"The moon has been found."

Xia Qi took Gu Yue’s hand and was very happy.
He didn’t look for a direct display from the place where he entered the mine, and the powerful magic ape palm was more outrageous than directly passing through from here.
Stones roared and tumbled in succession. Xia Qi took Gu Yue with him, just like a statue of gigalith crashing wildly on the rock wall and heading directly for the end of the mine.
"It’s not good that Feixue and Xu Jiasan’s brothers are here."
Xia Qi suddenly surprised because he suddenly sensed the reality of flying snow and the breath of Xu’s three brothers had already rushed over, which was not far from the end of the mine.
"Bai Di Jin Huang beheaded"
Xia Qi’s eyes were cold, so it was cast out. Bai Di Jin Huang cut a bright white mountain and immediately all the rock walls in front were crushed. Xia Qi and Gu Yue appeared directly at the end of the mine.
At the end of the mine, a cave appeared in front of Xia Qi, surrounded by extremely spiritual stones, shining like stars at night.
In the middle of the cave, there is a pool of clear spring and white fog, which is like a fairy spring.
"spiritual marrow"
Xia qi low shout a recognized immediately.
"The fast moon will immediately collect this spiritual marrow."
Xia qi hello Gu Yue immediately began to sleeve a jilt is the strong breeze roared toward the spirit marrow swept away to the spirit marrow department are your own.
However, Xia Qi and Gu Yue only charged a little less than one tenth, and were interrupted by Xu Jiasan and Feixue.
"This spiritual marrow is old-fashioned."
Flying snow reality flashing eyes with bullying repair unexpectedly in an attempt to charge this pool of marrow.
This spiritual marrow is absolutely no less than ten elixirs. It takes a little time to recover when the wonderful poor are exhausted, which is very important for the strong in the realm of virtual fairy.
Because of the virtual fairy realm, the strong need to go through ten times of thunder robbery, and every thunder robbery is a big disaster, which almost exhausts most of the savings of the virtual fairy realm.
If you have the marrow to make the flying snow real person Du Jie never dry up, the hope of surviving the thunder robbery will be greatly increased, and you don’t need to spend a lot of treasures in exchange for Dan medicine
Chapter four hundred and sixteen heartache
"Cold snow cover!"
Flying snow reality reached out and shook a glittering and translucent cover to emerge in the four-walled sen cold air. Even the virtual fairy strong people felt a cold air coming.
This is the most powerful magic weapon in the hands of the flying snow reality, which can be attacked and defended, and the flying snow reality will be put into practice at this time to completely cover a pool of spiritual marrow.
"Give it to me!"
Flying snow real person’s eyes are hot, and his mouth is full of real money, so he wants to let the cold snow cover collect all the marrow parts and keep them all for himself
"I gather the treasures of the Xianzong vein, and do you rob them by flying snow?"
Flying snow moves fast, but the Xu Jiasan brothers are not slow to see the cold snow cover shrouded in a pool of marrow, and immediately they work together to make a knife, a gun and a sword. The three cooperate with each other to kill the cold snow cover crazily.
"Ding Ding Ding!"
The defense of the cold snow cover is excellent. At this moment, a layer of frost condenses to block all kinds of attacks. The smell is crunchy, and several swords and shadows are gone.
The flying snow reality blocked the attack of the Xu Jiasan brothers, and he was pale and weak at this time, but his eyes were beaming with joy.
If you think about flying snow, the real person will collect the marrow.
But has been ignored by flying snow reality not care Xia Qi and Gu Yue but at this time to the deification period to attack fell on the cold snow cover should be weak cold snow cover directly broken!
"You two want to die!"
Seeing that the spiritual marrow is about to come to hand, it is destroyed by Xia Qi and Gu Yue. The flying snow reality immediately angered the cold snow cover and once again shot a cold snow cover. The virtual shadow of the cold snow cover is covered by Xia Qi and the cold snow cover is covered by a pool of spiritual marrow.
"Bloody sword!"
"Nine days away from the fire!"
Xia Qi and Gu Yue shot at the same time. Xia Qi didn’t summon the most powerful blood dragon, but Gu Yue cooperated to display it for nine days, breaking the cold snow cover.
But the flying snow reality is manipulating the cold snow cover to collect the spirit marrow at this time!

Although Butterfly Lovers is a female generation, she is a hundred times stronger than Heavenly King Gong. She is not afraid to hold two snake swords in her hand and display her professional skills. Her hair changes in an instant, and the thickness of her little finger changes. The green snake dances wildly and spits out letters. The pupils of her eyes are also like malt. It is even more exaggerated that she used to have two arms, and now two arms have grown on both sides to become six arms and six snake swords, and her legs have become snake bodies.

However, after the transformation, the butterfly flower still does not change its beautiful color, showing a different kind of rare beauty, which is still so beautiful!
Nine heavy before can’t help shine at the moment "yo six arms! What about the three heads? Didn’t they all say that they had three heads and six arms? !”
"Hehe, that’s a myth. Here is a game ~!" Recent charming smile "you are the first master in Huaxia district ranking list. I have long wanted to learn and play with my daughter ~! !”
Say don’t stay nine heavy conversation recent flowers have twisted snake rushed near six arms dancing cold light flashing six snake sword torn gas staggered towards nine heavy kill!
Jiuzhong naturally can’t sit still and fight each other, and the two fierce ghosts are dancing like the wind and defending as solid as gold. If you attack six arms, you can’t hurt Jiuzhong!
During the dogfight, both of them could not help secretly surprised!
The recent surprise is that she now has six arms to urge weapons to attack at the same time, which is equivalent to three people cooperating with others to attack at the same time. Even so, it is still impossible to break him and defend him. How powerful is Gu Wu’s attainments? !
And Jiuzhong is also secretly surprised and drives six arms to attack at the same time. For ordinary people who are used to two arms, they can’t control their arms. Although they have increased, they are only superficial. The effect is not as good as two arms! But recent love seems to be a person with six arms, and she can manipulate six arms to attack at will. This is not simply that one plus one equals two. Her ability to manipulate six arms is definitely much more powerful than the effect of three people together!
This is him. Otherwise, others will be overwhelmed and will be stabbed into a sieve by six snake swords in an instant!
"The chick is quite powerful ~!" Nine heavy playing while flirting tone with recent quipped.
"The hype! !” Butterfly Love Flowers, Six Snake Swords, Flying like a waterfall, rowing like a sky, falling stars, covering the four fields and attacking Jiuzhong. "You are not bad either. You are still the first man when my demonization can last for so long!"
"It’s no problem to fight another 300 rounds!" Nine-fold fists, quick dancing, heavy dancing, a boxing curtain, and all the tricks are blocked. "But I’m too lazy to fight with women. Although this six-armed body is fierce, it’s impossible to beat me! At first glance, you are a clever woman. Be good and stop and give up. !”
"I can’t see that you are fierce on the battlefield, but you are still a kind of lover ~!" I’ve been flirting with Jiuzhong, but I haven’t slackened my efforts. Attacks are tight like waves, fast like waves. I want to kill Jiuzhong. "I won’t stop to see what you can do to me ~? !”
"Then don’t blame me, I’m in a hurry! !” Nine eyes suddenly flashed off for several consecutive punches and then suddenly punched "Xuanwu shock!" !”
The explosion of "Xuanwu Earthquake" will instantly smash a piece of bluestone ground nearby into a depression and crack, and the butterfly flower will suddenly lose its balance!
Jiuzhong seized this opportunity, hungry and pouncing on food, and suddenly burst through the butterfly flower to reveal a flaw. Six-arm defense rushed to the butterfly flower, and his arms reached through the armpit of the butterfly flower, and then the hook locked the six arms of the butterfly flower and held the butterfly flower in his arms!
"ah!" Although the six arms are locked, her forearm can still move because of the relatively backward lock position, so she twisted her wrist and stabbed nine times in the back with six snake swords. "If you let go, I will stab you to death!"
"You literally you plunge into! As far as you are concerned, damage per second may have it for others, but you can’t succeed if you want to stab me to death for an hour! " Nine times, its own defense is scary, and now that Xiao Wang is in a state of fit, the defense is even more exaggerated. He is not exaggerating. If he wants to stab him to death, he really needs to work hard!
Therefore, Jiuzhong is afraid of stabbing himself in the back and jumping out of the wall to stop outside the city!
"The sacred what are you doing? !” Recent struggling exclaimed, "aren’t you passionate about jade?" You will definitely not be willing to kill a woman, especially a beautiful woman like me! "
"You’re right. I don’t like and I won’t kill a woman, especially a beautiful woman like you! But …! " Jiuzhong Hehe smiled. "If you break free from my shackles and fall from such a high school, you will accidentally fall to my death ~!"
Recent smell speech quickly stopped struggling face flushed, annoyed and afraid of looking at the nine heavy "hum I don’t move now, I see how can you not be careful ~? !”
"Hey … that’s too easy ~!" Nine heavy say suddenly bowed their heads and occupied the recent flame lips!
"Well …! !” The thought of red lips being attacked by recent butterflies can produce resistance, and the six-armed snake sword is once again stuck in the nine-fold back!
"oh! !” Nine exaggerated screams, a muzzle of recent flowers, hands loose, recent flowers lost their support, and suddenly they fell freely to the ground!
"Ah-Fang Sheng, how dare you do this to me? You wait for me to talk to you forever! !” Die Lian Hua screamed and fell to the ground, and the little blood left was instantly cleared and died!
Nine heavy meaning is still licking your lips. "Gee, what an attractive beauty! What a pity!" But this can’t blame me. You accidentally fell and died! "
"Attack attack! How dare you do this to my sister? You kill her! !” Seeing that Butterfly Lovers fell from Jiuchong’s arms and died in the city, Tianwanggong immediately screamed and ordered the players to attack Jiuchong!
When the left and right mages and archers saw the nine flaws, it was really an opportunity to kill him while he was ill, but there was a bonus of 100 thousand!
Thinking of these players, they can’t help but have a bloody brain, magic and flying feathers, and a colorful torrent rushes towards the nine-fold, hitting the target and completely drowning the nine-fold!
"Wow hit hit hit the sacred! This time he’s finished and dead ~! !”
"Is I kill is I kill sacred! !”
"Bullshit! How can you kill a melee profession? Can you kill it? I killed Fang Shengfen! !”
Chengtou Holy Alliance players compete for each other’s merits!
"With you … also want to kill the old? !” At this moment, the nine accents fell in the ears of the players in Chengtou like a bolt from the blue!
These players smell speech immediately a quivering eyes stare like two looking at the outside half smoke looming nine heavy figure exclaimed, "you … you this all die? !”
"White tiger kill! !”
Chapter one hundred and twelve Heroism dry cloud
Nine White Tiger Fists and Ling Pentium rushed to the head of the city, which was unstoppable. All the players in front of them were blown out. The players in the attack center were directly blasted and hung up. Even if they were not killed by a blow, they were blown into the city and finally died!
The Heavenly King was quick to play it by ear. Fortunately, it was difficult to hide behind the battlements, but he was still doomed. He roared to the White Tiger fist and later a figure like a god appeared in the Heavenly King’s head!
After the attack, the heavenly king got up from the ground and looked out of the city. "Um … where are you? !”
"Will … President! Behind you! !” A player seems to avoid the plague, so he is lucky to avoid the nine times. He is far away, pointing to the heavenly king and being fair to the heavenly king.
Pop suddenly turned his head to see nine heavy floating since half fell behind him "you …! !”
"Ghost bully! !” Heavenly King stared his teeth and was about to say malicious words, but Jiuchonggen didn’t give him the chance to directly blast out the double-murderous ghosts. Another new additional skill, "Hundreds of ghosts and tyrants", turned the heavenly king into a hundred shadows, and then he heard the muffled sound of "bang bang bang"!
"ah! !” Jiuchong’s single skill is really too fierce. Hundreds of people have their own equal attack power. At the same time, they encircle a person. What damage per second can achieve is definitely a horrible number. Just because the blood roots of Tianwanggong are not enough, Jiuchong’s skills will be displayed. In an instant, Tianwanggong will let out a scream and die!
Although Heavenly King Gong had already died on the first day, he had to put his nine skills to good use. He abused Heavenly King Gong for five seconds and made a thousand punches until the skills stopped and the ghosting disappeared. Then look at Heavenly King Gong’s body, which was already bloody and his bones were shattered and twisted like a pool of mud. It was a shocking boxing pit!
In fact, it’s a relief that the heavenly king died early, otherwise it would be worse than death if he didn’t die!
As soon as the boxing situation stopped, the body of the Heavenly King fell to the ground and fell to the ground. Nine times, I reached out and grabbed the neck of the Heavenly King, and I jumped half-faced to the Heavenly King City to gather gas and was about to shout loudly, but suddenly the system rang!
"Ding, congratulations to the player for the sacred extermination of np evil forces for 500 times. The condition has been successfully achieved. The professional skill has been acquired by’ bandits’ and’ heroes’-heroism and dry clouds"

