At this time, Zhang Zhenhai came in again and said, "When the President informed Director Li Fangzheng, he had already got the news. Now he is coming to Beijing Road, and now he has reached the border of Langfang. I am afraid it will take three hours."

Zhang yi said with a snort of cold, "isn’t he the CIA? He’s the only one who can’t let Cheng Xiao rewelding immediately bring all the information about this incident. I want to listen to their report! The dog said that after such a big thing, he didn’t get a bunch of fools in advance. It seems that it is too comfortable for them to live these days! "
Xu Huaijin whispered, "Instructors should not be too eager. They have an unshirkable responsibility for this matter, but I think they have met their opponents. Otherwise, the anti-reconnaissance system of Tribulus can’t lose so badly!"
Zhang Yi glanced at Xu Huaijin and said, "Nonsense, it must have been Lao Feng’s hand. The world can inadvertently make the thistle plant a big fall, except for Lao Feng, who can’t find a third person at all. Both of them have this ability!"
Mo Ru, the founder of Tribulus terrestris, founded the CIA with his own hands. Tan Feng, a senior brother of Mo Ru, also helped Mo Ru to create Tribulus terrestris greatly. It can be said that the Tribulus terrestris system is as white as paper for both of them, and it is easy to destroy it.
Although the tribulus has changed a lot since Tan Feng left and turned into the CIA for a year and a half, it is almost impossible to finish the transformation, which is why it has left a huge hidden danger!
A twitch in Xu Huaijin’s mouth is not only a dull ache for Zhang Yi, but also for these old brothers. Outsiders all recognize Xu Huaijin as Zhang Yi’s master Zhuge Liang, Zhang Yihu is Zhang Yimeng and Zhang Fei, but the old brothers all know that neither Zhuge Liang nor Zhang Fei is as important as Tan Feng, who is a cloud leader. Tan Feng is the best Zhang Yi and Zhang Yixin in Cang Lang!
Xu Huaijin whispered, "Instructor, during this period, we have been strengthening the infiltration of the Qing court, which is even more important for the situation in Guangdong. Some time ago, Founder just told me that the old peak Guangdong has built a new Cang Lang-the Xiaohu Camp has been nearly two years since it was built, and it is almost taking shape. I think it is impossible to catch all of us unless Laofeng personally launched it!"
"Whistling tiger camp …"
Zhang Yi muttered, "It seems that in the future, Cang Lang will have an opponent!"
Although it was Zhang Yihu who took over the command position of Zhang Yihu’s Cang Lang Brigade at the beginning, it is Tan Feng who has the deepest understanding of Cang Lang training!
Zhang Yihu may be better than Tan Feng in battlefield command, but compared with artillery and special forces training, the whole of China does not do the second person except Zhang Yi, and even Xu Huaijin may not be better than him.
Now Yuan Shikai supports Tan Feng to personally teach this roaring tiger camp, even if it is not generally tough!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Unlucky founder li
Until the beginning of the Hua Deng, everyone was still discussing the deputy director Cheng Xiao rewelding, and the atmosphere in the room was a little boring!
Just when everyone was unhappy, Zhang Zhenhai ran in and said, "President Li Fangzheng, director of the president, has arrived here. Should he come in?"
Zhang Yi angrily said, "Nonsense, let this waste get in here!"
The words sound just fell and founder Li rushed in sweating profusely. This time, he was exhausted and frightened.
Founder Li just finished processing in Tianjin and thought about relaxing in Tianjin for two days before going back to Beijing. Where do you know that Tianjin Branch almost scared his soul? The Guangdong Branch of the Central Intelligence Agency was wiped out by Tan Fengren overnight. * * * * * This is trouble!
A branch is gone like this, and it is second only to Wuchang branch in the Qing court! This president will never let it go. This director is the first to bear the brunt.
Li Fangzheng didn’t dare to stay for a moment. The train from Tianjin to Beijing went straight. Who knows that the train just left Tianjin less than 100 miles away was still out of order. Li Fangzheng was so righteous that he couldn’t break into Wuqing County and directly grabbed a fine horse. He rushed to Beijing and even threw the guards around him aside!
In less than four hours, I rushed to Beijing from the horse. Li Fangzheng felt tired and his legs trembled, but even if he was tired, he had to stand still. He went to the CIA first, and Cheng Xiaoxu had already been recruited into the presidential palace. Li Fangzheng jumped on one.
Then founder Li came to the presidential palace.
When I met Zhang Yi, Li Fangzheng bowed his head with shame and said, "President, I made a mistake. Please ask the president to deal with it with the president!"
Zhang Yi looked at Li Fangzheng with a sneer and a livid face. "It’s good to be a founder. It’s really more and more promising. It’s good that a provincial branch was taken over by others. You didn’t receive any wind at all. It’s good that your intelligence workers are too home …"
Li Fangzheng can no longer bear the enormous pressure, and the whole Guangdong Province is hundreds of’ elite’ English, so once it is lost, it is not a simple pardon, which makes sense.
Founder Li plopped down on his knees and cried, "It’s my fault that the President made mistakes. Hundreds of brothers have been separated from us forever because of my negligence. I’m sorry for these brothers. I ask the President to put me to death and apologize to my brothers …"
Zhang Yi was so angry that he kicked founder Li in an somersault and roared, "I will shoot you now! Are you worthy of your dead brothers? "
Said Zhang yi has pistol "smoke" out from the waist.
Xu Huaijin got a fright, but he couldn’t give himself a director to collapse. It seems that the instructor is really angry.
Xu Huaijin quickly dragged Zhang Yi’s arm and shouted, "Instructor, please calm down!"
Zhang yi nu way "you let me calm down? I * * * * * How to calm down? Look at him. He’s a bear or a figure from Cang Lang. Is there Cang Lang’s spirit? Does he * * * work hard to stand up to nothing? "
Xu Huaijin quickly said, "Well, after such a big thing happened to the instructor, Fang Zheng was also worried about’ paying’ and’ messing up’!"
Aside at this time of Duan Qirui, Li Fangzheng has been greedy. Just now, that kick was not light.
Zhang Yi looked at Li Fangzheng at this time and said, "Say, how much have you learned about this matter? What the hell happened that we were so caught off guard? If you go out, do you know how big a blow it will be to us? "
Li Fangzheng muttered, "We have got some news about the president’s affair two days ago. In Guangdong, we are’ sophisticated’ in all aspects and are very strong enough to cope with all kinds of risks; Second, I am in charge of Tan Feng’s eldest brother in Guangdong. After all, he won’t be cruel to us because he has the original incense feeling. There are some thorny things that need me to deal with in Tianjin, so I temporarily put them away. I didn’t expect that such a big change has taken place in just three or four days … "
Zhang Yi airway "’mixed’ eggs! You are a complete’ mixed’ egg! Even Lao Feng, no matter how good you are, it’s already a thing of the past. Now, even if you are close to people, you can’t believe it, okay? "
Founder Li nodded bitterly and said, "Yes, I was careless. I relied on our means. Even if they wanted to deal with us, it was not so easy. Our concealment, anti-reconnaissance and so on were all the best. I really didn’t expect Tan Feng to be so powerful that we would fall apart overnight …"
Zhang Yi roared, "Are you a pig? Didn’t you get the news long ago? Lao Feng now has a camp’ Jing’ sharp, which is comparable to Cang Lang’s strength. Don’t say that you are Cang Lang, and you may all suffer a big loss!"
Founder Li is dead now.
Aside Cheng Xiao rewelding whispered, "President, this, this, I heard that this action seems that no one died in our tribulus base, and almost everyone was captured alive by others. I feel that we still have hope for the President. Can we try to write a letter to Tan Feng’s eldest brother and ask him to be kind and let these brothers go …"
Xu Huaijin’s heart is also moving, but he doesn’t know the news yet, but please let people pass these thistles? If you wipe this thing, how can the instructor live after that? This slap in the face has been slapped too hard by others, that is, you have to be wronged to death!
Xu Huaijin sighed and said, "Founder has learned from a fall, and this fight has been planted too much!"
Li Fangzheng wiped his tears and said, "Chief, I think I have lost my job. No matter what you do with me, I have no complaints."
Xu Huaijin took a look at Zhang Yi, and Zhang Yi looked away. It seems that the anger has not disappeared.
Xu Huaijin replied, "Founder will get up from where he fell. With such a big accident, you are no longer fit to be in charge of the CIA. From now on, I will entrust you with the new head of the Guangdong Tribulus Division to rebuild the Guangdong Tribulus Division in half a year! Can you do it well? "
Li Fangzheng wiped his tears and smacked at attention and shouted, "The president and the chief commander are the ones who have this accident. Brothers, I must rebuild the Guangdong Tribulus Branch. If you can’t do this, you can find my body from the Pearl River!"


