"Well, you scared me. What did I see when I was young?" Tang Sike patted his chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

I got a taxi and waved Tom away.
After Tang Sike leaves, I will wave a taxi to come and sit in the car and wait for Tang Sike’s emperor Amar to come out.
Tang Sike Huang Ama Jade Shop not only bought jade bracelets, but also selected a Hetian jade lotus pendant.
I raised my eyebrows when I saw the Hetian jade lotus pendant.
Lotus is a symbol of holiness and purity, and Tilian is a symbol of longevity and pure love.
Tang Sike’s Emperor Amar actually chose the lotus pendant for the female ghost, which really blinded the eyes with joy.
I spit in my heart. Can it be said that meeting a female ghost made Tang Sike’s emperor Amar finally realize that that is true love?
When Tang Sike Huang Ama came out of the jade shop with things, it was dusk.
I asked the taxi to follow Tang Sike’s car to see Tang Sike’s car. Huang Ama parked his car in a parking space outside the hotel and walked towards the hotel gate with the things he bought from the jade shop.
Seeing this situation, I paid the fare and took out a paper-cut paper from my backpack from the taxi side to shake hands.
I went to the outside of the hotel and turned the mobile phone bell to vibrate. When Tang Sike Huang Ama crossed the hall and walked into the ladder door, I quickly entered the hotel.
When I entered the ladder, I saw that there was Tang Sike Huang Ama in the ladder. When the ladder was closed, the destination was the building.
Through the hall, I went to the secluded place on the stairs, threw a paper-cut paper with my palm, and then turned around and took the stairs to the building.
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Tracking
The paper-cut paper man gave back the message that Tang Sike Huang Ama got out of the ladder and walked into the room.
Tang Sike Huang Ama opened the door, and the paper-cut paper man saw that there was a female ghost embroidered with orchid cheongsam in that room. The female ghost level was spectre.
At the moment, that female ghost is no longer a simple ghost, and her body can be seen by ordinary people without the help of foreign objects.
The feedback from the paper-cut papermen made me frown. It seems that the female ghost’s entanglement with Tang Sike’s emperor Amar is a cruel hand. It is not necessarily necessary to continue to go to Tang Sike’s emperor Amar.
When I got out of the ladder, I reached for the door of the ladder and waited for the paper-cut paper man to put it in his pocket and walked slowly outside the door, waiting for Tang Sike’s emperor Amar and the female ghost to start having sex.
Since the disappearance of the snuff bottle, I have prevented the snuff bottle female ghost from escaping from the snuff bottle and pestering Tang Sike again. Emperor Ama specially did his homework for the female ghost.
This way, once the female ghost starts to have sex with someone, it is a way to get out of the way before the yang essence of her sex person is out of state.
Female ghosts can be nourished by vital yang essence through human sex.
This process is very harmful to people. For female ghosts, they are nourished by yang essence and at the same time they are in a defensive state.
When female ghosts start to have sex with people, they will always exert their body skills to make the man who has sex get the yang essence as soon as possible.
In the room, Tang Sike talked to the female ghost, and I took out the charm from my backpack and stuffed it into my pocket, then shook hands with the soul-eating whip.
I was tongue-tied. Tang Sike, Emperor Amar, said those sweet words to female ghosts. She was full of words and felt like a teenager, and her ears were badly poisoned.
The house will have sex soon, and I still stay outside the door without moving.
I said that I would definitely go back and wash my ears after dealing with the female ghost tonight.
I found from the internet that sex between men and women is always short for the first time, and it will last longer for the second time.
I have to wait until they start to break into the room for the second time, and Tang Sike’s emperor Amar took the opportunity to let the female ghost get away, and he will be stunned.
I’m scared. I’m not worried about whether Tang Sike’s emperor Amar will cause a psychological shadow to Tang Sike’s emperor Amar and affect his brother in the back bed.
In such a developed society, even if Tang Sike’s Emperor Ama has a psychological shadow, it can always be cured sooner or later.
That female ghost must not stay tonight or she will be poor in the future.
The female ghost is charming and charming for three days, and Tang Sike’s emperor Amar breathes low. Listen to me, my face is black.
From time to time, people pass by in the corridor, and they can hear the movement in the room. They are all surprised, glancing at the door of the room and holding the soul-eating whip. I am full of interest in divination.
There is even a person who simply stopped walking and looked at me with his arms around me not far away.
I am full of depression and let people look at me, hoping that no one will speak and ask me what has disturbed the female ghost in the room and the emperor Amar of Tonsko.
The man who looked at me with his arms around him stared at me for a few minutes and then came up to me with his lips slightly open, as if he wanted to say something to me.
The man’s reaction made me frown. I gave him a gesture of silence and gave him a hard gouge. I waved to him to roll quietly.
The man came towards me, paused, raised his hands at me, made a surrender, and always left.
Seeing that man leave me is a little wider, but it is also more depressing.
Damn it, dogs bite and mind their own business. It’s strange that I stay wherever I don’t steal or love.
Wait at the door for a while. Sex in that room always ends with a growl.
I heard the room coming to take a shower, and then I heard Tang Sike Huang Ama ask the female ghost what she wanted to eat.
The female ghost voice is charming and bone-like. She replied that Tang Sike Huang Ama said that she didn’t want to eat anything. She wanted to eat Tang Sike Huang Ama.
When the shower is over, I hear Tomsk’s eager footsteps coming from the house, and then two people chew together.
When I raised my eyebrows for such a short time, Tang Sike’s emperor Amar was able to hold the soul-eating whip in his hand again and prepare him to have sex with the female ghost again, and then he entered the room.
There was no sex in the room, as I expected. After a while, I heard Tomsk dressing in the room.
Tang Sike Emperor Amar smiled and said that the female ghost was a grinding goblin. The female ghost smiled and confessed that Tang Sike Emperor Amar had a meal later and went to the drugstore to buy some entertainment drugs.
When I heard this, I turned to the direction of the stairs, where I hid my figure and paid close attention to the room.
Soon Tang Sike Emperor Amar came out of the room with a big smile and went straight to the ladder.
At this time, my mobile phone pocket began to vibrate.
I told her that I was not finished with my work, and I would go to her house in an hour or so.
Tang Sike said angrily that her emperor Amar is still a mobile phone. She was angry with her emperor Amar and worried that something would happen to her emperor Amar.
I was convulsed at the corner of my mouth when I heard Tang Sike say that she was worried about something happened to her emperor Amar.
Tang Sike is worried that it is unreasonable. Her emperor Amar has gone to buy an aphrodisiac at the moment. She thinks that peony flowers are dead and romantic, and she has already prepared for the dead female ghost belly.
I’m not the only one who misses her emperor Amar over there. But I told her to wait patiently and not to worry too much.
I told Tang Sike that she is now an adult and should learn to control her emotions by herself. Her reaction will affect her mother’s adult emotions.
My words came out, but Tang Si’s anger subsided a lot. She really cared about her anger, but she forgot that her mother and adult should be in a worse mood than her.
Tang Sike told me to pay attention to Ann later and go to her house earlier, saying that she would control her emotions to appease her mother’s adult, so she hung up.
Put your mobile phone back in your pocket, and I’ll wait at the stairs for Tang Sike’s Emperor Amar to return again.
"Hey, beauty, why are you here again?" I just put my mobile phone in my pocket, and the man who stared at me with his arms just passed by the stairs and looked at me jokingly.
"This isn’t your home. I can stay wherever I like." I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the man who appeared in front of me again.