Naturally, it is impossible for the holy alliance side to let the hell’s crazy flower war troops succeed in their intentions. When they see them, they first approach the Chengtou heavenly king stallion and order the holy alliance war troops to stop them!

The 500,000 troops of the Holy Alliance roared past the Tianchengtou, and the instant hell’s crazy flower riding corps encountered both sides. Naturally, no one was polite to anyone, and they fought fiercely together as if they were jealous when they met an enemy!
"Kill! !”
"Kill! !”
As soon as the two sides came into contact with the battle, they entered a white-hot stage. The scene was extremely tragic. The blood and dead bodies of both players were "sparse" from half falling like rain and hail!
As soon as the fighting forces of the two sides collided together, the ground forces of Hell Blossom also went to the Heavenly King City and the Holy Alliance People’s Exhibition to fight and kill!
Hell’s crazy flower arrows force ten thousand arrows to block the city’s first guarding city players and cover other siege troops! Cover other legions in the arrow army and bombard the wall of Tianwang City!
Two thousand Tyrannosaurus knights of the Iron Cavalry Corps are still furious today. They are armed to the teeth and hit the wall of the King of Heaven crazily! The Iron Blood Legion, the Flower Protection Legion and the Wanfa Legion are also the central firepower bombarding the city wall. The gorgeous magic of the Legion forms a huge colorful pouring on the wall of Tianwang City!
The two sides are in full swing!
At this time, Jiuzhong has concealed the stealth function and concealed his body shape. He sneaked into the Heavenly King City and came to the heart of the city!
Jiuzhong immediately sent a signal to the ground worker, "Do it! !”
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Indiana Jones outstanding
"OK ~!" After receiving the nine-fold signal, the ground worker hurriedly told the other four groups of brothers in place to wait for orders, "Brothers, start work! !”
"Cha cha … hua hua! !” Five groups of people were ordered to immediately divide their heads by three and five, and destroy the bluestone slabs with a thickness of less than one foot! [br/ > "Done!"
"Done!" After four groups of troops successfully destroyed the resurrection point, they came to the local workers for good news!
The digger said, "Withdraw! !”
I sent a message to Jiuzhong, and then the local workers and 35 other miners fished out a scroll back to the city from their backpacks, fell to the ground, and a dazzling light lit up and went straight back to the misty city!
The war has broken out, and five resurrection points in Tianwang City are running, and the magic circle is flashing, and players are constantly dying and resurrected from the magic circle!
At this time, a group of players in five resurrection points have just been resurrected and are about to rush out of the resurrection point to support the front line. Who knows that one foot has just been lifted and the other foot suddenly feels that the foot has been planted in the hole on the resurrection point!
The digger brought these miners with thoughtful thoughts, and he knew that once they destroyed the resurrection point, players who had just been resurrected would definitely fall off the surface without being attacked by these people. They dug a big pit on the surface of the resurrection point, and they hid in the hole on the side of the pit to destroy the resurrection point!
As soon as the resurrection point was destroyed, the player fell from the ground and fortunately fell into the pit of the resurrection point!
"I depend on what’s the matter? What happened? !” The player who fell into the pit looked up hastily and finally saw the big hole at the top of the pit, and then saw the hole in the side of the pit wall. He snickered while looking into the pit with his probe. The hell crazy flower miner suddenly realized, "Mom, it’s not good for someone to play tricks and destroy the resurrection point in the city! !”
Most simple-minded players swore at the Hell Wild Flower Miner when they learned that they were overcast, but some cool-headed players immediately called to report the matter to their president!
The president of the fifty-four alliance in Chengtou is in the rear of the array. Suddenly, someone in the group of presidents has a voice call. After listening to it, his face suddenly changed to Tianwang Gong and he reported, "The leader is not good. Someone has destroyed the resurrection point in Tianwang City! !”
"What? !” Heavenly Kings gave a stamp to scold a way: "Mom must be the sacred bitch who ordered people to destroy this little girl. It’s so fucking insidious to play dirty with the public! !”
Compared with the heavenly king, he was very calm and asked, "How many resurrection points have been destroyed? !”
"Five places are destroyed! !”
When the heavenly king heard that he had no idea to ask for help, "what about my sister?" As soon as the resurrection point is destroyed, we will all become disposable. It is too bad for us to kill one and one less! "
"Oh, I came up with a way to destroy the resurrection point. I didn’t expect you to learn it so soon. You are really quick to learn ~!" Recent rich in meaning smiled "don’t worry we still have a chance! Although I can’t come again to rebuild the resurrection point, isn’t our city’s array not destroyed? Tell the players who have been sent to other cities to return to Tianwang City through the city’s array to continue fighting! !”
"Good … good!" Heavenly King Gong quickly shouted to all players of the Holy Alliance through the Alliance Channel, "Attention all players, the resurrection point in our city has been destroyed by the crazy flowers of hell and can’t be resurrected in the city! However, you are not worried that our city will be resurrected in other cities after death. Players can return to Tianwang City through the city to continue fighting! !”
"Idiot!" When I heard the propaganda of Heavenly King Gong, my eyes stared at me. "You just told the players who were resurrected in the unified city that they could return to Heavenly King City through the city. Why did you tell everyone that the resurrection point in the city was destroyed? Isn’t this shaking the morale of the army? !”
"Ah … this …!" Tianwanggong also knew that he was wrong and embarrassed, but he still argued strongly in words, "Anyway, it is better to let them know that they are mentally prepared before they die!"
“……!” The butterfly is in love, the eyebrows are locked, and no more talking!
In front of the heart of Tianwang City!
"Hey … it’s time for a big meal ~! !” I received the good news from the local workers, and the corners of my mouth were raised, revealing a bit of excitement and laughter. At the moment, my hands shook, and the fierce ghosts burst through the brake and burst into flames!
Nine-fold body, half-fierce ghost, three thousand feet of fire, completely submerged the package and condensed it into a statue, half black and half red, which covered the heart of the city, and the whole sky was like Mount Tai!
"… thousands of meteor showers! !” Nine-fold fists, such as mans combo, instantly hit thousands of punches, like a hammer with a handle, like meteors covering the sky, with the destruction of the sky and the terrain stirring in the middle and killing the ground in an instant!
"Boom boom! !” In a thunderous noise like a string of beads, the whole Tianwang City seemed to be shaking. A thousand-killed meteor shower covered a ground area, and all the players were smashed into a paste!
The skill lasted for ten seconds before it finally dissipated. Look at the horror boxing pits all over the ground near the city center and being awakened by the flesh and blood of the players. It’s like a blood pool hell!
At the end of the blow, the nine-fold floating body fell from the center of the city, and a virtual door with a ring of fingers appeared "greatly big! The girls are all out to work! !”
With the nine-stress virtual door soaring wildly, a huge door with a height of 1000 meters and a width of 500 meters is instantly transformed!
"boomed! !” The virtual gate is stationed in the tenth floor of hell and is already ready to attack at any time. The elite troops of 100,000 hell-crazy flowers are surging out of the door like a tiger!
First of all, 1,500 Tyrannosaurus knights rushed out from the virtual door like evil spirits in hell, and rushed into the player array of Tianwang League guarding the city heart without stopping for half a minute.
Tyrannosaurus rex’s body is like an indestructible chariot, and it is unstoppable in the holy alliance players’ array. In an instant, the holy alliance players formed a battle array and were rushed to pieces!
These 1,500 Tyrannosaurus Knights didn’t stop to give full play to their indestructible advantages after breaking through the enemy lines, and they ran around the Heavenly King City to create chaos!
These are all instructed by Jiuchong before Tyrannosaurus Knights are now carrying out Jiuchong’s orders!
After the Tyrannosaurus Rex Knights, a team of 1,000 men rushed out. Although it was a team of 1,000 men, their powerful war momentum was comparable to that of thousands of troops!
This 1,000-person squad is the ace team directly under Jiuchong, which has created a miracle of 100,000 people. Now, in Huaxia District, people don’t know whether they are dragons and enchanters!
Dragon Magic Team and Enchant Magic Team rushed out of the virtual door and scattered like smoke and flowers into the holy alliance players’ array. In the shadow of swords and swords, the holy alliance players lost their blood everywhere!
Previously, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Knights, at the moment, both the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team were overwhelming, but it gave people a completely different feeling!
Tyrannosaurus Rex is a sacred alliance player with overwhelming force. It is a sense of strength to face the tyrannosaurus rex.