Swordsmanship display immediately Lei Yin exploding chop Zongjian with a bright light speed waving or stabbing or cutting or splitting or Liao or sweeping or spinning …
Sword Lei Yin explodes brightly.
It’s extremely martial art-he’s a thunder sword!
When Yun Fan closed this small island, he had already cultivated Dacheng’s swordsmanship.
Yun Fan’s swordsmanship suddenly changed from fierce to light, revealing the extreme sharp breath.
Every move of swordsmanship is like a vivid violet sword, and its potential is sharper than that of Qi, and it is cut into cracks and empty lines.
Extremely martial arts-violet sword tactic!
Violet sword tactic is put to good use, and the zongjian flies out of Yun Fan’s hand.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Suddenly, Yun Fan Zhenyuan Royal Sword shuttled back and forth in the light of the sword, casting out the sword of picking up the sword.
Sword light is criss-crossing, dragging more than ten feet of bright tail light, and time-sharing turns into thousands of sword lights, which are so dense and scattered.
Yun Fan, who is in the state of transformation, can display his sword as he pleases.
And Yun Fan’s present strength is the true yuan, which is more vigorous than the true Dan at its peak. I don’t know how many times the true yuan imperial sword is faster and more powerful than the true qi imperial sword.
Yun Fan, while using the real Yuan Imperial Sword, flapped his hands and displayed the great handprint of Xuan Yue.
Xuan Yue’s big handprint is a kind of strength, and its martial arts power is high and low, and its heel is strong. It is much stronger to display Xuan Yue’s big handprint now than at the peak of Zhendan.
Huge handprints blasted off hundreds of meters, and every palm landed and the whole island was shocked.
After Yun Fan put Xuan Yue’s handprint to good use, he would have finished the drill and put away his sword.
Yun Fan put away the palm potential, pressed his hands to open his mouth, spat out an air arrow and shot out of dozens of feet like a real arrow.
Master, he can kill in one breath.
I’ve been practicing Wushu for several times in a row, but I can vent my energy. Finally, I feel great at ease with the vent.
After a while, Yun Fan was completely calm.
As soon as he lifted his hand, he took out a ring, which was the "Sha Dian Wen" ring of the young master of Shajiabao.
After Yun Fan got this ring, he came to this small island to attack the spiritual sea before he came to find out.
Sha Dian Feng is a great talent in the mysterious realm. Yun Fan believes that the collection in his ring should be worth a lot.
Yun Fan came to a big stone and sat in the ring. In a blink of an eye, he erased the brand of the real yuan left by Sha Dianfeng.
Then Yun Fan left his true brand spirit to explore.
This is a middle ring with a post in it and a lot of things in it.
There is the secret of martial arts-silver light and blue sky knife method!
There are a lot of silver tickets, and there are millions of them.
There is a jar of familiar medicine bottles containing ten condensed pills, which are made in Yun Fan, to trade the sand palace, and the sea spirit flower is now returned to Yun Fan.
There are also some miscellaneous metallic materials.
Yun Fan’s eyes fell on a sundries, which is a square token with the word "Zong" on one side and the word "Shi" on the other.
Yun Fan look move "zong, shi zong tower token?"
Master Pagoda is a pagoda in Tianzong City, Yinwan Island.
Yun Fan Wanghaicheng bought the introduction book of the South Sea, among which the Yinwan Island Master Tower was introduced.
This pagoda has been built for thousands of years, and it was built 6,000 years ago by a Yinwan Island who stepped out of the powerful’ Tuotian’.
After practicing as a master in Yinwan Island, Tuotian left Yinwan Island and traveled all over the dry yuan continent, and also traveled all over the southern sea area. The strength was getting stronger and stronger, and it was a generation of amazing people six thousand years ago.
The geniuses of the same generation as Tuotian were all dimmed by Tuotian, and later he became a dry yuan continent, a strong one in the southern sea, and finally it was broken and disappeared into the world.
Hundreds of years later, Tuotian reappeared, and the dry yuan continent returned to Yinwan Island in the southern waters, where he once grew up and built a master tower.
This is a peerless pagoda for the spiritual sea masters, and the expansion of Tianmu is to benefit the later masters of Yinwan Island.

Hear is the jade emperor purport Xu Feiqiong also dare not delay her to look at the wind soul, two people looked at each other and thought of a good thing was interrupted in this way, some in distress situation, especially the wind soul virtual fire has been checked out, but it is forced to press the natural part to feel uncomfortable. It seems that the turbid liquid is really suppressed for more than 300 years and it will be uncomfortable if it is not released.

