B Xuan at this time has also come to Du He side coldly looking at kneeling on the ground officer Yuchen eyes full of disappointment.

This brother, he used to be optimistic.
In his opinion, Guan Yuchen’s qualification is better than that of Duane, but now Pan Hui’s, but this victory lies in his delicate mind, especially the performance of Guan Yuchen’s first brother on patrol, which makes him very satisfied. A 16-year-old boy, however, can defend such a large long porch so tightly that his delicate mind and judgment are not underestimated.
Unfortunately …
The so-called wrong step and wrong step.
B Xuan didn’t expect Guan Yuchen to be a person who dare not admit his mistake.
If a person doesn’t even have the courage to face up to his mistakes, he will be embarrassed and merciful!
In Du He Yixuan, the double pressure officer Yuchen finally explained the patrol deployment last night, but the more he said that he was more and more frightened, the more he said that he had already said that he couldn’t go to the original or knelt on the ground. At this time, he threw himself at Du He’s feet and couldn’t help shivering.
Du He was disappointed to keep shaking his head and suddenly looked at the younger brothers in the square in front of the temple. "Today, the identity of the first brother who patrolled Guan Yuchen was abolished by …" Speaking of which, he paused to scan all the younger brothers and finally his eyes fell on Pan Huishen.
Pan Hui immediately saluted and said, "Master Cha Di lived in seclusion for many years and didn’t know much about other disciples. It’s really impossible to bear this burden."
Du He gently "well" a will look to the qin dynasty or body way "second teacher younger brother this chore will temporarily bother you"
"Dare not" Qin or busy way "Xuan Lord commanded Qin or will do his best to dare not have the slightest neglect"
Du He nodded and turned to the second Xuan and sighed, "Five younger brothers, I will leave this abrasive brother to your disposal."
Yi Xuan sighed at the head of the official Yu Chen, who was kneeling on the ground. "This child … is so disappointing!" Then he leaned over to sneak up and seal the veins of the officer Yu Chen without saying anything more.
Pan Hui looked on coldly. Although she was full of hatred for Guan Yuchen, her heart felt a little sad.
She really hates Guan Yuchen’s dereliction of duty, causing Rong to miss the best opportunity to be rescued and eventually die tragically, but she is also white. Even the fifth martial uncle finally severely punished Guan Yuchen Rong, but she still can’t come back, and even it is impossible to see him again.
Once the immortal dies, it will be gone.
This is what make Pan Hui feel saddest-will there be an afterlife? Die so cleanly?
Yi Xuan glanced at Pan Hui and pointed to the brothers in the snow and asked, "Hui Er, what else do you need to ask them?"
Pan Hui still didn’t answer when she heard a side officer Yuchen shouted "I have a clue! I found a clue yesterday! "
Everyone was surprised and looked at Guan Yuchen.
Chapter 19 Interrogation before the temple (3)
Everyone was surprised and looked at Guan Yuchen.
Pan Hui went to Guan Yuchen in three steps and two steps and sank, "What clues!"
Officer Yuchen ha ha smiled and took out a small piece of rag from the sleeve and handed it to Pan Hui.
Pan Hui pupil hole contracted suddenly, but the whole person pushed back a step, and his face was full of disbelief.
Guan Yuchen seems to have regained his anger at this time. Pan Hui took a step back. He took a step forward and raised the cloth in his hand and smiled. "Don’t you want revenge on Rong? Now there’s a clue. You won’t answer it? What are you afraid of? "
Pan Hui instantly came to my mind and straightened up gradually. Just before that inexplicable panic suddenly subsided in my heart, she looked coldly at Guan Yuchen’s mouth with a cruel smile and hummed, "Since there are clues, don’t you take them out early in the morning? Have to wait until now! Didn’t you know that you were to blame early in the morning and just kept this clue to yourself? "
Guan Yuchen noticed that Du He’s eyes became colder with Pan Hui’s words, and his heart became angry with the big fire. "I just want to hand over the evidence to Uncle Wu. After all, who knows if someone will secretly destroy this evidence for personal gain!" And he is a direct wrist will be a piece of cloth back into the sleeve.
One hand suddenly appeared and pulled the piece of cloth away.