But the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team have an overwhelming sacred alliance of Wushu. Players can’t face it. The hearts of the two teams are full of shock, fear, despair and other negative emotions!
Relatively speaking, the biggest psychological impact on the holy alliance is not the Tyrannosaurus Knights, but the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team!
The two major teams are also like the Tyrannosaurus Knights to disrupt the enemy lines and let them form a large-scale group offensive!
With the emergence of these two vanguard troops, hell has spent hundreds of thousands of elite troops and finally the King’s Landing City!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Broken city
The 100,000 people stationed in the nine-tier and ten-tier hell were carefully selected from the regular army of 2.5 million people who spent a lot of money in hell. They are the best in both rank and combat skills. They are absolutely elite!
Hell spends 100,000 elite troops. After the head of the six armies leads out ten levels of hell, the fastest position is not the attack formation but the defensive formation. A huge iron barrel formation is formed in the center of the city center of Tianwang City. The blood-thick anti-height forces such as the Iron Army Corps and the Iron Wall Corps defend the sacred alliance. In the attack, the Wanfa Army is the first main attack force. They have one, that is, bombarding the city center of Tianwang City at all costs!
The appearance of the phoenix dance immediately gave the order, "All players of the Wanfa Legion listen to the target city heart attack! !”
Zhou Dingguo also succeeded in the Iron Corps players roared, "Listen to the old man. No one is allowed to come in. There are girls behind us! Is it white? !”
"white! !” Not only the Iron Blood Corps, but also other corps players, if men burst into wild beasts, they will swear to guard the Meimei Corps behind them!
As soon as the phoenix dance made the players of the Wanfa Legion explode all kinds of magic, pouring all kinds of magic into the heart of the central city, and the effort of the city of Tianwangcheng suddenly lost rapidly!
All the people came out of the ten levels of hell, and a ring closed the virtual door, then jumped into the middle school and looked around to find the target that could be attacked. Suddenly, I found that there was a magic circle shining in the square, and there were always one vote, one vote people coming out of it!
"Depend on how I really pig brain forgot this quarrel! Cities have to be destroyed, or they can come back when they are resurrected in other cities! !” Nine times patted his forehead and walked with flying steps towards the square!

The seven-color Xuan seal suddenly disappeared from Chen Han’s fingertips, which is exactly the unique Xuan seal of Mahayana period, but it has not been necessary before.

After all, the high-order Xuan seal consumes five elements of Xuan gas, which is also more unnecessary. There is no reason to wave, but for such a five-robbery scattered fairy, a weakening may create more opportunities for itself.
"Looking for death!"
Jisa’s face became cold. It was this strange seven-color character seal that made him mobilize the real yuan and weaken the speed by 50%. It was even more irritating that even the imperial ability disappeared.
You can’t fly, but you can run away with two legs and tell his face?
Do not repent!
I don’t know how to advance and retreat!
This kind of person is not worthy of death. He has never retained the fairy sword and turned it into a changhong tear.
The forbidden seal of Yuan Dynasty not only failed to weaken the effect, but was supplemented by the increase of Yuan’s painstaking efforts. At this time, the attack power was stronger than that in the normal peak period. If Chen’s cold rose two times and reached the middle of Mahayana, Yuan Shen was one step stronger than the person who fixed the truth in the same order. He knew how to lock the other side’s sword light.
Too soon!
If this blow directly hits the body, even if there is a magic weapon in the armor, you have to take off a layer of skin, and both sides are not at the same level.
The arrow is imminent and he has to send it. He has no choice but to bite his teeth and meet it.
Don’t hurt the enemy, but protect yourself.
There is no true element in the Dao style, and all true elements form the third defense on the body surface. Naturally, the first two layers of defense are two pieces of defense fairy devices controlled by two different repair bodies, which is also the only life-saving money for him against Jisa.
Booming …
Virtual seems to collapse instantly, and the world is overturned. Even if it is so stable, it has been torn by several dark cracks.
Then all those cracks near the center were broken
Strong anti-seismic force strikes and breaks through the first layer of armor, and 30% of the strength is removed. So is the second layer of armor. The third layer of true yuan defense has failed to stop even half of it, and the remaining firm but gentle immortal force has blasted into the body, flying backwards like a cold meteor, and spitting out a big mouthful of blood in the middle.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
JiSa actually retreated more than ten steps in a row. The attack power of the other side is weaker than his own. Nearly two opponents make it a magic weapon for the defense of the Chinese fairy device itself. It is also the theory of the Chinese fairy device. How can you retreat ten steps in a row after three steps of anti-shock?
Only then did he find with horror that the defense force of the magic weapon armor worn in his body inexplicably became the level of the first magic weapon
Not only the magic weapon of defense, but also the defense of one’s own body and the defense of protecting the body and fairy power have dropped to a higher level.
Yes, it’s that damn seal!
He immediately guessed that Chen Han had just launched Xuanyin, which was the broken golden seal corresponding to Mahayana period.
In no more than a big realm, the opponent’s defense magic weapon will be directly reduced by one level. In the first level, the fairy becomes the first fairy, and the first fairy weakens the extremely clever. This kind of mysterious seal is the only one that has no hierarchical distinction. If it does not exceed a big realm, the defense magic weapon will be weakened by one level, and it will not be weakened by different strengths.
However, while weakening the magic weapon of defense, the defense of physical body and energy is divided according to the strength, and there is a poor 20% weakening of the five robberies and scattered immortals.
If you change to the Mahayana mid-fix-true, the defense of the body and the body will be weakened by at least one time.
"Your cultivation skills are very strange and strong, but your realm is too low. It is not my opponent who is destined to die in my hands today!"
"Then try it."
Chen Han was hit by a blow flying thousands of meters and broke many towering trees. The sword just now has caused his arms and bones to crack, and his internal organs and body meridians have been traumatized.
Of course, compared with the original five-color imperius robbery, the power of the last blow is still much worse, and it has caused a heavy blow to him.
"Then I can satisfy your dying wish!"
"The mysterious arrow-Yuan Chen!"
Yuan divine power condensed gas arrows shot out at the same time, Chen Han’s body suddenly flashed and broken, and the virtual was not teleportation, but the magic of rushing thunder body was broken
The distance between the two people is more than 1000 meters, and even if the sunset breaks through to the middle of Mahayana, it will not be more than 200 meters.
Three times!
The continuous crushing of the virtual force from the sub-huge pressure will still do harm to the fairy with a great increase in physical defense and a medium defense
The first three times of continuous display will make him take off a layer of skin. Now, it has been fully displayed for six times before the body skin bursts. At the same time, Jisa launched the sword light method to track the target, and he was behind him thousands of meters away, and he also appeared behind Jisa.
No defense!
Force attack!
In the condensate seal, the growth rate of the weak true element is doubled, and the attack of the original element is enhanced by nearly one order.
A flying sword of a Chinese fairy whistling and chopping clouds and combating Dao hacked Jisa’s legs at the same time under the control of pure power. This time, he did all the attacks, and Jisa’s new power was not born. At most, he could mobilize three realities and fell to about 20% again under the influence of Yuan God’s attack.
Even this twenty percent attack fact is not much worse than Li Yangli’s blow, but how small can Chen Han’s desperate attack power be?
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The continuous explosion followed, and the attack power of the two men was almost the same.
After being weakened by the broken gold seal, that suit can play the role of the first fairy. Ji Sa can’t help but face drastic changes. "Bastard! Are you looking for death? "
"That’s right, haha …"
"get out!"
Ji Sa vomited blood and was obviously shocked. The anti-shock key was that the armor of the first fairy was attacked by the floating sword of the middle fairy, which greatly enhanced the anti-shock of the flesh.
The damage of both sides is almost the same. The defensive fairy and strong flesh in the two layers of Chen Han are naturally not subject to anti-shock.
However, the sword light previously launched by Jisa was nullified.
Chen Han cast a hard blow. Before Ji Sa’s trauma, he had to bear the shocking blow. His own attack and hard block would be injured. It is conceivable what would happen if he hit the body directly.
Chapter 362 Survival from the dead