Xu Feiqiong saw that his face was soft and low, and said, "If you bear with me again, I will come back soon, then …"
The wind soul was also amused to see that she was still ashamed of her desire and asked, "What then?"
The beautiful fairy’s cheeks are burning, but she feels that this shyness is really that her image doesn’t match. She immediately stares at the wind soul with a frown. "Then I’ll let you bully you and do whatever you want to me, right?"
The wind soul almost had no heart. I thought you were glaring at me, knowing that you promised to be bullied by others, but I didn’t know that you were going to murder your husband.
Xu Feiqiong say this already ashamed even red neck want to fly away like this but some loathe to give up the wind soul to see her appearance to let her continue to chafe and then change the subject "who is that woman just now? Is it also the fairy of Yaochi? "
Xu Feiqiong shook his head. "She is the evil center of the stars on Sunday, but the fox on the moon is the god of the bucket department, and the peach blossom evil spirit often destroys people’s marriage. Even the old man takes her to me … I don’t like her very much."
The wind soul came here in vain. Although the heart moon fox is the will of the jade emperor, she didn’t appear early or late. It happened that this key moment appeared more intentionally than coincidentally.
Since heaven dominates the three realms, it is natural that there are not only gods who add wealth and increase life, but also gods who create natural disasters and all kinds of disasters. In the 20 nights, black dragon’s fifth star duty is to break people’s marriage. Xu Feiqiong has just known each other and hopes to be United forever. Of course, he won’t like to meet her.
The wind soul smiled and gently pinched the girl’s palm. "Since the jade emperor summoned you, let’s go first. I’ll wait for you."
"Then you" Xu Feiqiong asked "You, will you suppress your body?"
"It’s not bad that I’ve endured it for more than three hundred years." The wind soul laughs. "Anyway, we can continue after you come back. I want to say anything about you then, but you said it yourself."
"Well," Xu Feiqiong nodded his head, saying goodbye to him and leaving together.
Chapter 26 Laughing and Crazy True Celebrities
The red line drove the carriage to the wilderness and threw the crazy guy to the ground. The guy was thrown to the ground, and he staggered up and stared at the red line. He hated being stared at her and immediately stared back.
Yin Niang pranced on a horse and saw that the teacher elder sister was laughing at this guy. The scribes turned to see that Yin Niang recognized it. Although she also thought that this person was acting a little crazy, she still saluted politely. When she was about to write a novel, the blue scribes saw that Mrs. Wei was dazed, so she got into the carriage and caressed Mrs. Wei’s face and sighed, "Chengzhuang Chengzhuang, how did you end up like this?"
Wei Chengzhuang burst into tears.
The blue scribes held her in their arms as if an affectionate teenager had hugged a girl in love with spring. Mrs. Wei was old and ugly, but this man looked at her like a delicate porcelain doll, as if the lover in his arms was still the young and beautiful girl in the boudoir.
The red line and the hidden mother just looked at them and felt that both the scribe and Mrs. Wei had changed a little. Mrs. Wei looked calm and happy, not to mention from such a poor man who was made into an adult urn. Even an ordinary face was rare, and the blue scribe looked natural and refined when he put away his crazy expression.
The blue scribes stroked Wei Chengzhuang’s wrinkled blush line and the hidden mother didn’t see what he had done, but they saw that Mrs. Wei’s old tree skin had changed, and the dark spots disappeared, and the lines receded, like a rejuvenation, reappearing a Ruili face.
"I’ve always been sorry for you." The blue scribes sighed
Weichengzhuang shook his head with tears.
Both girls have no love experience, but they can also see that Mrs. Wei’s face is so sad that she knows that Mrs. Wei is not a good woman, and that she went to the field early in her life, but she is still moved by her resentment and love for hundreds of years.
What kind of man deserves a woman to love him so much?
What kind of woman can persist in that illusory love after hundreds of years in Cang Sang?
"Before, you said that even if you die, you will die with my sword." The blue scribe looked at Wei Chengzhuang tenderly and drew his sword slowly. "I didn’t expect that a love story in those days would come true today. Are you ready?"
Wei Chengzhuang closed his eyes, not only stopped crying, but also gave him a happy and shy smile, just like the newlywed in the bridal chamber waiting for Langjun to undress her. The scribes leaned over and kissed her face, and her manners were elegant and gentle, as if such a charming appearance was his true face.
Wei Chengzhuang looked intoxicated and lost, and she was as happy as a girl in love, and the sword had passed through her chest
Neither the red line nor the hidden mother stopped the man from killing. They thought that they would rather die with their last happiness in their lover’s hands than live with all their limbs broken.
The blue scribes picked up Wei Chengzhuang’s body and came to a tree to dig a grave for her. The red line swept the purple sword and there was another pit. The scribes didn’t show any surprise at her. They buried Wei Chengzhuang in into the pit.
At his grave, he held his sword with his fingers and played the sword. It sounded high and low, and it sounded crisp. This self-contained tune floated softly in the barren hills, causing wild flowers to bloom and dark clouds to surge.
Laugh and be crazy. True celebrities can cry and sing.
It was raining …
After Xu Feiqiong left, the wind soul stayed alone with the sister tree to chat.
There was a faint glow in the sky, and he thought to himself, why don’t you just stay here and watch the sunrise on Mount Tai anyway?
When he thought about this, there was a light sound behind him. He looked back in astonishment and saw a pretty figure waving to him. He was dazed and jumped to the mountain, but the pretty figure had gone with the wind.
The wind soul hesitated and felt that it was better not to be too far away from the sister tree. In case Xu Feiqiong came back and couldn’t find him, it wouldn’t be so good. However, the handsome man stopped to look at his brow faintly and clearly, which made people feel distressed.
Naita continued to chase, but the man drifted all the way until he came to a dark forest.

"You be calm and help you get your elders back." Long Xuhu comforted the people for a moment and chased them in the direction of Jade Duxiu’s innate divine wind.

Jade Duxiu’s innate divine wind speed is not slow. After all, this is what Jade Duxiu deliberately created at the beginning. The wind speed is not as fast as that of Jade Duxiu’s vertical golden light. Even the dragon and beard tiger can’t catch up with it. The dragon and beard tiger has to stop from time to time to explore the direction in which the innate divine wind flies.
"Well, it’s almost thirty-four points."
Somewhere in Lingshan, the deity hovered before the deity, and the jade only showed its figure. A pair of eyes looked at the distance. "However, this bearded tiger is always a big trouble, and it is chasing after all the way. Monty told me that this bearded tiger keeps tracking the trail of the seat and being clever all the way, or it will really be caught by the bearded tiger."
Jade Duxiu thought for a moment that his right hand slowly stretched out a pole, and there were twenty-four long whips in his hand.
Looking at the empty jade in the distance, chanting incantations and catching the mountain whip fly out instantly and constantly decorate the empty face.
"This place is decorated with special laws. This bearded tiger is a quasi-fairy figure. It takes only three days to trap this bearded tiger. Three days is enough to travel around the three islands and take all the necessary medicinal materials." Jade Duxiu thought in his heart.
While thinking about the circulation of the method in the hands of Jade Duxiu, I kept branding the virtual suppression of the invisible power. After a while, I saw that Jade Duxiu’s mouth was smiling and the whip disappeared. Looking at the golden light in the distance, it was a vision that the quasi-fairy crossed the virtual. "Come on, let you taste the power."
"Young bodhi old zu, I kindly let you live. I didn’t expect you to pour and be ungrateful. Is there a place where you dare to forcibly take away my Penglai Xiandao spirit? Can I be a soft persimmon when I am bodhi old zu? If you are smart enough, hand over the stolen bodhi old zu and give you a good time. Since you are impatient, don’t blame the bodhi old zu. I am terminating. "The dragon and tiger show their sullen faces in the distance and look at Jade Duxiu coming towards Jade Duxiu step by step.
Looking at Zhang Long’s beard and hair, he must be a tiger and jade, and his expression is quiet and the words on the top of the mountain are indifferent. "The elder is surprised that the genius treasure is destined to get a seat. Since it is hidden here, it is said that the island’s spiritual objects are destined to be naturally matched by me. If all the spiritual objects in Sanxian Island can be swallowed up, the magical power will reach an incredible level."
As he spoke, he saw that Jade Duxiu instantly rolled up a tornado and all the elixirs he had passed were uprooted and detained.
Seeing this, the dragon and the tiger suddenly burst into tears. "If you want to die, don’t stop."
As he spoke, the dragon, beard and tiger descended on Jade Duxiu instantaneously.
"It’s not easy to get caught in the trap." The dragon and beard tiger jumped forward but saw the virtual transformation in front of him. Where is the jade solo shadow? There are no marginal barren hills all over the body. The barren hills are suspended in heaven and earth and form a mysterious and unpredictable battle to surround the dragon and beard tiger.
"Small you cheat" bearded tiger surprised nu way.
"The elder is surprised at this. As the saying goes, all is fair in war, but who can be blamed if the elder is not careful?" Jade Duxiu smiled gently.
"Hum, you can trap me with this barren mountain all over the sky. It’s a fantasy, but can you trap me with this broken array method?" The dragon, the beard and the tiger are surging all over the body, and they will forcibly smash this barren mountain.
"Oh, I forgot to tell my predecessors that this barren mountain all over the sky has been hooked up with the Penglai Fairy Island. If my predecessors hurt this barren mountain with one finger, they will detonate a vein, and then the whole Penglai Fairy Island will be turned upside down. How many herbs and elixirs will be destroyed? Do you really want to break the array by force?" Yu Duxiu’s words casually entered the big array.
"What?" When the dragon beard tiger heard the news, he sneered at it for a moment. "You don’t want to cheat me. Where is there such a mysterious avatar in this world?"
"Alas, if you don’t believe it, just try it." Jade Duxiu is not interested in explaining to this old guy what special skills are.
Chapter 112 Fall into the Li Spring and meet the cold.
Before the birth of Jade Duxiu, there had never been any news about the unique technique.
"Hum, are you so easy to fool?" As he spoke, he saw that the dragon and beard tiger reached out and pressed it toward a barren hill.
"Bang" the vibration of Penglai Fairy Island has stopped before it gets close to the barren hills.
The dragon and tiger in Penglai Mountain can naturally feel that with their own efforts, they are forcing a barren hill and a certain place in Penglai to surge and burst. If this claw is really pressed, there will be inevitable casualties.
Jade Duxiu took a look at the dragon and beard tiger and disdained to smile. In an instant, the time went up into the sky and disappeared.
This time, Yu Duxiu doesn’t even have to hide it. She has her own view of Chinese herbal medicine, and she will earn it in the palm of her hand in a flash.
"Don’t stop it, bodhi old zu. I’m not finished with you." Seeing Jade Duxiu constantly searching for the elixir caused the island elves to panic and roar. The dragon and beard tiger was suddenly furious and was about to soar. Jade Duxiu desperately wanted to be a dragon and beard tiger, but it just soared, only to see the barren hills all over the sky change instantly blocking the way of the dragon and beard tiger.
The giant claw suddenly raised the dragon’s beard and tiger’s anger and flew "to the old flash"
"Boom" The pulse of a place in Penglai Xiandao rumbled at this time. After all, the bearded tiger stopped at the key moment and didn’t dare to really bomb the barren hills in front of him.
"Small things you sit upright and fight" Long Xuhu roared.
Jade Duxiu smells speech and shakes his head, but it is reasonable to ignore the search for the dragon and tiger. After this Penglai, Jade Duxiu turned around and turned into a natural divine wind and flew towards the abbot mountain.
"Damn it, it’s really hateful. It’s even more hateful than those old people who died in those days." The dragon and beard tiger roared and went crazy.
Jade Duxiu stopped all the way and searched for all kinds of elixirs. Suddenly, he saw that Jade Duxiu stopped his pace and looked at the distant earth with a frown. "Something is wrong with this abbot mountain."
"I don’t know if there is something wrong with the seat induction. I always feel that something is spying on me." Jade Duxiu is motionless and sensing the surrounding air machine.
After not noticing anything strange, Jade Duxiu continued to move forward. Suddenly, a few meters of big wells in Fiona Fang appeared in front of her eyes.
A series of rich vitality emerged from the wellhead. Jade Duxiu’s eyes lit up and came to the well a few steps ago, only to see this ancient well, QingShi Lei, to prevent someone from accidentally falling into the well.
Yu Duxiu’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter, sensing the rich vitality in the well. "This is Li Spring."
"Li Spring"?