Yimo didn’t say anything, but when their car was on the road, a black car came head-on

"I didn’t expect that I was so careful that I was still being followed." Yan Ningxuan looked at the car and pressed the horn twice, then suddenly started to speed up.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Yimo was scared, but it was just a car that was being followed from where.
The car may not have thought that Yan Ningxuan would be so impulsive, and they didn’t want to dodge it. Yan Ningxuan’s car made an ugly noise against their body and then galloped away.
When their car turned around and chased it to the fork in the road ahead, they didn’t know which way to go because there was no target.
It failed, and they lost the car.
Lin Hao received the message soon. No, the clue here is broken. There are still many clues for them to refer to.
This Qin Ming identity has been implemented. I didn’t expect that they had been lurking under their eyelids for so long, but no one was satisfied.
Even Bai yinting didn’t expect that this person should be in his own company and have been employed for two months. Although it is not an important position, his daily performance is very general, but it is indeed a terrible thing.
He didn’t come to the company class today, and all the information left by the company turned out to be false, and he can’t find anyone else for the time being.
But after all, with the direction to find him or Yan Ning Xuan and Yimo alone, everything should be understood.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Escape from his control
Bai Yinting’s office is a day. If Xia Zhu had known this before she left, maybe she wouldn’t have left.
Of course, if time could be turned back, he would rather go back to knowing Yimo and never start, even if those days were still lonely.
Lin Hao knocked at the door and came in. "Boss, I’m afraid something happened."
"What?" Bai yinting turned to look at full head big sweat Lin Hao.
"I’m afraid it will have a certain impact on the exposure of Yimo and me." Lin Hao looked apologetically at Bai Yinting.
Bai yinting Lin Hao mobile phone took it and his face changed soon.
These people really talked about a bunch of mosaic photos. What do you want to say?
Damn it, it even pulled the company’s reputation. What’s the difference?
At this time, Chufei also strode in and brought some data at the same time. "The stock of the boss company has fallen sharply."
"The news is really fast" Bai Yinting frowned. "It seems that we have run out of time and must solve all problems as soon as possible."
"Boss, this is all my fault, and I am willing to bear all the consequences." Lin Hao was very guilty
"Now is not the time to investigate the responsibility. Qin Ming will give it to you for three days. Be sure to let me see others in front of me." Bai Yinting said to Lin Hao.
"Yes" Lin Hao is also holding his breath.
"ChuFei outside smell, please do some more efforts to try to save reputation" Bai Yinting said and looked out of the window.
And he is doing something big when the company seems to have problems, so that everyone can know that their Shengrui Group can’t be moved by everyone.
There is a price to pay for starting a new life.
Bai Hong soon saw the report, which was shocking to him. Who was the baby in Yimo’s belly was really unclear at the moment.
Former Qu Tianhao was highly regarded and reviled because of the messy men and women. I didn’t expect Bai Yinting to turn so quickly.
Bai yinting listened to the words, and the master lost his temper with him and simply put his mobile phone aside. He scolded him, he was busy with him.
It was not until the master was tired that he asked him what to do when he took it. Bai Yinting replied faintly, "Give me a week and I will solve things perfectly."
"It better be" Bai Hong doesn’t seem to have any confidence in this.
"When I finish things here, I will take Xia Zhu back." Bai Yinting felt it necessary to say hello to Bai Hong.
Bai Hong remained silent. He felt a little guilty. His attitude towards Xia Zhu seemed too hasty. He should not persuade her to divorce.
But who would know that such a big change has taken place here just a few days after the divorce? He still didn’t see the wrong Yimo that year. It’s so unreliable.
"Yin Ting, I advise you not to be too hasty. You can’t run, but you can’t catch up." Bai Hong hopes that he can take every step in a down-to-earth manner.
"Whether she is me or not, I will get her back. I won’t lose her again this time," said Bai Yinting firmly.
He really meant it. After so many things, Bai Yinting was the one who loved Xia Zhu the most.
Future generations will never have a chance to influence their feelings again. Even if the process is difficult, he will try his best to get Xia Zhu back. He still owes her a grand wedding.
After hanging up, Bai Yinting sighed and continued to work this week will be the most difficult dilemma in his life.
In the Yimo hotel room, she doesn’t know exactly where it is. It can be seen that it is a very ordinary small county, even the best hotel is very ordinary.
She doesn’t want to hide all the time, but the strategist seems to have detained her and forbade her to go anywhere.
Even three meals a day are reserved for her before the strategist, and then delivered by the takeaway.
It’s been five days in a row. Besides delivering food on time every day, the delivery clerk is the housekeeping clerk. Besides, Yimo hasn’t seen anyone, which makes her almost collapse.

"Miss Nezha is behind the door and the clan war in the Yin clan. If you can’t stay out of it since the beginning, it will be difficult for your grandfather Shao Shi to deal with the Shang and Zhou Dynasties."

