenes person shows up will surprise everyone.
Thought of this, Longyou dialed Grandpa Tang’s words and soon the words were connected.
"What happened to Xiaolong?"
"Grandpa Tang, I got the books of Jingcheng Iron and Steel Company and found a major secret. Is it convenient for you to talk on video?" Longyou directly told him about it.
Hearing this, he quickly boarded a special platform and gave Longyou an account "What happened to Xiaolong?"
"Grandpa Tang, wait a moment, you see." Longyou looked cool and said to him.
Seeing this, he opened the information sent to her by Longyou, and his face was full of atmosphere. "How can this moth do such a thing?"
"Grandpa Tang, don’t be angry yet. Have you seen the Swiss account? I hope you can check it. Xiaolong thinks the owner of this account is not simple." Longyou calmed his emotions and made his own suggestions
Seeing him calm down, "Good horse, let people check that you have worked hard recently. How is school?"
"Grandpa Tang, I’m all right. You go to bed early. I’ll hang up first." Long Yang said when he saw his tired face.
Video communication was quickly interrupted and Longyou was not idle. It seems that the account books suddenly found that some figures actually coincided with the account books left by Zhang Peize.
Just then the words rang and it turned out to be Chu Er dialect.
"Brother Long is bad, and Chloe is imprisoned."
Hearing Chu Er speak, Longyou’s eyes turned cold. "What happened?"
"The thing is that Chu Er and I met her brother John in the United States. Who would have thought that guy was not under house arrest and wanted software? We escaped with King Kong’s protection, but Chloe was unwilling to run back. Steve found out that Chloe had been imprisoned and that John wanted Chloe to marry him. What should I do?" Some of Chu Er’s words came into tears and said.
Smell speech longyou tone as gentle as possible "Chu Er lovely you temporarily stay with Steve, I’ll call my second brother and ask him to send someone to protect you. I’ll book the earliest plane to fly over and wait for me."
"I know brother Long, I will be good." Chu Er was comforted by Longyou and calmed down his emotions.
After talking, Longyou called Joe Er and told him what had happened to Chloe. When Joe Er Yi heard it, he immediately dispatched people to rescue people. Longyou calmed him down and said that everything would wait until he went to the United States to find out.
After Longyou gave Li a severe blow, he handed over the steel plant to him temporarily, and then called Yue Jianxin and told him about it temporarily, asking him to help keep an eye on some steel plants. He thought that if he left, the group would stir up, and he was going to catch fish in a jar.
After everything was arranged, he called Huang Huang, and then he called Xiao Si to ask him to take some people to go to America with him. He is not allowed to touch any of his parents, women or brothers.
In a few minutes, Joe Er told him that he would go with him. Although he thought that if Joe Er left the department, there would be chaos, Joe Er’s sentence that we are brothers made him give up persuasion.
Anyway, whoever dares to fish in troubled waters will just clean it up together.
Chapter 174 The Bank of America
Tonight is doomed to be a sleepless night. Dragon Tour lights a cigarette and sits on the sofa waiting for Xiao Si’s brother.
Although two’ women’ are very important to him, America is not its own territory after all, even if Joe Erzhouxuan wants to enter the Klan camp, it will not be easy.
Just halfway through the smoke, the’ door’ bell rang. When I opened it, I saw that Xiaosi had brought most people.
Longyou told me when he was looking for Xiao Si that this trip was very dangerous. I didn’t expect so many people to risk their lives for him.
His expression is still very light, but his heart’ excited’ is a metaphor.
Everyone is sitting, but I can’t see the yellow figure. I can’t get through. What happened?
At the moment, he has no time to look for the yellow country.
"Boss green gang’s plane is ready," Xiao Si said with a look of "excitement".

Yimo didn’t say anything, but when their car was on the road, a black car came head-on

"I didn’t expect that I was so careful that I was still being followed." Yan Ningxuan looked at the car and pressed the horn twice, then suddenly started to speed up.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Yimo was scared, but it was just a car that was being followed from where.
The car may not have thought that Yan Ningxuan would be so impulsive, and they didn’t want to dodge it. Yan Ningxuan’s car made an ugly noise against their body and then galloped away.
When their car turned around and chased it to the fork in the road ahead, they didn’t know which way to go because there was no target.
It failed, and they lost the car.
Lin Hao received the message soon. No, the clue here is broken. There are still many clues for them to refer to.
This Qin Ming identity has been implemented. I didn’t expect that they had been lurking under their eyelids for so long, but no one was satisfied.
Even Bai yinting didn’t expect that this person should be in his own company and have been employed for two months. Although it is not an important position, his daily performance is very general, but it is indeed a terrible thing.