Guan Yuchen turned his head to see that it was Uncle B Xuan, but it was quiet and took a squint at Pan Huiyi, which was somewhat proud.
Pan Hui jumped between the eyebrows and felt that the one-sided pattern of this cloth looked somewhat familiar. I couldn’t help but look at Guan Yuchen’s eyes and found that Guan Yuchen’s eyes were somewhat calculated and sly. Pan Hui’s hands were instantly clenched into fists and nails were directly pinched into the palm.
"Where did you find this piece of cloth?" B Xuan tossed and turned the piece of white cloth twice before asking.
Guan Yuchen immediately said, "This was found in the palm of Rong’s right hand when my brother checked her body yesterday."
"Oh?" B xuan lifted her eyes suddenly blazing with anger cold way "that this piece of cloth without blood sacrifice? !” Yesterday, Rong was soaked in blood, and even his hands sank in a pool of blood. How can you hold something in your hand and not be stained with blood?
Rong was killed by a palm, and it was not easy to tear the cloth of the murderer’s clothes when he was dying. Where is the strength to hold the cloth tightly in the palm of his hand without revealing a penny? What’s worse, this cloth can’t be held in the palm of his hand by Rong without being held tightly and rubbed.
Let alone whether Rong tore the murderer’s body material. Even if he did, it would never be this piece!
B xuan shaking hands to this piece of cloth drink a way "say! Where did you get this piece of cloth! "
If he was disappointed with Guan Yuchen before, he is now suspicious of this younger brother. Since Guan Yuchen will produce a forged evidence, it is natural to frame someone. It is no wonder that he will make mistakes when arranging night patrols!
Pan Hui’s heart finally settled down and breathed a sigh of relief. She carefully looked at the cloth in Uncle B Xuan’s hand, and suddenly her eyes were wide open and she immediately adjusted her look.
That piece of cloth … turned out to be a real punishment!
The second time she was punished in the back of Changxuan Mountain, that was the pattern he wore in that white dress.
She has never been very concerned about clothing patterns, but she will pay special attention to white clothes. Because the big brother wears white clothes, she will remember every clothing texture pattern of the big brother so that she will not admit her mistake.
The punishment is really as it was dressed that day. At first glance, the texture of the big brother is the same, but the cuff pattern is different, so she inadvertently wrote it down. Unexpectedly, it is now sent to the scene.
What Uncle B Xuan holds in his hand is a piece of rag like a cuff.
Is it official Yuchen who tore this cloth from the punishment? Moreover, she remembers that Guan Yuchen is not as good as an opponent, so how can she tear each other’s cuffs unnoticed!
Pan Huixiu eyebrows a cu eyes turning around in the heart thinking about officer yuchen eyes.
On the other hand, Guan Yuchen has been kneeling on the ground under the coercion of Uncle Yi Xuan. "This was torn from a white man last night when my brother pursued him."
The man in white?
Pan Hui heart jump suddenly white-officer Yuchen this is to frame punishment as true!
Although she doesn’t know whether it is appropriate for Guan Yuchen to tear this rag from the punishment, it will definitely not be last night because the punishment was as true as she was with Guanlan last night, but now she can’t tell this fact …
Long Xuan Fire Devil Palace has a thousand years of enmity and personal relationship! If she is really as bad as Zheng Tuo’s first misfortune, it will definitely not be a framed punishment as official Yuchen, but her enemy, a traitor!
"Oh?" B Xuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed, and obviously he doesn’t believe what Guan Yuchen said. "What is the size and appearance?"
Guan Yuchen said, "The man is about a foot long and his face is generally fat and thin with a mask, but he didn’t see his face clearly, but his younger brother, who is taller than his younger brother, finally failed to stop him from pulling a corner or let him escape."
Du He looked cold and shouted, "Didn’t you talk about such an important clue last night?"
Guan Yuchen stammered for a long time and couldn’t tell a story.

"settle down? Zhou Chaoqun … Friend? What friend? " Jessica Fong Ching slightly tilted his head and raised his eyebrows to evoke a low question of red lips

Although Zhou Chaoqun said that this girl is not his girlfriend, maybe it is someone he likes or is interested in him. When Ann settled down, she made up a lot of brains and met with Fang Zong. In her imagination, China should always be an old-fashioned talented woman with gold-rimmed glasses and neatly combed hair. She also spoke in an orderly way. She even asked Xu Feng a lot of professional rhetoric about online drama.