"And my brother Lu Shang Shi Zun expected him to be immortal, so he sent him to tell him that he could enjoy wealth, but I, a businessman in Dayi, made great efforts to make people feel uncomfortable and appreciated, so I often felt that I didn’t meet him. At this time, he was close to Ji Chang and would like to take the opportunity to appreciate Bo Ji Chang’s intrigues."
This Shen Gongbao really has a glib tongue. He makes Jiang Shang sound so unbearable, but it sounds like every word is reasonable. It’s really a piece of cake.
When he saw me when you are sad, he turned to say, "Miss, don’t worry too much. It is assumed that Ji Chang is old, and even if he can get out of jail alive, he may not be able to revive the storm. If Ji Fa can keep his place, Jiang Shang will not forget the two things, and we can still enjoy peace."
"Even if Ji Chang’s father rose up against Shang Jiang Shang and had Chonghou, Li Hou and Deng Hou to defend the enemy outside, and then a surname Wen Zhong and others were guarding Ji Chang, Jiang Shangneng and afraid?"
"Uncle Shi, what will you do if you really fight?"
Shen Gongbao sighed lightly: "I, the idlers in Shan Ye, are bent on seeking Tao, and Jiang Shang, because it is difficult for me to blend in with the ruling and opposition parties. However, I, Jiang Shang, are different from him. My uncle and I live in the Central Plains, and all tribes are fighting for a big business."
"That Martial Uncle" I tried to ask, "Who will you support if Uncle Jiang really turns against the enemy in the future?"
"Of course you support us!" He replied.
I was quite surprised by his answer, "Do you think uncle Shi sees it?"
"Although I, Dean of Jiang Shang, prefer Jiang Shangran, outsiders always don’t ask about politics, so do those professors, but in my humble opinion, if the war starts, they will inevitably tend to be big businessmen."
"Nezha, you see Princess Yin Jiao, King Yin Hongwang, and Miss Huang Tianhua, and many royal relatives are all brothers. On the other hand, Xiqi, except Lei Zhen, Ji Changyi also saw which one was out of Yuxuan Gate."
"And there are more generals such as Wen Zhong, Hong Jin, Luo Xuan and Yu Hua in the Biyou Branch of Sanqing College. Who wants natural enemies because of their fate?"
After dinner, I went back to my room and lay in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep.
It’s a night in the early 155 BC, Chongcheng, which is located in the border of the big business, is located in the heart of the empire in the next two thousand years, and will be destroyed by war in just a few years. However, at this time, there is no clue to remember Shen Gongbao’s words and Jiang Shang’s plans.
The next morning, we left the inn, crossed the Tiger and continued eastward. Not far from the tall Chonghou Mansion, there was another "King Kong Mansion" that was second only to its mansion.
I asked Shen Gongbao, "Is this a family residence?"
"This is the mansion of the four generals of the Magic Family. The four men, Magic Ritual Green, Molihong, Magic Ritual Sea and Magic Ritual Life, are all from Xumishan Mountain, Tianzhu. They were invited to be stationed in Chongcheng to prepare for Xiqiao in their early years."
The white-fronted tiger rose along the Weihe River and the Yellow River all the way to the east. It only stopped for a short time in Luoyi and had a light meal. At dusk, it arrived outside Chaoge City.
Shen Gongbao sent me to the women’s college and didn’t leave until outside Shijie Gate.
"Nezha, are you back?" Shijie saw me with a pleasant countenance. "Did you get the jade virtual sword?"
I nodded and said yes
"Show it to Teacher Shijie!"
I flashed my jade sword and handed it to Shijie.
"It’s really a good sword," she asked. "Nezha, did you get the method of summoning the spirit of the sword?"
I shook my head and then made up a lie, "Teacher Taiyi said that my spiritual level is not enough to control the sword spirit."
"That’s right," Shijie said. "The Tao cannot be light." Then he returned the jade sword to me.
I asked, "Does our women’s college wear its own sword?"
Shijie looked at me and said, "The summoning power of the jade virtual sword does not lie in its body, but comes from the ten swords possessed by the jade virtual palace. Now the women’s college does not have such a secret system. Is it meaningful to unify the swords?"
"What about Biyouyuan?" I asked again
She smiled and shook her head. "I’m not a brother of Biyou Academy, but as far as I know, Biyou Academy doesn’t have a uniform sword. It’s not that Biyou Branch lacks the details of Yuxu Branch, but that Biyou Palace emphasizes teaching more than Yuxu Palace, and the number of its brothers is many times that of Yuxu Academy. It’s not appropriate to control the details."
"But," I said, "although I wear a jade sword, I can’t summon the sword spirit! If you don’t, you can’t move the jade? "
Shijie laughed. "Nezha, you have the jade virtual sword to summon the sword spirit, but it’s just a few formulas. Does Dean Jade Qing promise that you won’t know the mystery through other means?"
"So, teacher," I asked, "What about Fuxi Nuwa College? Should there be enough information? "
Shijie restrained his smile. "Fuxi Nuwa College will never be worse than Sanqing College, but the college system has always paid attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and will not adopt the method of jade virtual college."
She took out the Tai ‘a sword with her, and the cold light shone in the candlelight. "In the early years, the master gave me Tai ‘a sword. This sword is not the only one in the sky. Wen Zhong, Zhao Jiang, Dong and the Goddess of Fire Spirit also have this sword in their hands. Although Tai ‘a sword is the same in different hands, it can show different powers."
It’s already late at night when I came out from the rocky place. I crept to push Xiaoqian’s door to see if she had slept. As soon as I entered the room, I was put around my neck by a pair of arms, and then my chest, thighs and lips were stuck together.
"Brother Nezha, Xiaoqian misses you so much these days!"
"I miss you, too!" I put my arms around her waist, and she slipped through a veil.
"oh! Why are you so cold? "
"How can the cold wind not be cold when I have been blowing for several hours?"
She let me go. "Then take off your coat quickly! I’ll warm you up. "Then I’ll unbutton my shirt.
I blocked her hand "ouch! I haven’t eaten yet! Have you eaten? "
"I’ll get it for you!" She pulled my belt, pulled my pants and tucked me into bed.
After a while, Xiaoqian brought in a few cakes and half a pot of dried fruit. "You can make do with this!"
While watching me eat, she told me about the anecdote of the college after I left. She told me that the thirty-six students in this period were divided into four schools according to different regions: Chaoge School, Southwest School, Wandering Soul School and Chentang School.
"Those Miss Chao Ge or Gong Qing look down on people!" Xiaoqian pursed her lips. "She thinks we have accents and says we don’t look good when we walk. If Sister Mo Tailing didn’t protect us, we’d have to ask them to bully us to death!"
"No!" I said, "Although we are from the border, we are the dean of Shijie. They must be jealous!" "
"Anyway, it’s good that you come back. You have to send a head to Chentang for us!"

Li Chongjiu nodded his head and said, "It is so necessary for Luoyang to reign, so that’s settled."

"Are you considering moving the capital to Luoyang?" Zhang Xuansu asked, "I’m not the first one. There must be others who say so in the future."
Wei Zhi said, "The pursuit of Luoyang is in the sky, just as in the Qin and Han Dynasties, when Xiang Yu was attacked, he was advised to make his capital, but Xiang Yu said that wealth did not return to his hometown, such as a night trip. Xiang Yu did not make his capital, and finally Liu Bang lost his day."
Li Chongjiu said, "Moving the capital is a big deal. If I don’t know how to make progress and build Luoyang, the capital of the Central Plains? At that time, the surrounding area of Luoyang experienced several wars. In the past, it was as prosperous as a ghost town, and now it is a capital. This is not a policy, but I will discuss it in a year or two. "
Zhang Xuansu and Wei Zhi heard Li Chongjiu say that they no longer insisted on moving the capital. Zhao has always been controversial, and the two sides insisted on each other.
Li Chongjiu said, "I’ll leave the matter of Luoyang’s accession to the throne to two Aiqing. Don’t be extravagant, but let everyone know."
"Nuo" Wei Zhi Zhang Xuansu is also called
People in Tianjie, Luoyang are crowded with people.
Wang Shichong, Wang Xuan, Ying Zhu Can, three people were pushed into the street by Zhao foot soldiers, and the people threw stones at the three of them.
"Beasts and evil animals!"
"Wang Shichong, you also have today!"
"Zhu Can always hates not eating your meat raw!"
Behind the three men, the Wang clan was led by a string of ropes. When Wang Shichong proclaimed himself emperor, all his brothers were crowned kings, but Luoyang was broken. These people were already in prison waiting for them to be exiled to Liaodong Field.
Zhang Xiaohu quietly beside Tianjie. He didn’t struggle to throw stones at the Wang Shichong prison car like the people.
Zhang Xiaohu looked at Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren, both of whom were dragged forward by the Zhao army, behind the prison car in Wang Shichong. Wang Xiaohu thought of the scene when Wang Renze rode high in his home to rob the fields and sent officers and men to take away his parents. He will never forget it for a generation.
But now Wang Zeren is tied with his hands, and his father walks into the street like a tiger with his spine pulled out.
Seeing these two men, Zhang Xiaohu touched the waist dagger and thought that your Wang Jiafu also had today. When he rushed to the front of the two men, Zhao Jun stopped and said, "Wang Zeren, do you still know me Zhang Xiaohu?"
Wang Zeren raised his head and looked fierce towards Zhang Xiaohu and asked, "Who are you from? What should I know about you? "
Wang Xiaohu sneered, "Did you forget that you killed my parents by taking the property next to the White Horse Temple of the Wangs?"
Wang Zeren was so heckled by the other side that "if you kill too many people, you will have to pay for it, and the old generation will not be able to pay for it."
"I want you to return two lives to the Wangs!"
Wang Zeren hummed, "I have been sentenced to exile in Liaodong. If you want to kill me, you will disobey the imperial edict of the Prince of Zhao, and you will not be able to run away. He will kill me."
"All right, all right!" Aside, Zhao Jun listened to Wang Zeren and pushed Wang Xiaohu away. "We can’t care about your grievances, but don’t hinder us. Although this man deserves to die, Zhao Wang forgives him and you can’t kill him, otherwise you will pay for it if you dare to kill people in the street!"
"Pay for your life?" Wang Xiaohu sneer at once waist dagger according to Wang Zeren reaction quickly when back and exclaimed "don’t you dare to start work! Save me, just me. "
On one side, Zhao Jun all looked over and raised their guns and shouted, "What do you want to rob the court?" Wang Xiaohu sneered that his heart would have put life and death at risk, so he had to change his fortune and avenge his parents. He had already made up his mind to kill the Wangs even if he risked his life.
Just when Wang Xiaohu was impulsive for a moment, he suddenly felt that his shoulder was pulled.
"Teacher!" Wang Xiaohu one leng.
Aside, Zhao Jun was surrounded by Tan Zongdang and shouted, "What’s the matter? Don’t you even recognize me?"
When Zhao foot soldiers saw that it was Tan Zongdang, they hurriedly said, "It turned out that it was General Tan who wanted to rob the court and we were about to take him."
"Why didn’t I see someone hijacking the giving ceremony?" Tanzong Avenue
Zhao foot soldiers listened to Tan Zong’s saying that it was also knowing that one person was in power. "General Tan said that if there is no, there will be no separation. Let’s move on."
Wang Xiaohu cried after being rescued by Tan Zong. "Uncle, I want to avenge my parents!"
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, you will lose your life if you do this, understand?"
Wang Xiaohu firmly tunnel "even so, I will do it".
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, don’t be silly. I told you that I have already told you about your affairs for you, and the horse will come to trust this man. I know that he is the most defensive and will ask the father and the son to pay for your life!"
Wang Xiaohu when nodded.
At this time, the prison car was taken all the way to Tianjin Bridge, and the people gathered here for a circle. When Wang Shichong Wang Xuan’s father’s head fell to the ground, several Luoyang people were all relatives who burned paper and mourned in front of Tianjin Bridge and were killed by Wang Shichong.
Zhu Can killed a moment, and the people threw all the rubble on the body, and soon the rubble piled up into mountains.
Wang Xiaohu saw that Wang Zeren was in good condition and could not help but clench his fists.
"There is a will!"
Riding a fast horse, I ran across Tianjin Bridge and beheaded the supervisor. "It’s imperative that Cha Wangshi, Yun Wang and Zeren’s father occupy the land and abandon the market in front of Tianjin Bridge together in Wang Shichong!"
The "promise" supervisor agreed to drink, "The executioner will drag Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren out for me!"
As soon as the imperial edict came out, Wang Shizhen’s father was scared out of his wits. Wang Shizhen was even more scared when he was old. Wang Zeren was unwilling to shout, "The prince of Zhao promised to spare me. How can he go back on his word?" I can’t die! I can’t die! "
Wang Xiaohu, on the other hand, suddenly burst into tears with his eyes and knees, and slammed three heads in the direction of the northern palace in Tianjin Bridge. "Thank you for taking revenge on my parents!"
Wang Xiaohu took the pledge to tie up a white cloth and watched Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren’s father being dragged to the execution ground by Zhao foot soldiers like dragging a dead dog.
Two executioners in red took a sip of wine and sprayed broadswords, each pressing their heads toward each other.
Cavity blood straight up and two heads rolling to the ground.
Wang Xiaohu Avenue "Parents, you have to report your great hatred!"
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Embroidery
Wang Xiaohu’s revenge was reported.