"If you lead the way well, you can spare your life. If you dare to play tricks, I will kill you directly!" A cold drink Feng Li suddenly felt a quiver darling in front to lead the way.

"Dare not dare"
Feng Li regretted it in his heart, but he didn’t dare to resist. He first handed over all his bags and magic weapons and then took Xia Qi to his shop.
Feng Li store is not very big, but it is full of beautiful things, some low-order magic weapons and Dan medicine, and so on, which add up to great value.
Speaking of this shop, Feng Li and five monks killed by Xia Qi ganged up some things to get up such a shop.
I thought that there was such a shop in Feng Li, but there were more than a dozen hands. Now there are also five hands left after the pillaging and accidental death. Now it is even more taken by Xia Qi, and it will be returned to Xia Qi along with the old people.
Now life is in the hands of Xia Qi. Feng Li dare not hide anything. Everything that has been profitable and pillaged in this shop for decades has been handed over to Xia Qi.
"It seems that you have not done less things on weekdays!"
Put things away Xia Qi is secretly horrified in my heart, not to mention the other is Lingshi, which is also more than five million! How many monks should Li Feng and his gang have killed?
"It’s really lucky to be able to hold Feng Li today."
Xia Qi has some thanks to Dan Lin in his heart at the moment. If it weren’t for Dan Lin’s appearance, Xia Qi could deter Feng Li with Dan Lin’s help. I’m afraid even though it is a five-story Feng Li in the base period, it will cause Xia Qi big trouble!
Such pillaging monks are cruel one by one, and their strength is often stronger than that of killing them. Just like this Feng Li has five floors in the base period, but Danlin’s six-storey monk in the base period is no match!
Xia Qi although fierce, but can so easily take Feng Li by identity and just treat Dan Lin fierce will Feng Li subdue.
More than five million Lingshi Department collects some valuable cloth, and Xia Qi also collects all the things put in the shop. I plan to replace them with Lingshi to arm myself.
Add up the rich unexpected wealth this time, Xia Qizu has tens of millions of lingshi, so the strength of Xia Qi needs a step!
Although there is still little hope of fighting against the monks in the then period, going is also a strength
"Go and replace these things with lingshi."
Xia Qi didn’t kill Feng Li. He has made a big difference. At the moment, he blocked Li Fengxiu and let Feng Li follow him like a person.
"Uncle Lin Xia Qi is here. You must let me be the master!"
Xia Qizheng is going to take Feng Li to change everything into Lingshi. I never thought that Dan Linyin was full of hatred outside the shop at this moment.
Then it was Dan Lin who damaged the shop door and entered the shop.
Leading one person with a beard looks very fierce. It’s Lin! Behind him are Dan Ling and Dan Lin, a monk with a gray robe and an elixir period.
"Xia Qi! It’s a terrible crime to kill my fellow students! Now that Uncle Lin is here, I think you are arrogant! " Dan Lin’s eyes are full of profound hatred, which makes him lose face in front of everyone, doesn’t it make him feel bad?
"Seen ShiShu" was calm. Xia Qigen didn’t have Guan Danlin’s light on Lindau.
"Xia Qi killed the same door and didn’t plead guilty quickly?" Dan Lin’s face is usually full of pride, and Dan Ling is standing behind Lin at the moment with a face of schadenfreude, but it is a serious roar and a dignified ratio!
"get out! But I, the Godsworn of the Foundation Period, am qualified to take care of my affairs from the same generation? " Danling’s gloating expression was completely solidified by Xia Qi’s drink before it lasted long!
There is no mercy for Danling Xiaqi. Anyway, this experience is either your death or mine. Godsworn can be brothers and sisters of the same generation, so it is not qualified to take care of Xiaqi.
"Don’t dare to talk about it when you are dying!" Face changes Danling finally didn’t bother to look at Xia Qi with a wave of his sleeve.
Standing next to Danling, the monk in the gray robe and then period also had a cold flash in his eyes.
He is the patriarch of Danfeng, who gave a miracle. This time, he was ordered by Danfeng to slay Xia Qi to protect Danling. Danling is also the youngest master of six alchemists in the sect. He also wants to please Danling. Now he sees Danling humiliated one after another. Naturally, his heart is full of murder.
"How do you explain Xia Qi?"
Lin finally spoke to him about Xia Qi. Although he felt sorry for offending the patriarch in his heart, he would not live long, but he still had some appreciation for Xia Qi in his heart and had no plans to turn a blind eye to Xia Qi.
But today, Lin is doing nothing.
Can you kill your cousin or be in front of many monks?
"This person named Li Feng wanted to take my life and the stone because of his wealth, and I finally fell to Dan Lin and said that the same door was mutually destructive. I want to ask Dan Lin today!" Xia qi nodded to Lin and then slowly mouth.
"Dan Lin!"
Xia Qi looked at Dan Lin with a turn and a folded drink, and looked at Xia Qiru to explain that Dan Lin’s face changed at the moment, but he was stunned by Xia Qi’s momentum and stepped back!
"Dan Lin, since you are my stuff, I ask you to see me pursue my life. Feng Li is trying to shelter Feng Li for me without stopping? How dare you accuse me of such an act? I think you have bad intentions. I’m afraid you are Feng Li’s partner trying to kill me! "
Xia Qi, the imposing manner, pressed Dan Lin step by step, blanched and retreated again and again, and was scared by Xia Qi to face blood and dare not confront!
The situation reversed in an instant!
Aggressive, but for a moment, I turned pale and my eyes were frightened!
"You … you’re a dirty lie!"
After being cornered, Dan Lin finally came to his senses. His body trembled and he shouted!
Next to Danling and the monk in the gray robe, the face was dull. I didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly, and I didn’t expect Danlin to be so unbearable! At the front, Lin’s eyes flashed a little appreciation for Xia Qi.
I’m not afraid to reverse the situation in a crisis, but only a few words. This is a great talent!
"Is this true in Feng Li?"
In fact, Lin’s heart is already white. This Dan Linxian is stupid and has suffered an accident, but at the moment, he can also blame Dan Linxian for being too unbearable to Feng Li and asked.
How dare Li Fengru lie in the face of a monk at the peak of the golden elixir period? Whitened is to explain things out in wronged Dan Lin but also don’t have the guts.
Fact 1: When Dan Lin broke into the house, Feng Li thought about reversing black and white and wrongly accusing Xia Qi of uniting Dan Lin. However, the performance of Dan Lin made Feng Li completely dispel this idea.
"Well, in that case, this matter is a misunderstanding, so forget it!"
Lin also has no interest in continuing to stay and look at Feng Li, who has been swept by Xia Qi’s eyes. Dan Lin’s light mouth is then ransacked by Xia Qi from here.
Dan Lin was swept by Lin and shivered slightly until Lin left. Then he took a look at Xia Qi and followed him away from this shop.
Dan Lin and the grey robe then monk also followed behind Lin.
"It’s a pity that you did well just now. It would be more perfect if you could wronged Dan Lin."
Xia Qi eyes swept Feng Li smiled and then took the lead in leaving this shop, leaving nothing in the broken shop.
Feng Li also dare not speak with a wry smile and follow Xia Qi behind him.
Just now, Feng Li really wanted to please Xia Qi and simply wronged Dan Lin as an accomplice with him, but when he saw Lin’s eyes, Feng Li didn’t have the courage. He was also afraid that Lin would hear himself say that collusion with Dan Lin would take him away from Xia Qi and then he would really dig a grave for himself.
It’s much easier to have Feng Li dispose of some things in Feng Li store in Xia Qi and replace them with Lingshi. After all, Feng Li knew many monks when he was in the store in the demon city on this day.
From ancient times to modern times, there are few shopkeepers who are as sad as Feng Li. They have to do their best to change things in their shops into others’ lingshi, and they dare not slack off at all.
By the evening of that day, everything in Feng Li’s shops was completely replaced by Lingshi for nearly two million.
Now Xia Qi has robbed seven million Lingshi in Feng Li and millions of Lingshi in Dan Yao. There are twelve million Lingshi in it!
Although such a huge number of lingshi is calculated according to lingshi, it is also very frightening enough for Xia Qi to increase his combat power by ten percent!