But since she entered this office, everything is out of her control. First of all, this eo is very young and beautiful. She has exquisite facial features, elegant three-dimensional dress, and charming and sexy. She feels confident and frivolous in her every move, and she suddenly becomes a mountain gun in front of her …
She gave a heartfelt praise to "Fang Zong is so beautiful! Even I look straight in the eye. "
Section 5
"Really?" Jessica Fong Ching pursed her lips and bowed her head briefly. Her white neck was wearing that string of jade beads and gave off a soft luster.
"Ann fall is it? You haven’t answered me whether you and Zhou Chaoqun are … "
"I have met several times."
Ann answered truthfully. After that, she was a little uneasy. Jessica Fong Ching kept asking her and Zhou Chaoqun if she was willing to meet her today because she gave Zhou Chaoqun a face? I don’t care about the follow-up after knowing that she is actually not familiar with Zhou Mi. Jessica Fong Ching ha ha smiled "settle down you really don’t understand Zhou Chaoqun or something? How can you meddle with Zhou Mi’s coldness? Unless someone occupy a certain position in his heart, he may mind his own business. "
Jessica Fong Ching is very curious about Zhou Chaoqun and An Luo. To be exact, Zhou Mi has never taken the initiative to ask her out since graduation, unless she met her on some occasions. Zhou Chaoqun’s expression is always so silent.
This time, he actually invited a woman to ask her out? It really surprised and frightened her. She felt that if she pushed Anluo out like this, there would be no reason to meet Zhou Chaoqun.
"What about your things? Since you want to broadcast your online drama on my love fruit video, you must first pass me. "
Zhengwen 11 Hotel Xiangyu
"Oh, here it is." Ann took out her USB flash drive from her bag and handed it to her. "Twenty of them are copied here."
Jessica Fong Ching took the compact USB flash drive and played it in his hand. Then he looked up at Anluo’s expectant eyes and carefully looked at Anluo’s eyes at close range. Jessica Fong Ching was a little surprised. Anluo’s eyes were clear as if a crystal clear lake was cool and refreshing, and at the same time, they were full of brilliance. These eyes seemed to suck people in for a long time.
"Party always? I have something dirty on my face? " Ann rubbed his face guilty to ask
"Oh, there’s no USB flash drive. I’ll contact you after I read it." Jessica Fong Ching withdrew his eyes and resumed his pride and confidence
An Luo took out a piece of paper from his bag and wrote his name and mobile phone number on the Jessica Fong Ching desk. He smiled ingratiatingly, "Sorry, I always don’t have a business card."
"Then I’ll go back first and leave you alone."
Jessica Fong Ching looked at Ann’s figure disappearing in front of her. She pulled out the drawer and took it out in a small mirror. She looked beautiful but she seemed a little less youthful than the girl just now. She frowned mercilessly. Does Zhou Chaoqun want the old cow to eat the young grass?
Ann came out from Aiguo Company and took a taxi to the hospital to see her parents. She told Zhao Heng and Xu about the situation here, and they encouraged her to have confidence in herself. She just wanted to put her mobile phone back in her bag with a smile, and the mobile phone shook again. At the sight of the screen showing that Ni Haodong sent WeChat, her heart suddenly accelerated.
It seems that they haven’t contacted each other for several days. She hasn’t heard from Ni Haodong since she found herself on the hot search list that day. She feels guilty that Ni Haodong must have known about it. Otherwise, why didn’t she search the video again the next day? So he is busy on the one hand and angry with her on the other.
"Where is it?"
Although he felt hot in his eyes after just sending these words, she didn’t take the initiative to contact him these days because of the vague thing with Cheng Han. She was afraid that he would be too concerned to accept what she gave him. Think it over, and now receive his WeChat saying that he finally stopped being angry with her?
She bit her lip and finger on the screen and nodded briskly, and quickly replied, "I went to the hospital to see my parents."
Ni Haodong just got off the plane and asked about her mobile phone. When he saw her reply, he paused and hesitated whether to go directly to the hospital to find her. At this moment, the ancient wolf appeared.
"Master Ni Shao is not feeling well. Come with me and have a look!"