It can be said that the longer the delay, the better for her.

In fact, Nan Furong didn’t hate Hua Shading for killing her so much. If it wasn’t suppressed by Hua Shading for more than 200 years, this Luo Cha tactic would eventually abandon the body.
Nowadays, those who practice dharma and ascend to fix the truth gain immortality, but they abandon the shadow of Luo Cha, but this shadow is immortal.
Of course, being killed by someone else can’t help it.
In fact, in the past two hundred years, Nanfurong has perfected the cultivation method of Luo Cha tactic. After all, she was still incomplete when she got Luo Cha tactic.
Nan Furong, who has regained her freedom, is in a good mood, so it would be better if she were given some more.
But she didn’t expect Hua Shading to finally give up her body. You know, Hua Shading can practice the magic formula Luo Cha without shadow. She never taught seven disciples the key part.
In the past 200 years, Hua Shadow has been suppressing the shadow of Nanfurong in her own body, hoping to refine her into the shura shadow in the seven-brake shura array. This shadow is the total pivot of the seven-brake shura array, and the other six shadows need to be controlled by this shadow, so Hua Shadow can’t directly refine her soul consciousness as she did with her sisters, and she can imprint herself on her soul.
However, the soul level is too complicated, and the cultivation formula obtained from the master is endless. She has been planted in the soul source of Nanfurong.
In fact, Nan Furong knows a lot better about Luo Cha’s tactic and the Seven-Brake Shura Array than Hua Shadows. She knows how to avoid being shadowed and refined by Hua Shadows. For 200 years, she has quietly countered Li’s being in Hua Shadows to facilitate refining part of her consciousness in Hua Shadows, hoping that one day she can control Hua Shadows and get rid of herself.
But at this time, it is impossible to hide from Hua Shading. After all, the avatar is connected with the body and soul. For nearly a hundred years, she has never let the avatar leave the body, and just a few decades ago, Hua Shading found a way to refine the South Lotus.
So the two men fought for more than two hundred years. At the last moment, they gave up their body and soul, and the two-in-one controlled six shadows to hit South Furong hard. They all chose the simplest and direct way, either devouring each other or being swallowed up by each other and destroying them. Finally, the master defeated his disciples. The two of them overlapped and stayed in South Furong, and their appearance remained unchanged.
When the two shadows of Nan Furong and Hua Shading are fighting in pairs, it is more dangerous than she naturally doesn’t know the outside situation, and she doesn’t know that she can successfully swallow Hua Shading because Hua Shading was killed by the magic flute.
The joy of successfully devouring each other is that it lasted for a short moment, and the five-pointed needle of the magic flute and the fire of refining the heart hit her at the same time, and there were three light spears burning with purple fire.
Time has passed, and most of the days are already dark.
In Li Wei’s eyes, the shadow of Nanfurong still stands motionless in the middle of the night, and there is a faint lotus flower in the night. The other six shadows are surrounded by her eyes, and her eyes are dull, and her hands are dim for half a month.
The difference between Nanfurong and them is that she is still holding a dharma tactic with her eyes closed at this time, and the spiritual force is converging towards her shadow.
Li Wei has found himself a trouble. There is no doubt that he was attacked by his soul purple fire. It can be said that the base has no chance to make a comeback. Besides, there are so many attacks by the magic flute and it hit Nan Furong at the same time. At that moment, if Li Wei didn’t stop the magic flute from continuing to attack, Nan Furong must have been stunned.
But just like this, she is close to the edge of disintegration. Levi left a purple fire in her shadow, waiting for her to recover gradually.
Li Wei also thought about accepting her directly, but now the state of South Furong is different from that of a soul. That is to say, Li Wei can now catch the soul of South Furong, but there is no way to drop her figure together. If there is no soul, Li Wei estimates that her shadow field is floating away.
Li Wei broke through the soul barrier of Nanfurong with strong soul power and tried to find a way to accept her, but now he can’t accept the shadow because of practicing Luo Cha’s formula. It’s a bit like being in two places at once, but it’s slightly different. He thinks that if there is a woman in his body or a strange and extremely beautiful person, it always feels strange.
If there is a shadow of Nanfurong, Li Wei’s malicious heart may be destroyed, but the other six shadows will be destroyed at the same time, because now there is a soul connection between Nanfurong and them. Li Wei regards it as a combination of mind and contract, which is a unique mind control technique of Luo Cha’s tactic.
In the classics that have always been impressive, Luo Cha is called a cannibal. This kind of ghost can fly in the sky and escape quickly like the wind, which is a very terrible thing. In male Luo Cha, it is very ugly and terrible, while in female Luo Cha, it is very beautiful.
However, there are also ancient records that Luo Cha is the protector of dharma, and he often participates in the Dharma and will follow the Buddha’s teachings with joy.
Li Wei’s memory from Nanfurong is that Luo Cha was a tribe of Buddhism in the Middle Ages. The tribal owner was called King Fengxiu of Luo Cha, the owner of Nanfurong, and the Luo Cha tactic and the seven-brake shura array were snatched from a tribal leader when she traveled to Luo Cha. According to her memory, the place should be the junction of Sri Lanka and India today.
Li Wei also had to admire this South Lotus, which is also a great genius. She combined Luo Cha’s tactic with her former cultivation and repair method to create such a unique skill that she transformed herself into a non-human and non-soul.
Li Wei now that there is no way to collect these shadows and she is unwilling to destroy them, she has to wait here for Nan Furong to wake up from that similar sleeping state. Because of the purple fire in Li Wei, she can sense the fluctuation of her soul, which should not keep him waiting for too long.
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Day behind a knife
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Day behind a knife
There is nothing serious about Hu Lang’s injury. He was knocked unconscious by the flower shadow force, and then he has been behind. Zhang Yifan saved him, and several other people have no problem.
Qin Tie needs some trouble. Li Wei spent a lot of time on his broken arm.
Like Qin Tie, there was no strike force in front of these people who came out in the virtual world. Levi once again felt how powerful the people there were, which is why he was also full of expectations for the seven-brake shura array.
If it wasn’t urgent, he really wanted to study this seven-brake shura array. In the former world, his uncle Galo was a master of magic array, but he was never interested in magic array, and so was he after he came to this world.