In the Muhai layout, Gen didn’t put the crack cannon in.

"It’s okay. It’s okay."
Muhai took Yang Wen to fly in the sky and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
But Yang Wen face is not a face of bitterness at MuHai.
And Muhai doesn’t seem to have sensed Yang Wen’s eyes smiling while she talked about everything.
"Oh …"
Yang Wen is light replied MuHai is also very excited.
Tang Yu and others flew in front and sensed that the two men loved each other and contributed a magic thought to him from time to time.
It is also very important for Tang Yu Mo to read Muhai.
Can’t take care of two people’s feelings at the same time?
Muhai returned to the dormitory after half an hour.
Yang Wen was naturally pulled to his dormitory by him.
"Vivian son …"
Muhai, the dormitory door, hugged Yang Wen and kissed her lips.
However, Yang Wen is mechanical and there is bitterness in his eyes.
"Wen Er, what’s wrong with you?" Mu Haixin asked
"Nothing?" Yang Wen pursed her mouth and sat on the bed with her head turned to one side.
How can I not know when I see Yang Wen like Muhai?
"I’m still mad at you."
Muhai smiled and sat on the bed for five yuan Lingguo refining ring.
The reason why Yang Wen is angry is very simple, that is, Muhai gave each Devil a ring and deliberately did not give it to her.
I saw Muhai in Yang Wen and forgot her. I didn’t have her in my heart.
It is easy for women to catch these little things and get angry easily.
And I don’t like to say it, but I like to let men guess, which is really difficult for men
Fortunately, Muhai is a thousand-year-old monster, and as soon as her little mind is seen through.
Actually, it’s not that Muhai didn’t give him the ring, but that those rings are a little small.
Since it’s your destiny to identify a woman, you must forge a bigger point.
After sitting in the sea, Suomu Pan forged a ring.
And one refining is two.
Naturally, two women can’t be partial to anyone.
Mu Hai’s mind moved two rings to fly in the palm of his hand.
Yang Wen wait for a while looked at this scene and his eyes showed off.
"Wener, it’s not that I won’t give you the ring, but because you are the most important person to me. You can’t give the ring too badly."
Say that finish MuHai handed a ring to Yang Wen.
Yang Wen blushed when he heard this, but he couldn’t help revealing an extremely embarrassing color. "Xiaohai is right … I’m sorry I misjudged you."
"It’s okay. You look good when you’re angry," Muhai said.
"Hate" Yang Wen smiled and took a sea.

I have never seen Mu Ming’s photos, but someone came to tell him that women are the most beautiful ones, and he set his goal as soon as he got there.

There is also Muming in this box, who is the most beautiful and has a different charm when he is young. He feels moved when he looks at it. No wonder men like this woman’s temperament, but others can’t learn it …
In my heart, I wandered around quickly and sneaked a look, so Muming bowed his head to look at such a beautiful person. He felt that it was sacred and inviolable.
Then at first glance, you will feel blasphemous. She gave her hand carefully and said, "This is a gentleman who asked me to give it to you personally. He said you must see it."
Muming held out her hand in doubt, but a sound stopped her from moving when she was about to meet.
Master Mu frowned and said, "Girl, don’t touch anything carefully. This is a gangster cheating."
I was anxious when I heard this. If it can’t be done, why don’t you take it back yourself? That won’t do. He immediately raised his head and looked at Master Mu’s charity and kindness, which seemed to be easy to talk to.
"Old gentleman, this elegance won’t let people wait in. This letter was given to me by a gentleman, not a gangster." How can such a beautiful man be a gangster? Besides, this letter should be for this young lady.
There must be anger in this master, otherwise how can you stare?
After explaining, Muming reached out and saw the envelope and took it. I don’t know what it was. She wanted to see if there was that impulse in her heart.
Master Mu is worried about watching Mu Ming, and his family is also worried about watching her. At the same time, he will stare at life. If this ghost is alive, it can be stopped at the first time!
If anything happens, you can also react at the first time.
Muming held out his hand and took the envelope. Later, he was relieved. Finally, he saved his pocket.
This way, money can come easily and quickly, and there is more. How could he not want it? I’m afraid no poor man in the world can refuse.
She gently opened the envelope into her eyes. It turned out to be a key, but it looked like a car key. She frowned slightly. Who is this?
What’s the purpose of giving her the car keys?
Then she took the key and saw the envelope saying "Come out and I’ll take you somewhere"
The handwriting was Gu Jingke, and she recognized it without warning. Her heart jumped suddenly.
"It’s him." Muming raised her eyes only to see that the two families were out of sight. She gently pulled the corners of her mouth and explained, "It’s him-Gu Jingke."
As soon as this sentence fell, both families were slightly stunned. Mrs. Gu took the lead in reacting and quickly asked, "Xiao Mu, do you mean that this envelope was sent by Jing Ke?"
Seeing Muming nodding, Mrs. Gu couldn’t help but gently move her lips and asked, "Can you write this envelope for me?"
She still remembers her own handwriting. It’s just a reference to read it now, but this may be
She looks like a clever girl. How can she make such a mistake?
Muming handed out the note to Mrs Gu, and the husband and wife looked at his eyebrows and shook, "It’s him."
Then she returned the note to Mu Ming, but she muttered in her heart what the hell the child was doing. First, she didn’t come with them, and now she actually let people write the note, except that her mind returned to primary school and junior high school …
Mu family looked at Mu Ming with some worries, but it was not good to ask anything in front of his family.
Mu Ming got up gently. Since he asked her to go out, she went out to see what he was going to play.
Mr. mugu, what’s your game?
I’ll know when you come out
Mu, I’m afraid you’ll sell me out.
Are you still afraid? Don’t worry-I hate to sell you.
☆ 213 tails sensationalized Kyoto on one knee.
The door was pushed by her, and she carried the bus out of the box. Behind them, the two families looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. Perhaps the root was to talk about it. After all, they didn’t know what Gu Jingke was doing.