NiHaoDong look a fiercely directly followed the ancient Wolf, sitting in a taxi with his eyes staring at the mobile phone screen for a long time before he answered the corner of his eye with a little disappointment, and stuffed the mobile phone into his bag and looked out of the window to see the street view.
"Hey? Master, I’m going to the hospital. It’s not this way to the hospital. You’re going backwards! "
The driver teacher didn’t talk and settled down, but she felt that the speed was faster. She panicked and stared at the driver and shouted, "Who are you? Where are you taking me? "
"If you don’t talk, I’ll jump out of the car!" Ann falls down with her hands holding the car door, her eyes staring at the rapid retreat, and her little heart flutters at this speed. Can she still live? She would never make such a foolish move if she had to. It was just to scare the driver.
"Don’t get excited, Miss Ann!" The driver really believed the rearview mirror when he saw an Luo’s face of death. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t know that this woman was sitting behind, but she was addicted to studying and performing recently and could cut into the environment at any time to perform.
"I’m following orders to take you to a place. Don’t worry, it won’t do you any harm. You’ll know."

Just then, he saw another figure jumping into the sinkhole, and this person was the blind old man.

At present, Zhuge jumped out of the sinkhole before dawn and followed the blind old man closely. He believed that as long as he followed the old man, he would not suffer.
The blind old man obviously showed that Zhuge was not bright, looked back, didn’t speak, and flew straight to the inside of the sinkhole.
Chapter 349 Guding pitfalls
It was dark in the sinkhole, but it didn’t stop their sight.
A rancid smell filled Zhuge Liang with a frown, and his face immediately changed color when his knowledge was swept away. Rotten bodies are everywhere around, and there are many residual limbs and broken arms. The scene is extremely horrible. Countless bodies piled up together, as many as tens of thousands. And these are the bodies of practitioners, and I don’t know how long they have been dead. Some of them have even turned into rotten meat or dense bones.
Besides Zhuge Liang and the blind old man, many practitioners came in and were shocked by what they saw.
"crunch ~ ~ ~"
A creepy voice sounded, and it was from these bodies that the voice came out. It seemed that someone was eating these bodies.
There is a huge space in this 10,000-person burial pit. In the distance, there is a roar, obviously someone is fighting.
The blind old man swept away the bamboo pole, please leave a passage and walk away.
Zhuge followed him closely before dawn and remained silent.
"ah! !”
A heart-rending scream, a dark hand stretched out from the corpse pile, and a practitioner was pulled in on the spot. Then, there was the sound of eating flesh and blood, which made my teeth sour and my hair tremble.
"There is something in the corpse pile!" One person panicked.
Shrieks break out one after another, and people are attacked one after another, caught by the creatures in the corpse pile, and the intensive "crunching" sounds break out one after another, and the inexplicable creatures in the corpse pile are eating the bones of these people.
Many people quickly retreat, fear to the extreme.
Another practitioner was pulled in, and he had no resistance at all. The black claws seemed to have great strength, so he unscrewed the man’s head and dragged the body away.
"crunch ~ ~ ~"
The sound of eating flesh and blood sounded like insects, which made people shudder.
Several practitioners quickly rushed to the place where they fought in the distance, where there were several elders from Tianchi and Dugu’s family, in order to get shelter.
But haven’t walked far, suddenly rushed out of the pile of more than a dozen shadows, a flash, will be that a few embroidered away. The screams echoed in the dark space.
The blind old man walked lightly, as if he didn’t care about the surrounding situation at all. He swept away the broken bamboo pole and made a way to walk through it.
Zhuge followed him carefully before dawn, when he noticed that there seemed to be a dark shadow stirring up in a pile of bodies next to him, and a rotten smell came head on. From the pile of corpses, a rotting corpse emerged, with empty eyes and the light of Yousen flashing.
"Tickle" that rotting corpse mouth still chews a stranger’s arm, dripping with blood, and Sen’s deep and remote eyes look at Zhuge.
"pa cha!" The body rubbed the residual bones under his feet and approached, and his teeth and joints creaked. He was rotten all over, and there was no intact place. The disgusting yellow corpse water flowed on him.
At this time, the blind old man suddenly leaned on the broken bamboo pole in his hand and knocked on the ground. From his mouth, a strange sound fluctuated, which was not loud but rather harsh.
