Lano’s request is to export all the data in Shenglong Laboratory and give it to him and then clear it.

There is indeed some arbitrariness in it. However, the fact that he is the king of the sea demon is also the fact that Leno said that Quentin was a tool man before.
"Aren’t you afraid that I will keep a backup?"
"You can have a try," Lanno said.
Quentin stopped talking.
Although he dared to provoke the sea demon king here, he also knew that a fantasy empire was stronger and more powerful, and Lannuo was also very obvious. On the surface, he seemed to have a good temper.
The federal genius continued to see a headline in front of the migrant workers when his pupils suddenly shrank.
"Well, I think I know why you want to do this … is it really good?"
"Not with you"
Lanuo cold way
"Don’t note what you shouldn’t note-I think the Federation warned you about what you shouldn’t see, but it will bring you more pain."
"Yes," Quentin said, but he still wanted to tilt his face slightly to see Lanuo’s sight. Some frivolous things were avoided by Lanuo.
"What’s the memory clear? -Will you check my memory? If you see something you shouldn’t see, isn’t it bad? " Quentin asked interminably
Lano answered him nothing.
Mozi wind also watched Lano pick up the scattered Lano information.
It is true that even a federal genius will be shocked by this incident.
It is understandable that the dark sects seem to be very confident about their construction of the network. At that time, they may have infiltrated the top level of the Federation. They don’t have to worry about it. According to the Federation generals, at that time, the genius of the Federation Star Network seemed to be assassinated in large numbers-both of them thought it was the other party.
The federal fight has given the dark sects too many opportunities.
At that time, they brazenly handed in data on the Internet, including some topics that would cause an uproar on the Starnet. Lano could see the ambition of the dark Sect at that time.
"Feasibility report on artificial crown"
"Feasibility analysis of invading S-class fantasy body"
This idea, which seemed scary, was finally abandoned, followed by a large row of disapproval.
But it also passed the project, which shocked Quentin and was with Lanuolian.
"Experimental Report on Feasibility Analysis of Capturing the Awakening Crown"
It is verified that this method is unstable and reproducible.
There are only a few lines in the title, but the meaning is very easy to understand.
The same network ID is also similar at the same time
"Follow-up data analysis of winning the Awakening Crown"
Lannuo Jie this page finger paused a.
He has seen part of this analysis form, which Sylvie brought out.
"The two are still interrelated, and the distance is an important determinant. It is suggested to separate them and continue to observe the experimental results."
Is this really the case? I didn’t mean to let him leave Wang Ting.
Lanno put away all these experimental records and data, not because of the crown or the blood relationship, but now he has seen the crown and has some ideas in his heart
Quentin didn’t continue to look as if Lano had warned, and the federal genius had already completed all his work at this time. His data will go to the starnet together, which is definitely the dark Sect’s unprepared.
"It’s very kind of you to be cold-blooded." Quentin raised his face and looked at Lano.
In fact, he has a baby face, and he doesn’t look very old, even a little cute.
"Will you kiss me so that I won’t tell anyone?"
Lanno frowned. He seemed to suddenly realize what kind of personality this federal genius was-from Quentin’s first nonstop questions, he should have understood that Quentin was a genius and possessed the same chaotic characteristics as the devil. In essence, he did not distinguish between good and evil, and at the same time he was very stubborn because he had been kept by the Federation.
However, before Lano started, the blade of Mozi Wind had already crossed Quentin’s throat, and the tiny blood stains emerged. The black dragon warning was very obvious.
"You are too much, Dragon Brother," Quentin said. "Do you know what kind of person he is? Do you defend him like this?"
Quentin’s voice just fell and there were three blood stains on his cheek.
Federal genius roots can’t be white. This is a place where Mozi Wind can’t touch-especially Lannuo is right in front of him.
"I know. I’m really scared of you."
Quentin raised his hand to show that he was soft.
Lano didn’t speak again.
Mo Zefeng’s punishment for Quentin was enough, and he didn’t want to borrow a federal genius to come back, which destroyed the federales. Although Quentin’s life and death should not affect the diplomatic relations between the two countries, there were still some problems.
Okay, Reinhead, here.
If there is no Mr. Turtle who can do something about human memory, then Lano really trusts the federal help.
With a little subtle irritation, he got up and said, "It’s time for us to leave."
Actually, it went smoothly. From finding the trail to finding the members of the dark Sect, it went very smoothly, and almost all the results Lano wanted were obtained by rolling.
However, those reports from the past and the names referred to by that number made him feel deeply unhappy after all.
Even if he is far away from the glacier or the laboratory, the Holy Dragon Empire will never be his cage again.
But someone will still call him number 37.
This subtle emotion has not been released by Lano, who has always been very good at controlling his emotions. Lano got up and the member of the dark Sect, Mosefeng, followed him.
"I think our goal will be achieved soon if there is no problem with the information."
Lano said simply
Mozifeng quickly returned to the scope of the Holy Dragon Empire. It seemed that after thinking for a while, he and Jiyu looked at each other with no accident.
I heard that Lannuo said that the dragons were all dazed.

The Terran God smiled crazily for fear that it would not hit Yang Jian, and even imprisoned all the repairs in Yang Jian.

Including the roaring dog, was later imprisoned and put aside.
"The roaring dog …"
Looking at being thrown into the corner, Yang Jian, a roaring dog, echoed weakly.
Yang Jian and Su Yu gave Dan medicine.
You can open it and get it if you need his mind to hook it up
But now Yang Jian can’t confront these guys.
Only by showing the weakness of the enemy and letting them relax will they have a chance.
No matter the current situation of the Chinese Empire, if he is trying to protect the Empress An, he must not let the Empress fall into the hands of this group of gods and terrans!
"If the Chinese empire can’t, would you want to kill us? It’s a pity that you have no chance. You are a weak person! "
The gods, terrans and saints looked at Yang Jian with disdain and contempt.
"Even the Venerable Master Law has been destroyed by our Chinese people."
"You gods will still die when we are Chinese."
Staring into the eyes of the saints, Yang Jian said with certainty
He has the confidence to believe that the Yanhuang empire will not be so easily destroyed, and the emperor’s card can be gone!
Is it just that the Terran can solve the problem that the Chinese Empire has not been destroyed for so many years?
If the proud race like Terran can destroy the Chinese Empire, it will definitely not show this appearance. Yang Jian, seeing that they can’t wait to kill him, is more sure of his guess?
They failed to defeat the Chinese Empire, but lost their wives and soldiers.
Therefore, they will wantonly insult the Terran and hate not to kill them quickly!
"I want to purify you!"
Tory didn’t expect Yang Jian to guess so quickly, and he was so angry that he wanted to kill Yang Jian on the spot.
Fox fur came less quickly than Tory and them. When he came, he happened to see Tory trying to kill Yang Jian.
He intercepted, "My Lord, no way! These people are the Terran Su Yu people. If we kill Su Yu people, we will have no peace. "
Su Yu’s vengeful attitude must be reported. The fox family still knows.
Fox and fur think it’s very simple whether it’s Su Yu or the Terran. He doesn’t want to offend anyone.
But there are never two ways in the world.
"Get out of the way!"
God Terran saints binge drink a tone you’re welcome.
Kill Yang Jian! ?
If it is easy to kill them, An Suyu will be furious. If this matter is known by Fox Nine, he will not let go of God Terran! ?
What’s more, killing Yang Jian, they have no excuse to threaten Ann!
These people can’t be killed!
Otherwise, there will be no turning back!
Fox fur begged and said it was awesome.
Look at the ruins of the group of necromancer honour person terrorist strength god Terran saints hesitated slightly.
Although the venerable people in the clan say that the dead can’t leave the ruins, it’s better to be vigilant in everything.
Let’s let this group of people live for a few days until all the dust settles before killing them!
Thought of here, the Terran Sage waved and cast a reiki avatar to Yang Jian.
Death is a crime, but life is a crime.
Yang Jian one mouthful blood spit out the whole body breath again weak.
The roaring dog exclaimed with his eyes wide open.
Yang Jian has just been beaten to death, and Tory turned to vent his anger.
In less than a quarter of an hour, even though the dog’s skin is rough, the saint’s attack is almost more venting and less intake
"You …"
Yang Jian voice angrily low as if at any time to seriously injured unconscious.
Damn it, fight me openly if you have something to do!
"Put them in prison and wait for the Kyubi no Youko Linghu to get married before executing them."
At that time, Yang Jian and Wang Chuan Ku and others have no profitable value.
Tory told me to leave.
The next person to arrest is Wang Chuan Ku.
"Chief Fox, do you know what you are doing?"
Holding Su Yu’s sword in his hand, Wang Chuan withered and looked at a group of gods and terrans with alert eyes.
He glimpsed the fox fur coming with the protoss.
"From your Terran, we God Terran is the destination of the fox family, and your empress is going to marry our God, so it is natural for you to get rid of this group of blocking stones."
Tory looked at Wang Chuan with dry eyes and gloomy eyes.
At present, the Terran dares to argue with each other and is courageous, especially when he opens his mouth, which can make the venerable one Buddha born and two buddhas ascend to heaven.
Remembering that one’s venerable master had been mocked and his face was as heavy as water, Tory hated Wang Chuan even more.
"Let you shit! Is our empress willing to marry your god or are you forcing her not to count B? "
Holding a hundred swords, Wang Chuan withered in an instant.
He has a few cards, but he is full of tricks
If you fight against the quasi-Saint, you will surely win the battle against Wang Chuan Ku.
But how can the despicable Terran easily let Wang Chuan dry up? How can they let the quasi-saint fight Wang Chuan dry up fairly?
There is no chance that three Terran saints will join hands with Wang Chuan to dry up their roots.
Wang Chuan withered and vomited a big mouthful of blood.
Tory’s strength didn’t leave a hand. Wang Chuan withered. The whole person is now supported by an idea.
"At the beginning, you had the protection of the fox nine to fight with the venerable. Now you are just a little quasi-saint. I can crush you with my hand."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you die. I want you to see your empress marry our god and marry into the fox family!"