Although this thing tastes excellent, Liao Jinghua dare not eat more. He just waits quietly after a day, and there is no other strange feeling except that he feels a little lighter and a little stronger. It seems that this tree egg has many benefits instead of harm.

Liao Jinghua was so happy that he waved his hand and took out a bunch of various containers bought in Qingtian City. He put all these liquids in and sealed himself. He drank a few mouthfuls of refreshing Liao Jinghua and Xiao Ruan almost cried out. It seemed that all food was the same to him. After drinking the liquid, his face was the same, as if he drank water instead of this delicious food.
Liao Jinghua carefully pulled a small egg with hard spines to the front. The shell of this small egg is very hard. Although Liao Jinghua’s black blood knife can cut the skin, this egg is always rolling around without focusing on the small soft hand. When he reached out and snapped the egg, he held down a few spikes and pierced the small soft palm, scaring Liao Jinghua. But seeing Xiao Soft’s face without changing color, Liao Jinghua was relieved. The small soft body was too soft, and these spikes were not enough to hurt him.
Liao Jinghua helped the black snow knife to carefully cut out the little egg, which was as white as flour. Liao Jinghua dipped a little powder into his mouth, and it was slightly sweeter than ordinary flour. I don’t know how many times.
"Maybe this thing can make pie" Liao Jinghua said with a smile, pointing to this flour.
"Well, I like pie." Xiao Ruan nodded.
"Well, it’s getting dark and it’s time to rest. Try this." Liao Jinghua looked at the sky and decided to take a break, fix the food first and then find a way to get out of here.
Liao Jinghua took out these hundreds of small eggs one by one, and the flour-like powder inside them was mixed with liquid. She picked up some dry wood in this strange stone forest. Well, anyway, it was just dry wood when it fell from those dead trees. Anyway, it can also burn up. It’s a pity that there is no meat to bake a pie on the surface, or else we can make a real meat pie.
Liao Jinghua’s utensils are so neat, it’s really thanks to Yishuiye. At the beginning, if Shuiye hadn’t dragged him shopping and bought a lot of seemingly nothing, today Liao Jinghua could bake the cake with the black snow stick, and Liao Jinghua once again thought of Shuiye and almost baked the cake in a daze.
Liao jinghua and Xiao Ruan, who are about the size of a ruler, chewed up one by one. This strange tree juice was mixed with that powder to make a big cake. After being baked by fire, it was crispy outside and tender inside. Liao jinghua and Xiao Ruan each ate two before they stopped.
"Let’s see if there are any more." Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but get greedy, reminding him of his mother who had not eaten pancakes for nearly a hundred years. Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but miss his hometown and wondered what happened to his mother now. Thought of this, Liao Jinghua smiled bitterly for almost a hundred years, fearing that his mother would have returned to the dust now. "Alas, unfilial!" Liao Jinghua sighed.
When Liao Jinghua came to her senses, she found Xiao Ruan gone. Liao Jinghua was surprised. Where did this little guy go? Is there something wrong? Liao Jinghua was about to get up and look for something strange behind him. He reached out and grabbed something soft behind him and was dragged to the front by Liao Jinghua. The black snow knife also appeared in his hand, and he was about to twist the soft thing and take off his palm.
"It’s me" comes in a soft voice.
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Chapter DiYiLiuLiu Such a coincidence
"Xiao Ruan, what did you do? Come back without a sound, I almost hurt you. "Liao Jinghua almost yelled.
"This" said Xiao Ruan, who suddenly grew up behind him with two hands holding a huge egg twice as big as Liao Jinghua’s just dug it up.
"Hey? How did you get it out? " Liao Jinghua jing yi asked.
"I don’t know, I just climbed up and wrapped it, so I took it." As Xiao Ruan said, she gestured to Liao Jinghua. How did Xiao Ruan finally get it out? Xiao Ruan climbed the tree first, then drilled the liquid from the crack in the dead tree, wrapped the big egg and then dragged it out, so that the strange tree didn’t respond at all.
"The pie is delicious, you wait." Xiao Ruan said, and slipped out in a long strip like a snake when she stopped. For Xiao Ruan, this taxiing thing, Liao Jinghua was more than enough.
Liao Jinghua cut the big egg to take out the liquid, and then cut the small egg inside to take out the flour-like things to bake cakes. After a while, Liao Jinghua baked dozens of cakes.
Xiao Ruan came back and brought back two big eggs. Xiao Ruan picked up a big cake and slipped away without returning. Liao Jinghua shook his head and cut the eggs again to make cakes. Xiao Ruan would come back from time to time to throw a few big eggs and leave Liao Jinghua to bake hundreds of big cakes in one breath. This is the stop. Xiao Ruan brought back the big eggs again. Liao Jinghua waved his hand and put them away. There is no need to cut these eggs again.
One night, Xiao Ruan searched for a thousand big eggs, fearing that hundreds of miles of big eggs in Fiona Fang were all taken away by it. Xiao Ruan also had such a greedy side. Liao Jinghua finally saw it.
Xiao Ruan had to go to look for eggs at dawn, but Liao Jinghua pulled him. "Okay, Xiao Ruan, you’ve got a lot back. It’s almost enough. Don’t be too greedy. We should hurry," Liao Jinghua said
Xiao Ruan nodded his head and was too lazy to think about it. Anyway, Liao Jinghua said what he did. Looking at Xiao Ruan, it was so simple that it was almost silly. Liao Jinghua was worried that if he had been with himself for a hundred years, he would still be born in this cruel Tianzhu peak.
"Will get lost" Xiao Ruan pointed to the strange trees and stones around and said.
"I’ll see what I can do. I can’t always go around like this," said Liao Jinghua, touching Ba Hu chi. This kind of movement is almost a sign movement when he is thinking.
"By the way, these strange things don’t seem to have any feelings about fire, so I can smoke to show the way." Liao Jinghua said that he searched four times for some dry firewood, and when the real firewood burned, Liao Jinghua waved his hand and came again with a big water polo, so that more forest firewood was soaked. He put these wet firewood on the fire, and the black smoke rose. Liao Jinghua closed his eyes, meditated and intuitively identified the direction, and ran to the right place with a small soft belt. When Liao Jinghua felt that something was wrong, he immediately stopped and collected the dry firewood again, and moved forward to make some smoke again.
"We should look at these two thick smoke, and we will make some thick smoke every time we walk, so that we can point out the most correct direction," Liao Jinghua said, pointing to the two thick smoke rising from behind.
Xiao Ruan nodded vaguely and learned one thing again. Liao Jinghua didn’t explain to Xiao Ruan much. He took Xiao Ruan to go forward again and walked out of dozens of miles. Liao Jinghua stopped and looked back. Behind him, in the light fog, smoke passed through two thick smoke. Liao Jinghua found that he had corrected his direction and lit a pile of fireworks. Liao Jinghua dared not fly again for fear of waking up these strange stone forests again. When Liao Jinghua lit the tenth fire, he didn’t go on, but looked at the strange trees and rocks not far ahead. Xiao Ruan stretched out.
"They are moving a road network," Xiao Ruan said.
"Well, the ground is moving slowly, so it’s no wonder that we haven’t walked out for more than a year." Liao Jinghua sighed that it is true that these strange trees and strange stones are moving, and not everyone is moving and moving slowly. In this strange place, everything in the fog is a color, which confuses Liao Jinghua’s sight. If Liao Jinghua hadn’t just happened to see a strange stone pressed against a root, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have found this small phenomenon.
When walking, a person can move forward to the target he sees, and he will change the reference at any time and anywhere to reach the place he wants to go. However, if a person walks with a group of people in a crowd, when this group of people blocks your staff and these people are making some subtle changes in direction, I believe that this person will not find that he has deviated from the place he wants to go, even if this group of people leads people around several times, which is exactly the situation that Liao Jinghua and Xiao Ruan are encountering now.
However, when this reason is seen through, it will no longer be the cause of Liao Jinghua’s loss. The fire and smoke are lit all the way for reference. Liao Jinghua Xiao Ruan does not rest. This place is full of strangeness. Of course, those delicious big eggs are the only beautiful things here.
After walking for months without sleep, they finally walked out of this strange rock and dead trees and stepped on the grass and green trees again. Liao Jinghua also took a breath, but before this breath was finished, he sucked it back and turned it into a frozen air conditioner.
A cliff is very high and covered with all kinds of green vines with humanoid fruits or huge flowers with five colors. It looks a bit like Chinese ginseng fruit, but I dare not eat this humanoid fruit after killing Liao Jinghua. Who knows if a person will really jump out with a bite from this strange Tianzhu Peak plant fruit?
Look at this cliff, I don’t know how high it is, Liao Jinghua is a little dizzy. Liao Jinghua would rather face hordes of monsters than climb a cliff. Liao Jinghua was hurt on the cliff. It was too big. First, the mountain fell off the cliff, but it was betrayed by Wen Renyi and his baby was stolen. For the second time, he fell into the local country, and his brother and sister died by themselves, where he ate soul beads. I don’t know how many lives were hurt. These are still terrible. For the third time, he climbed a cliff and let go a stupid dragon, but it hurt millions of ugly people. Every time I think about it, Liao Jinghua feels like a needle has stung him so hard that he seems to faint, but this time Liao Jinghua feels less than before.
"Maybe maybe I saved a race of water fish, which diluted my guilt, don’t you think?" Liao Jinghua asked Xiao Ruan after the first half of the sentence was talking to himself.
"I don’t know what you’re talking about," Xiao Ruan replied honestly.
"Xiao Ruan, can’t you comfort me?" Liao Jinghua said with a wry smile.
"But I really don’t know what you’re talking about." Xiao Ruan said seriously that long face was full of puzzled expressions. "Okay, just forget I said that." Liao Jinghua looked at Xiao Ruan’s serious and confused face and some Nai said that Xiao Ruan is now like an inexperienced child. It seems that he should not be taught to lie himself.
"How do you think we can get there?" Liao Jinghua looked at the high cliff and said.
"Climb to the top" Xiao Ruan looked at the cliff and nodded and said
"Of course, we can’t just fly." Liao Jinghua laughed.
"Is this thing delicious?" The little soft hand stretched out long and carefully moved two points in the humanoid fruit.
"I don’t know," Liao Jinghua said simply. "Even if it’s delicious, I won’t eat it. It will make me feel like eating people."
"Is that man delicious?" .
"Xiao Ruan, I find that you seem to be very interested in eating." Liao Jinghua looked at Xiao Ruan funny and said.
"Well, the pie is delicious," Xiao Ruan said with a hard nod.