The rotting corpse seemed to be greatly shaken, turned and ran, and plunged into the pile of corpses.
"Thank you, old man." Zhuge bowed his hand at the blind old man before dawn.
"Small, stay close to the old man if you want to live." The voice of the blind old man sounded, and he walked through the corpses with Zhuge not bright. At this time, he saw Guanghua exploding ahead, the figure flashing, and the fluctuation of Zhenyuan was wanton.
Several elders of Tianchi and Dugu are fighting fiercely with some creatures, and hundreds of other practitioners are also involved in the battle.
A creature with a strong stench rushed up, and behind him grew a pair of rotting wings, with a head like an ox and a height of only over five meters, and a huge body like a hill.
Xia Dongliu and Dugu Yijian fought with this creature, and the sword rainbow stirred. They turned out to be a sword awn and swept towards the tauren creature.
The wings behind the cow’s head creature’s instigation, but its huge body is very flexible, moving and moving, and it is extremely fast, and it is entangled with Xia Dongliu and Dugu Sword.
"What a powerful creature, it can actually block two masters of deification." Zhuge was not bright and frightened, and stood in a corner with the blind old man to watch quietly.
On the other side, two old people in Tianchi are living in atrix, another creature, which also has a pair of wings. The only difference from the previous creature is that its head looks like a horse.
"My darling, it won’t be a cow’s head and horse’s face." Zhuge not bright swallow a mouthful of saliva shocked way.

And the players of team B knew through what happened that morning-there was another person in team B who was not to be taunted …

And now there is a first-team player in the dressing room of team B!
Team B’s players think they are going to collapse.
One after another, the first-team stars ran to team B. What is this?
Moreover, this person who came here this time, although his face is quite kind, is still very difficult to deal with.
As soon as he entered the dressing room and found his own locker, he went over, who ignored him and bowed his head, which showed that he didn’t know what he was thinking-this buddy is definitely a noble guy in Leng Yan.
Are all the first-team players like this?
Maybe Leng Yan’s nobility is the necessary quality for a first-team star?
When zahovic first came to Team B, there were other players from Team B who took the initiative to say hello and make friends, but they were turned away.
Now all the players in Team B are smart. As long as you see a first-team team coming, don’t pay any attention to them. People don’t care about your kindness and courtesy at all. In that case, why waste so many expressions?
Fernandez Ben Wood, the head coach of Team B, looked at the young people in front of him and could not help but shake his head and sigh.
Three months ago, a tartar was sent, and two weeks ago, another tartar was sent. This time, a first-team player was sent to the front waist …
What does Chang really think?
Our team B is not a prison or a garbage dump …
All the unwanted players and the players who made mistakes were sent to team B, which is nothing!
He feels that he is really the most luxurious team B coach in La Liga, with Slovenian number one international zahovic, Sweden’s most expensive golden boy Ibrahimovic, and Diego Maradona’s successor aimar …
But it’s a pity that the two players from behind can’t play in team B, they just train in team B. When waiting for the game, they will be recruited into the first team again, and then they will sit on the bench for 90 minutes without even getting a chance to warm up …
Ben Wood really doesn’t understand what winning is all about.
He waved to a pair of aimar who had done something wrong and came here to ponder over the expression: "Go and train. Don’t think too much, the training plan here is the same as you are in the first team. "
Aimar nodded as if he hadn’t heard, then turned and ran away. Obviously, he didn’t take Ben Wood’s words to heart.
Looking at aimar’s back, Ben Wood suddenly felt that perhaps as long as the winning team was still in Valencia for one day, his team B could not escape such a fate …
That China punishes the players, so there’s nothing new? Why do you always have a hard time with our B team?
The team finished the game against Seville, and the time also entered November.
In the middle of the week, on November 1st, there is a UEFA Cup competition.
In the second leg of the second round of the UEFA Cup, Valencia welcomed Warsaw Leguia at home.
In this game, Changsheng made some adjustments to the lineup and Changsheng.
Because of aimar’s absence, the team can’t keep the formation of 4231.
Therefore, the formation must be adjusted.
The UEFA Cup, an insignificant competition, is just used as a test field.