Cao Cao had just finished arranging this list of things, and Zhang Liao troops came back. Looking at the sacks full of Zhang Liao soldiers, all the sentinels’ eyes turned green.

They are in famine, and now Zhang Liao has sent the barracks here, which is different from sending charcoal in the snow. They have eaten, and Cao Cao immediately ordered the soldiers to eat and drink.
Cao Cao’s side was full of joy and excitement. He said that Yuan Shao had not slept all night. When he heard the battle reports on both sides, the whole person sat down in position 11.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Trap ambition
At night, Cao Cao’s military camp was full of a smell, which was a fragrant smell. Watching his soldiers gobble up their meals as if they were reborn as a hungry fool in this life, Cao Cao was also laughing.
Cao Cao also told his advisers and generals not to be there. Now Yuan Shao can’t come to raid again. In that case, go to dinner quickly and then have a short meeting.
In fact, this meeting is Cao Cao’s final mobilization for everyone, so that everyone should not relax and defeat Yuan Shao.
And many of his generals and counselors are all excited, and now they are finally going to see the fruits of victory. They are all cheering up and doing according to Cao Cao’s instructions
Seeing that many counselors had left, Cao Cao also wanted to leave. Suddenly, he saw that Guo Jia had stayed in place. Cao Cao knew that Guo Jia had something to say, so he stayed.
"Filial piety! Is there anything wrong with Zhao’s plan? " Cao Cao looked at Guo Jia with a smile on his face
"Wang Wei, you have planned for a long time. I came up with my personal opinion. It’s time for you to guard against that man!"
When Cao Cao heard it, his expression was first one leng, but soon he showed a meaningful look.
But at the moment, in the western battlefield, it was just dawn, and Lombardi got the news of defeat. At the moment, the news has not come to Juyi. Now Juyi looks at the camp and walks over to talk about Gao Qian. His heart is more or less uncomfortable, even though his political mind is not clear enough, he can feel wrong after so long.
Yuan Shaopai, after this Gao Qian milk is finished, is to guard against him once or twice, but once more, Juyi will be more or less upset in his heart, but he still fought back his anger and finally waited for this Gao Qian to finish his talk. Juyicai got up and gave you the final instructions.
After saying these words, Juyi looked at Gao Qian, while Gao Qian smiled and made a gesture to show that he had no opinion. Juyi sighed here and directly took people out of the camp.
Over the past year or so, Juyi War has also been a bit of a mess. Juyi was born in the cold since childhood, and he believes that it is a natural thing to lead troops. After all, he has the most advanced infantry in the world, and he is not afraid of strong enemies.
However, this Gao Qian is a stirring stick, which has disturbed his barracks. Gao Qian is wooing military officers every day, which has caused some officers to shake their hearts. Now they are not United with Juyi, so it is difficult to have some bumps in the fight.
For more than a year, Juyi’s only record is that he is going to crush Cao Cao’s first wall. Although this record is not glorious in Juyi’s eyes, if he can attack a city in Qin, it will be regarded as an explanation to Yuan Shao. Thought of this, Juyi also has some nai in his heart, so he can give Yuan Shao an explanation for several cities in Qin for the time being, and then give him some deterrence+∧+∧+∧ O.
Therefore, Juyi directly ordered his foot soldiers to launch an onslaught in the early morning of the next day. Juyi was wearing a helmet and armor to personally lead him to take the lead. It was crazy to attack the already broken wall.
In Juyi’s view, the Qin Jun city wall is already crumbling, and any foreign object can make it collapse.
Juyi drinks a lot, and the first person to die is crazy. Listen to Hua, and the wall really collapsed.
See here JuYi heart exultation was about to take their own hands soldiers crazy to kill inside, but suddenly JuYi again feel what’s wrong with a closer look at the collapsed wall behind the rows of soldiers.
This is the city of Qin Jun, where Qin Jun is stationed. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but Juyi looked at these Qin Jun and narrowed his eyes. He felt that there seems to be something wrong with this Qin Jun.
Over the past year or so, Qin Jun’s Zhao’s Counterbalance Department has been made up of ordinary foot soldiers. Every day, Chen Hu urged his soldiers to shoot arrows at the tower to stop Juyi’s pace.
However, these days, there are some differences. Seeing that the wall of Qin Jun is about to collapse, Chen Hu is not in charge of Chengtou, and there are fewer and fewer Qin Jun in Chengtougang. Today, it can be said that there is almost no one.
Don’t Qin Jun just give up the city, but JuYi immediately guessed it was not so, and he looked at the Qin Jun and had some familiar feelings. It was rows and rows of infantry. They squatted at the bottom of the city wall and silently listened to the killing from the outside, but they didn’t say a word, but their eyes were murderous, which was similar to his first death.
The first general in Qin Jun’s array suddenly got up, pulled out his broadsword, raised his huge shield and shouted, "There is life and death in a trap!"
When this Tiejun was completely displayed in front of Juyi, Juyi was completely shocked. At one time, unless this army had been following its example, it was the first to die.
But no matter JuYiRu want to at the moment when the battlefield who will explain to him so much seibel make the trap camp like a flood directly killed the first to die.
And Juyi’s old door is suddenly hot, and I can’t care so much anymore. Since I want to kill it, let’s kill it. What’s worse, when he meets a trap camp, the troops are also dead. He just wants to see whether their two forces will be stronger. At that time, the battlefield people shouted and hissed.
The trapped soldiers and the soldiers who first entered the camp became one piece, which made Juyi’s heart more and more surprised. When he met Qin Jun troops, it was not too weak, but the troops were too few, which was also the level of ordinary soldiers. However, this time it turned out to be different. Their strength was different from that of those who first entered the camp. Juyi had to score an extremely high score to cope with it. In the battlefield, he shouted a loud slogan that their trapped soldiers should step on the soldiers who first entered the camp and become famous.
Juyi heard this, and the whole person was going crazy. He is also a general and a military commander. Where can he stand such anger and let others be a stepping stone? This is simply a joke. Juyi can’t care so much. At that time, he fought with Seibel crazily.
However, Juyi didn’t notice that it was precisely because of its height that an army was quietly pulled out of the side wall, and that army took the path and quietly went around behind the battlefield.
At the moment, the face is smeared with oil, and Cao looked behind him. That is the main battlefield. Now Seibel and Juyi are already playing as a bee, but he didn’t turn back to attack Juyi directly, but looked at Cao in front of the barracks with a strange smile.
Gao Qian in Zhao’s military camp has obviously become the second-in-command here, and everyone else has to listen to his orders. But this Gao Qian doesn’t know anything about military affairs. He was sent to supervise Juyi’s going out to fight, and he doesn’t care about so many seats. He should eat, drink and wait for Juyi to come back and then ask him about it. It’s as simple as that.
However, in the song Yao Wu, he wouldn’t think of a ring exploding directly in his ear, followed by a crackling sound mixed with several people screaming and exploding in his barracks. Gao Qian was so scared that the six gods hurriedly went outside and found that Qin Jun had already rushed in under Cao Xing’s leadership.
This is precisely the fact that every soldier in Cao Xing Shenji Camp has a magic weapon, the ware, which has been widely recognized since it came out. Every country is constantly developing Wei and Zhao, and the research is quite successful. However, because they are rising stars, they can’t put a lot of ware into the army, so they are not equipped with too many ware in Zhao’s army.
However, at the moment, the soldiers in the Shenji camp not only have a ware in their hands, but more importantly, they also have another exquisite thing pinned to their waist.
From a distance, that thing is bottles and cans, and there is nothing strange about them. However, if you take out the fire folds and light their dishcloths and throw them on the ground, it will definitely cause a fire.
Each soldier in the camp was equipped with two such cans, and the soldiers in the camp directly bombed the gate of the Zhao army camp with these two inconspicuous cans.
Looking at the soldiers of Shenji Camp rushing in from the outside like the tide, holding the ware in their hands is a burst of random shooting, while the soldiers of Zhao are on guard against seeing Gao Qian’s whole mind hot here. He already has a feeling that he won’t lead troops to fight because of his roots.
However, Qin Jun’s bullet won’t tell him so much. One shot into Gao Qian’s chest and Gao Qian fell to the ground.
A war between Qin and Zhao was still very tragic. Perhaps Cao Xing also wanted to thank a Yuan Shao for sending his nephew Gao Qian. Gao Qian didn’t know where the military was. Cao Xingli raided or occupied the Zhao barracks.
Because of the small disparity in strength between the two countries, most of the soldiers of Zhao escaped from the military camp instead of being killed, but Cao Cao felt that it was enough now that he had occupied the military camp of Zhao.
While the frontal battlefield and the first camp have been fighting for a whole night, there are heavy casualties on both sides, but on the whole, there is still no victory or defeat. Seibel and Juyi both seem to be hard-tempered, and since they all said they would compete, let’s fight as hard as we can. Both of them are determined not to retreat.
Cao Cao didn’t think much about this situation, but he directly ordered Chen Hujie’s remaining troops to invest in the battlefield at all costs, and he Cao Cao also took some soldiers from the magic camp to sneak attack Juyi from the rear, so he was attacked on three sides and played for a whole night.
When Seibel stepped on several soldiers’ bodies and pulled himself out of Juyi’s body, the battle finally came to a successful end.
Cao Xing personally went to the battlefield and patted Seibel on the shoulder. From today’s world, Seibel’s trap camp will go down in history from this moment.
Later, Cao had people clean up the battlefield, but because he and Juyi had a heavy head-on collision, it took three whole days to clean up the battlefield and rested for a few days. When Cao was ready to move forward again, suddenly the Chewuren came to report that Wei Jun troops appeared in front.
Cao Xing couldn’t help narrowing his eyes when he heard this. He immediately spread a map and took a closer look at where they are now. A little further, Wei Jun is Yuan Shao’s hometown, and its main place is Yecheng.
But Cao Cao is closer to Yecheng, but now Cao Cao is traveling around Yecheng directly with his troops lightly. Obviously, he has taken precautions against Cao Cao, and it is also a smile to see Cao Cao here.
With Guo Jia around Cao Cao, Cao Cao couldn’t get any cheaper there. Cao Cao asked Cao Cao to send a general who was a Xu person, and the Royal Guards truthfully answered Coss.
Cao Ren is a defensive general whose name has been heard by most people here. Obviously, Cao Cao’s intention is to guard against Cao Xing.
If Cao Cao is angry, he can attack Coss’ troops with his troops now. It is estimated that Coss will not have too many defensive forces if he travels lightly. However, Jia Xu advised Cao Cao not to be so impulsive. It is a policy to send troops to fight Coss now because they have lost the opportunity. It is better to look elsewhere.