He didn’t come to the company class today, and all the information left by the company turned out to be false, and he can’t find anyone else for the time being.
But after all, with the direction to find him or Yan Ning Xuan and Yimo alone, everything should be understood.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Escape from his control
Bai Yinting’s office is a day. If Xia Zhu had known this before she left, maybe she wouldn’t have left.
Of course, if time could be turned back, he would rather go back to knowing Yimo and never start, even if those days were still lonely.
Lin Hao knocked at the door and came in. "Boss, I’m afraid something happened."
"What?" Bai yinting turned to look at full head big sweat Lin Hao.
"I’m afraid it will have a certain impact on the exposure of Yimo and me." Lin Hao looked apologetically at Bai Yinting.
Bai yinting Lin Hao mobile phone took it and his face changed soon.
These people really talked about a bunch of mosaic photos. What do you want to say?
Damn it, it even pulled the company’s reputation. What’s the difference?
At this time, Chufei also strode in and brought some data at the same time. "The stock of the boss company has fallen sharply."
"The news is really fast" Bai Yinting frowned. "It seems that we have run out of time and must solve all problems as soon as possible."
"Boss, this is all my fault, and I am willing to bear all the consequences." Lin Hao was very guilty
"Now is not the time to investigate the responsibility. Qin Ming will give it to you for three days. Be sure to let me see others in front of me." Bai Yinting said to Lin Hao.
"Yes" Lin Hao is also holding his breath.
"ChuFei outside smell, please do some more efforts to try to save reputation" Bai Yinting said and looked out of the window.
And he is doing something big when the company seems to have problems, so that everyone can know that their Shengrui Group can’t be moved by everyone.
There is a price to pay for starting a new life.
Bai Hong soon saw the report, which was shocking to him. Who was the baby in Yimo’s belly was really unclear at the moment.
Former Qu Tianhao was highly regarded and reviled because of the messy men and women. I didn’t expect Bai Yinting to turn so quickly.
Bai yinting listened to the words, and the master lost his temper with him and simply put his mobile phone aside. He scolded him, he was busy with him.
It was not until the master was tired that he asked him what to do when he took it. Bai Yinting replied faintly, "Give me a week and I will solve things perfectly."
"It better be" Bai Hong doesn’t seem to have any confidence in this.
"When I finish things here, I will take Xia Zhu back." Bai Yinting felt it necessary to say hello to Bai Hong.
Bai Hong remained silent. He felt a little guilty. His attitude towards Xia Zhu seemed too hasty. He should not persuade her to divorce.
But who would know that such a big change has taken place here just a few days after the divorce? He still didn’t see the wrong Yimo that year. It’s so unreliable.
"Yin Ting, I advise you not to be too hasty. You can’t run, but you can’t catch up." Bai Hong hopes that he can take every step in a down-to-earth manner.
"Whether she is me or not, I will get her back. I won’t lose her again this time," said Bai Yinting firmly.
He really meant it. After so many things, Bai Yinting was the one who loved Xia Zhu the most.
Future generations will never have a chance to influence their feelings again. Even if the process is difficult, he will try his best to get Xia Zhu back. He still owes her a grand wedding.
After hanging up, Bai Yinting sighed and continued to work this week will be the most difficult dilemma in his life.
In the Yimo hotel room, she doesn’t know exactly where it is. It can be seen that it is a very ordinary small county, even the best hotel is very ordinary.
She doesn’t want to hide all the time, but the strategist seems to have detained her and forbade her to go anywhere.
Even three meals a day are reserved for her before the strategist, and then delivered by the takeaway.
It’s been five days in a row. Besides delivering food on time every day, the delivery clerk is the housekeeping clerk. Besides, Yimo hasn’t seen anyone, which makes her almost collapse.

JiLin heard this red-eyed step will be rushed to the house.

Qin Yu grabbed JiLin arm tree-lined blunt he shook his head.
Yuan Ke ran into the room and came to Aaron’s side. He immediately waved his hand and shouted, "Give him a quick break."
Four police officers pressed Aaron’s head and forcibly broke off his bloody mouth.
Yuan Ke stared at his eyes and was nervous. He was not afraid that Aaron would bite his finger and put his hand directly into his mouth. He took out a false tooth for a long time.
Aaron vomited a lot of blood as soon as he retched.
Yuan Ke looked down at his dentures, his eyes glazed over and he retreated two steps.
In the false teeth, there is thin black plastic stuck at the corner of the heart, which looks disgusting in Yuan Ke’s hand.
"What?" Director Li rushed in to drink and asked
"Denture He … He knocked it off" Yuan Ke stammered back.
Director Li was stuck when he heard this.
Iron chair Aaron suddenly dumped his head and got rid of the four police officers’ palms and faces, still with a nervous smile. "I’ve been thinking about how to die since I was in this business. There is a small pill in my dentures that is poison and I bit it …"
"Damn it!" Yuan Ke suddenly kicked Aaron’s chest and shouted, "Take him to the hospital with a quick chair."
Aaron walked over and looked at Yuan Ke. "You’re still good. We mud legs can’t fight with you … but Yuan Ke, I want to talk to you. Some people do nothing … I don’t fucking believe in medicine. God just watched it master your hands. Fuck your mother and curse you guys for dying!"
They listened to this silence.
Aaron twisted his neck and looked at the door in a hoarse voice and shouted, "… don’t be afraid of my buddies in his interrogation room … bite to death and tell you nothing …"
When Ji Lin heard this, he clenched his fist and went out because he knew it was Aaron who said to himself.
Qin Yu took JiLin arm bowed their heads and whispered "words understand? He just doesn’t want you to be a jerk now … Don’t move. "
Iron chair Aaron leaned forward and suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, and the whole body twitched violently.
As soon as Yuan Ke saw him, he gave up the idea of continuing to send him to the hospital. He suddenly bent down to lie in Aaron’s ear with his dentures and said, "You’re very secretive? You, you’re dead and you’re gone? "
Aaron turned his head callously.
"Ha ha, you had contact with our superintendent, and he was at the door, right?" Yuan Kexiao asked
Aaron heard that he vomited blood again, and his eyes were unwilling to look at Yuan Ke and roared, "Fuck … Fuck you!"
Chapter 32 Kneeling for a living
Less than two minutes after the poison entered his stomach, Aaron became incontinent and died on the iron chair.
Li, director of the interrogation room, looked extremely gloomy at the center of the interrogation room. "People are fucking in the interrogation room. You can still let him ascend to heaven. It’s really qualified for you to be a captain. The police station people come and get people. You can explain it to them."
"I … I …" Yuan Ke was scolded for being speechless.
"A group of gluttons" Director Li left the interrogation room with a step.
At the door, Qi Lin stayed in wait for a while and looked at the dead iron chair eldest brother. His legs were weak and his brain was chaotic
Yuan Ke looked back at the door with false teeth and finally stopped at Qi Lin’s body.
in half an hour
Aaron’s body was carried away with a white cloth, while Yuan Ke walked into another interrogation room to repel the irrelevant people and chatted with a brother named Shrimp Climber alone.
"Are you the one who said Aaron was going to meet our superintendent before leaving?" Yuan Ke took out a cigarette from the drawer and threw it conveniently.
"Is" troubled stablehand who nodded should way.
"Shrimp climbs that dare to sound the thunder and die with us. How can there be such a coward brother around him?" Yuan Ke words straightforward asked
"Shrimp Crawler told me that he would make me a lot of money before I worked for him … but he died before the money was earned … then … then I don’t want to die." The messenger replied in reality.
"Just with him?"
"Tell me how Aaron met the man before he left," Yuan Ke asked lightly.
"He said he wanted to meet a friend before he left." The messenger bowed his head and replied, "But the old horse and shrimp climber think it’s too windy outside. If he goes out to touch the police himself, it may be broken … You also know that the drug channel holds Aaron’s own hand. To put it bluntly, we all point to him for dinner and we have to protect him. Every time he goes out, we follow him, but he usually asks us to park our car far away and walk by ourselves for a while .. And I once went back to the food store to buy water and just walked in the same direction with him. I saw it.
Yuan Kewen took out a photo and threw it to Ma Zi and asked, "Is this the man who met Aaron?"
"Yes, I have seen him twice."
"Did you accidentally touch that time without telling me?" Yuan Ke frowns
"There were many people in that restaurant on the day of this person’s wedding. We didn’t know who Aaron was looking for, but Aaron went to the courtyard late. I saw this talent. White Aaron was looking for marriage. This place was twice." The messenger explained in detail.
Yuan Ke licked his lips. "Do you know what they are?"
"No Aaron didn’t say we didn’t ask." The messenger shook his head.
Twenty minutes later, Yuan Ke left the interrogation room and immediately ordered Angsu to "let the police and judicial doctors go to Taiping to extract Aaron’s DNA for comparison."
"Compared with who?"
"What do you say?" Yuan Ke asked.
Ansu paused. "Captain, do you suspect that Aaron has relatives with him?"
"Ma Zi bluntly explained that he didn’t dare to shoot that day," Yuan Ke replied in a light tone. "If there are no absolute reasons for being a man with his tail between his legs, how can he talk to someone like Aaron?"
Ang Su just said "I’m white".
Logistics warehouse
JiLin eyes stay leng sit chair mind also don’t know what to think about.
"Brother, everyone walks by their own choice, and they have to bear the consequences." Qin Yu bowed his head at the table and persuaded him, "I know you feel bad, but look at me again … at least you have a sad reason when you meet something, but I don’t even know how your relatives are. You have lost your brother and your mother, sister and daughter-in-law … but what do I have? I have nothing. "
JiLin remained silent without saying anything.
"Qi Lin, let the sadness pass as soon as possible. You still have his relatives to take care of." Qin Yu turned around and persuaded, "This place is crowded with people and eyes. Don’t let people see the tricks."


Swordsmanship display immediately Lei Yin exploding chop Zongjian with a bright light speed waving or stabbing or cutting or splitting or Liao or sweeping or spinning …
Sword Lei Yin explodes brightly.
It’s extremely martial art-he’s a thunder sword!
When Yun Fan closed this small island, he had already cultivated Dacheng’s swordsmanship.
Yun Fan’s swordsmanship suddenly changed from fierce to light, revealing the extreme sharp breath.
Every move of swordsmanship is like a vivid violet sword, and its potential is sharper than that of Qi, and it is cut into cracks and empty lines.
Extremely martial arts-violet sword tactic!
Violet sword tactic is put to good use, and the zongjian flies out of Yun Fan’s hand.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Suddenly, Yun Fan Zhenyuan Royal Sword shuttled back and forth in the light of the sword, casting out the sword of picking up the sword.
Sword light is criss-crossing, dragging more than ten feet of bright tail light, and time-sharing turns into thousands of sword lights, which are so dense and scattered.
Yun Fan, who is in the state of transformation, can display his sword as he pleases.
And Yun Fan’s present strength is the true yuan, which is more vigorous than the true Dan at its peak. I don’t know how many times the true yuan imperial sword is faster and more powerful than the true qi imperial sword.
Yun Fan, while using the real Yuan Imperial Sword, flapped his hands and displayed the great handprint of Xuan Yue.
Xuan Yue’s big handprint is a kind of strength, and its martial arts power is high and low, and its heel is strong. It is much stronger to display Xuan Yue’s big handprint now than at the peak of Zhendan.
Huge handprints blasted off hundreds of meters, and every palm landed and the whole island was shocked.
After Yun Fan put Xuan Yue’s handprint to good use, he would have finished the drill and put away his sword.
Yun Fan put away the palm potential, pressed his hands to open his mouth, spat out an air arrow and shot out of dozens of feet like a real arrow.
Master, he can kill in one breath.
I’ve been practicing Wushu for several times in a row, but I can vent my energy. Finally, I feel great at ease with the vent.
After a while, Yun Fan was completely calm.
As soon as he lifted his hand, he took out a ring, which was the "Sha Dian Wen" ring of the young master of Shajiabao.
After Yun Fan got this ring, he came to this small island to attack the spiritual sea before he came to find out.
Sha Dian Feng is a great talent in the mysterious realm. Yun Fan believes that the collection in his ring should be worth a lot.
Yun Fan came to a big stone and sat in the ring. In a blink of an eye, he erased the brand of the real yuan left by Sha Dianfeng.
Then Yun Fan left his true brand spirit to explore.
This is a middle ring with a post in it and a lot of things in it.
There is the secret of martial arts-silver light and blue sky knife method!
There are a lot of silver tickets, and there are millions of them.
There is a jar of familiar medicine bottles containing ten condensed pills, which are made in Yun Fan, to trade the sand palace, and the sea spirit flower is now returned to Yun Fan.
There are also some miscellaneous metallic materials.
Yun Fan’s eyes fell on a sundries, which is a square token with the word "Zong" on one side and the word "Shi" on the other.
Yun Fan look move "zong, shi zong tower token?"
Master Pagoda is a pagoda in Tianzong City, Yinwan Island.
Yun Fan Wanghaicheng bought the introduction book of the South Sea, among which the Yinwan Island Master Tower was introduced.
This pagoda has been built for thousands of years, and it was built 6,000 years ago by a Yinwan Island who stepped out of the powerful’ Tuotian’.
After practicing as a master in Yinwan Island, Tuotian left Yinwan Island and traveled all over the dry yuan continent, and also traveled all over the southern sea area. The strength was getting stronger and stronger, and it was a generation of amazing people six thousand years ago.
The geniuses of the same generation as Tuotian were all dimmed by Tuotian, and later he became a dry yuan continent, a strong one in the southern sea, and finally it was broken and disappeared into the world.
Hundreds of years later, Tuotian reappeared, and the dry yuan continent returned to Yinwan Island in the southern waters, where he once grew up and built a master tower.
This is a peerless pagoda for the spiritual sea masters, and the expansion of Tianmu is to benefit the later masters of Yinwan Island.