The table sheltered a group of girls, and they finally felt at ease. They just ate a little half full, and now they can continue to eat again at the maid’s table.

After a while, the second seat ended, and the white jade table gradually sank. Then a small jade table filled with all kinds of water rose. When people saw this scene, they all sat down next to the jade table a few steps ago and enjoyed the delicious water on the table.
This time, everyone has a maid to wait on them. They are responsible for picking the water and sending it to everyone’s mouth one by one. It is absolutely imperial treatment.
To be honest, it is not suitable for Ye Tian or other girls to be served like this, but there is no denying that everyone feels very served.
After eating for a long time, Ye Tiankou said, well, let’s continue the topic just now. Heidi, there are six people left in the dance company, so don’t you need to add it?
Stubborn shook his head, Heidi flatly said, no, we don’t need to add. We have all been trained together since childhood, and we are familiar with each other. Even if there is one sister left, we don’t need to add one person.
Frowned, Ye Tian flatly said, Well, if you don’t add, you won’t add.
Speaking of which, Ye Tian turned to look at Lenny. Lenny, what about you?
I looked puzzled at Ye Tianlai Lenny. I don’t seem to need a partner to sing here. If you can get me a band with enough grades, I will come myself.
Smiling and shaking his head, Ye Tiankou said that the lead singer is enough, but don’t you need a backup singer?
Lenny couldn’t help frowning when he heard Ye Tian’s words. I don’t know what you said was a backup singer. I haven’t heard of it. Can you explain it?
This frowned hesitantly. Ye Tian simply explained what a backup singer is. Listening to Ye Tian, Lenny lit up his eyes with excitement and gasped. Do you mean to find some songs for me to be a backup singer?
Yeah, I nodded. Ye Tiandao, that’s right. That’s what it means. What do you need?
Looking at Ye Tianlai Lenny excitedly, he said, of course I need it, but I’m just a little song. I’m not qualified to be a backup singer for others
Before Lenny could finish, Ye Tian shook his head and interrupted her proudly. What qualifications are not qualified? If I say you are qualified, you are qualified. Now you need to tell me if you need it.
Yes, of course, I need it. I can sing the auxiliary words. The appeal of the song will rise several steps, but can I really sing it? Lenny was excited and worried
Smiling and nodded, Ye Tiankou said, of course, but what about you? You don’t have any good candidates. I can look for them in the slave trade.
The candidate frowned, Lenny said with a wry smile. The candidate is not without facts. The other four girls are collectively called the five days later, and the five of us together are definitely the world’s double singing group.
Speaking of which, Lenny smiled derisively, but we are all on the same page. How can they come to be my backup singer? It’s impossible.
Suddenly raised his head and Lenny said excitedly, if it’s true, I’d like to be their backup singer. If we get together, it will definitely set off a huge wave of singing.
Oh, when I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian’s eyes flashed at Lenny’s five days later. Is that interesting? Are you familiar with them? Will they come if you invite them? I hesitate to look at Ye Tian’s words. Lenny is not sure that we are familiar with them. If I invite them, they may come, but.
But what leaf day asked
Hesitantly looking at Ye Tianlai Lenny with a wry smile, but they are all affiliated with the choir of the Vatican, so that they will not be oppressed. If they want to join, they must first get permission from the Vatican, and secondly, they must be paid a fee.
Finally, Lenny, after all, is the first one to recover. If he is seen, he will be seen. Isn’t it a matter of time? In fact, he will be played by him sooner or later. This is fatalism to resist fate.
Think about Lenny’s efforts to restore calm and be serious about Ye Tiandao. Let’s talk about things. I’ll send a letter to invite them to the Vatican tomorrow, and it’s up to you.
Swallow your mouth, Ye Tian flatly said, No problem. I will get along well with the Vatican. Just ask them to come directly and return the band, and I will set it up as soon as possible.
Yeah, a shy smile. Lenny bit his lip and said shyly, it’s getting late. What are you going to do?
When I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian nodded and got up. It was late, and there were still many things to do. Let’s go home together.
Took a startled look at Ye Tian. In Lenny’s view, Ye Tian must have called everyone here to take the opportunity to occupy their department, and she was ready to be occupied, but now it seems that he didn’t mean it.
Doubt looked at Ye Tianlai Lenny’s heart shaking. In her cognition, men are all strange animals, always taking up one woman’s body after another.
However, Ye Tian is not like this. Although he can see it from his eyes, he is more restrained and doesn’t care that Lenny is ready to be occupied. However, Ye Tian just gave up Lenny’s strange feelings, that is, he was relieved and lost.
Chapter 135 Be happy and don’t think about it.
A group of people changed their clothes and left the hotel. Accompanied by Ye Tian, they first sent the girls back to the training hall, and then Ye Tian accompanied Lenny towards Lenny’s training hall.
The red blood moon hung high on the path of the Intermediate People’s Court, and Lenny walked beside Ye Tian with his head down. Lenny was very blind about his situation.

However, the analysis and analysis of the situation have to wait until the rest is left to face this one, and the two of them can solve the mystery. As soon as they discuss it, they pack up and get ready to leave early the next morning.