Ghosts, monsters, demons …

On the meaning of "evil" must have its source.
In particular, it is not an accident that Pei Wende thinks that his son will be "possessed by evil" when he realizes that the husband and wife are deliberately hiding something.
[Forget it. Let’s see what’s going on inside first.]
Sighed quietly Pei Wende suddenly found himself as if he had really changed a lot.
It’s not only the experience of cultivating, promoting and exorcising evil spirits, but also this keen insight into the world
"Xiaoqing, remember to help me out later."
After the little green snake in the collar was told, Pei Wende suddenly took a deep breath and stepped directly into the already-opened door.
A sudden gust of evil wind blew on your face.
Pei Wende, who is extremely sensitive to Yin qi, feels as if he has entered a huge icehouse at this moment.
For Pei Wende, it is like a cold wind blowing in the twelfth month in summer, which is cold and biting.
Chapter 20 The Great Peacock King Curse!
"It seems that these’ evil spirits’ should not be so easy to deal with."
Habitual grunted 1 PeiWenDe is gently glanced at after entering the room and turned their attention to the figure wrapped in sheets.
In this strange shady room, the one who wrapped himself tightly in a figure, but kept sweating, seemed out of place in the whole room.
Because those sweat from the forehead not only wet the hair and eyebrows, but also the thick quilt is full of sweat and sweat.
Pei Wende couldn’t tell whether the other person was a man or a woman for a moment, but he could vaguely see the confusion in his muddy eyes covered with loose hair.
"Qin Feng?"
Taking a tentative step forward, Pei Wende watched the crazy character warily and didn’t dare to relax.
Because Pei Wende still remembers what the housekeeper Tongqing Temple said, Qin Feng is awake at dusk now.
And in the housekeeper’s description, Qin Feng’s body seems to be undergoing some kind of change, gradually rotting and becoming a real monster.
Just like Pei Wende imagined, Qin Fenggen responded a little, which means that he turned his muddy eyes like a doll without a soul.
Good Pei Wende is also ready for this, so he draws a dogleg knife from his back and approaches each other carefully.
"It stinks …"
The closer you get to Qin Feng Pei Wende, the more you can feel a stench coming from the other side.
It’s not just sweat, but a stench like flesh and blood rot is deeply wrapped in that thick quilt.
Especially for people with keen senses like Pei Wende, that stench is absolutely not inferior to weapons of mass destruction.
"Qin Feng?"
After determining that Qin Feng ignored himself, Pei Wende simply lifted the dogleg knife and flew the quilt to the other side.
Suddenly, the amazing stench came out of the quilt and a large group of buzzing flies flew out at the same time.
"Well …"
It was not until this time that Qin Feng turned his head stiffly and his eyes stayed for a long time for Pei Wende.
"This …"
Looked at PeiWenDe pupil unconsciously tightened a.
Because he finally saw clearly Qin Feng’s present state-a completely inhuman state.
Just as the housekeeper said, Qin Feng showed that his body was highly corrupt.
All kinds of pustules and blood are constantly flowing out from all over his body, and even clothes can’t cover it up.
On the contrary, Qin Feng’s clothes have given off an amazing stench because of being soaked in pus and blood, which makes people feel sick at first glance.
Rao is Pei Wende, who has seen many kinds of evil spirits and evil things. SAN deserves to be amazing. When I first saw each other, I almost couldn’t help retching.
After all, Qin Feng’s evil spirits are different. He is still a human being, but he is tortured into a human being.
"Ning …?"
Seeing that the situation is going to be deadlocked again, Qin Feng is rotting all over, but it is difficult to open his mouth, a depressed and hoarse voice.
"Are you … Ning Er?"
The turbid eyes seem to have lost normal human vision, and Qin Feng is almost whispering.
"I’m not what you call’ Ning Er’. I’m here to save you."
After determining that Qin Feng still has human consciousness, Pei Wende decided to look at his specific situation before considering the nausea of the other person.
Poof …
But before Pei Wende officially approached Qin Feng’s forehead, a pustule suddenly burst and spilled a dark green pus.
Can dodge on one side for a while, and then Pei Wende saw a big hole corroded on the edge of the pus bed.
Zi zi zi …
Accompanied by a burst of nausea and rancidity, a strange form of wooden bed board was corroded and twisted until it could no longer see its original appearance.
"This …"
Stunned to see all this happen, Pei Wende was glad that he was not sputtered by this pus.
Otherwise Pei Wende can’t guarantee that he won’t be corroded by this comparable strong acid liquid.
Just as he denies that Qin Feng, who is pregnant with such a poisonous substance, is still normal.
"Ning son …"
However, Qin Feng is still whispering like he doesn’t know the damage he has caused.
As soon as he repeated, more pustules broke and overflowed into the bed sheets in a hoarse whisper.
Pei Wende suddenly turned his eyes and found that the bed was wrapped by Qin Feng and the sheet was not corroded by this liquid.
Or more precisely, everything around it except Qin Feng’s body bed was not corroded by that sticky pus.
Just as Pei Wende was thinking about what was going on, the little green snake leaned out at the right time and looked at the one who was still whispering Qin Feng.
The little green snake in human body felt a faint need.
It’s not pure monster spirit, but it’s a bit like the smell left after the death of a monster.
"Do monsters leave breath after death?"
Obviously understood the little green snake’s scream. Pei Wende couldn’t help narrowing her eyes. A bold idea suddenly came to her mind.
"Forget it. No matter what happened to him, let’s save people first."
After thinking for a moment, Pei Wende decided to help first and then find out what happened in this.
"Since it’s not pure evil, there’s definitely no pure’ heart mantra’."
"Well, I’ve learned a lot about exorcism during this period, otherwise I really can’t save you."

As Chen Han once speculated, the universe in which he lived before was not made up of Xuanyuan Huangdi, but that reincarnation.

Slowly multiplying from the center of the source star is like a species taking root and sprouting, growing branches and growing leaves. At that time, the planet was full of higher-level fairy spirit. Over time, the practitioners grew stronger and stronger, and eventually the immortals had the strength of conan the destroyer. At the same time, they went out of the source star and opened up a larger territory to cover the entire vast universe
Then the universe continued to multiply and consume resources, and more fairies and demons should be used, so there was a disaster
Disaster is destruction and rebirth, which makes the rules of heaven and earth in the universe constantly strengthen, and makes those who fix the truth and immortals divert to the real fix the truth and the celestial world. If they are not separated from heaven, they will eventually fall, and the rules of heaven and earth will increase day by day.