The dark wing evil made me shudder. Although I didn’t look up, I already felt the fatal crisis.

It’s eyes flashed a resolute refuse se regardless of the talons in the direction of Chen Shaobai to pay heavily.
Snoop …
It seems to be a hasty practice, but it also brings out a blazing white spirit in the sky, and all obstacles are cut and annihilated.
In its view, Chen Shaobai has just plundered nearly 100 demon king mana sources by magic and secret methods. Now most of J and NG forces are coming to suppress heterogeneous mana, which can once again show that Wan Jian’s Qi Fa has already exceeded its level. Where is the power to protect itself?
It’s understandable for a python to swallow a tiger. If the snake Yu swallows a whale, there will be one consequence-he will be killed alive.
Chen Shaobai is alive and kicking. It seems that it will not be crushed for a while, but this time it can tempt Xing to attack Mars.
"Human, I admit your talent, scheming and strength! But you are doomed to fall into my hands today! "
Dark-winged evil makes the corners of the mouth show a ferocious smile, and sharp teeth are flashing with cold light. It coldly stares at itself and scatters white Se gas.
This white Se horse trainijīng seems ordinary, but it is made by his gathering of five elements of j and ng gold gas, smelting by evil fire and quenching by Styx. Although it is not as wonderful as the Yuan world human monk refining device, it has more powerful lethality, and it can also break the magic weapon and slay the flesh with one blow. What’s worse, it is a five-rebuilt monk who can’t exert his own strength and quench his breath.
"It seems that you are very confident …"
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth peep out one silk indifferent smile leaned out his right hand gently grasp.
That seemingly indestructible white Se gas mountain was held tightly in your hand gently and skillfully.
The collision of the horse-training white awn and the armor training array makes the blue and white Se blink endlessly, which looks beautiful in this dark world.
"How can you have the strength to attack and protect the body after you have suppressed the mana source of a hundred demons!"
"You are by no means a godsworn who is quenching his life in a secret world, but an old monster who turns into a fairyland!"
"I’m not reconciled. I’m not reconciled!"
Roar a few dark-winged evils, so that by virtue of its own powerful defense force, it has a six-fold strength of quenching gas in the sword tactic, but it is suppressed, like Reservoir Dogs, to find a breakthrough.
In a short time, it was wrapped by dozens of firm but gentle winds to cut the flesh and bones, and the corpse was completely stunned, and there was not even a chance of reincarnation.
"Wanjian tactic is not only a group attack, but also a powerful force. I’m not proficient in Wanjian tactic control now, so I can slay it if I encounter this dark jīng evil again!"
If the swordsmanship gives the flying sword a faster speed and stronger power, like a secular knight, killing one person in ten steps without leaving a line is an entry-level skill, then the sword tactic is like a well-trained war legion. Although its individual strength is not as good as that of a knight, it is more tacit, and one plus one can exert more power than two.
A knight can defeat one soldier, but a hundred knights may not be able to defeat a hundred soldiers.
Chen Shaobai wants to run the sword tactic. Many things are different but diametrically opposed. The flying sword J and jīng can be combined in the most appropriate and perfect way to exert the strongest power.
Chen Shaobai, with a wave of his hand, wrapped up the bright gold with a wave of his hand, and the Se light flashed endlessly, throwing the devil’s body into the world of life.
The beginning of the kingdom of God needs a lot of material and energy, and the consumption is huge, which is called the bottom hole. It’s just a drop in the bucket for an evil fire demon to throw it in.
"Brother Yun’s hiding is not leaking to Ri, but we are blind and ignorant!"
Thinking, several monks slowly flew up to the secret method sound.
Chen Shaobai nodded with a smile and didn’t seem disdainful and affectionate.
If you put it in normal times, it will definitely make some arrogant people unhappy, but it is very normal in such a fierce battle.
Key moment or personal strength
Chen Shaobai glanced around and found two familiar characters fleeing in panic in the Lord’s legion, who could fall at any time.
Taishilin and Yan Hong Ri, the strongest men in the human friars’ group, are both trapped by the same order demon king. Where do they have time to save lives?
The fall of these two people seems to be a foregone conclusion. They close their eyes and are ready to die.
Magic wind surging purple inflammation rolling a Y and N cool breath stuck to the skin, almost eroding the bone and deeply invading the bone marrow.
"It’s over … dead!"
Imaginary pain has never come for a long time, and the sense of out-of-body experience of the ancestors of Zongmen has never happened. They slowly opened their eyes and found a figure that should have fallen long ago.
"Yun Tian!"
Chen Shaobai recognized this identity with a gentle smile. "Brother Zhao, don’t come ill."
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The two hundred and fifty thunder and rain are all your grace.
The two hundred and fifty thunder and rain are all your grace.
The two hundred and fifty thunder and rain are all your grace.
Strictly speaking, Wang Ruoyu has a deep relationship with Chen Shaobai.
The "gift of treasure" in the battlefield of Sharan, the land of Liuli, is considered as a turning point in Chen Shaobai’s practice. Now when Chen Shaobai’s strength explodes, he meets this old friend. I have to say that the two are really lucky and entangled.
However, Wang Ruoyu, the core figure of Xuanyutang, can’t be without life-saving means. This small group of magic troops are afraid of it, and they can’t resist him. Even if Chen Shaobai doesn’t make moves with conscience, he will be brothers and sisters in Zongmen.
"The so-called road sees rough and draws a sword to help the friends of the Qing Xuanmen. How can we stand by when it is difficult?"
Chen Shaobai suppressed all the objections in one light sentence, and the people who were determined to talk again.
Hegemony is not the breath of arrogance, but it is reflected in every word and deed in life, and it can deter people’s hearts without saying anything. This is the real bully’s way.
Seeing this scene, Luo Xin’s face has been hidden in the crowd with a knowing smile.