It’s also suggested to go to the mountain where he was caught by Li Gang on the way back. Anyway, all the skills left were forced in by that strange man. Jiang Haimei also agreed to this point.
After a fierce battle, the two men finally stopped breathing and hugged lazily. They didn’t want to talk after being tired, but quietly relaxed themselves to enjoy the calm after the storm. The desire subsided quickly after burning wildly, and now the air is fresh and quiet again.
Birds singing came back to the ears of two people, and the crisp sound seemed like ice beads rolling a jade plate, which made people wake up for a long time. Jiang Haimei slowly sat up straight and looked at it. She was still lying on her back in the stone and remembered that she had just shown a blush on her face.
Left to see her get up and twist her neck hey hey giggle Jiang Haimei grumpily white him at a glance to slip into the water to clean himself.
I got up with a skid and saw the lithe and graceful body in the water. Although the desire won’t burn again for the time being, I still want to kiss Xiangze again, but I still urged him to plunge into it.
The remaining water is not very good, and this fierce one is clumsy, and a huge splash is rising, which has soaked more than half of the big stones where they lived just now.
Jiang Haimei giggled on the other side of the pond, but she was suddenly sneaked over, leaving a fierce rush from the water and firmly held it in her arms.
Jiang Haimei didn’t struggle, but stared at this calm reaction with his left eyes. He was still enthusiastic and left a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and short hair with one hand and kept laughing.
All right, stop it. You didn’t eat today. Instead, Jiang Haimei felt embarrassed to say it here, so she gave a big white eye to the rest again before continuing. Let’s go back and don’t let your mother wait at home.
When she said this, she realized that her stomach was already hungry, and she was stuck in the back of her heart. She just picked those wild animals and didn’t care to eat them when he was angry. Now she sings so badly in her stomach. She touched them with a wry smile and soaked them in cold water, and suddenly she whistled, and she swam quickly to the shore, yelling that her stomach was hungry. Go, go, go, I’ll take you back to taste the real delicacies.
These two people are both open-minded and open-minded. Although it happened not long ago, it is more important in life, but since it is your love and my wish, we should not discuss it in depth now, so we should grasp the present happiness and go hand in hand.
Jiang Haimei followed with a giggle. Although the water is poor, it is better than the poor. Then Jiang Haimei followed. After they picked up the messy clothes and got dressed, they hurried back along the road to the mountain village.
When I got home so late, I couldn’t help being scolded by the old man. Because Jiang Haimei was left with a teacher, the old man finally mumbled a few words. Even if they smiled at each other and spat out their tongues secretly, they went straight to the left mother to prepare meals, but they had already lost their appetite. The two of them ate so hard that their stomachs were full that they stopped using chopsticks.
After dinner, two people who just fell in love don’t want to go shopping any more, so they just hide in Jiang Hai’s mansion and make out with each other.
I don’t doubt him if I have my mother left, but she has a teacher left to do it, so after picking up something, I will go home and look for my neighbors to visit my family.
Now it’s inseparable. Two people are hiding in the house, and they don’t say anything, especially the strangeness. They have gained that strange power and a lot of wealth. He can’t hide this strange experience, so Jiang Haimei recounted it in detail.
One Jiang Haimei was joking, but it was only after the performance of hand-crushing that she was dumbfounded to find that she had actually followed a Hercules.
She gently stroked the broken stone left, and the hand couldn’t believe that this was a teenager with an unusual appearance of twenty.
However, after listening to the rest, Jiang Haimei’s eyebrows dropped deeply when she said that she entrusted all those gold bars to the king’s name for exchange. For the underworld middleman, she didn’t know it, but it was inevitable that it would harm people’s hearts. She just entrusted a large amount of wealth to someone who had just met and didn’t know how to exchange cash. Jiang Haimei was deeply worried about this childish way of life. She said her thoughts frankly and felt a little blushing when she left them, but those gold bars were Li Gang’s windfall. In his mind, even if the king didn’t speak morally and fled with money, he wouldn’
Jiang Haimei is very appreciative of the fact that this kind of money is an open-minded character. She cheerfully touched her hand and said that money is a poor kind of money, but don’t trust others so easily. Although the money is a windfall, there is little hope if you give it to someone like this and don’t donate a few.
After listening to nodding, Jiang Haimei’s words made him feel ten points. After a while, they discussed it and felt that there was nothing to visit here. Besides, they also visited their mother. Although they didn’t stay long, they still had a glimmer of hope for the king’s name. They decided that Jiang Haimei would return to Xining the next day to see the situation. Besides, the letter with poison has also been sent to this place. Is it Ma Lu’s intention to harm him or is she kept in the hub? Others are eager to get an answer when they are left.
According to Jiang Haimei’s analysis of Wang Ming’s situation, it’s nothing. Instead, I can immediately know that it’s Ma Lu’s saying that it’s the key left. That situation can be left. It’s the second time that I bumped into her in the office. She didn’t want this embarrassing thing to go. In addition, Ma Lu left a recent resentment against the past to harm a working poor life. It’s absolutely impossible. In another case, Ma Lu was also victimized and benefited by others
However, the analysis and analysis of the situation have to wait until the rest is left to face this one, and the two of them can solve the mystery. As soon as they discuss it, they pack up and get ready to leave early the next morning.
It’s also suggested to go to the mountain where he was caught by Li Gang on the way back. Anyway, all the skills left were forced in by that strange man. Jiang Haimei also agreed to this point.
Chapter 20 First involvement
Just as the two of them packed their bags and prepared to send them the next day, they left their mother and suddenly came home. She mysteriously left her way. I just went to the village of after li and begged him to give you a divination. Old Li said that your life has changed a lot recently. He asked me to take you to meet him and let him find out what the reason is by looking at your body.
He didn’t believe in these fortune-telling divination things except Qian Gen, but it was only after he strangely gained that strange power that he felt that the world was really big. Now that his mother wanted to let himself go, his curiosity about divination was hung up, so he nodded happily and agreed to come.
Jiang Haimei is also very interested in fortune-telling and divination. She doesn’t ask if it’s appropriate to follow her, so she follows her mother to the back of the village.
This Li Lao suddenly moved to this small village a few years ago and settled here. His relatives died, and after building that house, he rarely appeared outside to buy daily life, so the villagers could only see him occasionally.
For this uninvited village head, all the villagers took an observation attitude at first, but several times when they chatted, Li Lao suddenly made a surprise speech. After successfully measuring the weather changes, everyone couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of him. The village head even took Li Lao as a living fairy after Li Lao measured that his daughter-in-law would have a dystocia and gave him several runes to keep him safe and hold his grandson smoothly.
In fact, the villagers don’t know that this Li Lao is famous in China, but he can spend his old age in his hometown. However, he was completely disheartened because the border departments slandered each other, so that others wouldn’t find him, and Li Lao simply chose this beautiful place to live in seclusion.
However, on weekdays, he still can’t bear loneliness, so he shows such a small hand, but he can’t expect to make all the villagers admire themselves. Fortunately, these villagers have no other requirements to ask, but the other promotion and wealth are not popular.
For the only big student left in this village, not only the villagers are caring for him like babies, but even Li Lao has a high opinion of him in his heart. You know, in such a remote place, the level of teachers and the quality of teaching are beyond praise. It is simply impossible to be admitted to the university in such a situation without being diligent and energetic.
Left a line of three people soon arrived at Li Lao’s residence. In the dim light, I could vaguely see that the layout of the house was still very elegant. A large number of household environments in this unique mountain village were scattered in every corner of the house, together with the height and height of some antique collections, which indicated that the old man was out of place here.
As soon as I entered the room, I respectfully called Li Laoyi and Jiang Haimei followed him with a smile.
Li Lao cheerfully took a look at the left. He still appreciated the boy who was improving in manners. Suddenly, his eyes fixed when he swept Jiang Haimei. Then Li Lao got up unconsciously and stared at the beautiful woman in surprise.
Jiang Haimei was extremely impressed by him, otherwise she twisted her fingers and bit her lips, and she felt an impulse to turn around. However, due to his mother’s face and Li’s old age, she could be her grandfather, so it was not good to rashly face her face, so she suppressed her chagrin and endured it.
May be aware of Jiang Haimei look wrong, Li Lao suddenly woke up, staring at a young girl like this, but some old people don’t respect him. Hehe smiled and turned their eyes to the rest of the body, and then smiled cynically. When I was old, I felt that I was going to be buried. I couldn’t help but want to be an apprentice when I saw good materials and beautiful jade.
What Jiang Haimei meant by listening to Li’s old saying was that she wanted to put her brother and praised herself as a good material and beautiful jade from his words. She couldn’t help but stare blankly at the mysterious old man strangely.

Angela’s small body flew into the pool in alarm.

