Its two dark eyes are ten times bigger than ordinary scorpions, and you can notice at a glance that there is a kind of wave light flow every time you turn your eyes, unlike ordinary scorpions who often ignore their eyes.

It has seven broad front abdomen and five narrow and flexible back abdomen, and there is a layer of extremely light gold in the front and back abdomen, which is still red in the seam.
At the end of its tail, there is an elliptical sphere with a venom-hiding protrusion to form a tail thorn, which is dark red and held high like a combat knife.
"Blood crystal? Red crystal? If it doesn’t move … why does it feel like a crystal scorpion? It’s so soft, but it’s not like that. How can it tell if it’s a male or a female? Never studied it! How can you help me deal with the enemy when I grow up so soft … "
Scorpion seems to feel the quick opening and closing of Yi Yi’s pincers. After a few times, the tail needle of the abdomen rolls up, the palm of the hand tilts, wobbles and turns several times, and the body gradually becomes like a substance.
The sense of hierarchy is rarely angular, and it instantly turns into a mighty little scorpion. The auxiliary arm is very smooth and natural in crystal armor.
"Good little guy actually knows what I mean." Yi’s left hand flicked its body a few times and tinkled like steel.
He didn’t believe in evil and strengthened his strength. Xiao scorpion quit, twisted his body and crawled around. His eyes looked like grievances, and he pointed his fingers back and forth. It seemed like a threat.
"Ha ha ….." Easy to be amused by its humanized dynamic expression and couldn’t help laughing at the moment.
Scorpion’s four pairs of feet gradually adapted to crawling, happy, easy to turn around, and all parts of the body began to shake frequently, like combat knives, and the tail needle left, right and left did not stop
As time goes by, the more I look at it, the more interested I am. Observing its every move with great interest, the more I look at it from the inside out.
I don’t know how amazing the toxicity of the scorpion toxin was when it was sucked away, but if it was developed, it would be a problem and it would take so many years to take shape!
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Yearning for magic.
I’m afraid I have to keep it as a pet in this issue! It’s an idiotic dream to expect it to present itself to the enemy!
The little blood scorpion is slow to move, and the head seems to have lost a lot of energy. It’s strange to say to himself, "Are you hungry?"
Yi wanted to take out a piece of raw scorpion meat, tear it into small pieces, put it in his mouth and whispered, "Eat."
I didn’t know that the scorpion’s claws reached out and touched it, but it was easy to climb backwards. I was surprised and took out glutinous rice to crush it. I fed it or not, and then it turned into all kinds of food. It didn’t move.
"Huh?" It’s strange that you don’t eat any vegetarian food. Do you eat some insects?
Remember that the Internet said that scorpions are carnivores who like to eat soft, juicy and protein-rich small animals. This kind of animals will not eat these things, right?
Yi spread it in his right hand and went out of the prison forest to look for all kinds of bugs and animals.
After many experiments, it is easy to find that it is true. It is very fond of spiders, centipedes, locust nymphs, crickets, ground beetles, rice moths and earthworms.
At first, it was easy to catch it, and then it was put on the ground. It had the strength to wander around for a few laps and began to run around and start looking for it.
This little thing doesn’t look like it just laid eggs, just like killing insects when it was born. When it comes to eating well-fed and not getting in the way … I’m afraid that it’s a plunge regardless of the size of the tail needle.
Avoid slow worms or animals and instantly turn into a pool, braving smoke and pus, and run fast. It runs after it and has no strength. It starts to kill insects, eat and continue to kill. When it disappears, it will stop after opening and closing a few pliers.
The tail needle is extremely sharp and hard, and so is the pliers. Two clicks on stones and trees can make a gap, and the tail needle pierces once.
As time goes by, the body of blood scorpion looks more and more substantial, and the bloody horny shell shines brightly by the sun, giving off blurred colors and forming a circle of pale gold halo outside, which makes it look more pleasing to the eye and more enjoyable.
And the little blood scorpion never forgets that Yi climbs away from a pair of dark eyes and looks at Yi from time to time. If he doesn’t follow, he will come back to him and seem to be attached.
Moreover, the four pairs of walking feet can climb freely from the easy foot to the top of the head, and they can throw their weight around and open a pair of pliers.
It’s also very playful, with its tail hooked around its ears and its body shaking upside down, or it’s easy for pliers to gently clamp its earlobe and curl up into a circle like a big red earring.
That is to say, it is easy for the flesh to be polished enough to be strong, otherwise, a clip of the pincers that can cut gold and break jade can not be opened. The pincers with sharp tail needle and acute toxicity are really a very dangerous animal for outsiders.
Easy to start is also very defensive. Later, the mysterious and mysterious association made him put his guard down and finally stopped being afraid.
Although he is happy in his heart, he is also sad. First, he often goes out to walk, meditate and practice, and he can’t go in and out all the time.
There is also a little blood scorpion that needs to eat and kill insects, which is really troublesome for people who often practice for a few days. I haven’t seen it eat until it seems to be the bottom of my stomach for such a long time.
It’s inconvenient that the dry Kun bag can’t hold living things. Although the insects are small, there are fluctuations in life. How to bring these insects with you at all times becomes a problem … "Yes! This brain actually forgot the worm sac. "WAP 11 Dune frowned and slapped his head hard. He swept away his sorrow and took out the black flat leather worm sac and leaned into the smile, which was even more beaming.
"There are countless poisonous methods, and the insects are several times more powerful than the ordinary fragile insects. The little guy is not afraid of virulence, but he loves it. After he gets revenge, he puts it in his pocket and keeps it somewhere else."
"Come on, little guy!" Yi stretched out his palm and said to it.
Blood scorpion is a little confused. It looks easy to hesitate for one or four pairs of steps. Move back and forth from the easy vamp to the right palm pliers.
"This little thing is not the kui is a heterogeneous …" Yi Zan’s left hand pinched the tactic to find out a grotesque little poisonous method and sent it to the mouth of blood scorpion.
Blood scorpion mouth stretched out a pair of pincers, grabbed open pincers and severely pinched it. Suddenly, a stream of juice came out, and it changed in two.
It was so excited that it started to eat a few mouthfuls and then licked the palm juice clean.
Then a little fidgety, the pincers stretch back and forth, and it’s easy to watch and stare at the worm, and the pincers are easy to rub their palms.
"How interesting it would be if this little thing could talk!"
Easy to take a full face of smile to find out the poisonous method of the worm capsule one by one and send it to the mouth of the blood scorpion to feed it like a child.
When I feel different, I feel that time passes very quickly. I spend a little blood in one day.
Its spiritual wisdom grows very fast. At the beginning, the sacrifice was very big and easy. It has a subtle connection. Whenever the spirit extends to it, it will have a mysterious feeling of blood connection.
It’s easy to convey one’s heart’s meaning through oral speaking and mental reading, and the blood scorpion is vaguely incomprehensible, and it becomes more and more human with time.
It’s easy to wonder if this is a mark of a different kind, which has been carried out since it was born … Otherwise, how could it become so spiritual just after laying eggs!
Yi can be sure that this blood scorpion will become a demon sooner or later if it is not taught some knowledge in an accident.
He is also more and more keen on talking with blood scorpions. He seems to be possessed for a day.
Yi is also a test. The bleeding scorpion has a characteristic from repulsion to harmony for the body qi and flame elements. The flame is all over the body, and it needs to be stable.
And it looks very excited with fire, and its pale gold will slowly spread to the body and become a glittering scorpion, which is very strange and makes Yi extremely excited and confused.
When Yi returned to the virtual floating pagoda, the blood scorpion hid behind his neck, and the collar and body faded, and the flesh recovered, and it was very honest to stick to Yi’s neck.
It’s easy to be uncomfortable at first, but now I’m used to letting my hair hang freely to cover my neck to prevent being seen and making a fuss.
No, it will delay the business. Anyway, it will be more intimate than anyone in the future.
Easy to sit and practice, dispel a distracting thought, calm down and sum up the experience of zombie fighting.
There are two reasons for thinking about it: one is that it is not repaired enough, and the other is that the flying sword is not sharp and hard enough.
It is easy to see that the drawback of the red blood ghost sword is that when I first refined it, I wanted it to be soft and hard, and a lot of flexible metals were added.
Usually, the flying sword is a hard sword and will not bend, but it will become soft and hard after being integrated into the true qi, and it will be controlled by mind and mind.
But in this way, because Wang Tong is invulnerable, his flying sword will have an anti-shock, and there will be a bending change in the control of mind and mind
Yi had to break the sword of red blood and ghost several times if he didn’t stop working hard. This is one thing.
Another point is that the material is not good, and it is too popular. The ordinary sword repairing base in the field of revision is made of this kind of pure gold and other metal materials. It is easy to think about it, except that it has a little more texture and a little unique practice.
As far as the dead Yan Wuxing flying sword is concerned, it can be seen at a glance that Gao Lai doesn’t even look twice.
These days, I have gained a lot of knowledge, and at the same time, I have gained a lot of natural materials and several extremely rare materials, which makes me more and more dissatisfied with refining my own magic weapon
For example, I can’t get rid of the heterogeneous roots like Wang Tong, so I can change the enemy one by one, but there is no sharpness at all.
Easy to yearn for is to cut off all substances with three feet of Qingfeng in your hand, pierce all the bodies, and fight for extreme destruction and extreme elimination.
These magic weapons are yearning for each other, but they don’t match each other. What Yi Xian wants most is not a natural treasure. Second, it’s not a magical secret. Third, it’s not a beautiful woman, but a real magic weapon.
It is also easy to practice for a short time. I have never seen a magic weapon in the past two years! I just heard that if you are sharp, if you are spiritual, you will automatically choose the main kind of nonsense.

"I shouldn’t ask you. It’s best not to ask. I want to get the account in three days. I believe you are a trustworthy person." Longyou finished the sentence and hung up directly.

She doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Wang Jingcheng is nominally her benefactor. Although he came for his beauty, his money really helped her to see a doctor.
On the other hand, he is also a benefactor. He cured the child’s illness directly and saved his life. Isn’t it clear already?
Thought of here, she walked into the health care, slightly filled her soft face with a little cream, changed into a hot and sexy red dress, put on high heels, and wore a blue knee trench coat to look sexy and charming.
She dialed Wang Jingcheng’s words. No one would have thought that Wang Jingcheng would put the account in the USB flash drive and carry it with her. What kind of account Bai Longyou said was black account.
Jiang Liwen was so nervous when he called him for the first time. "Sincerely, come to my place today. I learned to cook steak first."
Wang Jingcheng loves beef very much, but he hates beef, especially his medium-rare bloody steak.
On hearing her, Yin Wang sincerely agreed at once.
She lit a little lavender essential oil, and the smell of lavender spread all over the room. She put on an apron and put the steak she had already bought out on the table.
Light candles, lay a clean tablecloth, soften the lights and wait for him to arrive.
Hearing "Jingle Jingle", Jiang Liwen opened the door and Wang Jingcheng saw it, so she couldn’t help but put her hand in her arms and put it in from the bottom of the windbreaker. She discharged his dishonest hands.
"Don’t be so impatient. Come in after dinner," she said gently.
Wang Jingcheng her ear light respiratory tract "I want to eat you"
After that, she will directly expose her coat, revealing a deep V sexy red dress and revealing a white neck.
"Baby, you are so sexy today." Wang Jingcheng showed a faint green light and couldn’t help but give her a pinch.
Jiang Liwen usually sees that he is very conservative in his clothes. This is the first time he has entered the ever-changing girl. She is very nervous and afraid of being caught by Wang Jingcheng.
Wang Jingcheng looked at the steak on the table. It was his favorite medium-rare steak that he cut a piece directly and tasted "Baby, your cooking is getting better and better."
"I’m glad you like it. Do you want to take a bath?" Jiang Liwen said seductively.
The first time Wang Jingcheng saw her so open, she suddenly felt happy. Did the ice beauty become a demon in front?
He didn’t think much and nodded and said, "Well, I’ll go and wash."
Then he took off his coat directly and went into the bathroom. When there was no movement, Jiang Liwen opened the door. Sure enough, he had fainted. $wwwianhuaangla]
It turned out that Jiang Liwen combined lavender and sandalwood with two kinds of aromas, and then added essential oil to become an ecstatic drug, which did harm to her health and didn’t want to hurt him.
She forced him to put him on the bed and began to keep on groping. He suddenly touched a protrusion. She never dreamed that he would put the card in such a abnormal place.
After getting the card, she will be covered with a red dress and changed into a very conservative suit. She will have packed her suitcase and held it. She decided to do these things at the moment, and she will take her children to live her own life.
Jiang Liwen is very sorry to see his one eye and turned to lock the door and left.
She put the account in the envelope, wrote the longyou words and address, took a deep breath and left with the box.
A few hours later, Wang Jingcheng touched his head and opened his eyes to see that there was nothing in the room.
"Li Wen Li Wen?" He shouted but didn’t answer.
At this moment, he suddenly realized something and quickly touched his secret account somewhere, which had disappeared.
It was cold for him to dial Jiang Liwen at once. Sorry, the number you dialed is no longer available.
Wang Jingcheng believes that the person at his bedside has betrayed him all the time.
At the moment, Longyou and her mother did the last thing, gave her a sum of money and gave her Steve’s address so that she could have something to find him.
He arranged for his mother and son to be green gang’s private jet, which was the last compensation for her.
After seeing off the mother and son, Longyou returned home and put the USB flash drive in his head. As expected, there was a password instruction, but this was a piece of cake for high flyers in his previous life.
Soon he cracked the password and opened it, which shocked him. Jingcheng Iron and Steel Company has to pay a fixed account every year.
And it has never been broken. From the initial tens of thousands to the present, I feel that I have touched the mysterious person’s body.
The more he climbed over, the more shocking he felt. Last year, the state stripped away the money. Sincerely, the iron and steel company actually paid less than one-half of the money to build a factory building, and even cooperated with a material company to replenish it.
One by one, it’s going to be a big deal. Wang Jingcheng is bold and ambitious. How much benefit did the man behind the scenes give him? He was so desperate
Through this account, it seems that I have seen a huge network of interests that are intertwined and intertwined, and I have discovered that there are still layers of poverty. He has a feeling that maybe the day when this behind-the-scenes person shows up will surprise everyone.
Thought of this, Longyou dialed Grandpa Tang’s words and soon the words were connected.
"What happened to Xiaolong?"
"Grandpa Tang, I got the books of Jingcheng Iron and Steel Company and found a major secret. Is it convenient for you to talk on video?" Longyou directly told him about it.
Hearing this, he quickly boarded a special platform and gave Longyou an account "What happened to Xiaolong?"
"Grandpa Tang, wait a moment, you see." Longyou looked cool and said to him.
Seeing this, he opened the information sent to her by Longyou, and his face was full of atmosphere. "How can this moth do such a thing?"
"Grandpa Tang, don’t be angry yet. Have you seen the Swiss account? I hope you can check it. Xiaolong thinks the owner of this account is not simple." Longyou calmed his emotions and made his own suggestions
Seeing him calm down, "Good horse, let people check that you have worked hard recently. How is school?"
"Grandpa Tang, I’m all right. You go to bed early. I’ll hang up first." Long Yang said when he saw his tired face.
Video communication was quickly interrupted and Longyou was not idle. It seems that the account books suddenly found that some figures actually coincided with the account books left by Zhang Peize.
Just then the words rang and it turned out to be Chu Er dialect.
"Brother Long is bad, and Chloe is imprisoned."
Hearing Chu Er speak, Longyou’s eyes turned cold. "What happened?"
"The thing is that Chu Er and I met her brother John in the United States. Who would have thought that guy was not under house arrest and wanted software? We escaped with King Kong’s protection, but Chloe was unwilling to run back. Steve found out that Chloe had been imprisoned and that John wanted Chloe to marry him. What should I do?" Some of Chu Er’s words came into tears and said.
Smell speech longyou tone as gentle as possible "Chu Er lovely you temporarily stay with Steve, I’ll call my second brother and ask him to send someone to protect you. I’ll book the earliest plane to fly over and wait for me."
"I know brother Long, I will be good." Chu Er was comforted by Longyou and calmed down his emotions.
After talking, Longyou called Joe Er and told him what had happened to Chloe. When Joe Er Yi heard it, he immediately dispatched people to rescue people. Longyou calmed him down and said that everything would wait until he went to the United States to find out.
After Longyou gave Li a severe blow, he handed over the steel plant to him temporarily, and then called Yue Jianxin and told him about it temporarily, asking him to help keep an eye on some steel plants. He thought that if he left, the group would stir up, and he was going to catch fish in a jar.
After everything was arranged, he called Huang Huang, and then he called Xiao Si to ask him to take some people to go to America with him. He is not allowed to touch any of his parents, women or brothers.
In a few minutes, Joe Er told him that he would go with him. Although he thought that if Joe Er left the department, there would be chaos, Joe Er’s sentence that we are brothers made him give up persuasion.
Anyway, whoever dares to fish in troubled waters will just clean it up together.
Chapter 174 The Bank of America
Tonight is doomed to be a sleepless night. Dragon Tour lights a cigarette and sits on the sofa waiting for Xiao Si’s brother.
Although two’ women’ are very important to him, America is not its own territory after all, even if Joe Erzhouxuan wants to enter the Klan camp, it will not be easy.
Just halfway through the smoke, the’ door’ bell rang. When I opened it, I saw that Xiaosi had brought most people.
Longyou told me when he was looking for Xiao Si that this trip was very dangerous. I didn’t expect so many people to risk their lives for him.
His expression is still very light, but his heart’ excited’ is a metaphor.
Everyone is sitting, but I can’t see the yellow figure. I can’t get through. What happened?
At the moment, he has no time to look for the yellow country.
"Boss green gang’s plane is ready," Xiao Si said with a look of "excitement".

With a hint of incomprehension, I fell into a sweet sleep until the tearing pain woke me up. Damn it, giving me an anesthesia needle will kill me! I groaned, but it was a name "Lilac" that I couldn’t put down all my life.

One always bursts into my ears with a somewhat playful and defiant voice. "I said that you should wake up when you are young. You are still in the mood to have a spring dream!" It’s small Guangxi. He’s flying behind my back as if there were some wild animals chasing him behind him.
Play around us, paddle around, and vaguely shout all this in Anan. Let me understand the situation for a full second. My voice is weak. "Let me carry me, and you can’t run away!" Give me a rifle and a magazine and I’ll fight with them! "
Small Guangxi turned a corner and threw a bullet behind it, slightly panting, saying, "How dare I? If I do this, the woman of your dreams will not castrate me first, then kill me, then kill me, and then kill me after castration … Hey, do you listen? Don’t sleep! If you sleep, you will never wake up! "
I was so tired that I lost consciousness again before he finished talking nonsense.
Chapter DiYiQiSi Peace Day
A battalion of the Airborne Infantry Brigade of the Assault Division was ambushed by Annan’s regular army and suffered heavy casualties!
When the news reached Liu Weiping, his look became very strange. People around him heard him repeating "Ban Ying Ban Ying" repeatedly. It seemed that they had an unspeakable emotion for this place. They didn’t know that when the historical Republic withdrew, a battalion was attacked by Annan troops at night, and the whole self-defense counterattack was almost wiped out. This place is like a spell. How can you avoid it? However, the historical tragedy will never repeat itself, because the army of the Republic of China is not the one that has just come out of the turmoil and neglected its armed forces to participate in the self-defense counterattack. These regiments are the first-class main forces in the whole army, and their fists are well-equipped and well-trained, and the powerful army and the Chinese assault force are even more powerful. They really can’t figure out who they have to be afraid of in this land of Asia! Want to eat one of my battalions? Dream your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period!
Liu Weiping coldly ordered "the squadron in charge of the strong cavalry behind the temple immediately went to Banying area to support the attacked troops, and asked them to dispatch a bomber group. If we suffered heavy casualties, we would blow up Banying and let Annan monkey know what the consequences were!"
The order was carried out to the letter. A squadron eagle dragon turned its head and went straight for Ban Ying, and the Nanning military base was even more unambiguous. After a tense, short and busy period, six planes exploded and Ban Ying’s fate was doomed.
At this time, Banying was in chaos at Huya Camp, where a secret service team in Annan was killed in a staggered way. When night fell, the Annan agent suddenly attacked and was exhausted. Huya Camp was caught off guard and suffered a lot of losses, but Huya Camp quickly reacted in the initial chaos with strong firepower and strong fighting capacity. Relying on nine armored vehicles that were still in good condition, it set up a circular position and calmly shot everyone who dared to approach this line of defense. The losses of Annan people suddenly soared, but Annan people were also crazy. In order to launch a wave of impacts at any cost and pay more than 50 lives, I finally rushed into the ring fortification circle and hit all the chariots with anti-tank rockets. However, the fierce airborne infantry wielded sappers’ shovels and split them back. The two sides repeatedly killed each other with heavy casualties. The Annan army probably didn’t expect Huya Camp to be so difficult to chew, but after several attacks, it was a little overwhelmed. At this time, the assault division’s armed helicopters killed and brought a flood of rockets and fire and rain, and the bunker was strafed by a machine gun. Layers of blood and rain were leveled, and the green branches and mud splashed in the smoke flew to the semi-armed helicopter. The Annan army suffered huge losses and took precautions. The Annan people shot down a black eagle and an eagle dragon without waiting for them to give a cheer.
Those individual shoulder-fired missile shooters were torn to pieces by machine guns.
Commander Annan sighed and said "retreat" after the helicopter ravaged the ground.
It’s not too late to retreat now. As soon as the Annan army got out of contact with the bombers at Huya Camp, it killed the aerobomb and roared, and clouds of black and red flames exploded on the ground and went straight to the night! Terrible flames roared and swept across Ban Ying, devouring Annan soldiers in batches, and then rushing to the attack plane, even more machine guns and bombs, which once again taught Annan people a lesson. Annan people were driven around by the fire, and the general machine guns were scattered. According to endless statistics, at least 300 civilians died in this bombing. Of course, Annan people and western countries have not been ashamed to exaggerate this number several times. This incident has criticized our army. In their eyes, all guns killed by our army are good civilians. It is a shame to the extreme.
This battle was the last drop of blood of our army Annan. A total of 17 soldiers died and 100 people were injured. They were furious. The teacher ordered revenge and killed Benying area. There were not even any live chickens left. After the war, the United Nations intervened in the investigation and found more than 200 bodies in a forest. The future of Benying massacre was cast a shadow. Soon after he returned to China, he was suspended from the military commission for investigation. For a long time, he was not seen in the army.
A month later, Nanning Army Hospital
The sky is so white and soft in Yun Lan, and the lilac wheelchair pushes me on the lawn for a walk. I’m lucky that the bullet didn’t hurt me. After several operations, I came back to life, while others were not so lucky. Our platoon is the first to hit Annan people, and the blow to people like Annan is almost lost. My class is just me, Shandong, Three small Guangxi soldiers survived in Class Two, leaving a platoon of Xiao Lei to return home alive. Only one country has given us these soldiers who fought bloody battles great honor. In the eyes of billions of people, we are all heroes. Only we ourselves know that we are just the lucky ones in this war. Xiao Guangxi also went to the hospital, and he was not injured. At that time, Lilac and Xiao Lei and Shandong rushed out of a gap in the encirclement to cover Xiao Guangxi, who rushed out behind my back to look for his brother troops. He carried me and fought behind my back. Taking a breath and running for kilometers, I finally hope to reach the helicopter. He has never been injured, but he is too tired to vomit blood. He recovered faster than me, and now he can do somersaults on the lawn, making the nurse who is in charge of taking care of him laugh and cry. He is tired of playing, holding his hands and lying on the lawn, winking at us and cursing, "This monkey doesn’t know who can cure him!"
I say
"I heard that Li Jie has a good impression on him. I hope Li Jie can cure him."
Lilac said, "In my opinion, anyone who has lived with him for a generation is either alive and angry or alive and laughing." I feel the same way. This is really a special material. After returning to China for so long, we wounded soldiers are afraid to go to the sparsely populated lawn, even walking in the park, fearing that there will be mines. He wants to adjust so quickly.
Lilac suddenly stopped and followed her line of sight. I saw two cute little soldiers skipping up and down. They ran to me and stood in salute. I could raise my hand and salute them. Lilac smiled. It was not until now that I realized that the little soldiers were too small to salute me. They were wearing mini army camouflage, riding a pair of boots that were too small to be Xiao Ye, and wearing a helmet. A pair of big eyes were much bigger than a spoon. When they turned around, they knew that they were two troublemakers who were very headache.
Lilac said, "The teacher’s baby and his daughter’s twins are a headache."
I was taken aback. "Is the teacher here?"
Lilac said, "Who knows? I haven’t heard from him since I came back from Annan. Some people say that he has been suspended. Some people say that he will go to the Republic of Belan in Africa to serve as a military adviser. No one knows whether it is true or not … Xu Jianfeng …"
I should "what?"
Lilac asked, "There may be no war in China. What are your plans?"
I thought about it and said, "I don’t have any plans for the time being. Maybe I will continue to serve, maybe I will retire and go home … Hey, where do I have a home? I will continue to work hard in the army until I can’t fight anymore."
Lilac said, "Me too. Thank you for saving my life on the battlefield."
I blushed a little. "You saved me first. By the way, the lilac war is over. Although I am injured, I am still alive and my limbs are healthy … What do you think?"
Lilac was slightly stunned and immediately remembered that her cheeks were blushing and said in a low voice, "How can you be so cheeky and pestering?"
I lied, "I just want to pester you to see if you will surrender!" "
She thought for a moment and said, "well, I’ll give you a definite answer today."
I held my breath and waited for fate to decide.
She said every word, "I
No need for people. "
My heart was so cold that I almost cried.
She still said "except you" every word.
A big laugh is silly and cute from the words of my face bursting with lilacs. I jumped up and hugged her in circles regardless of my own weakness. "Holding you is equivalent to holding the whole world!"
To hold her is to hold the whole world. In this month-long war, our army in Lian Haijun paid a huge price of more than 37,000 casualties and finally won a complete victory, and I was lucky enough to win my bride. I won’t be lonely in my life. I can’t believe that I can win the heart of such a good girl. Maybe it’s because of those comrades-in-arms who turned against Annan. Thank you, my good brothers. You gave me the chance to live and let me pursue happiness. I will always miss you, my good comrades-in-arms!
Tired of turning, we lie on the lawn and look at the white clouds and smile at each other. The sky in the Republic is so blue and so deep. It is our blood and life that have kept this day. This peace allows all the lilacs who have dreams to fly freely to ask, "What kind of name are your children going to take in the future?"
My child? Isn’t my child angry with you? I said, "Let’s call it peace."
She left her pie mouth discontentedly and thought about it for a while and then said, "Well, let’s call it peace. I hope we can enjoy peace and get through this life safely and never have another war."
I said, "Sure."
–"Vietnam War Rhapsody" finished

Ruier’s eyes were fixed on me when she finished speaking, and she resumed the cold attitude when I first met her.

I told Ruier that there was something that could be said, and we could work out countermeasures together. Ruier said that she just didn’t want to be disturbed.
Look at Rachel for a while. I turned away from Rachel’s cloth barrier and walked away from it.
During this short time with Ruier, I know that Ruier is also very stubborn. She decides that things are hard to change. She doesn’t want to say anything, even if she asks, she won’t say anything.
So I choose not to ask Ruier anything too much.
Put Goo Tsai in Yinzhu, and I’ll be alone in my own cloth boundary. Keep an eye on Ruier’s situation.
I saw that after I laid the enchantment, Ruier covered the ice coffin, took the silver square box hanging on her chest to shake hands, and then covered her hands with long cuffs, and then removed her enchantment and lay still in the ice coffin.
Frowning at what I saw in front of me, I teleported the invisible paper man from the object ring and threw it out to urge the invisible paper man to approach the ice coffin.
Close your eyes and urge the fifth layer of bamboo slips. I always pass the situation that the invisible paper man outside the ice coffin notes Rui Er.
Being in the enchantment, I continued to urge the fifth floor of the bamboo slips for a long time. I can be invisible. I didn’t even see the core lying in the ice coffin again.
In the ice coffin, Ruier lay motionless with her eyes closed, just like the dead body before.
I don’t know what material is added to the ice coffin. I can’t feel something fishy in the core of the ice coffin through the invisible paper man.
There have been foreign objects breaking in where the ice coffin is located.
Ruier told me to destroy her body, and then she lay in the ice coffin herself. It’s definitely not because she wants to be quiet.
It is reasonable to explain that she wants to lure the enemy with her own bait and give him a fatal blow when he is unprepared.
Continue to close your eyes and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips. I hope the dawn will come soon the next day
I don’t want any uncontrollable situation in this place before dawn the next day, and I don’t want any accidents in Ruier.
A long time later, the dark environment in this place suddenly became more black, and a black-robed male ghost spirit floated into this place.
I was instantly horrified when I saw the ghost spirit. From the picture on the dark cave wall, I knew that the ghost spirit appeared here, which was the boundary of Ruier. Master was the biggest bss that Ruier and I were going to fight in this ancient tomb.
The arrival of the Enchantment Master made us feel depressed again and continue to urge the bamboo slips to move.
It’s hard to gather all my emotions. I stopped practicing and didn’t open my eyes. I can be invisible. The reaction of this enchanter has only increased the suspicion of this enchanter.
After the enchanter entered this place, he glanced at my position, and then his lip angle took a sarcastic arc and fell straight to the ground next to the ice coffin, staring at the ice coffin with resentment in his eyes.
The enchanter stood still in the same spot, and Ruier lay still in the ice coffin. I was so nervous that I broke out in a cold sweat on my palm.
After a long time, the enchanter took out a steel nail from his cuff and carried it in his hand.
Seeing the enchantment master move me is the reason why the steel nail fell out of Ruier’s body before I knew it, so that Ruier lay in the ice coffin.
Enchantment division with the steel nail lip angle with a ponder smile stretched out his hand and was ready to lift the ice coffin lid.
Seeing this, I suddenly opened my eyes and clenched my fist. I stood up from the ground and instantly closed the enchantment. I raised my hand and aimed at the enchantment division. I was ready to force the enchantment against the enchantment division at any time.
It was the enchanter who touched the ice coffin lid and paused. He lifted the ice coffin lid and began to caress the edge of the ice coffin lid. He didn’t really hit the ice coffin lid and then turned his head to look behind him, which is where I am.
When I see the enchantment master move, I will immediately spread the enchantment and sit on the ground again and close my eyes.
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Master
But the invisible paper man’s eye, when I saw the enchanter twist his head and glance at me, I took back my sight, and then I took a look at the core in the ice coffin and put the steel nail in the cuff, and my body floated away from this place
The enchantment division left me quietly and immediately, but the invisible paper men tracked the enchantment division and there was no unnecessary move.
Through the invisible paper man, I know that the enchanter is not far away from this place, but after leaving this place, he looks up and stares at the ice coffin and my position.
As the enchanter’s figure rises, he can be tracked, and the invisible paper man naturally hangs high. I can also see that Ruier in the ice coffin remains motionless.
There is silence in the dark tomb, and the enchanter can’t leave me. I can just keep my original sitting position still.
Lest Ruier mistakenly think that the enchanter has left and climbed out of the ice coffin, my mood is getting more and more nervous as time goes by.
Fortunately, Ruier has always been petrified.
I am too nervous to restrain my emotions and urge the fifth floor of bamboo slips to tighten my body and sit on the ground. I feel too uncomfortable.
I feel like I’m going to sit in an old posture forever. At all times, the enchanter always goes straight back to this ancient tomb and sits cross-legged on the ground to practice.
For the enchanter along the way, he never even gave a corner of his eye.
Just as the enchanter was just practicing, I heard something coming from the ice coffin.
With my eyes open, I saw Ruier pushing the lid of the ice coffin out of it.

Theoretically, this great contribution is also attributed to China, who not only went out with Xu, but also sent military forces from the Odkelon family.

However, Wu Chen, Wen Chen and the royal family made a definite plan in the conflict of interest, and it was also because Hughes certainly didn’t want the Odkelon family to get credit.
"Koham … Diru … Yuge …"
Hughes was furious in the town hall. On that day, the audio-visual materials that were not recognized were actually confirmed. "Just a few adventure groups dared to talk to the family. They simply overreached, but since they took the job of stealing dragon eggs, why did they attack those low-level planets? What do they want? "
The ministers are right, even though many of them are clever and wise, but the enemy’s actions are so incredible that no one can guess their real purpose.
"Father, king and son think it will be a diversion?" Erwangjin said
"Yes, those guys deliberately attack low-level planets until they attract our troops in the past …"
"What will it be?"
Hughes glanced at the attached and three Wangsu coldly and said, "Idiot! Do you mean to attract our troops and they will take the city directly? With those five damn adventure groups? Even if the city gives them ten days, it is impossible to attack! "
The whole city is banned step by step, especially in the palace, which is heavily banned and powerful. It is not a matter of three moments if no one guards the five adventure groups alone.
What’s more, Hughes won’t be stupid enough to leave no troops in the city after the army is transferred out.
"My father, my son and I said a diversion from the East to the West is not what my third brother said."
The second king couldn’t wait to kill that fool’s third brother. It’s stupid, but if you’re not smart, don’t mess around and disturb your thoughts.
He secretly stared at Sue and said, "Maybe it’s an attack on a low-level planet and an attack on the east. It’s a attack on a low-level planet, not a dragon egg, but some other important things, but I’m not sure what the real goal of the other party is yet."
"Hmm … that’s right. What about this possibility?" Hughes thought of his daughter who had just come to the good news.
"Leave the message that Princess Wang Xu is waiting in place. The information obtained from the enemy has been summarized. Princess Xu has no other way for the time being. It may not be inferred before the fourth wave of surprise attack on the enemy will definitely change its strategy."
"That’s right!"
Hughes thought for a moment and waved his hand, "Xu has made great contributions this time, so let us know who the enemy is. Since it is temporary to determine the enemy’s movements, let her come back first."
Chapter 749 Leading the way
? Flocculant is back.
Although the enemy has not been completely wiped out, it has brought more than 200 prisoners and confirmed the exact identity of the enemy, which is already a valuable gain.
Chen Han is a member of Odkailong’s family, and he has an agreement to cooperate with him in two aspects, which creates an illusion. Since Chen Han promised to use this matter to at least make Xu’s status rise, it is likely to make her a king, which means that there is hope to dissolve her engagement with China.
That engagement was not good for the Odkelon family and Xu, so after receiving Chen Han’s news, China got a strong order to cooperate with him and Xu to perform the play well
The accompanying troops have suffered a lot. According to Xu, the enemy’s strength is not weak. Maybe there are five large adventure groups on the surface, but they actually use other forces. Or these adventure groups have been hiding their strength. In fact, it is not as simple as the rumors outside.
Of course, it was Rong and Xu who killed these people, but the Odkelon family abandoned them.
Every faction has moths. It’s not convenient to eradicate them at ordinary times for fear of attracting criticism, but it’s not easy to die in the war. Chen Han said earlier that there will be losses. What the Odkelon family can afford is still an opportunity to eradicate dissidents. They should thank Chen Han.
It took several hours for Xu to come back from the battlefield, and the enemy did not dare to make much changes for a short time after being attacked by this attack.
The atmosphere in the discussion hall was extremely depressing. Although it brought some achievements, it also brought back bad news that the enemy was strong.
"No wonder they dare to talk to the family. Their original strength is much stronger than they thought."
The news that Flocculant brought back explained Hughes’ doubts in his heart. He always thought it was very strange that only five adventure groups dared to fight the magic feather Teng Dragon. It turned out that the enemy was not as simple as the outside world said. It may have been supported by other forces, and it may have hidden most of its strength.
Of course, the fact that the soldiers were damaged was there, and so was the testimony of his daughter. He never thought it would be a chess game.
"Who can tell me what to do next?"
Hughes’ stern eyes swept the courtiers in the temple, but unfortunately they didn’t get an answer. Those old deathlessly closed their eyes as if they hadn’t heard him at all.
At ordinary times, when the credit is close at hand, they struggle to break their heads and rob their brains one by one, but they choose to escape when they really encounter difficult problems.
This is officialdom!
Worried flocculant shine at the moment, she doesn’t know what to do, and she has been waiting for Chen Han to come over.
When the message came at a good time, she immediately didn’t know what to do in the previous step. She had an inexplicable belief that "Father and the enemy will definitely imagine every step of the plan and consider all factors."
"Third sister, everyone knows this, so you won’t repeat it." Two kings are loyal lackeys, and three kings won’t give up a chance to crack down.

Lin Cheng walked in New Luzon Lane in a dark Tang suit for so many years. Lin Cheng traveled all over the world. He had a cool and elegant temperament, and after so many years of martial arts, he developed a noble and upright spirit, which made Lin Cheng have a momentum of not being angry and arrogant.

Many people have seen a man walking leisurely, but Lin Cheng just passed by at a glance. No one would have thought that someone would dare to find fault with the world’s biggest gang at this gang gathering day, and this one is a person.
Along the way, there was no one to cross-examine and stop the court. Inside the gate hole, there was an antique and clear building. The broad hall was where the gangsters were, and the Intermediate People’s Court was where many big bodyguards stayed.
Lin Chenggang was about to step into the door when suddenly there seemed to be an induction in his heart. Looking back, Yue Zishan came in a black coat with vigorous steps.
The guard at the gate was about to stop Lin Cheng from reading his invitation, but Lin Cheng went back.
"Why are you here?" Yue Zishan smiled unconsciously when she saw Lin Cheng exulting in her heart.
"I’m here to fight. What about you?" Lin Cheng smiled and said it was natural.
"You fight and I’ll help you!" Yue Zishan has a kind of husband and wife who will fight with Lin Chenglai. Of course, she will also fight. Yue Zishan forgot to tell her father Yue Xiangdong when she came. Son, you are here to watch the ceremony on behalf of the Hong Kong circle gang. When you don’t have to talk, talk as little as possible. Let’s just go through the motions.
"Haha, well, let’s go."
After receiving Yue Zishan’s invitation, the singer sang, "Hong Kong circle helps Yue Zishan to come!"!
Lin Cheng and Yue Zishan walked into the Hong Men headquarters side by side.
Hong Men Hall is very grand, and the ceremony is arranged in the first part, which is the major branch giants in Hong Men.
"Niece, are you here for your father?" A man in his forties in the hospital saw Yue Zishan coming to meet him.
"Uncle, my father didn’t entrust me to come. Uncle has arrived early. Why don’t you go in?" Yue Zishan speaks politely.
"It’s too stuffy and smoky in there. Come out and get some air."
"Then let’s go in together? The meeting is coming soon. "YueZiShan held out her hand and made one. Please move first.
There is also a singer in the hall who sings that the Hong Kong triad Ma Zhong Circle helps Yue Zishan to arrive!
After entering the door, Yue Zishan and Ma Zhong were led to both sides, because the triad is a branch of Hong Men and belongs to the owner of Hong Men, while the big circle gang is purely a ceremony.
Yue Zishan said to Lin Chengdi as she walked, "This is Ma Zhong, the leader of the triad society in Hong Kong!"
Lin Cheng didn’t seem to hear Yue Zishan’s words. After he entered the door, he fell at the first sight in Korea, where he was sitting in the first place. Among them, he saw Lin Cheng at a glance. His eyes narrowed instantly and he shot a ball of clothes from his eyes that only showed a crack, which was firmly fixed in Lin Chengshen.
When Yue Zishan saw Lin Cheng enter the door, she met a Hong Men boss. Obviously, Yue Zishan also knew that Lin Cheng had found the goal of this trip. Yue Zishan had more common sense in Jianghu and knew more people than Lin Cheng. Yue Zishan introduced Lin Chengxiao to "sitting from north to south, respectively, were Lin Xing, a North American Hong Men giant, in which Xi Xi, the boss of Liu Zhong, Europe and Hong Men, and Li Xiangnan, the boss of Nanyang Hong Men, and the boss of Hong Kong and Hong Men."
Lin Cheng didn’t immediately make trouble, but it was his style that Lin Cheng didn’t speak. Listen quietly. Yue Zishan introduced him to the mafia bosses here, but Yue Zishan knew these Chinese community bosses, and he didn’t even know some foreigners who were in charge of the gangs. Besides, even if foreign gangs came to watch the ceremony, it was generally not the boss who came, but the boss appointed some important people to help.
Hong Men, each ceremony gang, has prepared two chairs, one of which has a good oolong tea table. Gangs always compare themselves to the Dragon House, the king in the dark. Their favorite is oolong tea because of its good meaning!
Lin Chengduan cup caressed the hot air in the tea and took a bite.
After about ten minutes, a strategist-like figure leaned over Lin Xingdong, a big boss in Hong Men, North America, and said, "Big Brother’s auspicious time has come."
Lin Cheng’s ears are very good. After such a long distance, Lin Cheng clearly heard this strategist talking to Lin Hangdong in such a noisy environment.
Lin Xingdong got up and hugged his fist to everyone first. "Thank you for coming to our triennial wedding ceremony in Hong Men in spite of your busy schedule. On behalf of Hong Men, I thank you!"
Everyone warmly applauded Yue Zishan and whispered in Lin Cheng’s ear, "This Lin Hangdong is a big boss in Hong Men. Lin Shener has a very important position in Hong Men and is also the general manager of the two Hong Men."
"Today is our Hong Men Festival and all our festivals. Now I declare our Hong Men Ken Pro-Congress official!"
After Lin Hangdong announced the pro-pro-congress, firecrackers roared outside. When Lin Cheng came in, he saw a lot of firecrackers placed along the three floors outside the Hong Men General Hall, and old and wide firecrackers were placed on both sides of the new Luzon Lane. At this time, Lin Hangdong made firecrackers resound, which set off a good situation in Hong Men.
At the same time as firecrackers sounded, the two energetic lions shook their heads and danced. The lion dance was brought to the world by Hong Men after Hong Men unified the Heaven and Earth Society in the Qing Dynasty.
These two lion dancers have real kung fu, and they can soar two meters high with a little help from the lion’s head, but the four lion legs are firm and show excellent kung fu.
The two lions danced in the courtyard for a long time and shuttled into the lobby, dancing in the lobby. The last wonderful move was that the two lions rose, one lion stepped on the other lion, and then after the first lion flew, the second lion grabbed the first lion’s tail, and then the two lions rose one after another, and a somersault fell in front of Lin Xingdong, who was ready to give the master of ceremonies a finishing touch. Lin Xingdong gave the two lions a finishing touch.
Although Lin Hangdong is expensive as the general manager of Hong Men, he has been sitting in the first place on the left, while the ceremony is sitting on the right. There are two seats in the hall. It is a founder of Hong Men, Chen Jinnan and Hu Dedi.
Behind the two chairs is the incense hall, which is the five ancestors of Hong Men, Hong Ying, Fu Qingzhu, Gu Yanwu, Huang Lizhou and Wang Fu.
Shi Kefa, Zheng Chenggong, Chen Jinnan, Wan Yunlong, Su Hongguang.
The first five ancestors were Cai Dezhong, Fang Dahong, Ma Chaoxing, Hu Dedi and Li Shi.
Yang Zhangyou, Fang Huicheng, Wu Tiancheng, Lin Dajiang and Zhang Jing, the five middle ancestors.
The last five ancestors were Li Shidi, Hong Taizi, Wu Tianyou, Lin Yongchao and Yao Bida.
Wuyi Zheng Junda, Xie Bangheng, Huang Changcheng, Wu Tinggui, Zhou Hongying
Wu Jie Zheng Daode, Zheng Daofang, Han Long, Han Hu, Li Changguo
Sanying Guo Xiuying, Zheng Yulan, Zhong Wenjun
Shi Jian, male strategist of the Second Division, Yu Ying, female strategist
In addition, today is September 1 ST, September 1 ST, when the online activities are held, a fishing protection stamp will be given, and 100 K coins will be given without spending money. Let’s cover me!
Remember, it is necessary to send in37 and Brother Sword a kiss, and more than 102 brothers a seal. Thank you!
21 Libang
"Hong Men is a big family in Hong Men this year, and there are more branches of the mainland Knife Club and the Nanyang Han Gang. These are the former Hongmen brothers. It is gratifying that our Hong Men family is growing stronger. Today, we Hongmen brothers gather together to elect a new general manager in Hong Men besides being willing to kiss!"

Not you.

I am by no means the king. Monte Cristo said and deliberately emphasized that title. What help can I give you? Is your reputation, your status and your appearance enough?
No, Andre said no, you didn’t say that, count. I’ve always recognized my fame and I’ll be in a position. I can’t ask you any help
You are completely mistaken. Monte Cristo coldly said that he learned the meaning of his words from the lazy attitude of the youth. You were protected by me only after I learned about your father’s property. I have never seen you or who is your famous father’s root knot. I am fortunate to know you. It is my two good friends, Lord Weimar, Father Busoni. What on earth should I be? You are not a guarantor but a protector. That is because your father’s fame is not well respected in Italy. Personally, I don’t know you. Andre knows that he is very calm at this moment.
Oh, so is my father really a very big fortune, count?
It seems that this pavilion Monte Cristo replied.
Do you know if my father promised me to get married?
Your father has informed me.
But what about 3 million cash?
That 3 million is probably on its way.
So can I really get it?
Scare the count and say, I don’t think you are so short of money
Andre was so surprised for a while that he didn’t know what to say, and then he woke up from his confusion and said, Now I have asked you one thing, that is, you will certainly forgive me if you don’t want to.
Said Monte Cristo said
Because of my luck, I have made many famous people and I still have a group of friends at present, but since I am going to hold a grand wedding ceremony in Paris, I should be led to the altar by a famous person when my father is not present. It is European custom to get married in a church, and the bride and groom should be blessed by the priest at the altar. My father seems unable to come to Paris now, doesn’t he?
He is old and covered with scars. He said that every trip was painful for him.
I’m white. Well, I’ll come and you give me a noodle.
What is it?
Oh, just take his place
Ah, my dear sir, why should you be so ignorant after I have had so much contact with you? I have come to ask me to lend you 500,000 yuan for such a thing. Frankly speaking, although such a loan is very rare, you may not make it difficult for me. I remember I told you that the Count of Monte Cristo has never been involved in the world, especially in ethics. To put it more bluntly, this is an oriental superstition. I have hidden a charming maze in Constantinople, but did my master have a wedding? Absolutely not.
So you turned me down
Resolutely refuse, even if you are my son or my brother, I will refuse you the same.
Then what should I do? Andre said disappointedly
Didn’t you just say that you have many friends?
Yes, but it was you who introduced me to m danglars’ house.
It is by no means for us to recall the fact that you met him at a banquet in my home, and you have visited him at his home, which is my business.
It’s because of my marriage, but it’s because of you
I’m not you at all. I remember what I said to you when you asked me to be a matchmaker. Oh, I will never go to anyone else to promote marriage, my dear Wang. This is my firm principle.
Andre bit his lip, but at least he said you would attend.
Are all Parisians going?
Oh, sure

Zhao Gong’s heart is a little strange. This road is as good as his own marriage. He doesn’t know it at all. But now that HarmonyOS’s purple gas is alive, he still needs to go back to Jinbiao Island early for refining. He has to have another argument and cause more trouble.

Chapter 19 The Sage Fall
Zhao Gongzheng "Thank you for your help. Now I still need to return to Jinbiao Island as soon as possible or refine HarmonyOS Purple Gas as soon as possible."
Duo Bao said, "When you go, you are the people who don’t know how to live or die. If you dare to come again, we will send them to the list of gods or finish the disaster early."
Looking at the three-night sisters escorting Zhao Gong away, Xuandu and Guangcheng’s faces have changed, and they are worried.
Zhao Gong flew all the way to Jinbiao Island. He didn’t want to be halfway there, but he was led by Li Jing, and 100,000 heavenly soldiers stopped the sky and said, "Li Jing, what do you mean?"
Li Jing said, "The Yunxiao Empress Wang took Zhao Gong’s heavenly court to listen to Zhao at the behest of the Jade Emperor."
Zhao Gong said coldly, "Heaven of Science is just the Jade Emperor of Heaven, and I am the younger brother who cut off education. He hasn’t the ability to show me that my three sisters have helped you."
San Xiao said, "Brother is welcome." Yunxiao held a mixed dollar bucket and said, "Excavate, do you know what is in my hand?"
Excavate naturally knew that the mixed yuan action in Yunxiao’s hands was terrible. At the beginning, Penglai Sanxian used the magic weapon in his hand to block the door. Everyone could block it. At that time, the sisters came to the last mixed yuan action for three nights. Excavate was famous for this mixed yuan action. But Heaven gave him a magic weapon before he dared to stop Zhao Gong, or he dared not come again one day.
Li Jingdao said, "Things in the hands of Yunxiao Niangniang are naturally mixed, but the king also brings something." Then a picture appeared in his hand.
When Zhao Gong saw the picture scroll, he frowned and said, "Sister, be careful with this picture scroll. It was necessary to prevent Penglai from sending celestial objects."
Yunxiao said, "Brother, rest assured that I have my own discretion."
Excavate threw the picture scroll, and it was suspended for half. Everyone felt that the picture scroll was chaotic and could not see clearly, and then suddenly woke up, but it had changed around.
When Zhao Gong saw it, he changed around and said, "Look out, three sisters, we have been trapped in the plan."
Yunxiao said, "Brother, this picture seems a little strange. I can’t do this again."
Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao said, "Our magic weapon can’t be used."
Zhao Gongzheng said, "It seems that there is no magic weapon in this picture scroll. We may still be able to get out by breaking the array." Say that three flowers on the top of the head show an acre of Daqing cloud floating for three nights. Seeing this, it also shows that Qingyun on the top of the head is trying to break the picture scroll and flee.
Besides, Zhao Gongren was about to take the picture scroll back to heaven immediately after Excavate threw it out. Suddenly, a huge floor tile fell on Excavate and he fled in a hurry. It’s a pity that those heavenly soldiers didn’t have this good luck. On the spot, when the hundred thousand heavenly soldiers died, they were really full of people and couldn’t be installed any more. Fortunately, this sacred list is also something that gives all beings a chance. Those who can’t be listed will be sent to the six paths of reincarnation immediately, and this reincarnation can be as busy as a bee.
It is said that Li Jing escaped the plank brick and hurried to the heaven, but a plank brick suddenly appeared behind his head. Li Jinglai did not avoid being shot by the plank brick and his brains burst, and he went straight to the six roads.
Two plank bricks disappeared in the morning, and the giant hand reached out to pick up the picture scroll and shook it. At this moment, the picture scroll was suddenly put away, and it was amazing that day, and another big hand grabbed the picture scroll and pulled it to pieces.
Heaven Yaochi is casting a spell with a frown, and the picture scroll is under her control. I don’t want two giant hands to suddenly appear in the sky, so she almost can’t control the picture scroll. This is not because the four Duke Zhao in the picture scroll are trying to crack the picture scroll, and Yaochi has to curb the picture scroll and fight with those big hands, so it is impossible.
Heaven said, "Who is the man in the face? I cann’t believe I’m right Is it a Taoist? " Say will be a big print toward the world stung.
As soon as the seal of heaven on science fell, the dust fell straight to one big hand, and the two big hands immediately shrank back. Then a black hole appeared, which attracted the seal of heaven on science and slowly pulled it toward the black hole.
The picture scroll will fly to the sky without its opponent. Suddenly, a big clock will be pressed against the picture scroll from the sky to prevent the picture scroll from escaping. Heaven Haotian and Yaochi are frightened and say, "chaos clock!"
Hao Tiandao said, "Is it true that the floating clouds in chaos clock have really left?"
Yaochi frowned slightly and said, "Don’t worry about this beforehand or bring back HarmonyOS Purple Gas, otherwise you and I will be painstakingly white." Say, throw the phoenix hairpin on the top of your head at the boundary, and the phoenix hairpin will immediately turn into a phoenix and throw the dragon hairpin on the top of your head at the boundary, and the dragon hairpin will fly out directly and rush to the clock in Yi Long. A phoenix looks like a dragon and a phoenix. These two magic weapons are all given to the celestial treasure by Hong.
When the dragon and phoenix were about to hit the clock, a bamboo stick came from the sky, and when the dragon and phoenix were about to hit the clock, the bamboo stick hit the clock and the whole world shook as soon as it rang, and the dragon and phoenix immediately paused for a moment.
The bamboo stick hit the dragon and phoenix, and the dragon and phoenix were immediately returned to the prototype and flew into the sky. On that day, Qi Qi marveled at "six clean bamboos!"
Heaven and Yao Chi looked at the bamboo stick and was shocked. Yao Chi said, "He is a floating cloud teacher."
Hao Tian said, "Why don’t you help Wang Shu win that HarmonyOS purple gas?"
Yaochi paused for a moment and said, "We must get the purple gas in HarmonyOS, otherwise it is unknown whether we can survive this doom."
Heaven said, "It’s just a matter of gambling on this holy position once." Say, with a wave of his hand, he will gather the fairy flag and then point it to the boundary. After a while, several immortals will involuntarily fly to the boundary and gather at the big clock.
The bamboo stick gently moved at the sound of the big clock, and the immortals stood on the spot. The bamboo stick rang at the big clock at one o’clock again, and all the immortals dispersed one by one and went straight to six roads.
Heaven of science kept shaking the Juxian flag, exhausted the immortals, and went straight to the location of the clock and kept killing those immortals. This killing was really a killing. Millions of heaven gave all the immortals in heaven to kill him, but it was safe to be robbed. Now it is a big disaster to kill all the immortals in heaven, so the number of days will be lost, and now it is a big disaster to kill them.
Suddenly, the big clock flew up and shook gently, and the whole world echoed with ringing bells. Whenever the monks who came to the immortals fell off the road and went straight to the Sixth Road, they threw the Juxian Banner towards the boundary and saw that the world was covered by Juxian Banner, and then Juxian Banner wrapped the big clock and bamboo stick.
Suddenly appeared out and grabbed the Juxian flag and gave it a hard pull. The Juxian flag was directly pulled out and flew straight at the sky and disappeared. Heaven stretched out his hand and drew a demon mirror to the world. The dharma body in the demon mirror turned out to be Taikoo Dragon, who felt a little uncomfortable when he was photographed by the demon mirror, but he waved it away in a moment.
Heaven stretched out his hand toward the swire dragon in the demon mirror, but when he saw that the demon mirror suddenly screamed, it turned out that it could shine on people. It was only when the Yuan God was injured that Heaven went straight toward the swire dragon in the mirror, and he naturally disappeared with him.
Heaven of science was about to recall the picture scroll when suddenly two plank bricks flew into Yaochi, and they rushed to avoid the plank brick. Who knows that these two plank bricks chased the two of them, but Heaven of science and the Queen Mother made moves towards the plank brick at the same time, one by one, and the two plank bricks immediately flew out and disappeared for thirty-three days, while Heaven of science and Yaochi took a step back at the same time. After all, they were not the people who majored in mana, but they were naturally on guard against pulling people into the water. Although they shot the plank brick with one blow, Heaven of science and Yaochi followed Hong for many years.

"If you lead the way well, you can spare your life. If you dare to play tricks, I will kill you directly!" A cold drink Feng Li suddenly felt a quiver darling in front to lead the way.

"Dare not dare"
Feng Li regretted it in his heart, but he didn’t dare to resist. He first handed over all his bags and magic weapons and then took Xia Qi to his shop.
Feng Li store is not very big, but it is full of beautiful things, some low-order magic weapons and Dan medicine, and so on, which add up to great value.
Speaking of this shop, Feng Li and five monks killed by Xia Qi ganged up some things to get up such a shop.
I thought that there was such a shop in Feng Li, but there were more than a dozen hands. Now there are also five hands left after the pillaging and accidental death. Now it is even more taken by Xia Qi, and it will be returned to Xia Qi along with the old people.
Now life is in the hands of Xia Qi. Feng Li dare not hide anything. Everything that has been profitable and pillaged in this shop for decades has been handed over to Xia Qi.
"It seems that you have not done less things on weekdays!"
Put things away Xia Qi is secretly horrified in my heart, not to mention the other is Lingshi, which is also more than five million! How many monks should Li Feng and his gang have killed?
"It’s really lucky to be able to hold Feng Li today."
Xia Qi has some thanks to Dan Lin in his heart at the moment. If it weren’t for Dan Lin’s appearance, Xia Qi could deter Feng Li with Dan Lin’s help. I’m afraid even though it is a five-story Feng Li in the base period, it will cause Xia Qi big trouble!
Such pillaging monks are cruel one by one, and their strength is often stronger than that of killing them. Just like this Feng Li has five floors in the base period, but Danlin’s six-storey monk in the base period is no match!
Xia Qi although fierce, but can so easily take Feng Li by identity and just treat Dan Lin fierce will Feng Li subdue.
More than five million Lingshi Department collects some valuable cloth, and Xia Qi also collects all the things put in the shop. I plan to replace them with Lingshi to arm myself.
Add up the rich unexpected wealth this time, Xia Qizu has tens of millions of lingshi, so the strength of Xia Qi needs a step!
Although there is still little hope of fighting against the monks in the then period, going is also a strength
"Go and replace these things with lingshi."
Xia Qi didn’t kill Feng Li. He has made a big difference. At the moment, he blocked Li Fengxiu and let Feng Li follow him like a person.
"Uncle Lin Xia Qi is here. You must let me be the master!"
Xia Qizheng is going to take Feng Li to change everything into Lingshi. I never thought that Dan Linyin was full of hatred outside the shop at this moment.
Then it was Dan Lin who damaged the shop door and entered the shop.
Leading one person with a beard looks very fierce. It’s Lin! Behind him are Dan Ling and Dan Lin, a monk with a gray robe and an elixir period.
"Xia Qi! It’s a terrible crime to kill my fellow students! Now that Uncle Lin is here, I think you are arrogant! " Dan Lin’s eyes are full of profound hatred, which makes him lose face in front of everyone, doesn’t it make him feel bad?
"Seen ShiShu" was calm. Xia Qigen didn’t have Guan Danlin’s light on Lindau.
"Xia Qi killed the same door and didn’t plead guilty quickly?" Dan Lin’s face is usually full of pride, and Dan Ling is standing behind Lin at the moment with a face of schadenfreude, but it is a serious roar and a dignified ratio!
"get out! But I, the Godsworn of the Foundation Period, am qualified to take care of my affairs from the same generation? " Danling’s gloating expression was completely solidified by Xia Qi’s drink before it lasted long!
There is no mercy for Danling Xiaqi. Anyway, this experience is either your death or mine. Godsworn can be brothers and sisters of the same generation, so it is not qualified to take care of Xiaqi.
"Don’t dare to talk about it when you are dying!" Face changes Danling finally didn’t bother to look at Xia Qi with a wave of his sleeve.
Standing next to Danling, the monk in the gray robe and then period also had a cold flash in his eyes.
He is the patriarch of Danfeng, who gave a miracle. This time, he was ordered by Danfeng to slay Xia Qi to protect Danling. Danling is also the youngest master of six alchemists in the sect. He also wants to please Danling. Now he sees Danling humiliated one after another. Naturally, his heart is full of murder.
"How do you explain Xia Qi?"
Lin finally spoke to him about Xia Qi. Although he felt sorry for offending the patriarch in his heart, he would not live long, but he still had some appreciation for Xia Qi in his heart and had no plans to turn a blind eye to Xia Qi.
But today, Lin is doing nothing.
Can you kill your cousin or be in front of many monks?
"This person named Li Feng wanted to take my life and the stone because of his wealth, and I finally fell to Dan Lin and said that the same door was mutually destructive. I want to ask Dan Lin today!" Xia qi nodded to Lin and then slowly mouth.
"Dan Lin!"
Xia Qi looked at Dan Lin with a turn and a folded drink, and looked at Xia Qiru to explain that Dan Lin’s face changed at the moment, but he was stunned by Xia Qi’s momentum and stepped back!
"Dan Lin, since you are my stuff, I ask you to see me pursue my life. Feng Li is trying to shelter Feng Li for me without stopping? How dare you accuse me of such an act? I think you have bad intentions. I’m afraid you are Feng Li’s partner trying to kill me! "
Xia Qi, the imposing manner, pressed Dan Lin step by step, blanched and retreated again and again, and was scared by Xia Qi to face blood and dare not confront!
The situation reversed in an instant!
Aggressive, but for a moment, I turned pale and my eyes were frightened!
"You … you’re a dirty lie!"
After being cornered, Dan Lin finally came to his senses. His body trembled and he shouted!
Next to Danling and the monk in the gray robe, the face was dull. I didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly, and I didn’t expect Danlin to be so unbearable! At the front, Lin’s eyes flashed a little appreciation for Xia Qi.
I’m not afraid to reverse the situation in a crisis, but only a few words. This is a great talent!
"Is this true in Feng Li?"
In fact, Lin’s heart is already white. This Dan Linxian is stupid and has suffered an accident, but at the moment, he can also blame Dan Linxian for being too unbearable to Feng Li and asked.
How dare Li Fengru lie in the face of a monk at the peak of the golden elixir period? Whitened is to explain things out in wronged Dan Lin but also don’t have the guts.
Fact 1: When Dan Lin broke into the house, Feng Li thought about reversing black and white and wrongly accusing Xia Qi of uniting Dan Lin. However, the performance of Dan Lin made Feng Li completely dispel this idea.
"Well, in that case, this matter is a misunderstanding, so forget it!"
Lin also has no interest in continuing to stay and look at Feng Li, who has been swept by Xia Qi’s eyes. Dan Lin’s light mouth is then ransacked by Xia Qi from here.
Dan Lin was swept by Lin and shivered slightly until Lin left. Then he took a look at Xia Qi and followed him away from this shop.
Dan Lin and the grey robe then monk also followed behind Lin.
"It’s a pity that you did well just now. It would be more perfect if you could wronged Dan Lin."
Xia Qi eyes swept Feng Li smiled and then took the lead in leaving this shop, leaving nothing in the broken shop.
Feng Li also dare not speak with a wry smile and follow Xia Qi behind him.
Just now, Feng Li really wanted to please Xia Qi and simply wronged Dan Lin as an accomplice with him, but when he saw Lin’s eyes, Feng Li didn’t have the courage. He was also afraid that Lin would hear himself say that collusion with Dan Lin would take him away from Xia Qi and then he would really dig a grave for himself.
It’s much easier to have Feng Li dispose of some things in Feng Li store in Xia Qi and replace them with Lingshi. After all, Feng Li knew many monks when he was in the store in the demon city on this day.
From ancient times to modern times, there are few shopkeepers who are as sad as Feng Li. They have to do their best to change things in their shops into others’ lingshi, and they dare not slack off at all.
By the evening of that day, everything in Feng Li’s shops was completely replaced by Lingshi for nearly two million.
Now Xia Qi has robbed seven million Lingshi in Feng Li and millions of Lingshi in Dan Yao. There are twelve million Lingshi in it!
Although such a huge number of lingshi is calculated according to lingshi, it is also very frightening enough for Xia Qi to increase his combat power by ten percent!

Angela’s small body flew into the pool in alarm.

She shouted, "Zhao Xueping is a violent woman again. I want to sue you."
Of course, it was officer Zhao Xueping who did such a bad thing. Today, she was wearing a small vest and shorts, and her feet were cut off with simple sandals. She looked quite right. Zhao Xueping clicked her fist bones. "Angela, are you arrested for wanting to have sex with a minor again?"
Angela said angrily, "We are chatting." When the fox is chatting with the chicken, his saliva will drop. Angela, your mouth is running. "
Angry, Angela splashed Zhao Xueping with water, but Zhao Xueping evaded it lightly and pulled Huo Junzhong away from the swimming pool.
Huo Junzhong said, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I am not a chicken."
"How do you blame me for disturbing you and the blonde?"
Huo Junzhong Nai said, "I didn’t have it with her."
Zhao Xueping said, "There won’t be a beautiful and clean boy like you who will come to Angela soon, and you don’t have the ability to resist her seduction. She used to be a junior high school teacher in Europe, but she slept with half the boys in her class in her first year of teaching. If her father wasn’t an influential Swiss banker, she would have been sent to prison."
Huo Junzhong said, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I won’t be seduced casually. Don’t underestimate me."
Zhao Xueping gave him a white look. "What about the refined gas man? Xing is like this. Zhu Youneng is also a refined gas man. He is not a J and ng worm brain big Se wolf. How good can you be when you mix with him? You must have learned what double major and what kind of flow spells."
Huo Junzhong has the strength to say, "Zhu Daoyou is an exception to the gas refiner."
If you take the image of Zhu You as a gas refiner, then the gas refiner can’t get rid of the image of Se crazy.
Zhao Xueping irate tunnel "I saw Zhu Se Wolf that bastard didn’t know who I met and how to solve the bomb in my body."
Huo Junzhong was surprised and asked, "Officer Zhao jǐng, did Zhu Daoyou have no solution to the bomb in your body?"
Zhao Xueping nodded, "No, the king’s egg is a big Se wolf, but he won’t lie to me."
Huo Junzhong asked again, "Does Zhu Daoyou have any solution?"
"If he can’t solve the problem, he still has to ring the bell. If the bomber kills me, the bomb will disappear."
Huo Junzhong said, "It’s not easy. She’s a senior magician who has been crowned as a bomb. She rebelled against the Magic Association for many years, and the Magic Association couldn’t catch her. Now there are more mysterious aliens around her. I don’t know how powerful that person is. It’s too difficult to kill her."
Zhao Xueping gnashed her teeth and said, "I will kill them. They will humiliate me with blood." After scolding, Zhao Xue Ping thought of one thing. "Wait, do you know the female identity?"
Huo Junzhong said, "I have some interest in magic in the United States." If he doesn’t have anything to do with Wei Er, Zhao Xueping will definitely torture Wei Er to force information. This woman will think of simple, rude and violent sections when solving things.
Zhao Xueping believed his explanation to Huo Junzhong, "You will investigate the case with me one day."
Huo Junzhong was reluctant to say, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I’m not jǐng investigating the case to catch criminals. It’s your workers who always catch people like me. You don’t get paid for your work, but won’t you blush?"
Zhao Xueping turned a deaf ear to his complaints. "You can probably imagine how thick-skinned I am. I have already asked for leave for you. Rest assured, I will apply to the bureau for a bonus to give you a salary. It is * *"
Huo Junzhong said, "It’s not a question of salary, and I haven’t agreed to your request by Zhao jǐng."
Zhao Xueping gave him a white look. "You will agree, won’t you?"
Huo Junfa answered whether he agreed or not, but he didn’t know what he always thought would have bad results. It was like seeing the tragic future with the naked eye.
Moments later, Huo Junzhong nodded dejectedly. "I promise you, but officer Zhao jǐng, you have to do me one thing this time."
"Zhu Youneng" Zhao Xueping knows exactly what he is. "Although I don’t understand why he will recognize me for this, I will do it if I can. The stronger you are, the more convenient it will be for me. By the way, I will give you something for you to take. Haven’t you taken it yet?"
Huo Junzhong shook his head and said, "Not yet. I’ve been very busy recently. Officer Zhao jǐng, what is that?" Zhao Xueping said, "It’s nothing to me, but it may be very valuable to you. When Zhu Youneng acted with me a few years ago, he really wanted it. It should be very valuable to you gas refiners."
Huo Junzhong asked curiously, "Then why don’t you give it to Zhu Daoyou?"
Zhao Xueping didn’t good the spirit way "to want to give him the result that bastard actually took advantage of me to sleep and wanted to take the opportunity that I didn’t give him anything." Huo Junzhong coughed, which should be something that Zhu You could do.
But listening to Zhao Xueping’s tone, Zhu Youneng actually lost it, which is amazing. Zhu Youneng’s ability to look at her eyes can affect the secretion of female body, so that women can throw themselves at themselves automatically if they take powerful hūn drugs. If he is allowed to grope for female body, then he can make the most pure and clean female become the most dissolute and good female.
It’s hard to believe that Zhu Youneng didn’t get to her while she was sleeping, and listening to Zhao Xueping’s tone made Zhu Youneng suffer, which is really fantastic enough.
"By the way, officer Zhao jǐng, what case do you want me to help you with?"
Zhao Xueping looked unhappy and replied, "Bats suck blood. Bats are really * * * I hate bats."
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The fourth volume The fourth chapter vampire bats lead to murder ()
Huo Junzhong left after eating the raw Ri cake. Dr. Li did not stay. After all, in Dr. Li’s opinion, she is still a minor and it is not suitable to stay up too late.
The next day, Huo Junzhong went as usual. The school was in the club activity room. He wanted to check the information about vampire bats.
Yu Xi Qing Zhi said, "We are also searching for information on this matter to see if it is a vampire, but don’t worry about this thing. There are so many messages, and it is difficult to sort out the true and false."
Huo Junzhong asked, "What did you find?" If the door of the club activity room smells fragrant, it will be full of the whole club activity room. Two charming flower monsters wearing professional suits bring in filled tea and coffee.
Huo Junzhong puzzled and asked, "What are you …"
Lian Jing looked up and said, "Don’t you know?"
Huo Junzhong wondered, "I don’t know what?"
Rick said happily, "We have three community tutors."
Huo Junzhong felt that his teeth were a little sore. These two flower demons can follow him more. Not only did they come to school as teachers, but they also got the identity of community instructors. "Who else besides the two flower teachers?"
"It’s me" in the short answer, Wei Er, the secret brother of Huo Junzhong, came in like a pupil who made a mistake.
"Aha," Huo Junzhong said with a wry smile, "Will the school allow such waves with five students and three community tutors?"
The flower demon sisters laughed and said, "The headmaster is very communicative."
There is no need to correct what has happened to Huo Junzhong. Look at Chen Haobo’s stupid eyes and you will know that if Huo Junzhong can’t stay in the club as a teacher, Chen Haobo will come and kill Huo Junzhong.