"Thank you!" Lin Chong bowed to Zhenyuan.

"You should remember that after I broke my own roots and evolved Pangu and returned to chaos in 365, the other heaven could not spy on the door of life.
Therefore, if you want to reorganize the foundation of life and heaven, you must remember and remember it in 365 years. "
Zhenyuan suddenly looked up at the 23 historical giant vines outside the universe. "Your spiritual objects occupy our body and our foundation is bad. If you don’t give you some lessons, you are still little …"
Say it.
Zhenyuan flashed his sleeve.
Dumped three out of the universe.
Lin Chong didn’t know what he was smoking, but he heard that "this is the magical power of Gankun in the sleeve, but look at it."
See how I can learn … Huh?
Lin Chong suddenly found that his high vision actually had an extra function.
He can collect and release all foreign objects.
The possibility that the root fruit is poor
A complete, three-clean and four-imperial primitive root is even more lucky with HarmonyOS’s heaven and earth.
At this moment, it is the second nirvana merging after Zhenyuan obtained Pangu Yuangen Avenue, and the first merging. He has given birth to the only secret of’ germinal manifestation’.
For the second time, Nirvana has no unique secret to present, but it has left Lin Chong with a high magical power in his sleeve.
This is amazing!
Linchong daxi
He even put the remaining four Kun-class and 500 fish-class departments into the high vision when he was summoned by the high vision.
There are more than 500 scattered pieces on the coffee table in front of Lin Chong, such as four of the glass marbles’ toys’ and more than 500 of them are smaller.
Looking further, Lin Man is also a bigger one.
There are also three secrets that are in line with God’s way.
This is not a dry Kun in the sleeve, this is the universe in the sleeve!
What is the principle of this?
The avatar of Gankun in this sleeve is second only to the first nirvana, and the only secret should be the second top avatar in the whole universe!
Bang …
At this time, Lin rushed to the outer wall of the plane and saw that the giant vine of life heaven broke into several pieces and fell in the universe.
Zhenyuan once again joined in the Nirvana.
"You always go well." Lin Chong bowed down again.
In the past, the era of gods and buddhas was great.
Unity and unity
He turned the earth into mountains and rivers
Eyes hanging from the sun and the moon
Hairy stars
A piece of original land was spread out in front of Lin Chong again.
Life heaven is equal to restart once.
It became a chaotic world at the beginning of heaven.
There is no history yet.
There is no high master.
The long rivers of history in the previous life were broken and broken because of this restart, and they fluttered all over the sky like the fruits of the early days of heaven and earth.
At one time, these heavenly blessings were called "Avenue" instead of "root fruit", and this "Avenue" was called "Holy"
After another rotation, top buddhas such as Sanqing merged with Pangu and then blessed. This should be named "root fruit" or "nirvana root fruit"
As soon as the root fruit appeared, grandma tree appeared.
Her hair was disheveled and her body was covered with blood, and she swallowed the fragments of the root fruit and shouted "Me! It’s all me! "
Yeah, these are all pieces of her.
The collapse of Zhenyuan is tantamount to breaking the foundation of life and heaven, and it is also equivalent to breaking grandma tree into pieces.
Now Grandma Tree has to be able to pick up these fragments back, and her lofty body can also be restored to its former length, and the restart of heaven can’t resist her!
"Yes, it’s all you." Lin Chong’s high vision imaging tree grandma.
Then I raised my hand and threw a Kun-class starship at grandma who had grabbed a few huge fruit trees.
When the cosmic avatar in his sleeve reappeared the Steel Torrent, it was like a miracle. A huge diamond-shaped starship rose, rose, rose and rose to Qitian Gaojier, and a piece of’ glass’ was ejected out along the route delineated by Lin Chong’s high vision and bombarded Grandma Shu.

JiLin heard this red-eyed step will be rushed to the house.

Qin Yu grabbed JiLin arm tree-lined blunt he shook his head.
Yuan Ke ran into the room and came to Aaron’s side. He immediately waved his hand and shouted, "Give him a quick break."
Four police officers pressed Aaron’s head and forcibly broke off his bloody mouth.
Yuan Ke stared at his eyes and was nervous. He was not afraid that Aaron would bite his finger and put his hand directly into his mouth. He took out a false tooth for a long time.
Aaron vomited a lot of blood as soon as he retched.
Yuan Ke looked down at his dentures, his eyes glazed over and he retreated two steps.
In the false teeth, there is thin black plastic stuck at the corner of the heart, which looks disgusting in Yuan Ke’s hand.
"What?" Director Li rushed in to drink and asked
"Denture He … He knocked it off" Yuan Ke stammered back.
Director Li was stuck when he heard this.
Iron chair Aaron suddenly dumped his head and got rid of the four police officers’ palms and faces, still with a nervous smile. "I’ve been thinking about how to die since I was in this business. There is a small pill in my dentures that is poison and I bit it …"
"Damn it!" Yuan Ke suddenly kicked Aaron’s chest and shouted, "Take him to the hospital with a quick chair."
Aaron walked over and looked at Yuan Ke. "You’re still good. We mud legs can’t fight with you … but Yuan Ke, I want to talk to you. Some people do nothing … I don’t fucking believe in medicine. God just watched it master your hands. Fuck your mother and curse you guys for dying!"
They listened to this silence.
Aaron twisted his neck and looked at the door in a hoarse voice and shouted, "… don’t be afraid of my buddies in his interrogation room … bite to death and tell you nothing …"
When Ji Lin heard this, he clenched his fist and went out because he knew it was Aaron who said to himself.
Qin Yu took JiLin arm bowed their heads and whispered "words understand? He just doesn’t want you to be a jerk now … Don’t move. "
Iron chair Aaron leaned forward and suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, and the whole body twitched violently.
As soon as Yuan Ke saw him, he gave up the idea of continuing to send him to the hospital. He suddenly bent down to lie in Aaron’s ear with his dentures and said, "You’re very secretive? You, you’re dead and you’re gone? "
Aaron turned his head callously.
"Ha ha, you had contact with our superintendent, and he was at the door, right?" Yuan Kexiao asked
Aaron heard that he vomited blood again, and his eyes were unwilling to look at Yuan Ke and roared, "Fuck … Fuck you!"
Chapter 32 Kneeling for a living
Less than two minutes after the poison entered his stomach, Aaron became incontinent and died on the iron chair.
Li, director of the interrogation room, looked extremely gloomy at the center of the interrogation room. "People are fucking in the interrogation room. You can still let him ascend to heaven. It’s really qualified for you to be a captain. The police station people come and get people. You can explain it to them."
"I … I …" Yuan Ke was scolded for being speechless.
"A group of gluttons" Director Li left the interrogation room with a step.
At the door, Qi Lin stayed in wait for a while and looked at the dead iron chair eldest brother. His legs were weak and his brain was chaotic
Yuan Ke looked back at the door with false teeth and finally stopped at Qi Lin’s body.
in half an hour
Aaron’s body was carried away with a white cloth, while Yuan Ke walked into another interrogation room to repel the irrelevant people and chatted with a brother named Shrimp Climber alone.
"Are you the one who said Aaron was going to meet our superintendent before leaving?" Yuan Ke took out a cigarette from the drawer and threw it conveniently.
"Is" troubled stablehand who nodded should way.
"Shrimp climbs that dare to sound the thunder and die with us. How can there be such a coward brother around him?" Yuan Ke words straightforward asked
"Shrimp Crawler told me that he would make me a lot of money before I worked for him … but he died before the money was earned … then … then I don’t want to die." The messenger replied in reality.
"Just with him?"
"Tell me how Aaron met the man before he left," Yuan Ke asked lightly.
"He said he wanted to meet a friend before he left." The messenger bowed his head and replied, "But the old horse and shrimp climber think it’s too windy outside. If he goes out to touch the police himself, it may be broken … You also know that the drug channel holds Aaron’s own hand. To put it bluntly, we all point to him for dinner and we have to protect him. Every time he goes out, we follow him, but he usually asks us to park our car far away and walk by ourselves for a while .. And I once went back to the food store to buy water and just walked in the same direction with him. I saw it.
Yuan Kewen took out a photo and threw it to Ma Zi and asked, "Is this the man who met Aaron?"
"Yes, I have seen him twice."
"Did you accidentally touch that time without telling me?" Yuan Ke frowns
"There were many people in that restaurant on the day of this person’s wedding. We didn’t know who Aaron was looking for, but Aaron went to the courtyard late. I saw this talent. White Aaron was looking for marriage. This place was twice." The messenger explained in detail.
Yuan Ke licked his lips. "Do you know what they are?"
"No Aaron didn’t say we didn’t ask." The messenger shook his head.
Twenty minutes later, Yuan Ke left the interrogation room and immediately ordered Angsu to "let the police and judicial doctors go to Taiping to extract Aaron’s DNA for comparison."
"Compared with who?"
"What do you say?" Yuan Ke asked.
Ansu paused. "Captain, do you suspect that Aaron has relatives with him?"
"Ma Zi bluntly explained that he didn’t dare to shoot that day," Yuan Ke replied in a light tone. "If there are no absolute reasons for being a man with his tail between his legs, how can he talk to someone like Aaron?"
Ang Su just said "I’m white".
Logistics warehouse
JiLin eyes stay leng sit chair mind also don’t know what to think about.
"Brother, everyone walks by their own choice, and they have to bear the consequences." Qin Yu bowed his head at the table and persuaded him, "I know you feel bad, but look at me again … at least you have a sad reason when you meet something, but I don’t even know how your relatives are. You have lost your brother and your mother, sister and daughter-in-law … but what do I have? I have nothing. "
JiLin remained silent without saying anything.
"Qi Lin, let the sadness pass as soon as possible. You still have his relatives to take care of." Qin Yu turned around and persuaded, "This place is crowded with people and eyes. Don’t let people see the tricks."