"It’s okay. We’ve already performed a play, even if he doesn’t believe it." The play seems to be fake and true. Qi Shaochen said coldly, "We only need to observe it secretly if we have less contact with him."

Gu Jingke sipped his lips and quietly said, "We live in six and you live in seven."
The four quickly divided the rooms to avoid trouble. Mu Ming and Gu Jingke were together, while Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man continued to play loving couples together.
Pay to talk about a few people take the stairs to cold way "that four people is a method of day! I dare to say that the boss is scary! "
"Don’t talk too much" pays attention to the quiet way. At that moment, the eyes quickly gathered up as if there were thousands of sharp edges in it. "Don’t stare so hard when you look at people."
"You have to remember that it’s not easy for us to do things," Fu Tan said word for word. "We just have to tolerate some minor troubles. Don’t be too serious. My face will scare the woman."
Fu Tan doesn’t seem to care about hooking his lips. The scar is even more horrible. Laughing on his face can also become like crying.
"If you want to follow me, you must listen to me or you will pack up!" Fu Tan made a harsh remark and gave a cold shoulder to "I’m not that no one wants to keep up with you two!"
Vigorously and the second army immediately bowed their heads in fear. "The boss will never do it again after teaching us a lesson. Please give us another chance!"
"Opportunity is given by people, and the person who gives you the opportunity is me." If you pay attention to this hidden meaning, you will no longer be silent in front of two people.
Just as vigorously and the second army wanted to talk again, the ladder stopped and a group of people came in from the outside, and three of them went to the side all the way. They were imposing but they were very impressive.
The seventh floor will arrive soon. Talk about locking the door, unpacking, finding clothes, going into the bathroom, washing your body, and sleeping in bed.
He is very tired and exhausted. He just arrived here, and he doesn’t want to think about anything. He has a good rest and closes his eyes. Now his face is a little soft, and even the scar is pleasing to the eye.
Vigorously and the second army also took a shower in the room one after another. At this moment, they were sitting in bed. The second army picked up a magazine and read it for a few times. Vigorously frowned and said, "You said that eldest brother won’t really look at that short-haired woman, right?"
He heard the man talking before he came, but now that he thinks about it, he thinks it’s quite possible
"Eldest brother is what person? You think he’ll watch the kind of rich girl? It’s ridiculous! " The second army showed a deep look at the corners of its mouth. "It’s absolutely impossible to look at the big brother who is rich and affordable and makes trouble."
"Look, it will also be those rich men, such as those two men." The second army tut shook its head. "Those two men are actually good, but their eyes are a little poor."
I poured myself a glass of water when I thought about it vigorously. "You say it’s good. It’s not common for a stupid woman to see it."
In their minds, there are only a few women with big brothers, and they all need means, means, ability and high-energy women.
The second army looked at the magazine with relish and couldn’t help but pull a copy from the side to read it, but after reading it for a long time, it didn’t understand anything. I felt very boring and rolled up the sheets and slept.
It didn’t take long for the second army to lie in bed and sleep lightly. Just now, the plane was tired around the body, and it was late. There were things that all three of them needed to make up their sleep extremely.
Compared with sleeping here, the four people here are talking about things in Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man’s room. They are making sure that no one can eavesdrop and get together.
"Li Yuan, everything is normal on our side, and we will inform you to prepare immediately." Cheng Manchao said there, "They are living in July 1st and July 2nd, and we are July 6th and July 7th."
Li Yuan said a few words and Cheng Man cut off the words and sat at the foot of the bed. "What do you think we should do next?"
Mu Ming was silent for a moment and then said, "We can’t stay in this hotel for too long, and we will leave at the most, or we will be suspicious according to the vigilance of those three people."
"Yes, we have to leave tomorrow, and we must get things done tonight." What Qi Shaochen said naturally refers to sending Li Yuan to criminal organizations.
Gu Jingke gently lifted his eyelids and said, "There are not many coincidences in this world. We can’t appear in front of them for the second time, otherwise suspicion is inevitable."
It was a coincidence that the two sides met for the first time. What about the second time? How to explain it? Everyone with a little brain knows that it can’t be a coincidence. It’s definitely a deliberate calculation.
Being in the whirlpool of criminal activities all the year round, there is no point in the brain to bend around. Who believes it?
"Yes, if we appear in front of them for the second time, they may change their way back to the house." Qi Shaochen frowned. "But how can we pay attention to their movements if we don’t touch them?"
Gu Jingke corners of the mouth gently said, "We can’t bump into them, but we can let them bump into us. But there is a difference. Then let the Cheng team make it again."
Cheng Man frowned and said, "You don’t know how tired acting is. You have to be careful with your wording. You have to improvise. The most important thing is that there is no drama!"
Without the drama, she doesn’t know what will happen next. It’s unacceptable that she is in a state of blind typing and will make mistakes if she is not careful.
How nice it would be to give her a play for acting! Mu Ming glanced at her. "Just now, someone’s performance was so vivid that she could be awarded a winner."
After joking, Mu Ming resumed his earnest look and said, "You must know that without drama, you can be more passionate and coherent. If there is drama, you won’t need us to stay here!"
"It’s boring to have a play according to the play. You can’t guess what will happen next now to be more detailed." Mu Ming bent his finger. "The rigid lines in the past were not flexible enough."
Cheng Man Muming finished gnashing her teeth. "I can see that you and Gu Jingke have teamed up to trick me at all! Why don’t you act? "
She stared at them with tears in her eyes, and when she met these two people, she simply pushed herself into the pit!
Mu Ming bent his eyes and said solemnly, "I can’t play out your feeling. If you deliberately make those three people suspicious, please, Captain Cheng!"
Looking at Muming serious call her captain or in this case Cheng Man eyebrows mercilessly picked pick then gave a way, "I’m resigned not yet? I will release my nature again. "
Qi Shaochen sobbed at the corners of her mouth. Is that what she called releasing nature? He always felt that the word was not appropriate for her.
Cheng Man looked at him with a smile on his face and lifted his foot to kick Qi Shaochen’s leg. "What are you laughing at? I need to act. You don’t need to pretend to be my boyfriend?"
It’s a joke. She needs it, and he must have it!
Qi Shaochen was moved by his eyebrows. "No one will play with you when you are disabled."
Gu Jingke and Muming looked at the lip angle and moved slightly. Gu Jingke said, "We’ll make a chance to be touched by them later. You two should hurry up."
Muming and Gu Jingke went out of the room and heard Cheng Man come in quickly and washed his face in the bathroom. By the way, he tidied up his hair and clothes.
After Qi Shaochen came to Muming’s door and gently knocked, he waited for a long time. Two people in the room also cleaned up Muming and nodded to Cheng Man with satisfaction.
A few people walked slowly to the front desk of the building and saw that it was another excellent temperament. The four people flashed their eyes and said, "What do you need to do, sir and miss?"