She shouted, "Zhao Xueping is a violent woman again. I want to sue you."
Of course, it was officer Zhao Xueping who did such a bad thing. Today, she was wearing a small vest and shorts, and her feet were cut off with simple sandals. She looked quite right. Zhao Xueping clicked her fist bones. "Angela, are you arrested for wanting to have sex with a minor again?"
Angela said angrily, "We are chatting." When the fox is chatting with the chicken, his saliva will drop. Angela, your mouth is running. "
Angry, Angela splashed Zhao Xueping with water, but Zhao Xueping evaded it lightly and pulled Huo Junzhong away from the swimming pool.
Huo Junzhong said, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I am not a chicken."
"How do you blame me for disturbing you and the blonde?"
Huo Junzhong Nai said, "I didn’t have it with her."
Zhao Xueping said, "There won’t be a beautiful and clean boy like you who will come to Angela soon, and you don’t have the ability to resist her seduction. She used to be a junior high school teacher in Europe, but she slept with half the boys in her class in her first year of teaching. If her father wasn’t an influential Swiss banker, she would have been sent to prison."
Huo Junzhong said, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I won’t be seduced casually. Don’t underestimate me."
Zhao Xueping gave him a white look. "What about the refined gas man? Xing is like this. Zhu Youneng is also a refined gas man. He is not a J and ng worm brain big Se wolf. How good can you be when you mix with him? You must have learned what double major and what kind of flow spells."
Huo Junzhong has the strength to say, "Zhu Daoyou is an exception to the gas refiner."
If you take the image of Zhu You as a gas refiner, then the gas refiner can’t get rid of the image of Se crazy.
Zhao Xueping irate tunnel "I saw Zhu Se Wolf that bastard didn’t know who I met and how to solve the bomb in my body."
Huo Junzhong was surprised and asked, "Officer Zhao jǐng, did Zhu Daoyou have no solution to the bomb in your body?"
Zhao Xueping nodded, "No, the king’s egg is a big Se wolf, but he won’t lie to me."
Huo Junzhong asked again, "Does Zhu Daoyou have any solution?"
"If he can’t solve the problem, he still has to ring the bell. If the bomber kills me, the bomb will disappear."
Huo Junzhong said, "It’s not easy. She’s a senior magician who has been crowned as a bomb. She rebelled against the Magic Association for many years, and the Magic Association couldn’t catch her. Now there are more mysterious aliens around her. I don’t know how powerful that person is. It’s too difficult to kill her."
Zhao Xueping gnashed her teeth and said, "I will kill them. They will humiliate me with blood." After scolding, Zhao Xue Ping thought of one thing. "Wait, do you know the female identity?"
Huo Junzhong said, "I have some interest in magic in the United States." If he doesn’t have anything to do with Wei Er, Zhao Xueping will definitely torture Wei Er to force information. This woman will think of simple, rude and violent sections when solving things.
Zhao Xueping believed his explanation to Huo Junzhong, "You will investigate the case with me one day."
Huo Junzhong was reluctant to say, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I’m not jǐng investigating the case to catch criminals. It’s your workers who always catch people like me. You don’t get paid for your work, but won’t you blush?"
Zhao Xueping turned a deaf ear to his complaints. "You can probably imagine how thick-skinned I am. I have already asked for leave for you. Rest assured, I will apply to the bureau for a bonus to give you a salary. It is * *"
Huo Junzhong said, "It’s not a question of salary, and I haven’t agreed to your request by Zhao jǐng."
Zhao Xueping gave him a white look. "You will agree, won’t you?"
Huo Junfa answered whether he agreed or not, but he didn’t know what he always thought would have bad results. It was like seeing the tragic future with the naked eye.
Moments later, Huo Junzhong nodded dejectedly. "I promise you, but officer Zhao jǐng, you have to do me one thing this time."
"Zhu Youneng" Zhao Xueping knows exactly what he is. "Although I don’t understand why he will recognize me for this, I will do it if I can. The stronger you are, the more convenient it will be for me. By the way, I will give you something for you to take. Haven’t you taken it yet?"
Huo Junzhong shook his head and said, "Not yet. I’ve been very busy recently. Officer Zhao jǐng, what is that?" Zhao Xueping said, "It’s nothing to me, but it may be very valuable to you. When Zhu Youneng acted with me a few years ago, he really wanted it. It should be very valuable to you gas refiners."
Huo Junzhong asked curiously, "Then why don’t you give it to Zhu Daoyou?"
Zhao Xueping didn’t good the spirit way "to want to give him the result that bastard actually took advantage of me to sleep and wanted to take the opportunity that I didn’t give him anything." Huo Junzhong coughed, which should be something that Zhu You could do.
But listening to Zhao Xueping’s tone, Zhu Youneng actually lost it, which is amazing. Zhu Youneng’s ability to look at her eyes can affect the secretion of female body, so that women can throw themselves at themselves automatically if they take powerful hūn drugs. If he is allowed to grope for female body, then he can make the most pure and clean female become the most dissolute and good female.
It’s hard to believe that Zhu Youneng didn’t get to her while she was sleeping, and listening to Zhao Xueping’s tone made Zhu Youneng suffer, which is really fantastic enough.
"By the way, officer Zhao jǐng, what case do you want me to help you with?"
Zhao Xueping looked unhappy and replied, "Bats suck blood. Bats are really * * * I hate bats."
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The fourth volume The fourth chapter vampire bats lead to murder ()
Huo Junzhong left after eating the raw Ri cake. Dr. Li did not stay. After all, in Dr. Li’s opinion, she is still a minor and it is not suitable to stay up too late.
The next day, Huo Junzhong went as usual. The school was in the club activity room. He wanted to check the information about vampire bats.
Yu Xi Qing Zhi said, "We are also searching for information on this matter to see if it is a vampire, but don’t worry about this thing. There are so many messages, and it is difficult to sort out the true and false."
Huo Junzhong asked, "What did you find?" If the door of the club activity room smells fragrant, it will be full of the whole club activity room. Two charming flower monsters wearing professional suits bring in filled tea and coffee.
Huo Junzhong puzzled and asked, "What are you …"
Lian Jing looked up and said, "Don’t you know?"
Huo Junzhong wondered, "I don’t know what?"
Rick said happily, "We have three community tutors."
Huo Junzhong felt that his teeth were a little sore. These two flower demons can follow him more. Not only did they come to school as teachers, but they also got the identity of community instructors. "Who else besides the two flower teachers?"
"It’s me" in the short answer, Wei Er, the secret brother of Huo Junzhong, came in like a pupil who made a mistake.
"Aha," Huo Junzhong said with a wry smile, "Will the school allow such waves with five students and three community tutors?"
The flower demon sisters laughed and said, "The headmaster is very communicative."
There is no need to correct what has happened to Huo Junzhong. Look at Chen Haobo’s stupid eyes and you will know that if Huo Junzhong can’t stay in the club as a teacher, Chen Haobo will come and kill Huo Junzhong.

Du Qi cold hum a move a little anger.

Xia Qi and Gu Yue didn’t participate in the large array, but looked at all this outside the large array. Du Qi had a wish to accept Xia Qicheng’s Du family. Now five immortals have to add thousands of virtual immortals to help the strong, and Liu Du has not taken several people, which makes Du Qi somewhat dissatisfied.
He’s going to use thunder to slay several people in Liu Du and give Xia Qi a shocking scene to let Xia Qi know the gap between him and the immortal!
Du Qi drank too much and ordered all Danzong elites to make moves.
At the same time, the light in Du Qi’s hand flashed, and the original cold light flashing sword disappeared and was replaced by a dark sword with clean dust, but there was no light at all, which was very strange.
"Give me the Five Immortals’ Magic Array!"
Du Qi dominated the gathering of thousands of people in the hands of a dark sword, and a cold sword filled the whole large array of heaven and earth, which seemed to collapse, making Liu Du’s face very uneasy
"Come and join forces at once to urge the canopy umbrella to resist!"
Liu Du drink noodles emerge ferocious color pitfalls.
From this sword, he felt the cold and cold, and there was a will to kill the enemy with their sword, which made Liu Du panic and more angry!
I want him to be a gentleman of the Liu family, and he is also famous in the celestial world. He Lianjin Xian should also salute him honestly and respectfully when he sees him. Now someone is trying to kill him in the world, which makes Liu Du angry like a volcano!
Chapter six hundred and forty See the fairy again
Chapter six hundred and forty See the fairy again
The five immortals cut the magic array!
Five immortals, such as Du Qi and Zhou Ru, who are strong in the realm of the Immortal Sect of the Thousand Immortals, dominate the cloth array, which is powerful and isolated from the world. It is terrible.
Five elements of Liu Du and others are trapped in it.
It’s a good thing that Liu Du is a virtual fairy peak, but his identity is very extraordinary. However, the Liu gentleman has many powerful treasures to protect himself, and he is also safe and sick in the large array for a while
Eye Liu Du protected the thick-skinned bodhi old zu, but watched the rest of the monks in the Five Elements in crisis and immediately greeted Ji Xun and other five immortals to cover their umbrellas to avoid the large array of pitfalls.
The canopy umbrella is covered with golden light, but it is blocked by the canopy umbrella, so it can’t invade the canopy umbrella at all.
However, the sky umbrella protected Liu Du and the thick-skinned bodhi old zu Ji Xun and others, but the eye method immediately entered the sky umbrella-covered range as it was at this time that Du Qi and Zhou Ru had completely launched a large array to strangle them.
Sword light is like a rainbow, firm but gentle is like a tear, cutting every inch inside the large array into pieces, except for the sky, the umbrella and some areas, where Jixun and other five elements of immortals are located, they have suffered severe attacks.
Ji Xun’s pale face kept throwing out sets of array flags while swallowing Dan medicine.
However, regardless of the fierce attack of the Five Immortals’ Demon-slaying Array, these flag roots are covered with a set of flag dust, which makes Ji Xun, who is proficient in other aspects of array law and how much combat power, pale.
When Ji Xun was distressed, a five-element immortal couldn’t support it. With a scream, an immortal turned to blood and fog to explode his bones.
"F * * king! You really dare to kill me, the holy brother of the five elements. When you return to the celestial world, you will be in your monk’s land! " Liu Du roared that he had the heart to help but no power.
The previous contempt for Danzong made him directly enter the large array with the five elements of the strong, and his eyes continued to be in the law. Even he was worried about his life.
"Less must find a way to break the big array or we will all stay here!" Season-bitter with anxiety to Liu Du big drink a way.
Ji Xun’s heart has given birth to a faint regret at this time.
At first, when he learned that there was an opportunity, he spent a lot of means, which made Liu Du choose to follow him to the news, which would be an opportunity for himself to soar once and for all.
However, seeing this trip to the world may not be his opportunity, but a life-threatening trip.
From the time he came to cultivate immortals, he was full of ambition. A group of ants didn’t look in their eyes, but just after arrival, they met the evil fairy hall and let them flee.
Then, in the Five Elements Sect, there was a sudden attack of Xia Qi, which made Lingshi Shenlong drive the Armageddon to kill them for the second time and flee.
This time, I came with confidence and a terrible murder to avenge the destruction of Danzong.
However, I never thought that this time I fell into the same situation twice.
What’s more, this time is even more sinister than the two times, because despite the mess, there is not much life-threatening and the eyes are full of danger!
Even the immortals in the same world have fallen by two!
The Five Immortals’ Magic Array has more than six five-element monks.
In addition to Liu Du and the thick-skinned bodhi old zu, there are four people who are genuine immortals with eyes. Even though they are immortals, they are also in a mess and their lives are worrying.
But Du Qi just killed a fairy in the middle of strength, but let Ji Xun and others take this opportunity to meet four immortals, Liu Du, in a place where they hid under an umbrella for the time being.
"The attack is not enough. Give me Dan medicine!"
Du Qi looks feminine like a woman, but she is very decisive. At this time, I saw that the five elements of Liu Du and others were hiding under the umbrella of the sky, that is, their five immortals had no way to threaten the lives of several people in Liu Du at the moment. Du Qi immediately decided to attack and kept hanging over the umbrella of the sky.
The canopy umbrella looks indestructible, standing still and glittering.
However, in the face of such a stormy attack, even if there is no problem at the moment, covering the umbrella for a long time will certainly break Liu Du’s hiding place.
"I don’t believe you can hide in it and never come out!"
Du Qi spoke coldly and swallowed an elixir, leading a large array of forces to roar toward the canopy umbrella.
The distance has not been involved in Xia Qi and Gu Yue and Jade Bell around him. When they saw this scene, they all breathed a sigh of relief and came close to each other in a flash.
Xia Qi three people didn’t participate in the Five Immortals Magic Array, not that Xia Qi three people didn’t want to, but that the Five Immortals Magic Array was dominated by five people, and Du Qi and five immortals were just right.
If Xia Qi three people want to join the large array, they will become ordinary members of the large array, which is really a bit Lang for Xia Qi three people.
Gu Yue has a hall of evil immortals that doesn’t participate in the large array, but once there is a problem, even if it is a true fairy, it is necessary to stay away.
Xia Qi doesn’t say all kinds of visions, plus the town’s soldiers and strong flesh, and he is not afraid of hard touch.
And the jade bell is not simple. No, her physical strength is outstanding, that is, she is riding a small white body and her strength is even beyond the strength of the jade bell.
Three people have been staying in the distance because they are worried that the Five Immortals will be trapped. Several people in Liu Du are ready to help stop several people in Liu Du from wreaking havoc in Danzong.
But now it seems that Xia Qi’s worry is obviously unnecessary.
The power of the Five Immortals’ Magic Array is poor, which not only trapped Liu Du several people in the large array at this time, but also killed the five elements who came to Danzong this time.
Among the three people, except Blue Moon Fairy, the other two are genuine immortals.
This loss is enough to make Liu Du feel distressed
After all, this is not the fairyland, the fairyland and the fairyland. The fairies grasp a lot here, but the fairyland, even the fairyland, needs to consume several resources, and probably needs the level of the fairy emperor to personally play the channel.
Every immortal in the world is very important, and even the five elements of the immortal world are distressed by death.
"Xia Qi Zongzhu Wuxing Shengzong Tribe Network"
Du Qi dominated the Five Immortals to cut the magic array. It’s easy to see Xia Qi with two women coming over and smiling. With a little pride, he said to Xia Qi
"Du Qi Daoyou is really extraordinary."