In the end, not to mention the powerful immortals in the universe, even those who fix the truth become extremely weak.
They opened up a wider world from the source star, and during this extremely long period of time, the whole universe re-entered the stage of accumulation and gestation.
When the re-bred resources reach a certain level, the rules of heaven and earth will gradually end, and more and stronger practitioners will emerge.
Once the resources are exhausted, the drama of destruction will be played again. From destruction to rebirth, it is a cycle that stops forever.
Xuanyuan Huangdi and Chiyou Magic Zun are just the last reincarnated overlords, but they have gone through countless reincarnations before them.
Witch clan is a strong person before many reincarnation.
There is the greatest chance that the person who fixes the truth will appear in each reincarnation because of external factors such as fairy aura, heaven and earth aura or heaven and earth rules, etc., which leads to the person who fixes the truth has the opportunity to choose naturally. However, this situation is not absolute witchcraft, but it is an exception
In that reincarnation, witches and practitioners rose at the same time. This practitioner has its defects and advantages. The witches played their advantages to a great extent and became the mainstream of practitioners in that reincarnation.
Their achievements are far more than that, but they have broken the hole and entered the celestial world!
That was a real disaster!
Immortals are all practitioners who have been promoted to immortals. In the history of immortals, there have also been alternative cultivation groups, but most of them will be extinct for the first time once they are diverted to the celestial world. In the history of the celestial world for several years, there have also been extremely powerful alternative cultivation groups that have caused disasters.
The reason is very simple: different practitioners are the most fundamental contradiction, just like the opposition between two races, irreconcilable war is bound to break out.
The disaster brought by the witch clan is that the former clan is stronger than the previous one, sweeping the celestial world and killing all directions, making a large number of celestial territories fall into the hands of the witch clan.
At this time, Heaven decreed that the two tribes would fight a decisive battle to control the celestial world.
It’s a pity that the witchcraft is stronger than the celestial world for several years. When the forces of all parties in the celestial world are hidden, the powerful ones appear one after another, and the witchcraft finally loses.
Heaven cannot be changed.
However, there is always a chance for heaven to fly up and the witchcraft in the celestial world is completely wiped out. However, the witchcraft in the fix-true world is not extinct. The fix-true people attacked and almost died. Only a few witches were sealed in the fierce land. After all, they are the only ethnic group in history that can barely compete with the orthodoxy of the celestial world.
Even if heaven rarely gives them a line of Miao people, this is a privilege that those alternative cultivation groups have never enjoyed.
The great evil is to protect them. It is almost impossible for those who fix the truth with the natural barrier of the Jedi to enter.
The fierce land is also a restriction on them, and the witches can’t leave the area that is demarcated in the core area.
That is to say, even in the core area, they can’t walk around, and they can be bound to stay in such a small place for life and death.
The core area is divided into three layers, that is, the information revealed by the young population that witches can move in the central third layer, but their puppet witches and beasts are limited, and they can move in other areas except the entrance according to their strength.
This is a kind of check and balance between witches and practitioners, and it is also a way of keeping a chance in heaven, which does not mean that all practitioners who enter the core area will die.
In the past few years, the witches have never seen the practitioners, and those people were killed by puppet witches and beasts up to the second floor.
I can’t help it. It’s also a witch tribe. The way of self-protection depends on their little tribe. If there is no puppet witch beast to defend against the army of fix true people, the consequences will be unimaginable
Until more than 100,000 years ago, a seriously injured person appeared in the third floor area. He was Chen Han, the real-name master-Junlong.
An amazing talent is coveted, taboo and jealous by all practitioners, and even the elders of his master will kill him, fearing that he will be unruly, he will seize the palm of his hand, and he will be hunted down and flee to the sunset.
He is full of hatred for his master, but the whole world of repairing the truth is full of hatred. He has reached a mutually beneficial agreement with the witches.
In this agreement, he will get that the Wizards will spare no effort to cultivate all the resources and ask all the ancestors to keep secrets. What he should pay will be to take charge of the celestial unification at all costs and help the Wizards to revive the great power of the past.
He tried to cultivate Xingtian’s strongest secret code, but he found a problem, that is, once he had pure witchcraft, he would leave here.
The rules of heaven bind all witches. If they want to be born here, people can’t leave this area, but outsiders are also bound by another kind, that is, the cultivation of witchcraft will also be restricted
Chapter 371 "Wu clan 1"
Being able to compete head-on with the rise of a small inferior universe has a history of several years, and the secret method of the celestial witch is not tough.
However, the cultivation of the Witch’s Mind Method will be restricted. From Junlong, all the abilities gained from practicing the Witch’s Mind Method will be abolished. By virtue of its right talent, it will be possessed for several times, and by virtue of the combination of the cultivation of the true mind method and the Witch’s Mind Method, it will create a stunning and unique record.
He couldn’t have created these methods if he didn’t know both methods very well, if he didn’t have extremely proud talent, if he didn’t have the guardian of witchcraft masters, and if he didn’t have a lot of talents and treasures to continue his life, he would have been possessed by millions of times for hundreds of years, and he would have died many times.
The setting sun didn’t lack the most resources, so it rose thousands of miles a day and finally broke through to the late Mahayana, crossing the apocalypse and rising to the celestial realm.
It is precisely because his practice of mind method is based on the integration of the mind method of the Wu nationality, and the mind method has been modified and the Wu nationality has disappeared for thousands of years, which has not been noticed by the strong in the celestial world. Although it is dangerous, it has not been noticed by the real strong.

Don’t go and sit instead. What’s the matter with you? You look preoccupied. I’m very worried. Because when a capitalist is worried, a comet is the same. It indicates that some kind of disaster is about to happen in the world.

I’ve had bad luck these days. Danglars said I always heard bad news.
Ah, really, did Monte Cristo say that you stumbled again in the stock exchange?
No, I can at least get some compensation in that respect. My current trouble is caused by the collapse of a bank in Trieste.
Really, are you referring to the failed bank that is Jacob Manfri’s?
Exactly. Think about this gentleman. I don’t know how many years I’ve been doing business. The annual transaction amount reaches 900 thousand. I’ve never made any mistakes or delayed the date payment. Well, I paid him 1 million in advance, but now my good gentleman Jacob Manfri has delayed the payment.
This kind of misfortune is unheard of. I took 600,000 livres from him, and my ticket was not cashed back. Besides, I also gave him a draft of 400,000 francs, which was due at the end of this month and accepted by his Paris correspondent. Today is the 30th. I sent someone to cash it at his place to see that the correspondent had disappeared, and the Spanish incident hit me hard. I have seen enough at the end of this month.
So did you really lose a lot in that Spanish incident?
I lost seven hundred thousand francs.
Hey, how could you take this wrong step? An old fox like you.
Oh, that’s my wife’s fault. She dreamed that Mr. Carlos had returned to Spain. She believed it. She said it was a magnetic phenomenon. When she dreamed that something was bound to happen, she informed me. In this belief, I allowed her to speculate. She, her bank, her securities broker lost money. Of course, she speculated that money was hers, not mine. But you know that when 700 thousand francs left her wife’s pocket, her husband always knew. Didn’t you hear anyone talk about it? Hum, it has made everyone know.
Yes, I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know the details. No one is more ignorant than me about securities trading.
So you don’t do speculation?
I’m-I’m in enough trouble just to take care of me. How can I speculate? In addition to my housekeeper, I have to hire a clerk to take care of this Spanish affair. I don’t think the story of Mr. Carlos’ return was a dream. See? The newspaper also talked about it, didn’t it?
So do you believe in newspapers?
I don’t believe it at all, but I think the faithful news is an exception. It publishes true news and urgent news
By the way, that’s what I don’t understand, replied Danglars. The news that Mr. Carlos is back is really urgent news.
So Monte Cristo said that you lost almost 1.7 million francs this month.
To be honest, it’s not almost the same. I did lose that much
Damn it, Monte Cristo said sympathetically, it was a terrible blow to a third-class rich man
Danglars, a third-class rich man, said he felt a little humiliated. What do you mean?
Of course, Monte Cristo also said that I divide the rich into three classes: first class, second class, third class. In countries like France, Austria, and Britain, all the treasures have minerals, fields and real estate, and the total amount of such treasures and property is about 10 million. I call them first-class rich people. All the major shareholders of manufacturing or joint-stock companies are responsible for a certain amount of money. If the total assets reach 1.5 million francs, they are called second-class rich people. Finally, all the assets are scattered in various enterprises. Small shareholders can’t stand making money by his will or opportunity. Since the collapse of the bank, it can’t stand the sudden change of the times, and the increase or decrease of property simply depends on speculation. The total amount of big fish eat small fish’s law with real and false capital is about 15 million. I call them third-class millionaires. I think your situation is probably the last one.
That’s the trouble, replied Danglars.
Then in six months like this, Monte Cristo said calmly, a third-class rich man is going to despair
Oh, Danglars said, he turned very pale. How fast did you speak?
Let’s imagine these seven months. Monte Cristo continued in the same calm tone. Tell me that you have never thought that 17.7 million times is almost 12 million. Well, you are right. If you reflect on your vacation like this, you will never take your money to risk, because money is the same to speculators. We all wear some clothes and are more gorgeous than others. This is obvious to all, but when a person dies, he will be left with flesh. When you return to the mall, you will not have more than five or six million real money. Because the real assets of a third-class rich man will never exceed a quarter of what he looks like, it is just like a railway locomotive, which is particularly huge because of the soot vapor around it. Well, you have just lost almost two million of your five or six million real money, which will definitely reduce your belief in imaginary property accordingly. According to my metaphor, if you repeat it three or four times like this, it will kill you. You must pay attention to it. My dear Mr. Danglars, do you need some money? Do you want me to lend it to you?
What you said as a calculator is really frustrating. Danglars said that he tried his best to pretend to be indifferent and have all kinds of optimistic thoughts to support himself. At the same time, I also succeeded in speculating and making money. I can increase nutrition to make up for the loss of blood. I lost a battle in Spain and suffered a loss in Trieste, but my navy will capture a big merchant ship in India and my Mexican advance team will find mineral deposits.
Great, great, but the wound is still there, and once it is lost, it will recur.
I won’t answer that I have to have three governments collapsed just because I’m as sure as a gun, and Danglars’ quack doctor plays the snail.
Hey, this kind of thing has happened.
It must be that crops can’t grow in the soil
Remember the story of seven years of abundance and seven years of famine.
It must be that the sea suddenly dries up, as it did in Pharaoh’s time, but there is still a lot of sea now, and even if something happens like that, the boat can be turned into a vehicle
That’s good. I said to you, my dear M. Danglars, Monte Cristo said, I think I made a mistake. You should be listed as a second-class millionaire.
I think I might get that honor. Danglars smiled. Monte Cristo thought that painters often painted the sick moon when painting ruins. Now that we are talking about business, he said that he was glad to get an opportunity to change the subject and tell me what I should do with Mr. Cavalcanti.
Give him money. If he gives you a bill, it seems reliable.
Very reliable. He personally brought a 40,000-franc ticket for you this morning, which was signed by Father Busoni and handed over to me. It was a pay-as-you-go ticket, and I immediately counted the 40,000-franc bill to him.
Monte Cristo nodded his head in recognition.
Danglars also said that he had a head in my bank.

B Xuan at this time has also come to Du He side coldly looking at kneeling on the ground officer Yuchen eyes full of disappointment.

This brother, he used to be optimistic.
In his opinion, Guan Yuchen’s qualification is better than that of Duane, but now Pan Hui’s, but this victory lies in his delicate mind, especially the performance of Guan Yuchen’s first brother on patrol, which makes him very satisfied. A 16-year-old boy, however, can defend such a large long porch so tightly that his delicate mind and judgment are not underestimated.
Unfortunately …
The so-called wrong step and wrong step.
B Xuan didn’t expect Guan Yuchen to be a person who dare not admit his mistake.
If a person doesn’t even have the courage to face up to his mistakes, he will be embarrassed and merciful!
In Du He Yixuan, the double pressure officer Yuchen finally explained the patrol deployment last night, but the more he said that he was more and more frightened, the more he said that he had already said that he couldn’t go to the original or knelt on the ground. At this time, he threw himself at Du He’s feet and couldn’t help shivering.
Du He was disappointed to keep shaking his head and suddenly looked at the younger brothers in the square in front of the temple. "Today, the identity of the first brother who patrolled Guan Yuchen was abolished by …" Speaking of which, he paused to scan all the younger brothers and finally his eyes fell on Pan Huishen.
Pan Hui immediately saluted and said, "Master Cha Di lived in seclusion for many years and didn’t know much about other disciples. It’s really impossible to bear this burden."
Du He gently "well" a will look to the qin dynasty or body way "second teacher younger brother this chore will temporarily bother you"
"Dare not" Qin or busy way "Xuan Lord commanded Qin or will do his best to dare not have the slightest neglect"
Du He nodded and turned to the second Xuan and sighed, "Five younger brothers, I will leave this abrasive brother to your disposal."
Yi Xuan sighed at the head of the official Yu Chen, who was kneeling on the ground. "This child … is so disappointing!" Then he leaned over to sneak up and seal the veins of the officer Yu Chen without saying anything more.
Pan Hui looked on coldly. Although she was full of hatred for Guan Yuchen, her heart felt a little sad.
She really hates Guan Yuchen’s dereliction of duty, causing Rong to miss the best opportunity to be rescued and eventually die tragically, but she is also white. Even the fifth martial uncle finally severely punished Guan Yuchen Rong, but she still can’t come back, and even it is impossible to see him again.
Once the immortal dies, it will be gone.
This is what make Pan Hui feel saddest-will there be an afterlife? Die so cleanly?
Yi Xuan glanced at Pan Hui and pointed to the brothers in the snow and asked, "Hui Er, what else do you need to ask them?"
Pan Hui still didn’t answer when she heard a side officer Yuchen shouted "I have a clue! I found a clue yesterday! "
Everyone was surprised and looked at Guan Yuchen.
Chapter 19 Interrogation before the temple (3)
Everyone was surprised and looked at Guan Yuchen.
Pan Hui went to Guan Yuchen in three steps and two steps and sank, "What clues!"
Officer Yuchen ha ha smiled and took out a small piece of rag from the sleeve and handed it to Pan Hui.
Pan Hui pupil hole contracted suddenly, but the whole person pushed back a step, and his face was full of disbelief.
Guan Yuchen seems to have regained his anger at this time. Pan Hui took a step back. He took a step forward and raised the cloth in his hand and smiled. "Don’t you want revenge on Rong? Now there’s a clue. You won’t answer it? What are you afraid of? "
Pan Hui instantly came to my mind and straightened up gradually. Just before that inexplicable panic suddenly subsided in my heart, she looked coldly at Guan Yuchen’s mouth with a cruel smile and hummed, "Since there are clues, don’t you take them out early in the morning? Have to wait until now! Didn’t you know that you were to blame early in the morning and just kept this clue to yourself? "
Guan Yuchen noticed that Du He’s eyes became colder with Pan Hui’s words, and his heart became angry with the big fire. "I just want to hand over the evidence to Uncle Wu. After all, who knows if someone will secretly destroy this evidence for personal gain!" And he is a direct wrist will be a piece of cloth back into the sleeve.
One hand suddenly appeared and pulled the piece of cloth away.
Guan Yuchen turned his head to see that it was Uncle B Xuan, but it was quiet and took a squint at Pan Huiyi, which was somewhat proud.
Pan Hui jumped between the eyebrows and felt that the one-sided pattern of this cloth looked somewhat familiar. I couldn’t help but look at Guan Yuchen’s eyes and found that Guan Yuchen’s eyes were somewhat calculated and sly. Pan Hui’s hands were instantly clenched into fists and nails were directly pinched into the palm.
"Where did you find this piece of cloth?" B Xuan tossed and turned the piece of white cloth twice before asking.
Guan Yuchen immediately said, "This was found in the palm of Rong’s right hand when my brother checked her body yesterday."
"Oh?" B xuan lifted her eyes suddenly blazing with anger cold way "that this piece of cloth without blood sacrifice? !” Yesterday, Rong was soaked in blood, and even his hands sank in a pool of blood. How can you hold something in your hand and not be stained with blood?
Rong was killed by a palm, and it was not easy to tear the cloth of the murderer’s clothes when he was dying. Where is the strength to hold the cloth tightly in the palm of his hand without revealing a penny? What’s worse, this cloth can’t be held in the palm of his hand by Rong without being held tightly and rubbed.
Let alone whether Rong tore the murderer’s body material. Even if he did, it would never be this piece!
B xuan shaking hands to this piece of cloth drink a way "say! Where did you get this piece of cloth! "
If he was disappointed with Guan Yuchen before, he is now suspicious of this younger brother. Since Guan Yuchen will produce a forged evidence, it is natural to frame someone. It is no wonder that he will make mistakes when arranging night patrols!
Pan Hui’s heart finally settled down and breathed a sigh of relief. She carefully looked at the cloth in Uncle B Xuan’s hand, and suddenly her eyes were wide open and she immediately adjusted her look.
That piece of cloth … turned out to be a real punishment!
The second time she was punished in the back of Changxuan Mountain, that was the pattern he wore in that white dress.
She has never been very concerned about clothing patterns, but she will pay special attention to white clothes. Because the big brother wears white clothes, she will remember every clothing texture pattern of the big brother so that she will not admit her mistake.
The punishment is really as it was dressed that day. At first glance, the texture of the big brother is the same, but the cuff pattern is different, so she inadvertently wrote it down. Unexpectedly, it is now sent to the scene.
What Uncle B Xuan holds in his hand is a piece of rag like a cuff.
Is it official Yuchen who tore this cloth from the punishment? Moreover, she remembers that Guan Yuchen is not as good as an opponent, so how can she tear each other’s cuffs unnoticed!
Pan Huixiu eyebrows a cu eyes turning around in the heart thinking about officer yuchen eyes.
On the other hand, Guan Yuchen has been kneeling on the ground under the coercion of Uncle Yi Xuan. "This was torn from a white man last night when my brother pursued him."
The man in white?
Pan Hui heart jump suddenly white-officer Yuchen this is to frame punishment as true!
Although she doesn’t know whether it is appropriate for Guan Yuchen to tear this rag from the punishment, it will definitely not be last night because the punishment was as true as she was with Guanlan last night, but now she can’t tell this fact …
Long Xuan Fire Devil Palace has a thousand years of enmity and personal relationship! If she is really as bad as Zheng Tuo’s first misfortune, it will definitely not be a framed punishment as official Yuchen, but her enemy, a traitor!
"Oh?" B Xuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed, and obviously he doesn’t believe what Guan Yuchen said. "What is the size and appearance?"
Guan Yuchen said, "The man is about a foot long and his face is generally fat and thin with a mask, but he didn’t see his face clearly, but his younger brother, who is taller than his younger brother, finally failed to stop him from pulling a corner or let him escape."
Du He looked cold and shouted, "Didn’t you talk about such an important clue last night?"
Guan Yuchen stammered for a long time and couldn’t tell a story.

"Oh, what’s the saying about that sentence? The wool is on the sheep’s body, but" I can’t stop nodding my head, but there is a flash of hesitation in Yanxi’s beautiful eyes like water.

"If the first child is a boy, then the husband will try to make your second child pregnant with a little princess so that the baby girl will not wave." You can guess what the other person is struggling with with with your eyes closed, so Zhou Shaoshao will interrupt with a smile.
"Being pregnant with a man and a woman is a problem that you can decide by hard work?" Yan Xi thought that Zhou Zichen’s assumption sounded funny.
"If you have more children, boys and girls will always be together." I pulled out a set of light blue navy shirts. Most of us can imagine that a boy doll born with the advantages of himself and Yanxi will look like a heroic spirit.
"How many more children are you violating the national family planning laws and regulations?"
"My wife will be fined if it’s a big deal. Our Zhou family is not so bad." In fact, Zhou Zichen and Yan Xishen are both single women, so according to today’s relaxed law, it is possible to have a second child before violating the policy.
How lonely a child is, naturally, it is brothers and sisters who take care of this family to make a fuss.
"If I can, I really want my wife to give me a basketball team." I threw all the selected items into the shopping cart, and Zhou Zichen was really not soft when she swept up the goods.
"You think I’m a sow. What basketball team is an international joke?" A few drops of cold sweat oozed from my full and bright forehead. Yanxi couldn’t help but turn around and beat the man’s generous chest.
"Hehe, I mean the football team." The advantage of the world of two people is that they can flirt with each other. With the boss’s instructions, the large and small monitors in the supermarket have long since dropped.
"I hate that I don’t care about you." The more condescension the other party said, the more it crossed the line. Yanxi snorted heavily, but when he wanted to take a step back, he held the wrist strap for the man and put it in his arms.
The ending note of "wife" is thick and rolled up. Zhou Zichen’s emotional tone is really revealing. "I don’t expect much. I hope to have a lovely daughter who looks like you and a beautiful one who looks like you."
They will have big eyes as big as Yanxi, which seems to flash into the viewer’s heart.
"My son still looks like you, and his height is definitely more than the standard." At such a warm moment, jane doe’s conscious whisper made Zhou Shaoxue laugh.
I’m a good boy
used to express displeasure or annoyance
I don’t know what to say about you.
Do you speak
Why are you so cute that he can’t love you?
The feelings for Yanxi are getting deeper and thicker every day. Zhou Zichen suddenly feels that life in the first 27 years is not called having a lover, and every minute has become beautiful without words to describe it.
"Wife, I love you very much." But the first time I confessed to Yanxi, I was watching through the lens, and this time I was softly attached to the little woman’s earlobe.
"Oh," my heart is as sweet as a honey jar knocked over, but Yan Xi’s mouth is still filled with calm.
"What’s the matter?"
"You just sent me away with a word."
"So what do you want?"
"Say the same thing with me."
"er oo"
"China people have nothing to talk about in English."
"Anyway, I’ve told you what you asked."
Yan Xi learned that men played lai, while men were gloomy for a whole handsome face.
This little bad bag
I cann’t believe it’s humane to treat him personally
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
After three or four days, the online forum scolded Cai Xinyan for never breaking the thread, and the building was piled up like a skyscraper in reality.
The only thing that makes Cai’s family happy is that there is no new negative news coming out again.
Office of the President of Dongyu Media Co., Ltd.
Yi Shaoqian is lazy and stretching his legs, browsing the data on the desktop computer screen.
Although building this entertainment company a few years ago has a large part of the nature of playing with tickets, Yi Shaoqian will treat it as a career after gradually making achievements.
"Gee, I just stepped out of the hospital door and came to the company to report Yi Shaoqian. Yi Shaoqian, do you still know that Yi Shaoqian in Zou Wei?" There was no knocking at the door or asking if I dared to swagger in like this. It is estimated that Zou Wei is alone.
"Anyway, I am also the boss here. If you don’t show up, it is estimated that the employees of the company will change hands." Thin lip Zhang Zhang He Yi Shaoqian never looked up at each other.

"The moon has been found."

Xia Qi took Gu Yue’s hand and was very happy.
He didn’t look for a direct display from the place where he entered the mine, and the powerful magic ape palm was more outrageous than directly passing through from here.
Stones roared and tumbled in succession. Xia Qi took Gu Yue with him, just like a statue of gigalith crashing wildly on the rock wall and heading directly for the end of the mine.
"It’s not good that Feixue and Xu Jiasan’s brothers are here."
Xia Qi suddenly surprised because he suddenly sensed the reality of flying snow and the breath of Xu’s three brothers had already rushed over, which was not far from the end of the mine.
"Bai Di Jin Huang beheaded"
Xia Qi’s eyes were cold, so it was cast out. Bai Di Jin Huang cut a bright white mountain and immediately all the rock walls in front were crushed. Xia Qi and Gu Yue appeared directly at the end of the mine.
At the end of the mine, a cave appeared in front of Xia Qi, surrounded by extremely spiritual stones, shining like stars at night.
In the middle of the cave, there is a pool of clear spring and white fog, which is like a fairy spring.
"spiritual marrow"
Xia qi low shout a recognized immediately.
"The fast moon will immediately collect this spiritual marrow."
Xia qi hello Gu Yue immediately began to sleeve a jilt is the strong breeze roared toward the spirit marrow swept away to the spirit marrow department are your own.
However, Xia Qi and Gu Yue only charged a little less than one tenth, and were interrupted by Xu Jiasan and Feixue.
"This spiritual marrow is old-fashioned."
Flying snow reality flashing eyes with bullying repair unexpectedly in an attempt to charge this pool of marrow.
This spiritual marrow is absolutely no less than ten elixirs. It takes a little time to recover when the wonderful poor are exhausted, which is very important for the strong in the realm of virtual fairy.
Because of the virtual fairy realm, the strong need to go through ten times of thunder robbery, and every thunder robbery is a big disaster, which almost exhausts most of the savings of the virtual fairy realm.
If you have the marrow to make the flying snow real person Du Jie never dry up, the hope of surviving the thunder robbery will be greatly increased, and you don’t need to spend a lot of treasures in exchange for Dan medicine
Chapter four hundred and sixteen heartache
"Cold snow cover!"
Flying snow reality reached out and shook a glittering and translucent cover to emerge in the four-walled sen cold air. Even the virtual fairy strong people felt a cold air coming.
This is the most powerful magic weapon in the hands of the flying snow reality, which can be attacked and defended, and the flying snow reality will be put into practice at this time to completely cover a pool of spiritual marrow.
"Give it to me!"
Flying snow real person’s eyes are hot, and his mouth is full of real money, so he wants to let the cold snow cover collect all the marrow parts and keep them all for himself
"I gather the treasures of the Xianzong vein, and do you rob them by flying snow?"
Flying snow moves fast, but the Xu Jiasan brothers are not slow to see the cold snow cover shrouded in a pool of marrow, and immediately they work together to make a knife, a gun and a sword. The three cooperate with each other to kill the cold snow cover crazily.
"Ding Ding Ding!"
The defense of the cold snow cover is excellent. At this moment, a layer of frost condenses to block all kinds of attacks. The smell is crunchy, and several swords and shadows are gone.
The flying snow reality blocked the attack of the Xu Jiasan brothers, and he was pale and weak at this time, but his eyes were beaming with joy.
If you think about flying snow, the real person will collect the marrow.
But has been ignored by flying snow reality not care Xia Qi and Gu Yue but at this time to the deification period to attack fell on the cold snow cover should be weak cold snow cover directly broken!
"You two want to die!"
Seeing that the spiritual marrow is about to come to hand, it is destroyed by Xia Qi and Gu Yue. The flying snow reality immediately angered the cold snow cover and once again shot a cold snow cover. The virtual shadow of the cold snow cover is covered by Xia Qi and the cold snow cover is covered by a pool of spiritual marrow.
"Bloody sword!"
"Nine days away from the fire!"
Xia Qi and Gu Yue shot at the same time. Xia Qi didn’t summon the most powerful blood dragon, but Gu Yue cooperated to display it for nine days, breaking the cold snow cover.
But the flying snow reality is manipulating the cold snow cover to collect the spirit marrow at this time!

Du Qi cold hum a move a little anger.

Xia Qi and Gu Yue didn’t participate in the large array, but looked at all this outside the large array. Du Qi had a wish to accept Xia Qicheng’s Du family. Now five immortals have to add thousands of virtual immortals to help the strong, and Liu Du has not taken several people, which makes Du Qi somewhat dissatisfied.
He’s going to use thunder to slay several people in Liu Du and give Xia Qi a shocking scene to let Xia Qi know the gap between him and the immortal!
Du Qi drank too much and ordered all Danzong elites to make moves.
At the same time, the light in Du Qi’s hand flashed, and the original cold light flashing sword disappeared and was replaced by a dark sword with clean dust, but there was no light at all, which was very strange.
"Give me the Five Immortals’ Magic Array!"
Du Qi dominated the gathering of thousands of people in the hands of a dark sword, and a cold sword filled the whole large array of heaven and earth, which seemed to collapse, making Liu Du’s face very uneasy
"Come and join forces at once to urge the canopy umbrella to resist!"
Liu Du drink noodles emerge ferocious color pitfalls.
From this sword, he felt the cold and cold, and there was a will to kill the enemy with their sword, which made Liu Du panic and more angry!
I want him to be a gentleman of the Liu family, and he is also famous in the celestial world. He Lianjin Xian should also salute him honestly and respectfully when he sees him. Now someone is trying to kill him in the world, which makes Liu Du angry like a volcano!
Chapter six hundred and forty See the fairy again
Chapter six hundred and forty See the fairy again
The five immortals cut the magic array!
Five immortals, such as Du Qi and Zhou Ru, who are strong in the realm of the Immortal Sect of the Thousand Immortals, dominate the cloth array, which is powerful and isolated from the world. It is terrible.
Five elements of Liu Du and others are trapped in it.
It’s a good thing that Liu Du is a virtual fairy peak, but his identity is very extraordinary. However, the Liu gentleman has many powerful treasures to protect himself, and he is also safe and sick in the large array for a while
Eye Liu Du protected the thick-skinned bodhi old zu, but watched the rest of the monks in the Five Elements in crisis and immediately greeted Ji Xun and other five immortals to cover their umbrellas to avoid the large array of pitfalls.
The canopy umbrella is covered with golden light, but it is blocked by the canopy umbrella, so it can’t invade the canopy umbrella at all.
However, the sky umbrella protected Liu Du and the thick-skinned bodhi old zu Ji Xun and others, but the eye method immediately entered the sky umbrella-covered range as it was at this time that Du Qi and Zhou Ru had completely launched a large array to strangle them.
Sword light is like a rainbow, firm but gentle is like a tear, cutting every inch inside the large array into pieces, except for the sky, the umbrella and some areas, where Jixun and other five elements of immortals are located, they have suffered severe attacks.
Ji Xun’s pale face kept throwing out sets of array flags while swallowing Dan medicine.
However, regardless of the fierce attack of the Five Immortals’ Demon-slaying Array, these flag roots are covered with a set of flag dust, which makes Ji Xun, who is proficient in other aspects of array law and how much combat power, pale.
When Ji Xun was distressed, a five-element immortal couldn’t support it. With a scream, an immortal turned to blood and fog to explode his bones.
"F * * king! You really dare to kill me, the holy brother of the five elements. When you return to the celestial world, you will be in your monk’s land! " Liu Du roared that he had the heart to help but no power.
The previous contempt for Danzong made him directly enter the large array with the five elements of the strong, and his eyes continued to be in the law. Even he was worried about his life.
"Less must find a way to break the big array or we will all stay here!" Season-bitter with anxiety to Liu Du big drink a way.
Ji Xun’s heart has given birth to a faint regret at this time.
At first, when he learned that there was an opportunity, he spent a lot of means, which made Liu Du choose to follow him to the news, which would be an opportunity for himself to soar once and for all.
However, seeing this trip to the world may not be his opportunity, but a life-threatening trip.
From the time he came to cultivate immortals, he was full of ambition. A group of ants didn’t look in their eyes, but just after arrival, they met the evil fairy hall and let them flee.
Then, in the Five Elements Sect, there was a sudden attack of Xia Qi, which made Lingshi Shenlong drive the Armageddon to kill them for the second time and flee.
This time, I came with confidence and a terrible murder to avenge the destruction of Danzong.
However, I never thought that this time I fell into the same situation twice.
What’s more, this time is even more sinister than the two times, because despite the mess, there is not much life-threatening and the eyes are full of danger!
Even the immortals in the same world have fallen by two!
The Five Immortals’ Magic Array has more than six five-element monks.
In addition to Liu Du and the thick-skinned bodhi old zu, there are four people who are genuine immortals with eyes. Even though they are immortals, they are also in a mess and their lives are worrying.
But Du Qi just killed a fairy in the middle of strength, but let Ji Xun and others take this opportunity to meet four immortals, Liu Du, in a place where they hid under an umbrella for the time being.
"The attack is not enough. Give me Dan medicine!"
Du Qi looks feminine like a woman, but she is very decisive. At this time, I saw that the five elements of Liu Du and others were hiding under the umbrella of the sky, that is, their five immortals had no way to threaten the lives of several people in Liu Du at the moment. Du Qi immediately decided to attack and kept hanging over the umbrella of the sky.
The canopy umbrella looks indestructible, standing still and glittering.
However, in the face of such a stormy attack, even if there is no problem at the moment, covering the umbrella for a long time will certainly break Liu Du’s hiding place.
"I don’t believe you can hide in it and never come out!"
Du Qi spoke coldly and swallowed an elixir, leading a large array of forces to roar toward the canopy umbrella.
The distance has not been involved in Xia Qi and Gu Yue and Jade Bell around him. When they saw this scene, they all breathed a sigh of relief and came close to each other in a flash.
Xia Qi three people didn’t participate in the Five Immortals Magic Array, not that Xia Qi three people didn’t want to, but that the Five Immortals Magic Array was dominated by five people, and Du Qi and five immortals were just right.
If Xia Qi three people want to join the large array, they will become ordinary members of the large array, which is really a bit Lang for Xia Qi three people.
Gu Yue has a hall of evil immortals that doesn’t participate in the large array, but once there is a problem, even if it is a true fairy, it is necessary to stay away.
Xia Qi doesn’t say all kinds of visions, plus the town’s soldiers and strong flesh, and he is not afraid of hard touch.
And the jade bell is not simple. No, her physical strength is outstanding, that is, she is riding a small white body and her strength is even beyond the strength of the jade bell.
Three people have been staying in the distance because they are worried that the Five Immortals will be trapped. Several people in Liu Du are ready to help stop several people in Liu Du from wreaking havoc in Danzong.
But now it seems that Xia Qi’s worry is obviously unnecessary.
The power of the Five Immortals’ Magic Array is poor, which not only trapped Liu Du several people in the large array at this time, but also killed the five elements who came to Danzong this time.
Among the three people, except Blue Moon Fairy, the other two are genuine immortals.
This loss is enough to make Liu Du feel distressed
After all, this is not the fairyland, the fairyland and the fairyland. The fairies grasp a lot here, but the fairyland, even the fairyland, needs to consume several resources, and probably needs the level of the fairy emperor to personally play the channel.
Every immortal in the world is very important, and even the five elements of the immortal world are distressed by death.
"Xia Qi Zongzhu Wuxing Shengzong Tribe Network"
Du Qi dominated the Five Immortals to cut the magic array. It’s easy to see Xia Qi with two women coming over and smiling. With a little pride, he said to Xia Qi
"Du Qi Daoyou is really extraordinary."