The doorman was detained for a long time, but no one came to the door, and no one inside answered himself what had happened to her. Go and call the hotel manager in panic.

Waiting for the door to be beaten in the house, I didn’t witness the scene. At the door, the hotel manager and staff were shocked and jingled on the spot. "The key fell from the administrator’s hand."
In Nigeria, a forest is full of frightening yin qi, and the faint black fog is entangled in the forest, which makes the sunshine forest blocked by tall trees even darker and more horrible. This forest is called "black forest"
In the second film "Black Forest", the police chief of the Nigerian state of Anambra, Lex Ogbe, took the investigator with him and saw a scene that they would never forget.
First, how a big evil is a body, one of which is obviously that most of the dead bodies that have just been killed have dried up and shrunk and clung to the skeleton to look like mummies; Scattered on the ground are countless dense bones and some organs; About a human skull stinks _ Gerber is surrounded by police vomiting. A veteran policeman is trying to keep calm, but tears keep coming out of his eyes.
Among these bodies, there is an altar in the middle of the altar, with three huge incense sticks, each as thick as a child’s thigh, burning slowly. The burning tobacco smells like burning feces.
There is a table next to the altar, and the scene is even more horrible. A red "naked" male corpse was brutally dissected, and bright red blood "liquid" came out from the dissection and filled the whole table. The abdomen of the male corpse was cruelly pulled out and placed next to him. In this pile of steaming heat, the kidneys and the dirt were not seen.
Looking at this man’s corpse, Ogbe also broke out in silence _ to the famous wizard curled up in the corner of the "Okiga Altar", he shouted at them, "Are you witches people or the devil who stole the corpse? "
Yelling at Ogbe, no wizard answered him.
Cruel cruelty makes angry Ogbe bitter tears. "These truths happen in! Today in the century? You animals are still doing so cruel and affectionate. I never thought there was such a thing in the modern world.
With gloves and trembling hands, I turned over the pile of bloody dirt to see what was missing. I didn’t turn over the dirt carefully. He didn’t find anything missing. Drop your hand and turn your head and growl, "Are you wizards demons or human organ smugglers?"
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The second part The second volume Chapter 36 Wooden God
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At this moment, a wizard suddenly got up and laughed wildly. "You stupid human, you will pay the price of your life for your stupid behavior. Our great gods are blasphemous. If you dare to talk to us, Bo Tian will tell us how much you know when the gods come."
"It’s ridiculous. There is no god in the world. There is a science card in this world. He is just a fabrication made up by your wizard" Okiga ".Do you know what kind of person he is? He’s a scum. You’ve all been profited by him. He’s profited by you. He’s amassed money, and you’ve just been treated as cannon fodder. You stupid fools, wake up! " Ogbe was completely angry when he saw that this ferocious wizard had arrived and didn’t know he was awake. He pointed a gun at the wizard and shot the wizard who had been brainwashed by Okiga on the spot.
Just in Ogbe, the wizard was shot and killed, and a strange feeling happened in a thousand seconds. Suddenly, dark clouds rolled and a gloomy dead body came straight from oppression.
Forced by this mysterious dead air, Ogbe immediately felt that his skin was as cold as death. The cold dead air went through the hair hole of his body and died in his body. Ogbe’s blood "liquid" was like being frozen by the ice of ten thousand years. The biting cold stung him and screamed.
"You despicable slaves dare to blaspheme me and make a great god. I will take your blood" liquid "and soul to atone for the dark clouds. A sudden terror sound rings like thunder.
With the sound of the sky, the dark clouds roared like waves, and the waves surged and pressed. Among the surging and angry dark clouds, there was a hundred-foot Fiona Fang dark cloud, which was particularly black _ When the dark cloud was pressed to the top of Ogbe and others for fifty years, it suddenly turned into thousands of twisted tentacles. When the dark cloud was pressed for another thirty meters _ Ogbe and others’ scalp was numb.
Those hundreds of tentacles are hundreds of skulls with big mouths. The skulls and faces are very scary, and the horrible faces are constantly twisting, which can scare people’s bravery and make their faces even more grotesque.
I didn’t feel any surprise at seeing such a strange man like Ogbe. I was horrified and never believed in "fans". I’m not sure if I believed in science too much since I was a child.
At this time, not only Gedu and his genus were suppressed, but even the wizards were in the same situation and their expressions were extremely scared.
The mind was shocked by that mysterious cloud. People looked at the slow-pressing dark clouds and prayed that the dark clouds would come down quickly so that they could harvest their life earlier. They wanted to bear the pain of being cut by ice for a while, and their hearts were trembling with severe fright.
But the dark clouds in the sky deliberately tortured these people cruelly. It took three minutes to exhaust the clouds in just a few tens of meters, and then everyone climbed painfully to the ground and twisted their faces.
Open your mouth to cry out, but no matter how big your mouth is, you can’t pronounce it at all, and they can’t even close their eyes to die. All their eyes are supported like lanterns by a force.
Gerber shivered when he saw a skeleton smoke head swallowing him. At this moment, my life suddenly broke into a red glow, like a horse splitting the glow from the sky. All the earth was like a nebula swallowed by a black hole in the universe, spinning and being inhaled, and the red glow was rapidly split.
I feel that the rapid chopping of hongxia has brought me a great sense of intimidation. The gods quickly gave up eating these foods and quickly rose like a black dragon.
Quickly split to hongxia, and the dark clouds hid in the past, but I suddenly changed direction and chased after the dark clouds.
On that day, when God saw Hongxia chasing after her, he pinched his body and turned his head into a fierce water dumpling and slammed it into the chasing Hongxia.
A huge explosion rang, and a dazzling white awn exploded from the sky. The crazy shock wave tilted from the sky, and the tall trees died when they were blown to the ground by the Yu Lang. Ogbe and others were more like mulberry leaves I being blown to the ground to break trees.
At this time, hongxia and black clouds in the sky are facing each other across thousands of meters. The black clouds and hongxia are not a mass of black clouds and a hongxia. The black clouds have become a huge octopus, a huge octopus.
But Bian Qiu is really big. There are dozens of buildings as big as several airports, and the tentacles are fifty or sixty meters high and thick. ii_ Evil _ Move.
And Wanhe is separated from him by thousands of pairs of people who hold hongxia justice. An iron man with a red body is blazing in front of this huge octopus. If this red light is too dazzling, he will be ignored.
Black mans flashing black "color" figure appeared ii fire people listen to shout a "depressed! Where did Ling Lao Er roll out? The speaker is Mo Tianxie, and the fiery man is of course bloody.
Blood spirit Kan laughed. "Old Bu’s shit is the’ Zhangmu Songye’ god who mysteriously disappeared three thousand years ago, and his strength is much better than that’ Tianzhao Great God’."
Mo Tian evil a listen to tidy way "second injustice! Is this shit that bad? If it’s really that powerful, can you be sure of him? "
I don’t know!
"That the two of us `? ’
"I know!"
Mo Tian-xie was dismayed to realize that _ is he really so powerful? "
Seeing Mo Tianxiao’s astonishment, Blood Spirit sneered with disdain. "Old four, you are really a coward. You are scared to death when you listen to this octopus. I think you still: Go back and eat milk."
Mocked by the blood spirit, Mo Tianxiao boasted, "Who’s afraid that I’m just surprised? It’s just an octopus. I’ll just move my finger and it will become an octopus dish."
"Are you? Then you go and get the octopus. If this octopus is made into a dish, it will be very nourishing. Smile and watch Mo Tianxiao reach out and make a gesture of invitation.
Mo Xie suddenly smiled generously when he saw Xue Lingchan’s kind smile. "Thank you, brother, for your kindness. I accept it. We turned out to be good brothers. Of course, there are good things for everyone to share. How dare brothers enjoy it alone!"

Just then, he saw another figure jumping into the sinkhole, and this person was the blind old man.

At present, Zhuge jumped out of the sinkhole before dawn and followed the blind old man closely. He believed that as long as he followed the old man, he would not suffer.
The blind old man obviously showed that Zhuge was not bright, looked back, didn’t speak, and flew straight to the inside of the sinkhole.
Chapter 349 Guding pitfalls
It was dark in the sinkhole, but it didn’t stop their sight.
A rancid smell filled Zhuge Liang with a frown, and his face immediately changed color when his knowledge was swept away. Rotten bodies are everywhere around, and there are many residual limbs and broken arms. The scene is extremely horrible. Countless bodies piled up together, as many as tens of thousands. And these are the bodies of practitioners, and I don’t know how long they have been dead. Some of them have even turned into rotten meat or dense bones.
Besides Zhuge Liang and the blind old man, many practitioners came in and were shocked by what they saw.
"crunch ~ ~ ~"
A creepy voice sounded, and it was from these bodies that the voice came out. It seemed that someone was eating these bodies.
There is a huge space in this 10,000-person burial pit. In the distance, there is a roar, obviously someone is fighting.
The blind old man swept away the bamboo pole, please leave a passage and walk away.
Zhuge followed him closely before dawn and remained silent.
"ah! !”
A heart-rending scream, a dark hand stretched out from the corpse pile, and a practitioner was pulled in on the spot. Then, there was the sound of eating flesh and blood, which made my teeth sour and my hair tremble.
"There is something in the corpse pile!" One person panicked.
Shrieks break out one after another, and people are attacked one after another, caught by the creatures in the corpse pile, and the intensive "crunching" sounds break out one after another, and the inexplicable creatures in the corpse pile are eating the bones of these people.
Many people quickly retreat, fear to the extreme.
Another practitioner was pulled in, and he had no resistance at all. The black claws seemed to have great strength, so he unscrewed the man’s head and dragged the body away.
"crunch ~ ~ ~"
The sound of eating flesh and blood sounded like insects, which made people shudder.
Several practitioners quickly rushed to the place where they fought in the distance, where there were several elders from Tianchi and Dugu’s family, in order to get shelter.
But haven’t walked far, suddenly rushed out of the pile of more than a dozen shadows, a flash, will be that a few embroidered away. The screams echoed in the dark space.
The blind old man walked lightly, as if he didn’t care about the surrounding situation at all. He swept away the broken bamboo pole and made a way to walk through it.
Zhuge followed him carefully before dawn, when he noticed that there seemed to be a dark shadow stirring up in a pile of bodies next to him, and a rotten smell came head on. From the pile of corpses, a rotting corpse emerged, with empty eyes and the light of Yousen flashing.
"Tickle" that rotting corpse mouth still chews a stranger’s arm, dripping with blood, and Sen’s deep and remote eyes look at Zhuge.
"pa cha!" The body rubbed the residual bones under his feet and approached, and his teeth and joints creaked. He was rotten all over, and there was no intact place. The disgusting yellow corpse water flowed on him.
At this time, the blind old man suddenly leaned on the broken bamboo pole in his hand and knocked on the ground. From his mouth, a strange sound fluctuated, which was not loud but rather harsh.
The rotting corpse seemed to be greatly shaken, turned and ran, and plunged into the pile of corpses.
"Thank you, old man." Zhuge bowed his hand at the blind old man before dawn.
"Small, stay close to the old man if you want to live." The voice of the blind old man sounded, and he walked through the corpses with Zhuge not bright. At this time, he saw Guanghua exploding ahead, the figure flashing, and the fluctuation of Zhenyuan was wanton.
Several elders of Tianchi and Dugu are fighting fiercely with some creatures, and hundreds of other practitioners are also involved in the battle.
A creature with a strong stench rushed up, and behind him grew a pair of rotting wings, with a head like an ox and a height of only over five meters, and a huge body like a hill.
Xia Dongliu and Dugu Yijian fought with this creature, and the sword rainbow stirred. They turned out to be a sword awn and swept towards the tauren creature.
The wings behind the cow’s head creature’s instigation, but its huge body is very flexible, moving and moving, and it is extremely fast, and it is entangled with Xia Dongliu and Dugu Sword.
"What a powerful creature, it can actually block two masters of deification." Zhuge was not bright and frightened, and stood in a corner with the blind old man to watch quietly.
On the other side, two old people in Tianchi are living in atrix, another creature, which also has a pair of wings. The only difference from the previous creature is that its head looks like a horse.
"My darling, it won’t be a cow’s head and horse’s face." Zhuge not bright swallow a mouthful of saliva shocked way.

And the players of team B knew through what happened that morning-there was another person in team B who was not to be taunted …