The seven-color Xuan seal suddenly disappeared from Chen Han’s fingertips, which is exactly the unique Xuan seal of Mahayana period, but it has not been necessary before.

After all, the high-order Xuan seal consumes five elements of Xuan gas, which is also more unnecessary. There is no reason to wave, but for such a five-robbery scattered fairy, a weakening may create more opportunities for itself.
"Looking for death!"
Jisa’s face became cold. It was this strange seven-color character seal that made him mobilize the real yuan and weaken the speed by 50%. It was even more irritating that even the imperial ability disappeared.
You can’t fly, but you can run away with two legs and tell his face?
Do not repent!
I don’t know how to advance and retreat!
This kind of person is not worthy of death. He has never retained the fairy sword and turned it into a changhong tear.
The forbidden seal of Yuan Dynasty not only failed to weaken the effect, but was supplemented by the increase of Yuan’s painstaking efforts. At this time, the attack power was stronger than that in the normal peak period. If Chen’s cold rose two times and reached the middle of Mahayana, Yuan Shen was one step stronger than the person who fixed the truth in the same order. He knew how to lock the other side’s sword light.
Too soon!
If this blow directly hits the body, even if there is a magic weapon in the armor, you have to take off a layer of skin, and both sides are not at the same level.
The arrow is imminent and he has to send it. He has no choice but to bite his teeth and meet it.
Don’t hurt the enemy, but protect yourself.
There is no true element in the Dao style, and all true elements form the third defense on the body surface. Naturally, the first two layers of defense are two pieces of defense fairy devices controlled by two different repair bodies, which is also the only life-saving money for him against Jisa.
Booming …
Virtual seems to collapse instantly, and the world is overturned. Even if it is so stable, it has been torn by several dark cracks.
Then all those cracks near the center were broken
Strong anti-seismic force strikes and breaks through the first layer of armor, and 30% of the strength is removed. So is the second layer of armor. The third layer of true yuan defense has failed to stop even half of it, and the remaining firm but gentle immortal force has blasted into the body, flying backwards like a cold meteor, and spitting out a big mouthful of blood in the middle.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
JiSa actually retreated more than ten steps in a row. The attack power of the other side is weaker than his own. Nearly two opponents make it a magic weapon for the defense of the Chinese fairy device itself. It is also the theory of the Chinese fairy device. How can you retreat ten steps in a row after three steps of anti-shock?
Only then did he find with horror that the defense force of the magic weapon armor worn in his body inexplicably became the level of the first magic weapon
Not only the magic weapon of defense, but also the defense of one’s own body and the defense of protecting the body and fairy power have dropped to a higher level.
Yes, it’s that damn seal!
He immediately guessed that Chen Han had just launched Xuanyin, which was the broken golden seal corresponding to Mahayana period.
In no more than a big realm, the opponent’s defense magic weapon will be directly reduced by one level. In the first level, the fairy becomes the first fairy, and the first fairy weakens the extremely clever. This kind of mysterious seal is the only one that has no hierarchical distinction. If it does not exceed a big realm, the defense magic weapon will be weakened by one level, and it will not be weakened by different strengths.
However, while weakening the magic weapon of defense, the defense of physical body and energy is divided according to the strength, and there is a poor 20% weakening of the five robberies and scattered immortals.
If you change to the Mahayana mid-fix-true, the defense of the body and the body will be weakened by at least one time.
"Your cultivation skills are very strange and strong, but your realm is too low. It is not my opponent who is destined to die in my hands today!"
"Then try it."
Chen Han was hit by a blow flying thousands of meters and broke many towering trees. The sword just now has caused his arms and bones to crack, and his internal organs and body meridians have been traumatized.
Of course, compared with the original five-color imperius robbery, the power of the last blow is still much worse, and it has caused a heavy blow to him.
"Then I can satisfy your dying wish!"
"The mysterious arrow-Yuan Chen!"
Yuan divine power condensed gas arrows shot out at the same time, Chen Han’s body suddenly flashed and broken, and the virtual was not teleportation, but the magic of rushing thunder body was broken
The distance between the two people is more than 1000 meters, and even if the sunset breaks through to the middle of Mahayana, it will not be more than 200 meters.
Three times!
The continuous crushing of the virtual force from the sub-huge pressure will still do harm to the fairy with a great increase in physical defense and a medium defense
The first three times of continuous display will make him take off a layer of skin. Now, it has been fully displayed for six times before the body skin bursts. At the same time, Jisa launched the sword light method to track the target, and he was behind him thousands of meters away, and he also appeared behind Jisa.
No defense!
Force attack!
In the condensate seal, the growth rate of the weak true element is doubled, and the attack of the original element is enhanced by nearly one order.
A flying sword of a Chinese fairy whistling and chopping clouds and combating Dao hacked Jisa’s legs at the same time under the control of pure power. This time, he did all the attacks, and Jisa’s new power was not born. At most, he could mobilize three realities and fell to about 20% again under the influence of Yuan God’s attack.
Even this twenty percent attack fact is not much worse than Li Yangli’s blow, but how small can Chen Han’s desperate attack power be?
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The continuous explosion followed, and the attack power of the two men was almost the same.
After being weakened by the broken gold seal, that suit can play the role of the first fairy. Ji Sa can’t help but face drastic changes. "Bastard! Are you looking for death? "
"That’s right, haha …"
"get out!"
Ji Sa vomited blood and was obviously shocked. The anti-shock key was that the armor of the first fairy was attacked by the floating sword of the middle fairy, which greatly enhanced the anti-shock of the flesh.
The damage of both sides is almost the same. The defensive fairy and strong flesh in the two layers of Chen Han are naturally not subject to anti-shock.
However, the sword light previously launched by Jisa was nullified.
Chen Han cast a hard blow. Before Ji Sa’s trauma, he had to bear the shocking blow. His own attack and hard block would be injured. It is conceivable what would happen if he hit the body directly.
Chapter 362 Survival from the dead

However, the analysis and analysis of the situation have to wait until the rest is left to face this one, and the two of them can solve the mystery. As soon as they discuss it, they pack up and get ready to leave early the next morning.