It wasn’t long before the police station got a report …

Mu Ming and others were slightly surprised when they reported the address in the TV station, but Cheng Man touched Ba Dao. "We didn’t go there. We had a chance to see the big star …"
Which star do you want to see according to their identity?
Chen Jun and others are also excited. Those stars are on the big screen, but all of them are beautiful. I wonder if the real person is that beautiful?
The place where the police went out was when the TV station Mu Ming and others felt it. There were already many people gathered there, and the police officers quickly set up a cordon.
Mu Ming and Yu Han went over and squatted down to examine a body. This man is a man and see which director his identity card should be.
"The wound has a chest, and the dagger went into the heart and bled to death!"
The deceased was in the room, and someone was called to move the deceased out. Mu Ming checked it carefully again.
"There are too many footprints in the toilet where the team is seriously damaged, so it is not easy to check!"
Cheng Man’s eyes sank and suddenly asked, "It’s easy to wonder if this body has been touched by so many people here!"
Immediately someone came out, one or three people. They Nuo Nuo said, "We have touched this director Chen. We just want to make sure that he is still alive. It doesn’t matter to us …"
The three men are three men, but their eyes are flashing. Cheng Man walked over and said carefully, "Who else but you? And what’s your order? "
The three men thought carefully and said, "I was the first to go in and scream. After that, Lao Wang was the second to come in and Lao Zheng was the third to come in."
The order is all right. Cheng Man’s eyes sank slightly and then he turned around and asked, "So who killed Chen Dao?"
"Not me!"
This is exactly the same answer, but who is this murderer?
Muming tilted his head and swept his eyes. Cheng Man slowly nodded his head. "People are dead, but they have not saved a knife. The murderer’s means is also ruthless. In addition to this fingerprint, it is necessary to compare the fingerprints of these three people."
After Cheng Man waved his hand, the three men put their fingerprints before they left, raised their heads and said, "I wonder if there is anything like this?"
"There’s nothing going on now, but you’d better make a record with our police."
The three men were a little unhappy and avoided trouble or finished talking.
"What are you doing here?"
"What can we do? It’s just recording a program here. Who knew it would be such a bad thing? If we had known this, we would not have come here to do it. This is disgusting! "
The three men glanced at the dead man and said, "He is our director … You can ask them how they are, but I’m sure they won’t say anything nice."
"So this director is not so good?" Cheng Man asked, "I heard that people in your circle have a kind of word that should refer to this director, right?" Do you always like to threaten some small stars …? "
"Yes, I don’t know how many actresses have been killed by him." A woman vomited a sentence next to her and quickly shut up after receiving everyone’s sight.
Cheng Manchao held out his hand and nodded at her. "Come here and I have something to ask you."
I like telling the truth the most now …
The woman was a little surprised, but she came over and said, "Officer, just ask if you have anything."
It’s definitely not a good thing to let her come over at this time. Plus, I have a big mouth just now … It’s really bad luck. If I had known, I would have shut up and died!
"What’s the director’s usual comment?"
After thinking about it, the woman said, "It’s not so good. It’s like catching someone who looks good … Another thing is that both men and women like men who are hot or thin. For example, the actor Qinchuan, who is now popular, has been harassed by this director, but people have refused this director many times because they don’t follow this path."
"For example, the actress who was playing with Qinchuan heard that it was with this director … you know, and then she got a heroine role, which was an instant hit."
Mu Ming and Yu Han squatted on the ground, but these words were also heard in Qinchuan … Isn’t that Qinchuan?
I told you that the entertainment circle was messy. I didn’t expect that he had just come in here and suffered harassment. Muming’s eyes sank a little, and Gu Jingke just saw her coming with a slight frown.
"If you are worried, go and see him." Although the little girl likes her.
Mu Ming shook his head and bowed his head to do things seriously. "He chose this road himself and now he can’t go back, so let him make a good break."
"Officer, do you think it was Qinchuan who killed the old man? He and the actress are here, and … I heard that there was an argument just now. If not, who else would it be?"
The woman said word for word, "It must be because Qinchuan became angry and then killed the killer. It must be like this!"
Cheng Man suddenly lifted his arm lightly. "The police case is based on facts. We can’t rely on your word, but according to you, Qinchuan is indeed suspected."
So people around you commented that "Qinchuan’s kid really shouldn’t do such a thing. Although he heard a dispute before, he also saw Qinchuan walk out of the room."
Someone said that Cheng Man frowned and said, "Chen Jun will bring Qinchuan to me!"
"He’s in the studio …" Someone said thank you for taking the stairs quickly and looked at the map to find someone.
At this time, someone kept muttering, "I also saw that Isa coming out of it at that time. Do you think it could be her?"
"Who is Isa?" After Cheng Man half narrowed his eyes, he tilted his head and asked, "Do you know where she is? Bring her here too! "
That woman should have just said that she was killed by a potential actress. Cheng Man turned her head and looked at everyone and said, "Li Yuanyuan will bring me someone!"
About five minutes later, both of them were brought.
Qinchuan smiled coldly when he saw Chen Dao’s death. "This kind of person lives in this world and is filthy!"
These days, this man is really harassing him all the time, but when he sees this director Chen, he is disgusted, not only with women, but also with men, which is disgusting anyway!
It’s great to be dead now!
After seeing Chen Dao’s body, her eyes flashed for a while, she also sneered, "You are right about Qin Chuan’s sentence. It’s really a wave of gas for people to live in the world!"
She felt sick at the sight of this old man, and even more sick at the thought of sleeping with him. She stared at herself from beginning to end before laughing. "Now that people are dead, I will be relaxed."
Never accompany this old man and ugly man again!
Qinchuan eyes swept away and found Muming squatting on the ground. The corners of his mouth shook and he immediately called a "sister …"
Muming raised his head and glanced at him and then hung his head. This boy is still so many people who dare to yell and talk here. It’s really not scheming and shrewd.