And now there is a first-team player in the dressing room of team B!
Team B’s players think they are going to collapse.
One after another, the first-team stars ran to team B. What is this?
Moreover, this person who came here this time, although his face is quite kind, is still very difficult to deal with.
As soon as he entered the dressing room and found his own locker, he went over, who ignored him and bowed his head, which showed that he didn’t know what he was thinking-this buddy is definitely a noble guy in Leng Yan.
Are all the first-team players like this?
Maybe Leng Yan’s nobility is the necessary quality for a first-team star?
When zahovic first came to Team B, there were other players from Team B who took the initiative to say hello and make friends, but they were turned away.
Now all the players in Team B are smart. As long as you see a first-team team coming, don’t pay any attention to them. People don’t care about your kindness and courtesy at all. In that case, why waste so many expressions?
Fernandez Ben Wood, the head coach of Team B, looked at the young people in front of him and could not help but shake his head and sigh.
Three months ago, a tartar was sent, and two weeks ago, another tartar was sent. This time, a first-team player was sent to the front waist …
What does Chang really think?
Our team B is not a prison or a garbage dump …
All the unwanted players and the players who made mistakes were sent to team B, which is nothing!
He feels that he is really the most luxurious team B coach in La Liga, with Slovenian number one international zahovic, Sweden’s most expensive golden boy Ibrahimovic, and Diego Maradona’s successor aimar …
But it’s a pity that the two players from behind can’t play in team B, they just train in team B. When waiting for the game, they will be recruited into the first team again, and then they will sit on the bench for 90 minutes without even getting a chance to warm up …
Ben Wood really doesn’t understand what winning is all about.
He waved to a pair of aimar who had done something wrong and came here to ponder over the expression: "Go and train. Don’t think too much, the training plan here is the same as you are in the first team. "
Aimar nodded as if he hadn’t heard, then turned and ran away. Obviously, he didn’t take Ben Wood’s words to heart.
Looking at aimar’s back, Ben Wood suddenly felt that perhaps as long as the winning team was still in Valencia for one day, his team B could not escape such a fate …
That China punishes the players, so there’s nothing new? Why do you always have a hard time with our B team?
The team finished the game against Seville, and the time also entered November.
In the middle of the week, on November 1st, there is a UEFA Cup competition.
In the second leg of the second round of the UEFA Cup, Valencia welcomed Warsaw Leguia at home.
In this game, Changsheng made some adjustments to the lineup and Changsheng.
Because of aimar’s absence, the team can’t keep the formation of 4231.
Therefore, the formation must be adjusted.
The UEFA Cup, an insignificant competition, is just used as a test field.
To adjust the formation, it was done before aimar took the initiative to confess. Because at that time, he felt that aimar’s state fluctuated, and he didn’t think about the "informer". He just wanted to prepare a contingency plan to prepare for aimar’s absence-he didn’t trust Selban to replace aimar.
After thinking about it, it is the double back waist 442 with a dish-shaped position.
Originally, if there was no Ibrahimovic, this set of front lines would be perfect if the Swede and Villa were partners.
After all, Ibrahimovic has a very outstanding ability to make the ball.
But now Ibrahimovic has thought about it in Team B, and the only strikers who can always win are Kalou and Villa. angulo always regards him as a midfielder.
So if it’s 442, it’s that Salomon Kalou and Villa will start together and angulo will be the substitute.
In fact, angulo can also play as a striker, but angulo’s characteristics are not suitable for being a striker who plays for Villa. He is suitable for being like Villa.
Villa’s state is just right, and winning often won’t put Villa on the bench, just to make a angulo.
The midfield is dish-shaped, with two backyards slightly behind, Vicente on the left and mendieta on the right.
This lineup is somewhat similar to Cooper’s initial tactics. At that time, Valencia did not have aimar. Aimar was transferred from Argentina in January this year.
There is little change on the back line. Aurelio left-back, Ferreira right-back, Ayala and Carvalho centre-back partner.
If there is no accident, this lineup will be used by Valencia in the next three weeks.
So in this case, can the team’s mad dog tactics continue to be implemented?
In fact, the mad dog tactics born out of Tiki-taka have no clear requirements for formation, and it does not mean that only one or several formations can be used.
The most important core of mad dog tactics is running. As long as you run, there is basically no fixed formation.
So as long as the training is adjusted in time, I believe this set of 442 can adapt to the mad dog tactics very well.
The UEFA Cup opponent Warsaw Leguia is not strong, and Valencia is playing at home, which has advantages and insurance, so Changsheng chose to use this game to experiment with the new formation and find a feeling for the players.
442 is the most classic formation in international football.
Valencia used this formation, followed the mad dog tactics, and finally beat Warsaw Leguia 6-1 at home. The team scored four goals in the first half.
Originally, the draw with Valencia at home also made Warsaw Leguia feel particularly good about himself, and felt that he could try to beat Valencia in Mestalla.
As a result, they were mercilessly knocked down by Valencia’s six sap, and they never got up again …
Even Kalou, who hasn’t started for a long time, scored a goal in the game.
Although most of the time he was making the ball for Villa, he took advantage of a corner kick and headed the ball to the Leguia in Warsaw.

"However, if I let you go, Jiaoer and I will be in danger." He looked embarrassed.

Haikui frowned. "What are you trying to say!"
"I’m seriously injured here, and Jiaoer is dead. These people outside don’t know, but once you go out, they will know!"
Haikui looked at him with a strange light in his eyes.
"Will you tell me?"
The man smiled. "Jiaoer told me that you didn’t mean any harm. Jiaoer’s crystal coffin was made of fairy jade. It’s the best fairy jade. Many people saw it and wanted to be greedy for themselves, but you didn’t."
"But I was moved to kill her."
The man smiled again. "But it’s normal that she hurt you first."
"Then tell me, how can I leave now?" Haikui hesitated for a moment and said, "Besides, I’m here to find an immortal body by bathing in dragon blood!" "
"Hehe." The man smiled, "this is good to say. But I can’t let you bathe in dragon blood this day. I can’t bathe in dragon blood until you save Jiaoer and I can walk again! "
Haikui frowned. "I want to ask, how can I save her?"
"Don’t worry, let me speak slowly." The man coughed and said so many words that he was very tired.
Haikui waited patiently.
"I’m trapped here because of what they call immortal emperors. In those days, I carried several immortal emperors and heavenly deities by myself, and finally came here injured, laying a supreme array. They were always afraid that I wouldn’t come if I didn’t die. They often sent people here to test me. If you want to know my situation, you must be the reason they made up, so let you come here to find dragon blood."
Haikui frowned. It is reasonable to say that Ling Yan and others should not lie to him. Now what is the situation? "Can Dragon Blood achieve immortality?"
Haikui asked the question in his heart. There are two possibilities. Otherwise, Ling Yan and others lied to him. Otherwise, even Ling Yan didn’t know that the celestial immortal emperor sent them or people who were equivalent to ants to test.
"Of course, I am immortal, but I am too injured!" The man coughed and said.
Haikui was silent for two seconds. "What do you need me to do?"
"I lack a kind of fairy fruit. Only this kind of fairy fruit can I save Jiaoer!"
"Nine clouds and clouds."
Nine clouds and fruits? Haikui frowned slightly. This fruit sounds very powerful, and it must be not simple to make the black dragon pay so much attention to it.
"The cloud fruit of Nine Clouds is a kind of immortal fruit spit out by the fruit eaten by the Phoenix of Nine Clouds. It is only swallowed and spit out by the Phoenix, which contains the power of divine fire."
"Where can I find this kind of fruit?"
The man was silent and said slowly, "It is extremely difficult to get it if you want to find it."
"How do you know if you don’t try?"
"There is a phoenix raised by Xiandi Tiangong."
Haikui’s silence is really hard enough, but what’s the difference between promise and no promise? He has to leave here first!
"I’ll do my best!"
The man’s eyes moved to the crystal coffin. "Well, I’ve been waiting for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years. I’ll wait a little longer. When you get the nine clouds, I’ll let you achieve immortality!"
"Thanks a lot."
"You have that key, and you can come to my house with that key!"
Haikui reached out a recruit, and the key on the crystal coffin fell into his hand.
"How do I get out of here now?"
The man coughed twice and felt weak gradually. "Get on my back and you will find the place to leave. You can leave with that key."
On his back? Haikui frowned, and immediately found himself thinking wrongly. What he said should be the black mountain.
"Are you Yuan Shen?"
"Not bad."
After reading it, Haikui said, "I didn’t expect to cultivate the Yuan God to the same level as the flesh. I’m afraid it can only be achieved at the level of the immortal emperor."
The man closed his eyes slightly.
Haikui knew that he was tired and went out of the hut with the key.
Look at that mountain, because it is black, it is even more majestic, showing its supreme existence and eternal life.
But this mountain is actually a dragon, a real dragon, which makes Hai Kui feel awe.
He flew up and headed for the man’s back.
Hai Kui almost flew close to the dragon body, watching it at close range, and it was magnificent. There was a strong vicissitudes and calm breath. What is majestic? At this moment, these two words automatically popped up in my mind.
Flying above the dragon’s back, stepping on the dragon’s back, it feels extremely solid, even if the sky were to fall, it would always feel solid.
Haikui stood on the back of the dragon, which was too high and too big, so it felt like a mountain. Looking down, it felt like overlooking all beings.