It’s also suggested to go to the mountain where he was caught by Li Gang on the way back. Anyway, all the skills left were forced in by that strange man. Jiang Haimei also agreed to this point.
After a fierce battle, the two men finally stopped breathing and hugged lazily. They didn’t want to talk after being tired, but quietly relaxed themselves to enjoy the calm after the storm. The desire subsided quickly after burning wildly, and now the air is fresh and quiet again.
Birds singing came back to the ears of two people, and the crisp sound seemed like ice beads rolling a jade plate, which made people wake up for a long time. Jiang Haimei slowly sat up straight and looked at it. She was still lying on her back in the stone and remembered that she had just shown a blush on her face.
Left to see her get up and twist her neck hey hey giggle Jiang Haimei grumpily white him at a glance to slip into the water to clean himself.
I got up with a skid and saw the lithe and graceful body in the water. Although the desire won’t burn again for the time being, I still want to kiss Xiangze again, but I still urged him to plunge into it.
The remaining water is not very good, and this fierce one is clumsy, and a huge splash is rising, which has soaked more than half of the big stones where they lived just now.
Jiang Haimei giggled on the other side of the pond, but she was suddenly sneaked over, leaving a fierce rush from the water and firmly held it in her arms.
Jiang Haimei didn’t struggle, but stared at this calm reaction with his left eyes. He was still enthusiastic and left a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and short hair with one hand and kept laughing.
All right, stop it. You didn’t eat today. Instead, Jiang Haimei felt embarrassed to say it here, so she gave a big white eye to the rest again before continuing. Let’s go back and don’t let your mother wait at home.
When she said this, she realized that her stomach was already hungry, and she was stuck in the back of her heart. She just picked those wild animals and didn’t care to eat them when he was angry. Now she sings so badly in her stomach. She touched them with a wry smile and soaked them in cold water, and suddenly she whistled, and she swam quickly to the shore, yelling that her stomach was hungry. Go, go, go, I’ll take you back to taste the real delicacies.
These two people are both open-minded and open-minded. Although it happened not long ago, it is more important in life, but since it is your love and my wish, we should not discuss it in depth now, so we should grasp the present happiness and go hand in hand.
Jiang Haimei followed with a giggle. Although the water is poor, it is better than the poor. Then Jiang Haimei followed. After they picked up the messy clothes and got dressed, they hurried back along the road to the mountain village.
When I got home so late, I couldn’t help being scolded by the old man. Because Jiang Haimei was left with a teacher, the old man finally mumbled a few words. Even if they smiled at each other and spat out their tongues secretly, they went straight to the left mother to prepare meals, but they had already lost their appetite. The two of them ate so hard that their stomachs were full that they stopped using chopsticks.
After dinner, two people who just fell in love don’t want to go shopping any more, so they just hide in Jiang Hai’s mansion and make out with each other.
I don’t doubt him if I have my mother left, but she has a teacher left to do it, so after picking up something, I will go home and look for my neighbors to visit my family.
Now it’s inseparable. Two people are hiding in the house, and they don’t say anything, especially the strangeness. They have gained that strange power and a lot of wealth. He can’t hide this strange experience, so Jiang Haimei recounted it in detail.
One Jiang Haimei was joking, but it was only after the performance of hand-crushing that she was dumbfounded to find that she had actually followed a Hercules.
She gently stroked the broken stone left, and the hand couldn’t believe that this was a teenager with an unusual appearance of twenty.
However, after listening to the rest, Jiang Haimei’s eyebrows dropped deeply when she said that she entrusted all those gold bars to the king’s name for exchange. For the underworld middleman, she didn’t know it, but it was inevitable that it would harm people’s hearts. She just entrusted a large amount of wealth to someone who had just met and didn’t know how to exchange cash. Jiang Haimei was deeply worried about this childish way of life. She said her thoughts frankly and felt a little blushing when she left them, but those gold bars were Li Gang’s windfall. In his mind, even if the king didn’t speak morally and fled with money, he wouldn’
Jiang Haimei is very appreciative of the fact that this kind of money is an open-minded character. She cheerfully touched her hand and said that money is a poor kind of money, but don’t trust others so easily. Although the money is a windfall, there is little hope if you give it to someone like this and don’t donate a few.
After listening to nodding, Jiang Haimei’s words made him feel ten points. After a while, they discussed it and felt that there was nothing to visit here. Besides, they also visited their mother. Although they didn’t stay long, they still had a glimmer of hope for the king’s name. They decided that Jiang Haimei would return to Xining the next day to see the situation. Besides, the letter with poison has also been sent to this place. Is it Ma Lu’s intention to harm him or is she kept in the hub? Others are eager to get an answer when they are left.
According to Jiang Haimei’s analysis of Wang Ming’s situation, it’s nothing. Instead, I can immediately know that it’s Ma Lu’s saying that it’s the key left. That situation can be left. It’s the second time that I bumped into her in the office. She didn’t want this embarrassing thing to go. In addition, Ma Lu left a recent resentment against the past to harm a working poor life. It’s absolutely impossible. In another case, Ma Lu was also victimized and benefited by others
However, the analysis and analysis of the situation have to wait until the rest is left to face this one, and the two of them can solve the mystery. As soon as they discuss it, they pack up and get ready to leave early the next morning.
It’s also suggested to go to the mountain where he was caught by Li Gang on the way back. Anyway, all the skills left were forced in by that strange man. Jiang Haimei also agreed to this point.
Chapter 20 First involvement
Just as the two of them packed their bags and prepared to send them the next day, they left their mother and suddenly came home. She mysteriously left her way. I just went to the village of after li and begged him to give you a divination. Old Li said that your life has changed a lot recently. He asked me to take you to meet him and let him find out what the reason is by looking at your body.
He didn’t believe in these fortune-telling divination things except Qian Gen, but it was only after he strangely gained that strange power that he felt that the world was really big. Now that his mother wanted to let himself go, his curiosity about divination was hung up, so he nodded happily and agreed to come.
Jiang Haimei is also very interested in fortune-telling and divination. She doesn’t ask if it’s appropriate to follow her, so she follows her mother to the back of the village.
This Li Lao suddenly moved to this small village a few years ago and settled here. His relatives died, and after building that house, he rarely appeared outside to buy daily life, so the villagers could only see him occasionally.
For this uninvited village head, all the villagers took an observation attitude at first, but several times when they chatted, Li Lao suddenly made a surprise speech. After successfully measuring the weather changes, everyone couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of him. The village head even took Li Lao as a living fairy after Li Lao measured that his daughter-in-law would have a dystocia and gave him several runes to keep him safe and hold his grandson smoothly.
In fact, the villagers don’t know that this Li Lao is famous in China, but he can spend his old age in his hometown. However, he was completely disheartened because the border departments slandered each other, so that others wouldn’t find him, and Li Lao simply chose this beautiful place to live in seclusion.
However, on weekdays, he still can’t bear loneliness, so he shows such a small hand, but he can’t expect to make all the villagers admire themselves. Fortunately, these villagers have no other requirements to ask, but the other promotion and wealth are not popular.
For the only big student left in this village, not only the villagers are caring for him like babies, but even Li Lao has a high opinion of him in his heart. You know, in such a remote place, the level of teachers and the quality of teaching are beyond praise. It is simply impossible to be admitted to the university in such a situation without being diligent and energetic.
Left a line of three people soon arrived at Li Lao’s residence. In the dim light, I could vaguely see that the layout of the house was still very elegant. A large number of household environments in this unique mountain village were scattered in every corner of the house, together with the height and height of some antique collections, which indicated that the old man was out of place here.
As soon as I entered the room, I respectfully called Li Laoyi and Jiang Haimei followed him with a smile.
Li Lao cheerfully took a look at the left. He still appreciated the boy who was improving in manners. Suddenly, his eyes fixed when he swept Jiang Haimei. Then Li Lao got up unconsciously and stared at the beautiful woman in surprise.
Jiang Haimei was extremely impressed by him, otherwise she twisted her fingers and bit her lips, and she felt an impulse to turn around. However, due to his mother’s face and Li’s old age, she could be her grandfather, so it was not good to rashly face her face, so she suppressed her chagrin and endured it.
May be aware of Jiang Haimei look wrong, Li Lao suddenly woke up, staring at a young girl like this, but some old people don’t respect him. Hehe smiled and turned their eyes to the rest of the body, and then smiled cynically. When I was old, I felt that I was going to be buried. I couldn’t help but want to be an apprentice when I saw good materials and beautiful jade.
What Jiang Haimei meant by listening to Li’s old saying was that she wanted to put her brother and praised herself as a good material and beautiful jade from his words. She couldn’t help but stare blankly at the mysterious old man strangely.