To adjust the formation, it was done before aimar took the initiative to confess. Because at that time, he felt that aimar’s state fluctuated, and he didn’t think about the "informer". He just wanted to prepare a contingency plan to prepare for aimar’s absence-he didn’t trust Selban to replace aimar.
After thinking about it, it is the double back waist 442 with a dish-shaped position.
Originally, if there was no Ibrahimovic, this set of front lines would be perfect if the Swede and Villa were partners.
After all, Ibrahimovic has a very outstanding ability to make the ball.
But now Ibrahimovic has thought about it in Team B, and the only strikers who can always win are Kalou and Villa. angulo always regards him as a midfielder.
So if it’s 442, it’s that Salomon Kalou and Villa will start together and angulo will be the substitute.
In fact, angulo can also play as a striker, but angulo’s characteristics are not suitable for being a striker who plays for Villa. He is suitable for being like Villa.
Villa’s state is just right, and winning often won’t put Villa on the bench, just to make a angulo.
The midfield is dish-shaped, with two backyards slightly behind, Vicente on the left and mendieta on the right.
This lineup is somewhat similar to Cooper’s initial tactics. At that time, Valencia did not have aimar. Aimar was transferred from Argentina in January this year.
There is little change on the back line. Aurelio left-back, Ferreira right-back, Ayala and Carvalho centre-back partner.
If there is no accident, this lineup will be used by Valencia in the next three weeks.
So in this case, can the team’s mad dog tactics continue to be implemented?
In fact, the mad dog tactics born out of Tiki-taka have no clear requirements for formation, and it does not mean that only one or several formations can be used.
The most important core of mad dog tactics is running. As long as you run, there is basically no fixed formation.
So as long as the training is adjusted in time, I believe this set of 442 can adapt to the mad dog tactics very well.
The UEFA Cup opponent Warsaw Leguia is not strong, and Valencia is playing at home, which has advantages and insurance, so Changsheng chose to use this game to experiment with the new formation and find a feeling for the players.
442 is the most classic formation in international football.
Valencia used this formation, followed the mad dog tactics, and finally beat Warsaw Leguia 6-1 at home. The team scored four goals in the first half.
Originally, the draw with Valencia at home also made Warsaw Leguia feel particularly good about himself, and felt that he could try to beat Valencia in Mestalla.
As a result, they were mercilessly knocked down by Valencia’s six sap, and they never got up again …
Even Kalou, who hasn’t started for a long time, scored a goal in the game.
Although most of the time he was making the ball for Villa, he took advantage of a corner kick and headed the ball to the Leguia in Warsaw.

"However, if I let you go, Jiaoer and I will be in danger." He looked embarrassed.

Haikui frowned. "What are you trying to say!"
"I’m seriously injured here, and Jiaoer is dead. These people outside don’t know, but once you go out, they will know!"
Haikui looked at him with a strange light in his eyes.
"Will you tell me?"
The man smiled. "Jiaoer told me that you didn’t mean any harm. Jiaoer’s crystal coffin was made of fairy jade. It’s the best fairy jade. Many people saw it and wanted to be greedy for themselves, but you didn’t."
"But I was moved to kill her."
The man smiled again. "But it’s normal that she hurt you first."
"Then tell me, how can I leave now?" Haikui hesitated for a moment and said, "Besides, I’m here to find an immortal body by bathing in dragon blood!" "
"Hehe." The man smiled, "this is good to say. But I can’t let you bathe in dragon blood this day. I can’t bathe in dragon blood until you save Jiaoer and I can walk again! "
Haikui frowned. "I want to ask, how can I save her?"
"Don’t worry, let me speak slowly." The man coughed and said so many words that he was very tired.
Haikui waited patiently.
"I’m trapped here because of what they call immortal emperors. In those days, I carried several immortal emperors and heavenly deities by myself, and finally came here injured, laying a supreme array. They were always afraid that I wouldn’t come if I didn’t die. They often sent people here to test me. If you want to know my situation, you must be the reason they made up, so let you come here to find dragon blood."
Haikui frowned. It is reasonable to say that Ling Yan and others should not lie to him. Now what is the situation? "Can Dragon Blood achieve immortality?"
Haikui asked the question in his heart. There are two possibilities. Otherwise, Ling Yan and others lied to him. Otherwise, even Ling Yan didn’t know that the celestial immortal emperor sent them or people who were equivalent to ants to test.
"Of course, I am immortal, but I am too injured!" The man coughed and said.
Haikui was silent for two seconds. "What do you need me to do?"
"I lack a kind of fairy fruit. Only this kind of fairy fruit can I save Jiaoer!"
"Nine clouds and clouds."
Nine clouds and fruits? Haikui frowned slightly. This fruit sounds very powerful, and it must be not simple to make the black dragon pay so much attention to it.
"The cloud fruit of Nine Clouds is a kind of immortal fruit spit out by the fruit eaten by the Phoenix of Nine Clouds. It is only swallowed and spit out by the Phoenix, which contains the power of divine fire."
"Where can I find this kind of fruit?"
The man was silent and said slowly, "It is extremely difficult to get it if you want to find it."
"How do you know if you don’t try?"
"There is a phoenix raised by Xiandi Tiangong."
Haikui’s silence is really hard enough, but what’s the difference between promise and no promise? He has to leave here first!
"I’ll do my best!"
The man’s eyes moved to the crystal coffin. "Well, I’ve been waiting for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years. I’ll wait a little longer. When you get the nine clouds, I’ll let you achieve immortality!"
"Thanks a lot."
"You have that key, and you can come to my house with that key!"
Haikui reached out a recruit, and the key on the crystal coffin fell into his hand.
"How do I get out of here now?"
The man coughed twice and felt weak gradually. "Get on my back and you will find the place to leave. You can leave with that key."
On his back? Haikui frowned, and immediately found himself thinking wrongly. What he said should be the black mountain.
"Are you Yuan Shen?"
"Not bad."
After reading it, Haikui said, "I didn’t expect to cultivate the Yuan God to the same level as the flesh. I’m afraid it can only be achieved at the level of the immortal emperor."
The man closed his eyes slightly.
Haikui knew that he was tired and went out of the hut with the key.
Look at that mountain, because it is black, it is even more majestic, showing its supreme existence and eternal life.
But this mountain is actually a dragon, a real dragon, which makes Hai Kui feel awe.
He flew up and headed for the man’s back.
Hai Kui almost flew close to the dragon body, watching it at close range, and it was magnificent. There was a strong vicissitudes and calm breath. What is majestic? At this moment, these two words automatically popped up in my mind.
Flying above the dragon’s back, stepping on the dragon’s back, it feels extremely solid, even if the sky were to fall, it would always feel solid.
Haikui stood on the back of the dragon, which was too high and too big, so it felt like a mountain. Looking down, it felt like overlooking all beings.

Then the two men all twisted their eyebrows and looked at him. Gu Huaijing suddenly felt a chest tightness.

Why does he feel like the villain in the story?
The point is that this girl is good, and this ni is still tearing him down. He turned his head and glared at Jinlan. He also joined Jinlan to kill him.
Gu Huaijing was angry and bulging. He grabbed a handful of peanuts and poured a mouthful of wine into his throat. "Go" Then he turned to the door and shouted, "Why don’t Xiao Er cook? I’m starving."
Then I stopped talking to eucalyptus Jinlan at the age of danger.
And the remaining two people care about each other, smile, and then lift the wine lamp and drink it off.
Past lives feud, old friends meet, a glass of wine is enough.
Qinghefang yongan steet
The street is crowded with people, shoulder to shoulder, with no end in sight. The people who look at the street from a distance are like a dense snake crawling on the ground, crawling towards the tall building in the center of the street.
And tall buildings hang red lanterns in the daytime. Rows of red lanterns are neatly arranged along the eaves of pavilions, swaying in the breeze.
This is the largest brothel in Beijing-Fenghua Building.
Fenghua Building has a long history in Zhou Jianguo, and it has been doing flesh business like all brothels.
However, it is different from other brothels. There are many strict rules in Fenghua Building, and the girls in it are really divided into two parts. One part is the same as other romantic places, and the other part is to busk and not sell themselves as prostitutes. Today, the so-called flower heads they want to meet are actually prostitutes.
"This …"
Danger-year-old eucalyptus looked at the crowd outside Uyang Uyang and was very surprised.
"This based so beautiful? Can let so many people scramble to see it? