Cao Cao had just finished arranging this list of things, and Zhang Liao troops came back. Looking at the sacks full of Zhang Liao soldiers, all the sentinels’ eyes turned green.

They are in famine, and now Zhang Liao has sent the barracks here, which is different from sending charcoal in the snow. They have eaten, and Cao Cao immediately ordered the soldiers to eat and drink.
Cao Cao’s side was full of joy and excitement. He said that Yuan Shao had not slept all night. When he heard the battle reports on both sides, the whole person sat down in position 11.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Trap ambition
At night, Cao Cao’s military camp was full of a smell, which was a fragrant smell. Watching his soldiers gobble up their meals as if they were reborn as a hungry fool in this life, Cao Cao was also laughing.
Cao Cao also told his advisers and generals not to be there. Now Yuan Shao can’t come to raid again. In that case, go to dinner quickly and then have a short meeting.
In fact, this meeting is Cao Cao’s final mobilization for everyone, so that everyone should not relax and defeat Yuan Shao.
And many of his generals and counselors are all excited, and now they are finally going to see the fruits of victory. They are all cheering up and doing according to Cao Cao’s instructions
Seeing that many counselors had left, Cao Cao also wanted to leave. Suddenly, he saw that Guo Jia had stayed in place. Cao Cao knew that Guo Jia had something to say, so he stayed.
"Filial piety! Is there anything wrong with Zhao’s plan? " Cao Cao looked at Guo Jia with a smile on his face
"Wang Wei, you have planned for a long time. I came up with my personal opinion. It’s time for you to guard against that man!"
When Cao Cao heard it, his expression was first one leng, but soon he showed a meaningful look.
But at the moment, in the western battlefield, it was just dawn, and Lombardi got the news of defeat. At the moment, the news has not come to Juyi. Now Juyi looks at the camp and walks over to talk about Gao Qian. His heart is more or less uncomfortable, even though his political mind is not clear enough, he can feel wrong after so long.
Yuan Shaopai, after this Gao Qian milk is finished, is to guard against him once or twice, but once more, Juyi will be more or less upset in his heart, but he still fought back his anger and finally waited for this Gao Qian to finish his talk. Juyicai got up and gave you the final instructions.
After saying these words, Juyi looked at Gao Qian, while Gao Qian smiled and made a gesture to show that he had no opinion. Juyi sighed here and directly took people out of the camp.
Over the past year or so, Juyi War has also been a bit of a mess. Juyi was born in the cold since childhood, and he believes that it is a natural thing to lead troops. After all, he has the most advanced infantry in the world, and he is not afraid of strong enemies.
However, this Gao Qian is a stirring stick, which has disturbed his barracks. Gao Qian is wooing military officers every day, which has caused some officers to shake their hearts. Now they are not United with Juyi, so it is difficult to have some bumps in the fight.
For more than a year, Juyi’s only record is that he is going to crush Cao Cao’s first wall. Although this record is not glorious in Juyi’s eyes, if he can attack a city in Qin, it will be regarded as an explanation to Yuan Shao. Thought of this, Juyi also has some nai in his heart, so he can give Yuan Shao an explanation for several cities in Qin for the time being, and then give him some deterrence+∧+∧+∧ O.
Therefore, Juyi directly ordered his foot soldiers to launch an onslaught in the early morning of the next day. Juyi was wearing a helmet and armor to personally lead him to take the lead. It was crazy to attack the already broken wall.
In Juyi’s view, the Qin Jun city wall is already crumbling, and any foreign object can make it collapse.
Juyi drinks a lot, and the first person to die is crazy. Listen to Hua, and the wall really collapsed.
See here JuYi heart exultation was about to take their own hands soldiers crazy to kill inside, but suddenly JuYi again feel what’s wrong with a closer look at the collapsed wall behind the rows of soldiers.
This is the city of Qin Jun, where Qin Jun is stationed. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but Juyi looked at these Qin Jun and narrowed his eyes. He felt that there seems to be something wrong with this Qin Jun.
Over the past year or so, Qin Jun’s Zhao’s Counterbalance Department has been made up of ordinary foot soldiers. Every day, Chen Hu urged his soldiers to shoot arrows at the tower to stop Juyi’s pace.
However, these days, there are some differences. Seeing that the wall of Qin Jun is about to collapse, Chen Hu is not in charge of Chengtou, and there are fewer and fewer Qin Jun in Chengtougang. Today, it can be said that there is almost no one.
Don’t Qin Jun just give up the city, but JuYi immediately guessed it was not so, and he looked at the Qin Jun and had some familiar feelings. It was rows and rows of infantry. They squatted at the bottom of the city wall and silently listened to the killing from the outside, but they didn’t say a word, but their eyes were murderous, which was similar to his first death.
The first general in Qin Jun’s array suddenly got up, pulled out his broadsword, raised his huge shield and shouted, "There is life and death in a trap!"
When this Tiejun was completely displayed in front of Juyi, Juyi was completely shocked. At one time, unless this army had been following its example, it was the first to die.
But no matter JuYiRu want to at the moment when the battlefield who will explain to him so much seibel make the trap camp like a flood directly killed the first to die.
And Juyi’s old door is suddenly hot, and I can’t care so much anymore. Since I want to kill it, let’s kill it. What’s worse, when he meets a trap camp, the troops are also dead. He just wants to see whether their two forces will be stronger. At that time, the battlefield people shouted and hissed.
The trapped soldiers and the soldiers who first entered the camp became one piece, which made Juyi’s heart more and more surprised. When he met Qin Jun troops, it was not too weak, but the troops were too few, which was also the level of ordinary soldiers. However, this time it turned out to be different. Their strength was different from that of those who first entered the camp. Juyi had to score an extremely high score to cope with it. In the battlefield, he shouted a loud slogan that their trapped soldiers should step on the soldiers who first entered the camp and become famous.
Juyi heard this, and the whole person was going crazy. He is also a general and a military commander. Where can he stand such anger and let others be a stepping stone? This is simply a joke. Juyi can’t care so much. At that time, he fought with Seibel crazily.
However, Juyi didn’t notice that it was precisely because of its height that an army was quietly pulled out of the side wall, and that army took the path and quietly went around behind the battlefield.
At the moment, the face is smeared with oil, and Cao looked behind him. That is the main battlefield. Now Seibel and Juyi are already playing as a bee, but he didn’t turn back to attack Juyi directly, but looked at Cao in front of the barracks with a strange smile.
Gao Qian in Zhao’s military camp has obviously become the second-in-command here, and everyone else has to listen to his orders. But this Gao Qian doesn’t know anything about military affairs. He was sent to supervise Juyi’s going out to fight, and he doesn’t care about so many seats. He should eat, drink and wait for Juyi to come back and then ask him about it. It’s as simple as that.
However, in the song Yao Wu, he wouldn’t think of a ring exploding directly in his ear, followed by a crackling sound mixed with several people screaming and exploding in his barracks. Gao Qian was so scared that the six gods hurriedly went outside and found that Qin Jun had already rushed in under Cao Xing’s leadership.
This is precisely the fact that every soldier in Cao Xing Shenji Camp has a magic weapon, the ware, which has been widely recognized since it came out. Every country is constantly developing Wei and Zhao, and the research is quite successful. However, because they are rising stars, they can’t put a lot of ware into the army, so they are not equipped with too many ware in Zhao’s army.
However, at the moment, the soldiers in the Shenji camp not only have a ware in their hands, but more importantly, they also have another exquisite thing pinned to their waist.
From a distance, that thing is bottles and cans, and there is nothing strange about them. However, if you take out the fire folds and light their dishcloths and throw them on the ground, it will definitely cause a fire.
Each soldier in the camp was equipped with two such cans, and the soldiers in the camp directly bombed the gate of the Zhao army camp with these two inconspicuous cans.
Looking at the soldiers of Shenji Camp rushing in from the outside like the tide, holding the ware in their hands is a burst of random shooting, while the soldiers of Zhao are on guard against seeing Gao Qian’s whole mind hot here. He already has a feeling that he won’t lead troops to fight because of his roots.
However, Qin Jun’s bullet won’t tell him so much. One shot into Gao Qian’s chest and Gao Qian fell to the ground.
A war between Qin and Zhao was still very tragic. Perhaps Cao Xing also wanted to thank a Yuan Shao for sending his nephew Gao Qian. Gao Qian didn’t know where the military was. Cao Xingli raided or occupied the Zhao barracks.
Because of the small disparity in strength between the two countries, most of the soldiers of Zhao escaped from the military camp instead of being killed, but Cao Cao felt that it was enough now that he had occupied the military camp of Zhao.
While the frontal battlefield and the first camp have been fighting for a whole night, there are heavy casualties on both sides, but on the whole, there is still no victory or defeat. Seibel and Juyi both seem to be hard-tempered, and since they all said they would compete, let’s fight as hard as we can. Both of them are determined not to retreat.
Cao Cao didn’t think much about this situation, but he directly ordered Chen Hujie’s remaining troops to invest in the battlefield at all costs, and he Cao Cao also took some soldiers from the magic camp to sneak attack Juyi from the rear, so he was attacked on three sides and played for a whole night.
When Seibel stepped on several soldiers’ bodies and pulled himself out of Juyi’s body, the battle finally came to a successful end.
Cao Xing personally went to the battlefield and patted Seibel on the shoulder. From today’s world, Seibel’s trap camp will go down in history from this moment.
Later, Cao had people clean up the battlefield, but because he and Juyi had a heavy head-on collision, it took three whole days to clean up the battlefield and rested for a few days. When Cao was ready to move forward again, suddenly the Chewuren came to report that Wei Jun troops appeared in front.
Cao Xing couldn’t help narrowing his eyes when he heard this. He immediately spread a map and took a closer look at where they are now. A little further, Wei Jun is Yuan Shao’s hometown, and its main place is Yecheng.
But Cao Cao is closer to Yecheng, but now Cao Cao is traveling around Yecheng directly with his troops lightly. Obviously, he has taken precautions against Cao Cao, and it is also a smile to see Cao Cao here.
With Guo Jia around Cao Cao, Cao Cao couldn’t get any cheaper there. Cao Cao asked Cao Cao to send a general who was a Xu person, and the Royal Guards truthfully answered Coss.
Cao Ren is a defensive general whose name has been heard by most people here. Obviously, Cao Cao’s intention is to guard against Cao Xing.
If Cao Cao is angry, he can attack Coss’ troops with his troops now. It is estimated that Coss will not have too many defensive forces if he travels lightly. However, Jia Xu advised Cao Cao not to be so impulsive. It is a policy to send troops to fight Coss now because they have lost the opportunity. It is better to look elsewhere.

Hear is the jade emperor purport Xu Feiqiong also dare not delay her to look at the wind soul, two people looked at each other and thought of a good thing was interrupted in this way, some in distress situation, especially the wind soul virtual fire has been checked out, but it is forced to press the natural part to feel uncomfortable. It seems that the turbid liquid is really suppressed for more than 300 years and it will be uncomfortable if it is not released.

Xu Feiqiong saw that his face was soft and low, and said, "If you bear with me again, I will come back soon, then …"
The wind soul was also amused to see that she was still ashamed of her desire and asked, "What then?"
The beautiful fairy’s cheeks are burning, but she feels that this shyness is really that her image doesn’t match. She immediately stares at the wind soul with a frown. "Then I’ll let you bully you and do whatever you want to me, right?"
The wind soul almost had no heart. I thought you were glaring at me, knowing that you promised to be bullied by others, but I didn’t know that you were going to murder your husband.
Xu Feiqiong say this already ashamed even red neck want to fly away like this but some loathe to give up the wind soul to see her appearance to let her continue to chafe and then change the subject "who is that woman just now? Is it also the fairy of Yaochi? "
Xu Feiqiong shook his head. "She is the evil center of the stars on Sunday, but the fox on the moon is the god of the bucket department, and the peach blossom evil spirit often destroys people’s marriage. Even the old man takes her to me … I don’t like her very much."
The wind soul came here in vain. Although the heart moon fox is the will of the jade emperor, she didn’t appear early or late. It happened that this key moment appeared more intentionally than coincidentally.
Since heaven dominates the three realms, it is natural that there are not only gods who add wealth and increase life, but also gods who create natural disasters and all kinds of disasters. In the 20 nights, black dragon’s fifth star duty is to break people’s marriage. Xu Feiqiong has just known each other and hopes to be United forever. Of course, he won’t like to meet her.
The wind soul smiled and gently pinched the girl’s palm. "Since the jade emperor summoned you, let’s go first. I’ll wait for you."
"Then you" Xu Feiqiong asked "You, will you suppress your body?"
"It’s not bad that I’ve endured it for more than three hundred years." The wind soul laughs. "Anyway, we can continue after you come back. I want to say anything about you then, but you said it yourself."
"Well," Xu Feiqiong nodded his head, saying goodbye to him and leaving together.
Chapter 26 Laughing and Crazy True Celebrities
The red line drove the carriage to the wilderness and threw the crazy guy to the ground. The guy was thrown to the ground, and he staggered up and stared at the red line. He hated being stared at her and immediately stared back.
Yin Niang pranced on a horse and saw that the teacher elder sister was laughing at this guy. The scribes turned to see that Yin Niang recognized it. Although she also thought that this person was acting a little crazy, she still saluted politely. When she was about to write a novel, the blue scribes saw that Mrs. Wei was dazed, so she got into the carriage and caressed Mrs. Wei’s face and sighed, "Chengzhuang Chengzhuang, how did you end up like this?"
Wei Chengzhuang burst into tears.
The blue scribes held her in their arms as if an affectionate teenager had hugged a girl in love with spring. Mrs. Wei was old and ugly, but this man looked at her like a delicate porcelain doll, as if the lover in his arms was still the young and beautiful girl in the boudoir.
The red line and the hidden mother just looked at them and felt that both the scribe and Mrs. Wei had changed a little. Mrs. Wei looked calm and happy, not to mention from such a poor man who was made into an adult urn. Even an ordinary face was rare, and the blue scribe looked natural and refined when he put away his crazy expression.
The blue scribes stroked Wei Chengzhuang’s wrinkled blush line and the hidden mother didn’t see what he had done, but they saw that Mrs. Wei’s old tree skin had changed, and the dark spots disappeared, and the lines receded, like a rejuvenation, reappearing a Ruili face.
"I’ve always been sorry for you." The blue scribes sighed
Weichengzhuang shook his head with tears.
Both girls have no love experience, but they can also see that Mrs. Wei’s face is so sad that she knows that Mrs. Wei is not a good woman, and that she went to the field early in her life, but she is still moved by her resentment and love for hundreds of years.
What kind of man deserves a woman to love him so much?
What kind of woman can persist in that illusory love after hundreds of years in Cang Sang?
"Before, you said that even if you die, you will die with my sword." The blue scribe looked at Wei Chengzhuang tenderly and drew his sword slowly. "I didn’t expect that a love story in those days would come true today. Are you ready?"
Wei Chengzhuang closed his eyes, not only stopped crying, but also gave him a happy and shy smile, just like the newlywed in the bridal chamber waiting for Langjun to undress her. The scribes leaned over and kissed her face, and her manners were elegant and gentle, as if such a charming appearance was his true face.
Wei Chengzhuang looked intoxicated and lost, and she was as happy as a girl in love, and the sword had passed through her chest
Neither the red line nor the hidden mother stopped the man from killing. They thought that they would rather die with their last happiness in their lover’s hands than live with all their limbs broken.
The blue scribes picked up Wei Chengzhuang’s body and came to a tree to dig a grave for her. The red line swept the purple sword and there was another pit. The scribes didn’t show any surprise at her. They buried Wei Chengzhuang in into the pit.
At his grave, he held his sword with his fingers and played the sword. It sounded high and low, and it sounded crisp. This self-contained tune floated softly in the barren hills, causing wild flowers to bloom and dark clouds to surge.
Laugh and be crazy. True celebrities can cry and sing.
It was raining …
After Xu Feiqiong left, the wind soul stayed alone with the sister tree to chat.
There was a faint glow in the sky, and he thought to himself, why don’t you just stay here and watch the sunrise on Mount Tai anyway?
When he thought about this, there was a light sound behind him. He looked back in astonishment and saw a pretty figure waving to him. He was dazed and jumped to the mountain, but the pretty figure had gone with the wind.
The wind soul hesitated and felt that it was better not to be too far away from the sister tree. In case Xu Feiqiong came back and couldn’t find him, it wouldn’t be so good. However, the handsome man stopped to look at his brow faintly and clearly, which made people feel distressed.
Naita continued to chase, but the man drifted all the way until he came to a dark forest.

With a hint of incomprehension, I fell into a sweet sleep until the tearing pain woke me up. Damn it, giving me an anesthesia needle will kill me! I groaned, but it was a name "Lilac" that I couldn’t put down all my life.

One always bursts into my ears with a somewhat playful and defiant voice. "I said that you should wake up when you are young. You are still in the mood to have a spring dream!" It’s small Guangxi. He’s flying behind my back as if there were some wild animals chasing him behind him.
Play around us, paddle around, and vaguely shout all this in Anan. Let me understand the situation for a full second. My voice is weak. "Let me carry me, and you can’t run away!" Give me a rifle and a magazine and I’ll fight with them! "
Small Guangxi turned a corner and threw a bullet behind it, slightly panting, saying, "How dare I? If I do this, the woman of your dreams will not castrate me first, then kill me, then kill me, and then kill me after castration … Hey, do you listen? Don’t sleep! If you sleep, you will never wake up! "
I was so tired that I lost consciousness again before he finished talking nonsense.
Chapter DiYiQiSi Peace Day
A battalion of the Airborne Infantry Brigade of the Assault Division was ambushed by Annan’s regular army and suffered heavy casualties!
When the news reached Liu Weiping, his look became very strange. People around him heard him repeating "Ban Ying Ban Ying" repeatedly. It seemed that they had an unspeakable emotion for this place. They didn’t know that when the historical Republic withdrew, a battalion was attacked by Annan troops at night, and the whole self-defense counterattack was almost wiped out. This place is like a spell. How can you avoid it? However, the historical tragedy will never repeat itself, because the army of the Republic of China is not the one that has just come out of the turmoil and neglected its armed forces to participate in the self-defense counterattack. These regiments are the first-class main forces in the whole army, and their fists are well-equipped and well-trained, and the powerful army and the Chinese assault force are even more powerful. They really can’t figure out who they have to be afraid of in this land of Asia! Want to eat one of my battalions? Dream your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period!
Liu Weiping coldly ordered "the squadron in charge of the strong cavalry behind the temple immediately went to Banying area to support the attacked troops, and asked them to dispatch a bomber group. If we suffered heavy casualties, we would blow up Banying and let Annan monkey know what the consequences were!"
The order was carried out to the letter. A squadron eagle dragon turned its head and went straight for Ban Ying, and the Nanning military base was even more unambiguous. After a tense, short and busy period, six planes exploded and Ban Ying’s fate was doomed.
At this time, Banying was in chaos at Huya Camp, where a secret service team in Annan was killed in a staggered way. When night fell, the Annan agent suddenly attacked and was exhausted. Huya Camp was caught off guard and suffered a lot of losses, but Huya Camp quickly reacted in the initial chaos with strong firepower and strong fighting capacity. Relying on nine armored vehicles that were still in good condition, it set up a circular position and calmly shot everyone who dared to approach this line of defense. The losses of Annan people suddenly soared, but Annan people were also crazy. In order to launch a wave of impacts at any cost and pay more than 50 lives, I finally rushed into the ring fortification circle and hit all the chariots with anti-tank rockets. However, the fierce airborne infantry wielded sappers’ shovels and split them back. The two sides repeatedly killed each other with heavy casualties. The Annan army probably didn’t expect Huya Camp to be so difficult to chew, but after several attacks, it was a little overwhelmed. At this time, the assault division’s armed helicopters killed and brought a flood of rockets and fire and rain, and the bunker was strafed by a machine gun. Layers of blood and rain were leveled, and the green branches and mud splashed in the smoke flew to the semi-armed helicopter. The Annan army suffered huge losses and took precautions. The Annan people shot down a black eagle and an eagle dragon without waiting for them to give a cheer.
Those individual shoulder-fired missile shooters were torn to pieces by machine guns.
Commander Annan sighed and said "retreat" after the helicopter ravaged the ground.
It’s not too late to retreat now. As soon as the Annan army got out of contact with the bombers at Huya Camp, it killed the aerobomb and roared, and clouds of black and red flames exploded on the ground and went straight to the night! Terrible flames roared and swept across Ban Ying, devouring Annan soldiers in batches, and then rushing to the attack plane, even more machine guns and bombs, which once again taught Annan people a lesson. Annan people were driven around by the fire, and the general machine guns were scattered. According to endless statistics, at least 300 civilians died in this bombing. Of course, Annan people and western countries have not been ashamed to exaggerate this number several times. This incident has criticized our army. In their eyes, all guns killed by our army are good civilians. It is a shame to the extreme.
This battle was the last drop of blood of our army Annan. A total of 17 soldiers died and 100 people were injured. They were furious. The teacher ordered revenge and killed Benying area. There were not even any live chickens left. After the war, the United Nations intervened in the investigation and found more than 200 bodies in a forest. The future of Benying massacre was cast a shadow. Soon after he returned to China, he was suspended from the military commission for investigation. For a long time, he was not seen in the army.
A month later, Nanning Army Hospital
The sky is so white and soft in Yun Lan, and the lilac wheelchair pushes me on the lawn for a walk. I’m lucky that the bullet didn’t hurt me. After several operations, I came back to life, while others were not so lucky. Our platoon is the first to hit Annan people, and the blow to people like Annan is almost lost. My class is just me, Shandong, Three small Guangxi soldiers survived in Class Two, leaving a platoon of Xiao Lei to return home alive. Only one country has given us these soldiers who fought bloody battles great honor. In the eyes of billions of people, we are all heroes. Only we ourselves know that we are just the lucky ones in this war. Xiao Guangxi also went to the hospital, and he was not injured. At that time, Lilac and Xiao Lei and Shandong rushed out of a gap in the encirclement to cover Xiao Guangxi, who rushed out behind my back to look for his brother troops. He carried me and fought behind my back. Taking a breath and running for kilometers, I finally hope to reach the helicopter. He has never been injured, but he is too tired to vomit blood. He recovered faster than me, and now he can do somersaults on the lawn, making the nurse who is in charge of taking care of him laugh and cry. He is tired of playing, holding his hands and lying on the lawn, winking at us and cursing, "This monkey doesn’t know who can cure him!"
I say
"I heard that Li Jie has a good impression on him. I hope Li Jie can cure him."
Lilac said, "In my opinion, anyone who has lived with him for a generation is either alive and angry or alive and laughing." I feel the same way. This is really a special material. After returning to China for so long, we wounded soldiers are afraid to go to the sparsely populated lawn, even walking in the park, fearing that there will be mines. He wants to adjust so quickly.
Lilac suddenly stopped and followed her line of sight. I saw two cute little soldiers skipping up and down. They ran to me and stood in salute. I could raise my hand and salute them. Lilac smiled. It was not until now that I realized that the little soldiers were too small to salute me. They were wearing mini army camouflage, riding a pair of boots that were too small to be Xiao Ye, and wearing a helmet. A pair of big eyes were much bigger than a spoon. When they turned around, they knew that they were two troublemakers who were very headache.
Lilac said, "The teacher’s baby and his daughter’s twins are a headache."
I was taken aback. "Is the teacher here?"
Lilac said, "Who knows? I haven’t heard from him since I came back from Annan. Some people say that he has been suspended. Some people say that he will go to the Republic of Belan in Africa to serve as a military adviser. No one knows whether it is true or not … Xu Jianfeng …"
I should "what?"
Lilac asked, "There may be no war in China. What are your plans?"
I thought about it and said, "I don’t have any plans for the time being. Maybe I will continue to serve, maybe I will retire and go home … Hey, where do I have a home? I will continue to work hard in the army until I can’t fight anymore."
Lilac said, "Me too. Thank you for saving my life on the battlefield."
I blushed a little. "You saved me first. By the way, the lilac war is over. Although I am injured, I am still alive and my limbs are healthy … What do you think?"
Lilac was slightly stunned and immediately remembered that her cheeks were blushing and said in a low voice, "How can you be so cheeky and pestering?"
I lied, "I just want to pester you to see if you will surrender!" "
She thought for a moment and said, "well, I’ll give you a definite answer today."
I held my breath and waited for fate to decide.
She said every word, "I
No need for people. "
My heart was so cold that I almost cried.
She still said "except you" every word.
A big laugh is silly and cute from the words of my face bursting with lilacs. I jumped up and hugged her in circles regardless of my own weakness. "Holding you is equivalent to holding the whole world!"
To hold her is to hold the whole world. In this month-long war, our army in Lian Haijun paid a huge price of more than 37,000 casualties and finally won a complete victory, and I was lucky enough to win my bride. I won’t be lonely in my life. I can’t believe that I can win the heart of such a good girl. Maybe it’s because of those comrades-in-arms who turned against Annan. Thank you, my good brothers. You gave me the chance to live and let me pursue happiness. I will always miss you, my good comrades-in-arms!
Tired of turning, we lie on the lawn and look at the white clouds and smile at each other. The sky in the Republic is so blue and so deep. It is our blood and life that have kept this day. This peace allows all the lilacs who have dreams to fly freely to ask, "What kind of name are your children going to take in the future?"
My child? Isn’t my child angry with you? I said, "Let’s call it peace."
She left her pie mouth discontentedly and thought about it for a while and then said, "Well, let’s call it peace. I hope we can enjoy peace and get through this life safely and never have another war."
I said, "Sure."
–"Vietnam War Rhapsody" finished

"Miss Nezha is behind the door and the clan war in the Yin clan. If you can’t stay out of it since the beginning, it will be difficult for your grandfather Shao Shi to deal with the Shang and Zhou Dynasties."

"And my brother Lu Shang Shi Zun expected him to be immortal, so he sent him to tell him that he could enjoy wealth, but I, a businessman in Dayi, made great efforts to make people feel uncomfortable and appreciated, so I often felt that I didn’t meet him. At this time, he was close to Ji Chang and would like to take the opportunity to appreciate Bo Ji Chang’s intrigues."
This Shen Gongbao really has a glib tongue. He makes Jiang Shang sound so unbearable, but it sounds like every word is reasonable. It’s really a piece of cake.
When he saw me when you are sad, he turned to say, "Miss, don’t worry too much. It is assumed that Ji Chang is old, and even if he can get out of jail alive, he may not be able to revive the storm. If Ji Fa can keep his place, Jiang Shang will not forget the two things, and we can still enjoy peace."
"Even if Ji Chang’s father rose up against Shang Jiang Shang and had Chonghou, Li Hou and Deng Hou to defend the enemy outside, and then a surname Wen Zhong and others were guarding Ji Chang, Jiang Shangneng and afraid?"
"Uncle Shi, what will you do if you really fight?"
Shen Gongbao sighed lightly: "I, the idlers in Shan Ye, are bent on seeking Tao, and Jiang Shang, because it is difficult for me to blend in with the ruling and opposition parties. However, I, Jiang Shang, are different from him. My uncle and I live in the Central Plains, and all tribes are fighting for a big business."
"That Martial Uncle" I tried to ask, "Who will you support if Uncle Jiang really turns against the enemy in the future?"
"Of course you support us!" He replied.
I was quite surprised by his answer, "Do you think uncle Shi sees it?"
"Although I, Dean of Jiang Shang, prefer Jiang Shangran, outsiders always don’t ask about politics, so do those professors, but in my humble opinion, if the war starts, they will inevitably tend to be big businessmen."
"Nezha, you see Princess Yin Jiao, King Yin Hongwang, and Miss Huang Tianhua, and many royal relatives are all brothers. On the other hand, Xiqi, except Lei Zhen, Ji Changyi also saw which one was out of Yuxuan Gate."
"And there are more generals such as Wen Zhong, Hong Jin, Luo Xuan and Yu Hua in the Biyou Branch of Sanqing College. Who wants natural enemies because of their fate?"
After dinner, I went back to my room and lay in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep.
It’s a night in the early 155 BC, Chongcheng, which is located in the border of the big business, is located in the heart of the empire in the next two thousand years, and will be destroyed by war in just a few years. However, at this time, there is no clue to remember Shen Gongbao’s words and Jiang Shang’s plans.
The next morning, we left the inn, crossed the Tiger and continued eastward. Not far from the tall Chonghou Mansion, there was another "King Kong Mansion" that was second only to its mansion.
I asked Shen Gongbao, "Is this a family residence?"
"This is the mansion of the four generals of the Magic Family. The four men, Magic Ritual Green, Molihong, Magic Ritual Sea and Magic Ritual Life, are all from Xumishan Mountain, Tianzhu. They were invited to be stationed in Chongcheng to prepare for Xiqiao in their early years."
The white-fronted tiger rose along the Weihe River and the Yellow River all the way to the east. It only stopped for a short time in Luoyi and had a light meal. At dusk, it arrived outside Chaoge City.
Shen Gongbao sent me to the women’s college and didn’t leave until outside Shijie Gate.
"Nezha, are you back?" Shijie saw me with a pleasant countenance. "Did you get the jade virtual sword?"
I nodded and said yes
"Show it to Teacher Shijie!"
I flashed my jade sword and handed it to Shijie.
"It’s really a good sword," she asked. "Nezha, did you get the method of summoning the spirit of the sword?"
I shook my head and then made up a lie, "Teacher Taiyi said that my spiritual level is not enough to control the sword spirit."
"That’s right," Shijie said. "The Tao cannot be light." Then he returned the jade sword to me.
I asked, "Does our women’s college wear its own sword?"
Shijie looked at me and said, "The summoning power of the jade virtual sword does not lie in its body, but comes from the ten swords possessed by the jade virtual palace. Now the women’s college does not have such a secret system. Is it meaningful to unify the swords?"
"What about Biyouyuan?" I asked again
She smiled and shook her head. "I’m not a brother of Biyou Academy, but as far as I know, Biyou Academy doesn’t have a uniform sword. It’s not that Biyou Branch lacks the details of Yuxu Branch, but that Biyou Palace emphasizes teaching more than Yuxu Palace, and the number of its brothers is many times that of Yuxu Academy. It’s not appropriate to control the details."
"But," I said, "although I wear a jade sword, I can’t summon the sword spirit! If you don’t, you can’t move the jade? "
Shijie laughed. "Nezha, you have the jade virtual sword to summon the sword spirit, but it’s just a few formulas. Does Dean Jade Qing promise that you won’t know the mystery through other means?"
"So, teacher," I asked, "What about Fuxi Nuwa College? Should there be enough information? "
Shijie restrained his smile. "Fuxi Nuwa College will never be worse than Sanqing College, but the college system has always paid attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and will not adopt the method of jade virtual college."
She took out the Tai ‘a sword with her, and the cold light shone in the candlelight. "In the early years, the master gave me Tai ‘a sword. This sword is not the only one in the sky. Wen Zhong, Zhao Jiang, Dong and the Goddess of Fire Spirit also have this sword in their hands. Although Tai ‘a sword is the same in different hands, it can show different powers."
It’s already late at night when I came out from the rocky place. I crept to push Xiaoqian’s door to see if she had slept. As soon as I entered the room, I was put around my neck by a pair of arms, and then my chest, thighs and lips were stuck together.
"Brother Nezha, Xiaoqian misses you so much these days!"
"I miss you, too!" I put my arms around her waist, and she slipped through a veil.
"oh! Why are you so cold? "
"How can the cold wind not be cold when I have been blowing for several hours?"
She let me go. "Then take off your coat quickly! I’ll warm you up. "Then I’ll unbutton my shirt.
I blocked her hand "ouch! I haven’t eaten yet! Have you eaten? "
"I’ll get it for you!" She pulled my belt, pulled my pants and tucked me into bed.
After a while, Xiaoqian brought in a few cakes and half a pot of dried fruit. "You can make do with this!"
While watching me eat, she told me about the anecdote of the college after I left. She told me that the thirty-six students in this period were divided into four schools according to different regions: Chaoge School, Southwest School, Wandering Soul School and Chentang School.
"Those Miss Chao Ge or Gong Qing look down on people!" Xiaoqian pursed her lips. "She thinks we have accents and says we don’t look good when we walk. If Sister Mo Tailing didn’t protect us, we’d have to ask them to bully us to death!"
"No!" I said, "Although we are from the border, we are the dean of Shijie. They must be jealous!" "
"Anyway, it’s good that you come back. You have to send a head to Chentang for us!"


They admired together.
Chu Zhaohou took a deep breath and said, "I don’t know when the temple of death suddenly appeared. My Chu state is like a chaotic number of assassinations. My minister has even killed a person they can’t afford to offend, and I don’t know how much energy they have to assassinate and never miss!"
"The duke wants to destroy the temple of death? When will you shoot? " A soldier curious way
Chu Zhaohou shook his head and said, "Now surround without killing Hou, and take over the temple of death. If the temple of death is stubborn, it will be destroyed again!"
"Yes!" The soldiers should way
At the entrance of the death hall
The bodhi old zu in the blue robe wrapped in black robe looked at Zhou Dajun with cold eyes.
"What should the green robe bodhi old zu do now?" Another black lich king worry way
"What are you worried about with hades?" Green robe bodhi old zu cold way
"Yes!" The black demon king should way
"Besides, Miss Pregnancy has already got through the surrounding tunnels. Even if there is a problem, are you still worried that you can’t leave?" Green robe bodhi old zu cold way
"Yes!" Around some worry about small demon horse nodded.
Then another demon king came and waved his hand, and his little demons retreated one after another.
"White Tiger King?" Blue robe bodhi old zu light way
The White Tiger King nodded and said, "What did Hades say?"
"Hades didn’t say anything. Miss Pregnancy Xi accompanied Hades. After all, this is our headquarters. Hades can’t withdraw without an order!" Blue robe bodhi old zu sink a way
The White Tiger King nodded. "A few days ago, we surrounded and killed one of Mr. Longyuan’s servants together. Perhaps that’s why Chu was so determined?"
Blue robe bodhi old zu eyes slightly narrowed way "Mr Long Yuan? It’s extraordinary that the clan of Ji surname came out, but a servant actually surpassed Wuzong! "
The white tiger king was silent. "Did I hear that the demon race had flourished in ancient times?"
"That’s already history!" Green robe bodhi old zu shook his head a way
"No, do you think we will restore the ancient glory of Hades’ hands?" White tiger king with a hint of expectation
Blue robe bodhi old zu suddenly pupil shrinks and didn’t speak-
In an underground chamber in the Temple of Death.
Jiang Tai, a demon in pregnancy, sat cross-legged in the center of the secret room, and a figure fell to the ground in the southeast and northwest around Jiang Tai.
On the east is the history and literature of Zhongwen, but at the moment, the history and literature has already become a piece of skin.
In the south, it’s Xia Wen, and Xia Wen has become a piece of human skin.
It’s winter plague in the north, and it’s also a piece of human skin at the moment
A large number of mosquitoes surround Jiang Tai in the center, and his breath is very unstable. Close your eyes and adjust your breath.
And the west is still alive, Duke Zhao of Qiu Wen.
Autumn plague saw three plague gods swallowed by mosquitoes by Jiang Tai.
Even if it is sealed in the autumn blast, it is chilling in my heart.
Is this how Chunwen died? Is that how you die?
So did Zhongwen and Xiawen. Just Jiang Taigang exhausted the flesh and blood of Dongwen.
Although the method moves, you can still feel that the three gods of plague are shattered and completely finished through the godhead.
Autumn fever is chilling. Could it be me?
I have never been so afraid of autumn blast, and there is a deep despair in my eyes.
Looking at four athel Loren being swallowed one after another with cold eyes, there is no pity in her eyes. At this moment, Jiang Tai is coming to protect her pregnancy, but her heart is extremely heart-warming.
Autumn Wen Zhao Gong looked at Jiang Tai in horror and roared not to eat me.
Can pray, after all, no, but not far away, Jiang Tai suddenly burst out with an evil demon light in his eyes.
"Quick breakthrough almost swallowed you I can break through the athel Loren? God of plague? I swallowed one plague at a time and broke through. This time, I want four plagues? I don’t know what will happen once! " Jiang tai sigh a way
Jiang Tai suddenly turned into a blood mosquito, and at the same time, tens of thousands of mosquitoes surrounded him and quickly left for Zhao Gong.
Don’t, don’t!
Zhao Gong screamed in his heart, but he still couldn’t stop the blood mosquitoes from rolling their flesh and blood and quickly entering Jiang Taiti from the straw.

Ghosts, monsters, demons …

On the meaning of "evil" must have its source.
In particular, it is not an accident that Pei Wende thinks that his son will be "possessed by evil" when he realizes that the husband and wife are deliberately hiding something.
[Forget it. Let’s see what’s going on inside first.]
Sighed quietly Pei Wende suddenly found himself as if he had really changed a lot.
It’s not only the experience of cultivating, promoting and exorcising evil spirits, but also this keen insight into the world
"Xiaoqing, remember to help me out later."
After the little green snake in the collar was told, Pei Wende suddenly took a deep breath and stepped directly into the already-opened door.
A sudden gust of evil wind blew on your face.
Pei Wende, who is extremely sensitive to Yin qi, feels as if he has entered a huge icehouse at this moment.
For Pei Wende, it is like a cold wind blowing in the twelfth month in summer, which is cold and biting.
Chapter 20 The Great Peacock King Curse!
"It seems that these’ evil spirits’ should not be so easy to deal with."
Habitual grunted 1 PeiWenDe is gently glanced at after entering the room and turned their attention to the figure wrapped in sheets.
In this strange shady room, the one who wrapped himself tightly in a figure, but kept sweating, seemed out of place in the whole room.
Because those sweat from the forehead not only wet the hair and eyebrows, but also the thick quilt is full of sweat and sweat.
Pei Wende couldn’t tell whether the other person was a man or a woman for a moment, but he could vaguely see the confusion in his muddy eyes covered with loose hair.
"Qin Feng?"
Taking a tentative step forward, Pei Wende watched the crazy character warily and didn’t dare to relax.
Because Pei Wende still remembers what the housekeeper Tongqing Temple said, Qin Feng is awake at dusk now.
And in the housekeeper’s description, Qin Feng’s body seems to be undergoing some kind of change, gradually rotting and becoming a real monster.
Just like Pei Wende imagined, Qin Fenggen responded a little, which means that he turned his muddy eyes like a doll without a soul.
Good Pei Wende is also ready for this, so he draws a dogleg knife from his back and approaches each other carefully.
"It stinks …"
The closer you get to Qin Feng Pei Wende, the more you can feel a stench coming from the other side.
It’s not just sweat, but a stench like flesh and blood rot is deeply wrapped in that thick quilt.
Especially for people with keen senses like Pei Wende, that stench is absolutely not inferior to weapons of mass destruction.
"Qin Feng?"
After determining that Qin Feng ignored himself, Pei Wende simply lifted the dogleg knife and flew the quilt to the other side.
Suddenly, the amazing stench came out of the quilt and a large group of buzzing flies flew out at the same time.
"Well …"
It was not until this time that Qin Feng turned his head stiffly and his eyes stayed for a long time for Pei Wende.
"This …"
Looked at PeiWenDe pupil unconsciously tightened a.
Because he finally saw clearly Qin Feng’s present state-a completely inhuman state.
Just as the housekeeper said, Qin Feng showed that his body was highly corrupt.
All kinds of pustules and blood are constantly flowing out from all over his body, and even clothes can’t cover it up.
On the contrary, Qin Feng’s clothes have given off an amazing stench because of being soaked in pus and blood, which makes people feel sick at first glance.
Rao is Pei Wende, who has seen many kinds of evil spirits and evil things. SAN deserves to be amazing. When I first saw each other, I almost couldn’t help retching.
After all, Qin Feng’s evil spirits are different. He is still a human being, but he is tortured into a human being.
"Ning …?"
Seeing that the situation is going to be deadlocked again, Qin Feng is rotting all over, but it is difficult to open his mouth, a depressed and hoarse voice.
"Are you … Ning Er?"
The turbid eyes seem to have lost normal human vision, and Qin Feng is almost whispering.
"I’m not what you call’ Ning Er’. I’m here to save you."
After determining that Qin Feng still has human consciousness, Pei Wende decided to look at his specific situation before considering the nausea of the other person.
Poof …
But before Pei Wende officially approached Qin Feng’s forehead, a pustule suddenly burst and spilled a dark green pus.
Can dodge on one side for a while, and then Pei Wende saw a big hole corroded on the edge of the pus bed.
Zi zi zi …
Accompanied by a burst of nausea and rancidity, a strange form of wooden bed board was corroded and twisted until it could no longer see its original appearance.
"This …"
Stunned to see all this happen, Pei Wende was glad that he was not sputtered by this pus.
Otherwise Pei Wende can’t guarantee that he won’t be corroded by this comparable strong acid liquid.
Just as he denies that Qin Feng, who is pregnant with such a poisonous substance, is still normal.
"Ning son …"
However, Qin Feng is still whispering like he doesn’t know the damage he has caused.
As soon as he repeated, more pustules broke and overflowed into the bed sheets in a hoarse whisper.
Pei Wende suddenly turned his eyes and found that the bed was wrapped by Qin Feng and the sheet was not corroded by this liquid.
Or more precisely, everything around it except Qin Feng’s body bed was not corroded by that sticky pus.
Just as Pei Wende was thinking about what was going on, the little green snake leaned out at the right time and looked at the one who was still whispering Qin Feng.
The little green snake in human body felt a faint need.
It’s not pure monster spirit, but it’s a bit like the smell left after the death of a monster.
"Do monsters leave breath after death?"
Obviously understood the little green snake’s scream. Pei Wende couldn’t help narrowing her eyes. A bold idea suddenly came to her mind.
"Forget it. No matter what happened to him, let’s save people first."
After thinking for a moment, Pei Wende decided to help first and then find out what happened in this.
"Since it’s not pure evil, there’s definitely no pure’ heart mantra’."
"Well, I’ve learned a lot about exorcism during this period, otherwise I really can’t save you."

Jiang Lan didn’t hide "I found a swing to see her when she was in yiguang a few days ago."

"such as?"
"She is very clever, and I show my sincerity, but she can’t move at all. I have also tested her ignorance of martial arts."
"Then how did she break in?"
"Maybe she’s had more personnel than any of us."
Qin Keqing’s eyes flashed a bit of jealousy. "The teacher elder sister will grow ambition of others and destroy her power and prestige. Maybe it’s lucky that she can enter the tribe. It’s just that a blind cat hit her death. Besides, even if it’s a big thing, it’s impossible for her to leave it alone. It’s not easy to break in, but it’s hard to walk away, let alone to take away things here."
Jiang Lan’s face is a little complicated and confused. "I don’t know. I just feel that she is different from us."
"How is it different?"
"We all came here with our eyes on our shoulders, and it seems that she just came to see what she doesn’t covet here."
Smell speech Qin Keqing sarcastically smiled "the teacher elder sister you brainwashed by her? What’s she doing here if she has no purpose? Traveling around the mountains? Hehe, have you ever seen a donkey friend who risked his life to play? "
Jiang Lan didn’t answer the phone.
Qin Keqing quipped again, "Besides, what is the valley of sorrow? Not many people know that Taniguchi put up warning signs to scare off many people, but I don’t believe her if she dares to break in and say that she has no purpose or plan to kill her. "
"Believe it or not," Jiang Lan is too lazy to argue about this.
Qin Keqing snorted and ignored her no longer. She took out a mirror from her arms and adjusted her makeup and clothes until she was ready. She was satisfied with putting on a charming smile and graceful posture.
Jiang Lan didn’t stop it. In her opinion, Qin Keqing didn’t hit the south wall and sent it to people in vain.
The clothes that Ji Shuang brought by the river bank have been washed, and they are still warm. I am still rubbing some goods in my hand, and I can’t wait to crush them and throw them into the river to feed the fish.
Ji Shuang looked at "Sister-in-law is not that I don’t help you, but that her men’s clothes must be washed by herself. If a woman washes them, it will be a provocation and insult to you."
Warm, hehe, laughing, "Double, seek provocation and insult."
When will she wash it?
Her lips pursed with a smile, "sister-in-law, you are really different from the women in the tribe. How can you say that? You should defend your men and territory. If anyone crosses the line, you have to fight back hard. How can you welcome them? "
Warm sigh "I don’t care about this."
If you have this mentality, how can you live outside? Whose husband wears underwear and no one else makes it? How many men’s and women’s clothes do dry cleaners collect every day?
Ji Shuang brainwashed her. "Sister-in-law doesn’t care if it’s no good. My cousin will be sad and will be looked down upon by other women. They will be even more brazen in hitting my cousins’ ideas, and then they will not line up to come to you for a duel."
Warm and resigned, continue to rub.
At this moment, suddenly, in the distance, a bright yellow skirt came running, flying like a dancing butterfly.
Ji Shuang turned to look at the past and couldn’t help but frown. "How did Tao Qi come again?"
Warm asked, "What’s the matter? Don’t want to see it?"
Ji Shuang whispered to her ear, "My aunt told you about the Taos, didn’t she? Because Taozi did those things, we didn’t like the Taos, but it happened that Taoqi always pestered me to ask this question and that, and I was dead by my mother."
Warm and funny "Your mother doesn’t agree?"
"I definitely don’t agree."
"What about your brother?"
"My brother? They listen to my mother. "
"Tao Qi is like a person?"
"People are still good, but they are short of ribs, but no matter if she is a Taojia family, this marriage is impossible."
Warm smile didn’t say anything more.
Taoqi also ran to the front of the two men, out of breath, and her face flushed. A pair of big eyes were very bright and sparkling, like talking. They all said that eyes were the window of the soul. This girl’s window was a little big.
Designation is a hidden word.
as expected
"Double who is this? Is this your new wife? Oh, sure enough, she looks better than you. No wonder your cousins like her more. Hehe … "
Warm "…"
Ji Shuang didn’t look at her angrily. Fortunately, she knew Tao Qiren, otherwise she would have to be anxious. "What are you doing here?"
Tao Qi said, "I almost forgot to ask you for help."
Their JiShuang she knew that no good "and help? I’m still doing laundry. No … "
Tao Qi looked at the tub. "Didn’t you wash it all?"
Ji Shuang "… and my sister-in-law?"
Smell speech TaoQi suddenly nervous pulled her to wake up "double how can you help your sister-in-law laundry you still want to rob with somebody else? Is this too unkind? "
Section 65
Ji Shuang "…"
Warm snow smiled.
TaoQi busy explained, "Sister-in-law, don’t be angry. She didn’t mean it. She is just too diligent and virtuous. Hehe, she usually likes to help me with my laundry …"
Ji Shuang pulled her face red with anger. "Tao Qi, don’t say it."
"Oh, I’m helping you. Didn’t you see that your sister-in-law was so angry that she smiled?"
Warm smile not to come out "…"
If she is not serious and serious, she wants the other party to be as sacred as the holy one. In Hu’s opinion, it is polite to say that she lacks a tendon. This girl is definitely the second sister.
Ji Shuangli took her two steps further. "What the hell are you doing?"
Tao Qi blinked blankly. "Didn’t you say I asked you for help?"
"… what busy?"
"Oh, well, I embroidered another purse and want to give it to your brother. Will you take a look at it for me?" He said, he took one out of his sleeve and stuffed it into Ji Shuang willy-nilly, and then he was excited and looking forward to it.
Ji Shuang looked down at the things in her hand, and the rough stitches were not much different from before. She said, "Tao Qi, embroidery also needs talent. Do you want to consider changing something for my brother?"

"You be calm and help you get your elders back." Long Xuhu comforted the people for a moment and chased them in the direction of Jade Duxiu’s innate divine wind.

Jade Duxiu’s innate divine wind speed is not slow. After all, this is what Jade Duxiu deliberately created at the beginning. The wind speed is not as fast as that of Jade Duxiu’s vertical golden light. Even the dragon and beard tiger can’t catch up with it. The dragon and beard tiger has to stop from time to time to explore the direction in which the innate divine wind flies.
"Well, it’s almost thirty-four points."
Somewhere in Lingshan, the deity hovered before the deity, and the jade only showed its figure. A pair of eyes looked at the distance. "However, this bearded tiger is always a big trouble, and it is chasing after all the way. Monty told me that this bearded tiger keeps tracking the trail of the seat and being clever all the way, or it will really be caught by the bearded tiger."
Jade Duxiu thought for a moment that his right hand slowly stretched out a pole, and there were twenty-four long whips in his hand.
Looking at the empty jade in the distance, chanting incantations and catching the mountain whip fly out instantly and constantly decorate the empty face.
"This place is decorated with special laws. This bearded tiger is a quasi-fairy figure. It takes only three days to trap this bearded tiger. Three days is enough to travel around the three islands and take all the necessary medicinal materials." Jade Duxiu thought in his heart.
While thinking about the circulation of the method in the hands of Jade Duxiu, I kept branding the virtual suppression of the invisible power. After a while, I saw that Jade Duxiu’s mouth was smiling and the whip disappeared. Looking at the golden light in the distance, it was a vision that the quasi-fairy crossed the virtual. "Come on, let you taste the power."
"Young bodhi old zu, I kindly let you live. I didn’t expect you to pour and be ungrateful. Is there a place where you dare to forcibly take away my Penglai Xiandao spirit? Can I be a soft persimmon when I am bodhi old zu? If you are smart enough, hand over the stolen bodhi old zu and give you a good time. Since you are impatient, don’t blame the bodhi old zu. I am terminating. "The dragon and tiger show their sullen faces in the distance and look at Jade Duxiu coming towards Jade Duxiu step by step.
Looking at Zhang Long’s beard and hair, he must be a tiger and jade, and his expression is quiet and the words on the top of the mountain are indifferent. "The elder is surprised that the genius treasure is destined to get a seat. Since it is hidden here, it is said that the island’s spiritual objects are destined to be naturally matched by me. If all the spiritual objects in Sanxian Island can be swallowed up, the magical power will reach an incredible level."
As he spoke, he saw that Jade Duxiu instantly rolled up a tornado and all the elixirs he had passed were uprooted and detained.
Seeing this, the dragon and the tiger suddenly burst into tears. "If you want to die, don’t stop."
As he spoke, the dragon, beard and tiger descended on Jade Duxiu instantaneously.
"It’s not easy to get caught in the trap." The dragon and beard tiger jumped forward but saw the virtual transformation in front of him. Where is the jade solo shadow? There are no marginal barren hills all over the body. The barren hills are suspended in heaven and earth and form a mysterious and unpredictable battle to surround the dragon and beard tiger.
"Small you cheat" bearded tiger surprised nu way.
"The elder is surprised at this. As the saying goes, all is fair in war, but who can be blamed if the elder is not careful?" Jade Duxiu smiled gently.
"Hum, you can trap me with this barren mountain all over the sky. It’s a fantasy, but can you trap me with this broken array method?" The dragon, the beard and the tiger are surging all over the body, and they will forcibly smash this barren mountain.
"Oh, I forgot to tell my predecessors that this barren mountain all over the sky has been hooked up with the Penglai Fairy Island. If my predecessors hurt this barren mountain with one finger, they will detonate a vein, and then the whole Penglai Fairy Island will be turned upside down. How many herbs and elixirs will be destroyed? Do you really want to break the array by force?" Yu Duxiu’s words casually entered the big array.
"What?" When the dragon beard tiger heard the news, he sneered at it for a moment. "You don’t want to cheat me. Where is there such a mysterious avatar in this world?"
"Alas, if you don’t believe it, just try it." Jade Duxiu is not interested in explaining to this old guy what special skills are.
Chapter 112 Fall into the Li Spring and meet the cold.
Before the birth of Jade Duxiu, there had never been any news about the unique technique.
"Hum, are you so easy to fool?" As he spoke, he saw that the dragon and beard tiger reached out and pressed it toward a barren hill.
"Bang" the vibration of Penglai Fairy Island has stopped before it gets close to the barren hills.
The dragon and tiger in Penglai Mountain can naturally feel that with their own efforts, they are forcing a barren hill and a certain place in Penglai to surge and burst. If this claw is really pressed, there will be inevitable casualties.
Jade Duxiu took a look at the dragon and beard tiger and disdained to smile. In an instant, the time went up into the sky and disappeared.
This time, Yu Duxiu doesn’t even have to hide it. She has her own view of Chinese herbal medicine, and she will earn it in the palm of her hand in a flash.
"Don’t stop it, bodhi old zu. I’m not finished with you." Seeing Jade Duxiu constantly searching for the elixir caused the island elves to panic and roar. The dragon and beard tiger was suddenly furious and was about to soar. Jade Duxiu desperately wanted to be a dragon and beard tiger, but it just soared, only to see the barren hills all over the sky change instantly blocking the way of the dragon and beard tiger.
The giant claw suddenly raised the dragon’s beard and tiger’s anger and flew "to the old flash"
"Boom" The pulse of a place in Penglai Xiandao rumbled at this time. After all, the bearded tiger stopped at the key moment and didn’t dare to really bomb the barren hills in front of him.
"Small things you sit upright and fight" Long Xuhu roared.
Jade Duxiu smells speech and shakes his head, but it is reasonable to ignore the search for the dragon and tiger. After this Penglai, Jade Duxiu turned around and turned into a natural divine wind and flew towards the abbot mountain.
"Damn it, it’s really hateful. It’s even more hateful than those old people who died in those days." The dragon and beard tiger roared and went crazy.
Jade Duxiu stopped all the way and searched for all kinds of elixirs. Suddenly, he saw that Jade Duxiu stopped his pace and looked at the distant earth with a frown. "Something is wrong with this abbot mountain."
"I don’t know if there is something wrong with the seat induction. I always feel that something is spying on me." Jade Duxiu is motionless and sensing the surrounding air machine.
After not noticing anything strange, Jade Duxiu continued to move forward. Suddenly, a few meters of big wells in Fiona Fang appeared in front of her eyes.
A series of rich vitality emerged from the wellhead. Jade Duxiu’s eyes lit up and came to the well a few steps ago, only to see this ancient well, QingShi Lei, to prevent someone from accidentally falling into the well.
Yu Duxiu’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter, sensing the rich vitality in the well. "This is Li Spring."
"Li Spring"?

Ruier’s eyes were fixed on me when she finished speaking, and she resumed the cold attitude when I first met her.

I told Ruier that there was something that could be said, and we could work out countermeasures together. Ruier said that she just didn’t want to be disturbed.
Look at Rachel for a while. I turned away from Rachel’s cloth barrier and walked away from it.
During this short time with Ruier, I know that Ruier is also very stubborn. She decides that things are hard to change. She doesn’t want to say anything, even if she asks, she won’t say anything.
So I choose not to ask Ruier anything too much.
Put Goo Tsai in Yinzhu, and I’ll be alone in my own cloth boundary. Keep an eye on Ruier’s situation.
I saw that after I laid the enchantment, Ruier covered the ice coffin, took the silver square box hanging on her chest to shake hands, and then covered her hands with long cuffs, and then removed her enchantment and lay still in the ice coffin.
Frowning at what I saw in front of me, I teleported the invisible paper man from the object ring and threw it out to urge the invisible paper man to approach the ice coffin.
Close your eyes and urge the fifth layer of bamboo slips. I always pass the situation that the invisible paper man outside the ice coffin notes Rui Er.
Being in the enchantment, I continued to urge the fifth floor of the bamboo slips for a long time. I can be invisible. I didn’t even see the core lying in the ice coffin again.
In the ice coffin, Ruier lay motionless with her eyes closed, just like the dead body before.
I don’t know what material is added to the ice coffin. I can’t feel something fishy in the core of the ice coffin through the invisible paper man.
There have been foreign objects breaking in where the ice coffin is located.
Ruier told me to destroy her body, and then she lay in the ice coffin herself. It’s definitely not because she wants to be quiet.
It is reasonable to explain that she wants to lure the enemy with her own bait and give him a fatal blow when he is unprepared.
Continue to close your eyes and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips. I hope the dawn will come soon the next day
I don’t want any uncontrollable situation in this place before dawn the next day, and I don’t want any accidents in Ruier.
A long time later, the dark environment in this place suddenly became more black, and a black-robed male ghost spirit floated into this place.
I was instantly horrified when I saw the ghost spirit. From the picture on the dark cave wall, I knew that the ghost spirit appeared here, which was the boundary of Ruier. Master was the biggest bss that Ruier and I were going to fight in this ancient tomb.
The arrival of the Enchantment Master made us feel depressed again and continue to urge the bamboo slips to move.
It’s hard to gather all my emotions. I stopped practicing and didn’t open my eyes. I can be invisible. The reaction of this enchanter has only increased the suspicion of this enchanter.
After the enchanter entered this place, he glanced at my position, and then his lip angle took a sarcastic arc and fell straight to the ground next to the ice coffin, staring at the ice coffin with resentment in his eyes.
The enchanter stood still in the same spot, and Ruier lay still in the ice coffin. I was so nervous that I broke out in a cold sweat on my palm.
After a long time, the enchanter took out a steel nail from his cuff and carried it in his hand.
Seeing the enchantment master move me is the reason why the steel nail fell out of Ruier’s body before I knew it, so that Ruier lay in the ice coffin.
Enchantment division with the steel nail lip angle with a ponder smile stretched out his hand and was ready to lift the ice coffin lid.
Seeing this, I suddenly opened my eyes and clenched my fist. I stood up from the ground and instantly closed the enchantment. I raised my hand and aimed at the enchantment division. I was ready to force the enchantment against the enchantment division at any time.
It was the enchanter who touched the ice coffin lid and paused. He lifted the ice coffin lid and began to caress the edge of the ice coffin lid. He didn’t really hit the ice coffin lid and then turned his head to look behind him, which is where I am.
When I see the enchantment master move, I will immediately spread the enchantment and sit on the ground again and close my eyes.
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Master
But the invisible paper man’s eye, when I saw the enchanter twist his head and glance at me, I took back my sight, and then I took a look at the core in the ice coffin and put the steel nail in the cuff, and my body floated away from this place
The enchantment division left me quietly and immediately, but the invisible paper men tracked the enchantment division and there was no unnecessary move.
Through the invisible paper man, I know that the enchanter is not far away from this place, but after leaving this place, he looks up and stares at the ice coffin and my position.
As the enchanter’s figure rises, he can be tracked, and the invisible paper man naturally hangs high. I can also see that Ruier in the ice coffin remains motionless.
There is silence in the dark tomb, and the enchanter can’t leave me. I can just keep my original sitting position still.
Lest Ruier mistakenly think that the enchanter has left and climbed out of the ice coffin, my mood is getting more and more nervous as time goes by.
Fortunately, Ruier has always been petrified.
I am too nervous to restrain my emotions and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips to tighten my body and sit on the ground. I feel too uncomfortable.
I feel like I’m going to sit in an old posture forever. At all times, the enchanter always goes straight back to this ancient tomb and sits cross-legged on the ground to practice.
For the enchanter along the way, he never even gave a corner of his eye.
Just as the enchanter was just practicing, I heard something coming from the ice coffin.
With my eyes open, I saw Ruier pushing the lid of the ice coffin out of it.

Li Chongjiu nodded his head and said, "It is so necessary for Luoyang to reign, so that’s settled."

"Are you considering moving the capital to Luoyang?" Zhang Xuansu asked, "I’m not the first one. There must be others who say so in the future."
Wei Zhi said, "The pursuit of Luoyang is in the sky, just as in the Qin and Han Dynasties, when Xiang Yu was attacked, he was advised to make his capital, but Xiang Yu said that wealth did not return to his hometown, such as a night trip. Xiang Yu did not make his capital, and finally Liu Bang lost his day."
Li Chongjiu said, "Moving the capital is a big deal. If I don’t know how to make progress and build Luoyang, the capital of the Central Plains? At that time, the surrounding area of Luoyang experienced several wars. In the past, it was as prosperous as a ghost town, and now it is a capital. This is not a policy, but I will discuss it in a year or two. "
Zhang Xuansu and Wei Zhi heard Li Chongjiu say that they no longer insisted on moving the capital. Zhao has always been controversial, and the two sides insisted on each other.
Li Chongjiu said, "I’ll leave the matter of Luoyang’s accession to the throne to two Aiqing. Don’t be extravagant, but let everyone know."
"Nuo" Wei Zhi Zhang Xuansu is also called
People in Tianjie, Luoyang are crowded with people.
Wang Shichong, Wang Xuan, Ying Zhu Can, three people were pushed into the street by Zhao foot soldiers, and the people threw stones at the three of them.
"Beasts and evil animals!"
"Wang Shichong, you also have today!"
"Zhu Can always hates not eating your meat raw!"
Behind the three men, the Wang clan was led by a string of ropes. When Wang Shichong proclaimed himself emperor, all his brothers were crowned kings, but Luoyang was broken. These people were already in prison waiting for them to be exiled to Liaodong Field.
Zhang Xiaohu quietly beside Tianjie. He didn’t struggle to throw stones at the Wang Shichong prison car like the people.
Zhang Xiaohu looked at Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren, both of whom were dragged forward by the Zhao army, behind the prison car in Wang Shichong. Wang Xiaohu thought of the scene when Wang Renze rode high in his home to rob the fields and sent officers and men to take away his parents. He will never forget it for a generation.
But now Wang Zeren is tied with his hands, and his father walks into the street like a tiger with his spine pulled out.
Seeing these two men, Zhang Xiaohu touched the waist dagger and thought that your Wang Jiafu also had today. When he rushed to the front of the two men, Zhao Jun stopped and said, "Wang Zeren, do you still know me Zhang Xiaohu?"
Wang Zeren raised his head and looked fierce towards Zhang Xiaohu and asked, "Who are you from? What should I know about you? "
Wang Xiaohu sneered, "Did you forget that you killed my parents by taking the property next to the White Horse Temple of the Wangs?"
Wang Zeren was so heckled by the other side that "if you kill too many people, you will have to pay for it, and the old generation will not be able to pay for it."
"I want you to return two lives to the Wangs!"
Wang Zeren hummed, "I have been sentenced to exile in Liaodong. If you want to kill me, you will disobey the imperial edict of the Prince of Zhao, and you will not be able to run away. He will kill me."
"All right, all right!" Aside, Zhao Jun listened to Wang Zeren and pushed Wang Xiaohu away. "We can’t care about your grievances, but don’t hinder us. Although this man deserves to die, Zhao Wang forgives him and you can’t kill him, otherwise you will pay for it if you dare to kill people in the street!"
"Pay for your life?" Wang Xiaohu sneer at once waist dagger according to Wang Zeren reaction quickly when back and exclaimed "don’t you dare to start work! Save me, just me. "
On one side, Zhao Jun all looked over and raised their guns and shouted, "What do you want to rob the court?" Wang Xiaohu sneered that his heart would have put life and death at risk, so he had to change his fortune and avenge his parents. He had already made up his mind to kill the Wangs even if he risked his life.
Just when Wang Xiaohu was impulsive for a moment, he suddenly felt that his shoulder was pulled.
"Teacher!" Wang Xiaohu one leng.
Aside, Zhao Jun was surrounded by Tan Zongdang and shouted, "What’s the matter? Don’t you even recognize me?"
When Zhao foot soldiers saw that it was Tan Zongdang, they hurriedly said, "It turned out that it was General Tan who wanted to rob the court and we were about to take him."
"Why didn’t I see someone hijacking the giving ceremony?" Tanzong Avenue
Zhao foot soldiers listened to Tan Zong’s saying that it was also knowing that one person was in power. "General Tan said that if there is no, there will be no separation. Let’s move on."
Wang Xiaohu cried after being rescued by Tan Zong. "Uncle, I want to avenge my parents!"
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, you will lose your life if you do this, understand?"
Wang Xiaohu firmly tunnel "even so, I will do it".
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, don’t be silly. I told you that I have already told you about your affairs for you, and the horse will come to trust this man. I know that he is the most defensive and will ask the father and the son to pay for your life!"
Wang Xiaohu when nodded.
At this time, the prison car was taken all the way to Tianjin Bridge, and the people gathered here for a circle. When Wang Shichong Wang Xuan’s father’s head fell to the ground, several Luoyang people were all relatives who burned paper and mourned in front of Tianjin Bridge and were killed by Wang Shichong.
Zhu Can killed a moment, and the people threw all the rubble on the body, and soon the rubble piled up into mountains.
Wang Xiaohu saw that Wang Zeren was in good condition and could not help but clench his fists.
"There is a will!"
Riding a fast horse, I ran across Tianjin Bridge and beheaded the supervisor. "It’s imperative that Cha Wangshi, Yun Wang and Zeren’s father occupy the land and abandon the market in front of Tianjin Bridge together in Wang Shichong!"
The "promise" supervisor agreed to drink, "The executioner will drag Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren out for me!"
As soon as the imperial edict came out, Wang Shizhen’s father was scared out of his wits. Wang Shizhen was even more scared when he was old. Wang Zeren was unwilling to shout, "The prince of Zhao promised to spare me. How can he go back on his word?" I can’t die! I can’t die! "
Wang Xiaohu, on the other hand, suddenly burst into tears with his eyes and knees, and slammed three heads in the direction of the northern palace in Tianjin Bridge. "Thank you for taking revenge on my parents!"
Wang Xiaohu took the pledge to tie up a white cloth and watched Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren’s father being dragged to the execution ground by Zhao foot soldiers like dragging a dead dog.
Two executioners in red took a sip of wine and sprayed broadswords, each pressing their heads toward each other.
Cavity blood straight up and two heads rolling to the ground.
Wang Xiaohu Avenue "Parents, you have to report your great hatred!"
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Embroidery
Wang Xiaohu’s revenge was reported.