They admired together.
Chu Zhaohou took a deep breath and said, "I don’t know when the temple of death suddenly appeared. My Chu state is like a chaotic number of assassinations. My minister has even killed a person they can’t afford to offend, and I don’t know how much energy they have to assassinate and never miss!"
"The duke wants to destroy the temple of death? When will you shoot? " A soldier curious way
Chu Zhaohou shook his head and said, "Now surround without killing Hou, and take over the temple of death. If the temple of death is stubborn, it will be destroyed again!"
"Yes!" The soldiers should way
At the entrance of the death hall
The bodhi old zu in the blue robe wrapped in black robe looked at Zhou Dajun with cold eyes.
"What should the green robe bodhi old zu do now?" Another black lich king worry way
"What are you worried about with hades?" Green robe bodhi old zu cold way
"Yes!" The black demon king should way
"Besides, Miss Pregnancy has already got through the surrounding tunnels. Even if there is a problem, are you still worried that you can’t leave?" Green robe bodhi old zu cold way
"Yes!" Around some worry about small demon horse nodded.
Then another demon king came and waved his hand, and his little demons retreated one after another.
"White Tiger King?" Blue robe bodhi old zu light way
The White Tiger King nodded and said, "What did Hades say?"
"Hades didn’t say anything. Miss Pregnancy Xi accompanied Hades. After all, this is our headquarters. Hades can’t withdraw without an order!" Blue robe bodhi old zu sink a way
The White Tiger King nodded. "A few days ago, we surrounded and killed one of Mr. Longyuan’s servants together. Perhaps that’s why Chu was so determined?"
Blue robe bodhi old zu eyes slightly narrowed way "Mr Long Yuan? It’s extraordinary that the clan of Ji surname came out, but a servant actually surpassed Wuzong! "
The white tiger king was silent. "Did I hear that the demon race had flourished in ancient times?"
"That’s already history!" Green robe bodhi old zu shook his head a way
"No, do you think we will restore the ancient glory of Hades’ hands?" White tiger king with a hint of expectation
Blue robe bodhi old zu suddenly pupil shrinks and didn’t speak-
In an underground chamber in the Temple of Death.
Jiang Tai, a demon in pregnancy, sat cross-legged in the center of the secret room, and a figure fell to the ground in the southeast and northwest around Jiang Tai.
On the east is the history and literature of Zhongwen, but at the moment, the history and literature has already become a piece of skin.
In the south, it’s Xia Wen, and Xia Wen has become a piece of human skin.
It’s winter plague in the north, and it’s also a piece of human skin at the moment
A large number of mosquitoes surround Jiang Tai in the center, and his breath is very unstable. Close your eyes and adjust your breath.
And the west is still alive, Duke Zhao of Qiu Wen.
Autumn plague saw three plague gods swallowed by mosquitoes by Jiang Tai.
Even if it is sealed in the autumn blast, it is chilling in my heart.
Is this how Chunwen died? Is that how you die?
So did Zhongwen and Xiawen. Just Jiang Taigang exhausted the flesh and blood of Dongwen.
Although the method moves, you can still feel that the three gods of plague are shattered and completely finished through the godhead.
Autumn fever is chilling. Could it be me?
I have never been so afraid of autumn blast, and there is a deep despair in my eyes.
Looking at four athel Loren being swallowed one after another with cold eyes, there is no pity in her eyes. At this moment, Jiang Tai is coming to protect her pregnancy, but her heart is extremely heart-warming.
Autumn Wen Zhao Gong looked at Jiang Tai in horror and roared not to eat me.
Can pray, after all, no, but not far away, Jiang Tai suddenly burst out with an evil demon light in his eyes.
"Quick breakthrough almost swallowed you I can break through the athel Loren? God of plague? I swallowed one plague at a time and broke through. This time, I want four plagues? I don’t know what will happen once! " Jiang tai sigh a way
Jiang Tai suddenly turned into a blood mosquito, and at the same time, tens of thousands of mosquitoes surrounded him and quickly left for Zhao Gong.
Don’t, don’t!
Zhao Gong screamed in his heart, but he still couldn’t stop the blood mosquitoes from rolling their flesh and blood and quickly entering Jiang Taiti from the straw.

Jiang Lan didn’t hide "I found a swing to see her when she was in yiguang a few days ago."

"such as?"
"She is very clever, and I show my sincerity, but she can’t move at all. I have also tested her ignorance of martial arts."
"Then how did she break in?"
"Maybe she’s had more personnel than any of us."
Qin Keqing’s eyes flashed a bit of jealousy. "The teacher elder sister will grow ambition of others and destroy her power and prestige. Maybe it’s lucky that she can enter the tribe. It’s just that a blind cat hit her death. Besides, even if it’s a big thing, it’s impossible for her to leave it alone. It’s not easy to break in, but it’s hard to walk away, let alone to take away things here."
Jiang Lan’s face is a little complicated and confused. "I don’t know. I just feel that she is different from us."
"How is it different?"
"We all came here with our eyes on our shoulders, and it seems that she just came to see what she doesn’t covet here."
Smell speech Qin Keqing sarcastically smiled "the teacher elder sister you brainwashed by her? What’s she doing here if she has no purpose? Traveling around the mountains? Hehe, have you ever seen a donkey friend who risked his life to play? "
Jiang Lan didn’t answer the phone.
Qin Keqing quipped again, "Besides, what is the valley of sorrow? Not many people know that Taniguchi put up warning signs to scare off many people, but I don’t believe her if she dares to break in and say that she has no purpose or plan to kill her. "
"Believe it or not," Jiang Lan is too lazy to argue about this.
Qin Keqing snorted and ignored her no longer. She took out a mirror from her arms and adjusted her makeup and clothes until she was ready. She was satisfied with putting on a charming smile and graceful posture.
Jiang Lan didn’t stop it. In her opinion, Qin Keqing didn’t hit the south wall and sent it to people in vain.
The clothes that Ji Shuang brought by the river bank have been washed, and they are still warm. I am still rubbing some goods in my hand, and I can’t wait to crush them and throw them into the river to feed the fish.
Ji Shuang looked at "Sister-in-law is not that I don’t help you, but that her men’s clothes must be washed by herself. If a woman washes them, it will be a provocation and insult to you."
Warm, hehe, laughing, "Double, seek provocation and insult."
When will she wash it?
Her lips pursed with a smile, "sister-in-law, you are really different from the women in the tribe. How can you say that? You should defend your men and territory. If anyone crosses the line, you have to fight back hard. How can you welcome them? "
Warm sigh "I don’t care about this."
If you have this mentality, how can you live outside? Whose husband wears underwear and no one else makes it? How many men’s and women’s clothes do dry cleaners collect every day?
Ji Shuang brainwashed her. "Sister-in-law doesn’t care if it’s no good. My cousin will be sad and will be looked down upon by other women. They will be even more brazen in hitting my cousins’ ideas, and then they will not line up to come to you for a duel."
Warm and resigned, continue to rub.
At this moment, suddenly, in the distance, a bright yellow skirt came running, flying like a dancing butterfly.
Ji Shuang turned to look at the past and couldn’t help but frown. "How did Tao Qi come again?"
Warm asked, "What’s the matter? Don’t want to see it?"
Ji Shuang whispered to her ear, "My aunt told you about the Taos, didn’t she? Because Taozi did those things, we didn’t like the Taos, but it happened that Taoqi always pestered me to ask this question and that, and I was dead by my mother."
Warm and funny "Your mother doesn’t agree?"
"I definitely don’t agree."
"What about your brother?"
"My brother? They listen to my mother. "
"Tao Qi is like a person?"
"People are still good, but they are short of ribs, but no matter if she is a Taojia family, this marriage is impossible."
Warm smile didn’t say anything more.
Taoqi also ran to the front of the two men, out of breath, and her face flushed. A pair of big eyes were very bright and sparkling, like talking. They all said that eyes were the window of the soul. This girl’s window was a little big.
Designation is a hidden word.
as expected
"Double who is this? Is this your new wife? Oh, sure enough, she looks better than you. No wonder your cousins like her more. Hehe … "
Warm "…"
Ji Shuang didn’t look at her angrily. Fortunately, she knew Tao Qiren, otherwise she would have to be anxious. "What are you doing here?"
Tao Qi said, "I almost forgot to ask you for help."
Their JiShuang she knew that no good "and help? I’m still doing laundry. No … "
Tao Qi looked at the tub. "Didn’t you wash it all?"
Ji Shuang "… and my sister-in-law?"
Smell speech TaoQi suddenly nervous pulled her to wake up "double how can you help your sister-in-law laundry you still want to rob with somebody else? Is this too unkind? "
Section 65
Ji Shuang "…"
Warm snow smiled.
TaoQi busy explained, "Sister-in-law, don’t be angry. She didn’t mean it. She is just too diligent and virtuous. Hehe, she usually likes to help me with my laundry …"
Ji Shuang pulled her face red with anger. "Tao Qi, don’t say it."
"Oh, I’m helping you. Didn’t you see that your sister-in-law was so angry that she smiled?"
Warm smile not to come out "…"
If she is not serious and serious, she wants the other party to be as sacred as the holy one. In Hu’s opinion, it is polite to say that she lacks a tendon. This girl is definitely the second sister.
Ji Shuangli took her two steps further. "What the hell are you doing?"
Tao Qi blinked blankly. "Didn’t you say I asked you for help?"
"… what busy?"
"Oh, well, I embroidered another purse and want to give it to your brother. Will you take a look at it for me?" He said, he took one out of his sleeve and stuffed it into Ji Shuang willy-nilly, and then he was excited and looking forward to it.
Ji Shuang looked down at the things in her hand, and the rough stitches were not much different from before. She said, "Tao Qi, embroidery also needs talent. Do you want to consider changing something for my brother?"

And it’s not over yet!

When the blood lake is swallowed up, Xia Qi estimates that the strength of the blood dragon will surpass Xia Qi!
Excited in my heart, Xia Qi didn’t know at this time that a plot against him was on display in Taiyin Sect!
Ten thousand elite people in East Xuanzhou set off for the Blood Moon Mountain and returned to Taiyinzong to report that Yang Chen was seriously injured but did not go to the Blood Moon Mountain again.
At this time, Yang Chen came to the core hall of Taiyin Sect to meet a new deputy patriarch of Taiyin Sect and several elders!
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Crisis arrival
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Crisis arrival
"Yang Chen, do you have something important when you go back?"
See the return Yang Chen blood river and the newly released deputy patriarch and several elders asked with a wrinkly eyebrows.
"Tell your deputy patriarchs that I have something important to tell you when I come back!"
Yang Chen never answers superciliously.
Although he has never stepped into the realm of virtual fairy, there is only a thin line between him and the virtual fairy, and most of the newly-released elders and deputy patriarchs are the punishment hall. He is very confident.
"Something important?"
Blood river, deputy patriarch tied for the first middle-aged monk is also the latest out of a deputy patriarch Yang Ke with a puzzled mouth asked.
Yang Ke is also a monk in the punishment hall. Yang Chen is quite familiar with it. At this time, I heard that Yang Chen had something important to announce and didn’t inform him beforehand. Yang Ke was slightly confused.
"I want to report something to Xia Qiyou, an elder who recently joined Taiyin Sect!"
Yang Chen corners of the mouth with a insidious smile hung his head.
"Xia Qi?"
Blood river deputy patriarch heard Yang Chen words suddenly eyebrows a wrinkly eyes flashed a cool color.
In Fang Jing, the King of Fire Dan also raised his eyebrows.
Xia Qi punishment temple grievances they know very clearly or they stepped in, which made Xia Qi an elder. At this time, Yang Chen was almost instantaneous for Xia Qi, and they thought of Yang Chen. This is to deliberately make things difficult for Xia Qi.
But Nanzhou suddenly invaded the Blood Moon Mountain Friar, and it seems that Mu Hong, Hu Chun and Yang Chen escaped, which means Xia Qi is dead!
Yang Chen is still holding on to Xia Qi, making the blood river and the net fire Dan king also puzzled.
"Didn’t you say that the monk Taiyin Sect who went to the Blood Moon Mountain this time has been wiped out except for your department?" Yanke frowning slightly way
Xia Qi heard about it as soon as he came out, but since Xia Qi was dead, he ignored it again.
"Deputy patriarch Xia Qi although dead, but he gave us a big trouble in the blood moon mountains! He killed Muyuer, the patriarch of the five elements of Zongmu Hangzong, in the Blood Moon Mountains! And the news should have leaked out! "
Yang Chen looked calm and even said that Xia Qi killed Mu Qing.
Of course, it’s not clear whether Mu Qing killed Yang Chen by Xia Qi himself, but Xia Qi is dead. He said nothing, and he believed that fleeing back to Mu Hong would definitely attribute Mu Qing’s death to Xia Qi.
"What? Xia Qi killed MuYuer and was known? "
Yang Ke and many elders in Xuehe River all felt that something was wrong.
After all, the Five Elements Sect is the first large number of six monstrous patriarchs, and Mu Yu, who was beheaded by the elders of Taiyin Sect, will never let it go!
"If there is no accident, I think Mu Yu already knows about it now."
Yang Chen corners of the mouth with a smile head low light mouth.
"damn it! Mu Yu is his focus on cultivating successors with outstanding talent. Mu Yu attaches great importance to being killed by the elders of Taiyin Sect. Even if it is now the key period of attacking Nanzhou, I am afraid I will not let it go, and I will definitely find us in trouble with Taiyin Sect! "
Yangke low scold a mind thoughts turn to find a way to eliminate wood yu anger.
Even the blood river is frowned.
Although everyone in Taiyin Sect knows that Xia Qi is his protective figure, at this time, Yang Chen and others are looking for trouble to go out, and his face is also light, but at this time, the blood river can not consider so much
It is the most important thing to eliminate Mu Yu’s anger.

Naked provocation!

So shush is even bigger!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Back to the top
"Aha!" Moen laughed when he saw Chang Sheng, the dynamic commentator. After a season of explanation, he was already very clear about Chang Sheng’s temper.
"This is winning! This is his style! He not only wants to beat you, he also wants to stimulate you! If you have a grudge against him, you are out of luck. If you are stared at by him, you will definitely be angry with him! This is an absolute honest man … but he has never tried to hide this, even if he is a villain, he is a real villain … "
When there was a loud hissing and cursing at Calderon Stadium, Changsheng didn’t change himself. He continued to provoke Atletico Madrid fans to stand in front of the coach’s bench.
He’s like a crazy Don Quixote who challenges the windmill, but the problem is … he succeeded!
He personally buried Atletico Madrid’s promotion hopes two seasons ago.
Now he leads the team ahead of Atletico Madrid in the game.
Two seasons ago, people thought it was idiotic for him to challenge Atletico Madrid, but now no one thinks it is incredible.
Since Hertha can beat Atletico Madrid, it should not be a great thing for Valencia to win Atletico Madrid away …
Atletico Madrid coach Aragons has studied Valencia tactics, but the more he studies it, the more obsessed he becomes.
When he took Mallorca, he played Chang Sheng in the final of the King’s Cup. At that time, Chang Sheng coached a newly promoted Mahta team.
At that time, Hertha’s tactics were similar to mad dogs, but at that time it looked rough and the players didn’t understand it deeply. It was more like shape than victory
After all, after a week.
But even so, Hertha defeated Mallorca and won the King’s Cup with such an immature tactic.
At that time, this tactic was still a prototype and not very mature.
Now the mad dog tactics in Valencia are very mature. They are playing dazzling football. Every player is running and running, and then the football is running in this non-stop running, so that the opponent can follow the rhythm of Valencia.
The core of Valencia midfield this season is Guardiola.
This season, Guardiola was injured, which made Valencia’s mad dog tactics suffer a heavy blow. I didn’t expect to win and dig Deco from Porto. The Brazilian midfielder, who was unknown in the European continent, could perfectly replace Guardiola in the team, so Valencia’s mad dog tactics were not negatively affected at all.
It’s not the first time that Aragons has won the King’s Cup. Although they are rivals, Aragons has won the young man very much.
This time, when the two men met again, Aragons became more and more obsessed with studying Valencia tactics.
Valencia’s tactics seem to have opened a window to the new world …
This window let him see a completely different world.
Although he is an opponent, he has to always win the genius wisdom and amaze.
Although this is a bit out of place, and winning and Atletico Madrid are sworn enemies.
So Aragons can keep his appreciation of winning in his heart.
The more you study, the more you find that it is difficult for Atletico Madrid to win at present.
It’s not easy for him to keep the team going for forty minutes.
For Atletico Madrid players, when they didn’t play Valencia, they were very angry. They didn’t think Valencia was good. They had an advantage at home and they were eager for revenge. How could they lose to Valencia with so many favorable conditions?
But when they really played Valencia, they found it was not that simple.
Their Valencia football is either a ball and a ball.
However, when they are on the court, when they really face Valencia’s "ball after ball" tactics, they feel at a loss and don’t know what to do.
Because they can’t catch the ball at all.
No matter how hard they try, they can’t catch the ball.
Valencia ball easily bypassed Atletico Madrid defense like running water.
It’s the first time they’ve fought this tactic, and they realize that it has nothing to do with fighting spirit and hard work.
Valencia passed through a series of kicks before scoring the first goal. This kick was passed from the backcourt to the frontcourt without letting Atletico Madrid players grab the ball once.
Then it was inserted into the Atletico Madrid goal by Ba Laha.
In the face of such a goal, even if Atletico Madrid has more fighting spirit and hard work, what is it?
At half time, the score was over, and neither side changed players at half time.
Valencia continues to play mad dog tactics against Atletico Madrid.
Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, continues to find nothing to do.

"settle down? Zhou Chaoqun … Friend? What friend? " Jessica Fong Ching slightly tilted his head and raised his eyebrows to evoke a low question of red lips

Although Zhou Chaoqun said that this girl is not his girlfriend, maybe it is someone he likes or is interested in him. When Ann settled down, she made up a lot of brains and met with Fang Zong. In her imagination, China should always be an old-fashioned talented woman with gold-rimmed glasses and neatly combed hair. She also spoke in an orderly way. She even asked Xu Feng a lot of professional rhetoric about online drama.
But since she entered this office, everything is out of her control. First of all, this eo is very young and beautiful. She has exquisite facial features, elegant three-dimensional dress, and charming and sexy. She feels confident and frivolous in her every move, and she suddenly becomes a mountain gun in front of her …
She gave a heartfelt praise to "Fang Zong is so beautiful! Even I look straight in the eye. "
Section 5
"Really?" Jessica Fong Ching pursed her lips and bowed her head briefly. Her white neck was wearing that string of jade beads and gave off a soft luster.
"Ann fall is it? You haven’t answered me whether you and Zhou Chaoqun are … "
"I have met several times."
Ann answered truthfully. After that, she was a little uneasy. Jessica Fong Ching kept asking her and Zhou Chaoqun if she was willing to meet her today because she gave Zhou Chaoqun a face? I don’t care about the follow-up after knowing that she is actually not familiar with Zhou Mi. Jessica Fong Ching ha ha smiled "settle down you really don’t understand Zhou Chaoqun or something? How can you meddle with Zhou Mi’s coldness? Unless someone occupy a certain position in his heart, he may mind his own business. "
Jessica Fong Ching is very curious about Zhou Chaoqun and An Luo. To be exact, Zhou Mi has never taken the initiative to ask her out since graduation, unless she met her on some occasions. Zhou Chaoqun’s expression is always so silent.
This time, he actually invited a woman to ask her out? It really surprised and frightened her. She felt that if she pushed Anluo out like this, there would be no reason to meet Zhou Chaoqun.
"What about your things? Since you want to broadcast your online drama on my love fruit video, you must first pass me. "
Zhengwen 11 Hotel Xiangyu
"Oh, here it is." Ann took out her USB flash drive from her bag and handed it to her. "Twenty of them are copied here."
Jessica Fong Ching took the compact USB flash drive and played it in his hand. Then he looked up at Anluo’s expectant eyes and carefully looked at Anluo’s eyes at close range. Jessica Fong Ching was a little surprised. Anluo’s eyes were clear as if a crystal clear lake was cool and refreshing, and at the same time, they were full of brilliance. These eyes seemed to suck people in for a long time.
"Party always? I have something dirty on my face? " Ann rubbed his face guilty to ask
"Oh, there’s no USB flash drive. I’ll contact you after I read it." Jessica Fong Ching withdrew his eyes and resumed his pride and confidence
An Luo took out a piece of paper from his bag and wrote his name and mobile phone number on the Jessica Fong Ching desk. He smiled ingratiatingly, "Sorry, I always don’t have a business card."
"Then I’ll go back first and leave you alone."
Jessica Fong Ching looked at Ann’s figure disappearing in front of her. She pulled out the drawer and took it out in a small mirror. She looked beautiful but she seemed a little less youthful than the girl just now. She frowned mercilessly. Does Zhou Chaoqun want the old cow to eat the young grass?
Ann came out from Aiguo Company and took a taxi to the hospital to see her parents. She told Zhao Heng and Xu about the situation here, and they encouraged her to have confidence in herself. She just wanted to put her mobile phone back in her bag with a smile, and the mobile phone shook again. At the sight of the screen showing that Ni Haodong sent WeChat, her heart suddenly accelerated.
It seems that they haven’t contacted each other for several days. She hasn’t heard from Ni Haodong since she found herself on the hot search list that day. She feels guilty that Ni Haodong must have known about it. Otherwise, why didn’t she search the video again the next day? So he is busy on the one hand and angry with her on the other.
"Where is it?"
Although he felt hot in his eyes after just sending these words, she didn’t take the initiative to contact him these days because of the vague thing with Cheng Han. She was afraid that he would be too concerned to accept what she gave him. Think it over, and now receive his WeChat saying that he finally stopped being angry with her?
She bit her lip and finger on the screen and nodded briskly, and quickly replied, "I went to the hospital to see my parents."
Ni Haodong just got off the plane and asked about her mobile phone. When he saw her reply, he paused and hesitated whether to go directly to the hospital to find her. At this moment, the ancient wolf appeared.
"Master Ni Shao is not feeling well. Come with me and have a look!"
NiHaoDong look a fiercely directly followed the ancient Wolf, sitting in a taxi with his eyes staring at the mobile phone screen for a long time before he answered the corner of his eye with a little disappointment, and stuffed the mobile phone into his bag and looked out of the window to see the street view.
"Hey? Master, I’m going to the hospital. It’s not this way to the hospital. You’re going backwards! "
The driver teacher didn’t talk and settled down, but she felt that the speed was faster. She panicked and stared at the driver and shouted, "Who are you? Where are you taking me? "
"If you don’t talk, I’ll jump out of the car!" Ann falls down with her hands holding the car door, her eyes staring at the rapid retreat, and her little heart flutters at this speed. Can she still live? She would never make such a foolish move if she had to. It was just to scare the driver.
"Don’t get excited, Miss Ann!" The driver really believed the rearview mirror when he saw an Luo’s face of death. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t know that this woman was sitting behind, but she was addicted to studying and performing recently and could cut into the environment at any time to perform.
"I’m following orders to take you to a place. Don’t worry, it won’t do you any harm. You’ll know."

Jin Yao’s order made all the strong people form a circle and surrounded Fiona Fang. A piece of god knowledge distributed in this sea area, and everything was hidden and surrounded.

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Chapter five hundred and fifty-one Mysterious strong
Chapter five hundred and fifty-one Mysterious strong
A series of gods of the earth spread in the sea area, and several creatures in this sea area were detected and then directly killed.
This is simply a massacre.
Several creatures in the seawater can escape everywhere, and they are directly reduced to dust by Jin Yao and others, and there is no possibility of survival.
Many strong people in the demon race are also watching all this coldly. Although they didn’t make moves, they didn’t stop them from staring at the movement in the sea and looking for Xia Qi to fall.
In this sea area, the thick smell of blood almost formed a blood fog, giving off a strong and fierce smell.
But Jin Yao and others face is more gloomy.
They searched for Xia Qi but didn’t fall.
Even every grain of dust and sand has been searched out to make sure that there is no heaven and fairy house to turn dust and sand, but Xia Qi is nowhere to be seen.
"What’s the matter? Did Xia Qi escape from this sea area?"
"It’s impossible that Xia Qi can escape from this sea area. It must still be in it. There must be some means to fool us."
"Find it for me and keep looking."
"Don’t let Xia Qi go"
A group of Johnson looks gloomy and their eyes are flashing with murder, which is very embarrassing.
Dozens of peak Johnson are such a force that they dominate four continents. However, at this time, Xia Qi, who is just looking for the realm of virtual fairy, has found nothing, which makes them feel angry.
God of the earth once again rolled out and set off a big wave, which was terrible as if to turn this sea upside down.
However, no matter whether these dozens of peak Johnson are searching for Xia Qi, they have disappeared as if they had disappeared.
A group of geeks, gloomy as water, still didn’t give up the search, which greatly expanded the scope.
At this time, Xia Qi was just looking at the outside world. When he entered the Heaven Fairy House, he turned it into a floating dust. At this time, this floating dust actually stuck to Jin Yao’s robe.
Jin Yao was the first to rush in when Xia Qi created the blood. At that time, Xia Qi stuck the celestial fairy house to Jin Yaoshen.
This is very risky, but it will be gone if you are not careful, but it is also very effective
To Jin Yao and others cultivate one’s morality and wear robes without touching water or dust can be described as spotless and clean. If a grain of floating dust appears in robes, Jin Yao will definitely pay attention, but now he is looking for Xia Qi, but he has not paid attention.
It is even more impossible for other monks to be bold enough to detect Jin Yao’s body. This is a provocation. Jin Yao is at the peak of a group of monsters, and naturally no one dares to do so.
It is precisely this that Xia Qi’s adventure actually saved Xia Qi from a bullet.
A group of old geeks have been unwilling to look for a long time in this sea area. A series of gods of the earth are in the sea area, even in the distance, and all the creatures in the sea are frightened and flee.
There was a lot of noise, but a group of old monsters finally got it.
One after another, a group of monsters left this place, which can be said to have been turned over. There was no sign of Xia Qi. These monsters didn’t want to have more waves. After all, there were many opportunities when various treasures were unearthed on four continents, and many monsters didn’t want to miss it.
The four families, Yan Lu and others, also gradually left.
They are more happy than disappointed at this result, but their goal is to keep the treasure in heaven. If Xia Qi is found, it is likely that their lives will be lost, which is not a good thing for them.
There are fewer and fewer people, and Jin Yao finally loses patience and leaves with the five elements and the number of strong people like light.
After Jin Yaofei left this sea area for a certain distance, a grain of floating dust stuck in his golden robe unconsciously fell off and fell to the edge of the sea.
Jin Yao and others have realized that the golden light is fleeting.
"Hoo … finally escaped"
Xia Qi breathed a sigh of relief and did not come out cross-legged in Heaven Fairy House, but sat quietly and meditated.
Just now, the trip was extremely dangerous. If you are not careful, Jin Yao will notice that Xia Qi can escape from Jin Yao even if there are thousands of means.
This is a close call.
Xia Qi breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to meditate and practice, but I don’t know that his heart is still covered with a shadow, as if there is something else being noted for Xia Qi.
This feeling soon dispersed Xia Qi also meditated to practice.
However, just when Xia Qi fell into practice, a white cloud floated with Heaven Fairy House all the time, as if there were no rules, but it never left Heaven Fairy House.
If Xia Qi notes from a note, it will be easy to find that this white cloud has always appeared in the forest since he crossed the thunder robbery. It is ordinary and unremarkable, with no abnormality and no attention.
White clouds face a blue robe figure standing in the wind, long hair hanging freely, shoulders looking indifferently, and finally looking at the swaying heaven and fairy house in the sea.
Xia Qi stayed in the Heaven Fairy House for several days. After searching for Xia Qi’s peak in this sea area for such a long time, Johnson finally dispersed to other places to look for it.
Xia Qixiu stepped into the second floor of the virtual fairy realm, which just consolidated a few days ago. At this time, he appeared in the sea from the Heaven Fairy House and looked around.
Surrounded by sea water, the sky is blue. At first glance, it seems that the sea water has become a magnificent piece in the distance. Xia Qi slightly identified one direction and flew away towards the island where Danzong is now hiding.
Xia Qi’s speed is not slow, and the figure disappears in situ with a flash, and a virtual shadow passes over the water without starting any waves.
He is smiling and in a good mood.
Making such a big noise in this sea area has attracted the attention of many strong people. At this time, the island where Danzong is located should be more secure.
Flying for less than half an hour, Xia Qi’s flying figure suddenly stepped on the water and started a big wave and suddenly stopped.
He looked up at heaven with a surprised face.
A piece of blue sea water is connected, but there is a white cloud floating in the wind, which will eventually follow Xia Qi 2.
"Who is it?
Xia Qida reprimanded Zhenyuan for being extremely alert.
When he first came out of Heaven Fairy House, he noticed everything outside and found nothing unusual. Xia Qi also saw this white cloud when he came out of Heaven Fairy House, but he didn’t care.

Naturally, it is impossible for the holy alliance side to let the hell’s crazy flower war troops succeed in their intentions. When they see them, they first approach the Chengtou heavenly king stallion and order the holy alliance war troops to stop them!

The 500,000 troops of the Holy Alliance roared past the Tianchengtou, and the instant hell’s crazy flower riding corps encountered both sides. Naturally, no one was polite to anyone, and they fought fiercely together as if they were jealous when they met an enemy!
"Kill! !”
"Kill! !”
As soon as the two sides came into contact with the battle, they entered a white-hot stage. The scene was extremely tragic. The blood and dead bodies of both players were "sparse" from half falling like rain and hail!
As soon as the fighting forces of the two sides collided together, the ground forces of Hell Blossom also went to the Heavenly King City and the Holy Alliance People’s Exhibition to fight and kill!
Hell’s crazy flower arrows force ten thousand arrows to block the city’s first guarding city players and cover other siege troops! Cover other legions in the arrow army and bombard the wall of Tianwang City!
Two thousand Tyrannosaurus knights of the Iron Cavalry Corps are still furious today. They are armed to the teeth and hit the wall of the King of Heaven crazily! The Iron Blood Legion, the Flower Protection Legion and the Wanfa Legion are also the central firepower bombarding the city wall. The gorgeous magic of the Legion forms a huge colorful pouring on the wall of Tianwang City!
The two sides are in full swing!
At this time, Jiuzhong has concealed the stealth function and concealed his body shape. He sneaked into the Heavenly King City and came to the heart of the city!
Jiuzhong immediately sent a signal to the ground worker, "Do it! !”
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Indiana Jones outstanding
"OK ~!" After receiving the nine-fold signal, the ground worker hurriedly told the other four groups of brothers in place to wait for orders, "Brothers, start work! !”
"Cha cha … hua hua! !” Five groups of people were ordered to immediately divide their heads by three and five, and destroy the bluestone slabs with a thickness of less than one foot! [br/ > "Done!"
"Done!" After four groups of troops successfully destroyed the resurrection point, they came to the local workers for good news!
The digger said, "Withdraw! !”
I sent a message to Jiuzhong, and then the local workers and 35 other miners fished out a scroll back to the city from their backpacks, fell to the ground, and a dazzling light lit up and went straight back to the misty city!
The war has broken out, and five resurrection points in Tianwang City are running, and the magic circle is flashing, and players are constantly dying and resurrected from the magic circle!
At this time, a group of players in five resurrection points have just been resurrected and are about to rush out of the resurrection point to support the front line. Who knows that one foot has just been lifted and the other foot suddenly feels that the foot has been planted in the hole on the resurrection point!
The digger brought these miners with thoughtful thoughts, and he knew that once they destroyed the resurrection point, players who had just been resurrected would definitely fall off the surface without being attacked by these people. They dug a big pit on the surface of the resurrection point, and they hid in the hole on the side of the pit to destroy the resurrection point!
As soon as the resurrection point was destroyed, the player fell from the ground and fortunately fell into the pit of the resurrection point!
"I depend on what’s the matter? What happened? !” The player who fell into the pit looked up hastily and finally saw the big hole at the top of the pit, and then saw the hole in the side of the pit wall. He snickered while looking into the pit with his probe. The hell crazy flower miner suddenly realized, "Mom, it’s not good for someone to play tricks and destroy the resurrection point in the city! !”
Most simple-minded players swore at the Hell Wild Flower Miner when they learned that they were overcast, but some cool-headed players immediately called to report the matter to their president!
The president of the fifty-four alliance in Chengtou is in the rear of the array. Suddenly, someone in the group of presidents has a voice call. After listening to it, his face suddenly changed to Tianwang Gong and he reported, "The leader is not good. Someone has destroyed the resurrection point in Tianwang City! !”
"What? !” Heavenly Kings gave a stamp to scold a way: "Mom must be the sacred bitch who ordered people to destroy this little girl. It’s so fucking insidious to play dirty with the public! !”
Compared with the heavenly king, he was very calm and asked, "How many resurrection points have been destroyed? !”
"Five places are destroyed! !”
When the heavenly king heard that he had no idea to ask for help, "what about my sister?" As soon as the resurrection point is destroyed, we will all become disposable. It is too bad for us to kill one and one less! "
"Oh, I came up with a way to destroy the resurrection point. I didn’t expect you to learn it so soon. You are really quick to learn ~!" Recent rich in meaning smiled "don’t worry we still have a chance! Although I can’t come again to rebuild the resurrection point, isn’t our city’s array not destroyed? Tell the players who have been sent to other cities to return to Tianwang City through the city’s array to continue fighting! !”
"Good … good!" Heavenly King Gong quickly shouted to all players of the Holy Alliance through the Alliance Channel, "Attention all players, the resurrection point in our city has been destroyed by the crazy flowers of hell and can’t be resurrected in the city! However, you are not worried that our city will be resurrected in other cities after death. Players can return to Tianwang City through the city to continue fighting! !”
"Idiot!" When I heard the propaganda of Heavenly King Gong, my eyes stared at me. "You just told the players who were resurrected in the unified city that they could return to Heavenly King City through the city. Why did you tell everyone that the resurrection point in the city was destroyed? Isn’t this shaking the morale of the army? !”
"Ah … this …!" Tianwanggong also knew that he was wrong and embarrassed, but he still argued strongly in words, "Anyway, it is better to let them know that they are mentally prepared before they die!"
“……!” The butterfly is in love, the eyebrows are locked, and no more talking!
In front of the heart of Tianwang City!
"Hey … it’s time for a big meal ~! !” I received the good news from the local workers, and the corners of my mouth were raised, revealing a bit of excitement and laughter. At the moment, my hands shook, and the fierce ghosts burst through the brake and burst into flames!
Nine-fold body, half-fierce ghost, three thousand feet of fire, completely submerged the package and condensed it into a statue, half black and half red, which covered the heart of the city, and the whole sky was like Mount Tai!
"… thousands of meteor showers! !” Nine-fold fists, such as mans combo, instantly hit thousands of punches, like a hammer with a handle, like meteors covering the sky, with the destruction of the sky and the terrain stirring in the middle and killing the ground in an instant!
"Boom boom! !” In a thunderous noise like a string of beads, the whole Tianwang City seemed to be shaking. A thousand-killed meteor shower covered a ground area, and all the players were smashed into a paste!
The skill lasted for ten seconds before it finally dissipated. Look at the horror boxing pits all over the ground near the city center and being awakened by the flesh and blood of the players. It’s like a blood pool hell!
At the end of the blow, the nine-fold floating body fell from the center of the city, and a virtual door with a ring of fingers appeared "greatly big! The girls are all out to work! !”
With the nine-stress virtual door soaring wildly, a huge door with a height of 1000 meters and a width of 500 meters is instantly transformed!
"boomed! !” The virtual gate is stationed in the tenth floor of hell and is already ready to attack at any time. The elite troops of 100,000 hell-crazy flowers are surging out of the door like a tiger!
First of all, 1,500 Tyrannosaurus knights rushed out from the virtual door like evil spirits in hell, and rushed into the player array of Tianwang League guarding the city heart without stopping for half a minute.
Tyrannosaurus rex’s body is like an indestructible chariot, and it is unstoppable in the holy alliance players’ array. In an instant, the holy alliance players formed a battle array and were rushed to pieces!
These 1,500 Tyrannosaurus Knights didn’t stop to give full play to their indestructible advantages after breaking through the enemy lines, and they ran around the Heavenly King City to create chaos!
These are all instructed by Jiuchong before Tyrannosaurus Knights are now carrying out Jiuchong’s orders!
After the Tyrannosaurus Rex Knights, a team of 1,000 men rushed out. Although it was a team of 1,000 men, their powerful war momentum was comparable to that of thousands of troops!
This 1,000-person squad is the ace team directly under Jiuchong, which has created a miracle of 100,000 people. Now, in Huaxia District, people don’t know whether they are dragons and enchanters!
Dragon Magic Team and Enchant Magic Team rushed out of the virtual door and scattered like smoke and flowers into the holy alliance players’ array. In the shadow of swords and swords, the holy alliance players lost their blood everywhere!
Previously, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Knights, at the moment, both the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team were overwhelming, but it gave people a completely different feeling!
Tyrannosaurus Rex is a sacred alliance player with overwhelming force. It is a sense of strength to face the tyrannosaurus rex.
But the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team have an overwhelming sacred alliance of Wushu. Players can’t face it. The hearts of the two teams are full of shock, fear, despair and other negative emotions!
Relatively speaking, the biggest psychological impact on the holy alliance is not the Tyrannosaurus Knights, but the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team!
The two major teams are also like the Tyrannosaurus Knights to disrupt the enemy lines and let them form a large-scale group offensive!
With the emergence of these two vanguard troops, hell has spent hundreds of thousands of elite troops and finally the King’s Landing City!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Broken city
The 100,000 people stationed in the nine-tier and ten-tier hell were carefully selected from the regular army of 2.5 million people who spent a lot of money in hell. They are the best in both rank and combat skills. They are absolutely elite!
Hell spends 100,000 elite troops. After the head of the six armies leads out ten levels of hell, the fastest position is not the attack formation but the defensive formation. A huge iron barrel formation is formed in the center of the city center of Tianwang City. The blood-thick anti-height forces such as the Iron Army Corps and the Iron Wall Corps defend the sacred alliance. In the attack, the Wanfa Army is the first main attack force. They have one, that is, bombarding the city center of Tianwang City at all costs!
The appearance of the phoenix dance immediately gave the order, "All players of the Wanfa Legion listen to the target city heart attack! !”
Zhou Dingguo also succeeded in the Iron Corps players roared, "Listen to the old man. No one is allowed to come in. There are girls behind us! Is it white? !”
"white! !” Not only the Iron Blood Corps, but also other corps players, if men burst into wild beasts, they will swear to guard the Meimei Corps behind them!
As soon as the phoenix dance made the players of the Wanfa Legion explode all kinds of magic, pouring all kinds of magic into the heart of the central city, and the effort of the city of Tianwangcheng suddenly lost rapidly!
All the people came out of the ten levels of hell, and a ring closed the virtual door, then jumped into the middle school and looked around to find the target that could be attacked. Suddenly, I found that there was a magic circle shining in the square, and there were always one vote, one vote people coming out of it!
"Depend on how I really pig brain forgot this quarrel! Cities have to be destroyed, or they can come back when they are resurrected in other cities! !” Nine times patted his forehead and walked with flying steps towards the square!

The table sheltered a group of girls, and they finally felt at ease. They just ate a little half full, and now they can continue to eat again at the maid’s table.

After a while, the second seat ended, and the white jade table gradually sank. Then a small jade table filled with all kinds of water rose. When people saw this scene, they all sat down next to the jade table a few steps ago and enjoyed the delicious water on the table.
This time, everyone has a maid to wait on them. They are responsible for picking the water and sending it to everyone’s mouth one by one. It is absolutely imperial treatment.
To be honest, it is not suitable for Ye Tian or other girls to be served like this, but there is no denying that everyone feels very served.
After eating for a long time, Ye Tiankou said, well, let’s continue the topic just now. Heidi, there are six people left in the dance company, so don’t you need to add it?
Stubborn shook his head, Heidi flatly said, no, we don’t need to add. We have all been trained together since childhood, and we are familiar with each other. Even if there is one sister left, we don’t need to add one person.
Frowned, Ye Tian flatly said, Well, if you don’t add, you won’t add.
Speaking of which, Ye Tian turned to look at Lenny. Lenny, what about you?
I looked puzzled at Ye Tianlai Lenny. I don’t seem to need a partner to sing here. If you can get me a band with enough grades, I will come myself.
Smiling and shaking his head, Ye Tiankou said that the lead singer is enough, but don’t you need a backup singer?
Lenny couldn’t help frowning when he heard Ye Tian’s words. I don’t know what you said was a backup singer. I haven’t heard of it. Can you explain it?
This frowned hesitantly. Ye Tian simply explained what a backup singer is. Listening to Ye Tian, Lenny lit up his eyes with excitement and gasped. Do you mean to find some songs for me to be a backup singer?
Yeah, I nodded. Ye Tiandao, that’s right. That’s what it means. What do you need?
Looking at Ye Tianlai Lenny excitedly, he said, of course I need it, but I’m just a little song. I’m not qualified to be a backup singer for others
Before Lenny could finish, Ye Tian shook his head and interrupted her proudly. What qualifications are not qualified? If I say you are qualified, you are qualified. Now you need to tell me if you need it.
Yes, of course, I need it. I can sing the auxiliary words. The appeal of the song will rise several steps, but can I really sing it? Lenny was excited and worried
Smiling and nodded, Ye Tiankou said, of course, but what about you? You don’t have any good candidates. I can look for them in the slave trade.
The candidate frowned, Lenny said with a wry smile. The candidate is not without facts. The other four girls are collectively called the five days later, and the five of us together are definitely the world’s double singing group.
Speaking of which, Lenny smiled derisively, but we are all on the same page. How can they come to be my backup singer? It’s impossible.
Suddenly raised his head and Lenny said excitedly, if it’s true, I’d like to be their backup singer. If we get together, it will definitely set off a huge wave of singing.
Oh, when I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian’s eyes flashed at Lenny’s five days later. Is that interesting? Are you familiar with them? Will they come if you invite them? I hesitate to look at Ye Tian’s words. Lenny is not sure that we are familiar with them. If I invite them, they may come, but.
But what leaf day asked
Hesitantly looking at Ye Tianlai Lenny with a wry smile, but they are all affiliated with the choir of the Vatican, so that they will not be oppressed. If they want to join, they must first get permission from the Vatican, and secondly, they must be paid a fee.
Finally, Lenny, after all, is the first one to recover. If he is seen, he will be seen. Isn’t it a matter of time? In fact, he will be played by him sooner or later. This is fatalism to resist fate.
Think about Lenny’s efforts to restore calm and be serious about Ye Tiandao. Let’s talk about things. I’ll send a letter to invite them to the Vatican tomorrow, and it’s up to you.
Swallow your mouth, Ye Tian flatly said, No problem. I will get along well with the Vatican. Just ask them to come directly and return the band, and I will set it up as soon as possible.
Yeah, a shy smile. Lenny bit his lip and said shyly, it’s getting late. What are you going to do?
When I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian nodded and got up. It was late, and there were still many things to do. Let’s go home together.
Took a startled look at Ye Tian. In Lenny’s view, Ye Tian must have called everyone here to take the opportunity to occupy their department, and she was ready to be occupied, but now it seems that he didn’t mean it.
Doubt looked at Ye Tianlai Lenny’s heart shaking. In her cognition, men are all strange animals, always taking up one woman’s body after another.
However, Ye Tian is not like this. Although he can see it from his eyes, he is more restrained and doesn’t care that Lenny is ready to be occupied. However, Ye Tian just gave up Lenny’s strange feelings, that is, he was relieved and lost.
Chapter 135 Be happy and don’t think about it.
A group of people changed their clothes and left the hotel. Accompanied by Ye Tian, they first sent the girls back to the training hall, and then Ye Tian accompanied Lenny towards Lenny’s training hall.
The red blood moon hung high on the path of the Intermediate People’s Court, and Lenny walked beside Ye Tian with his head down. Lenny was very blind about his situation.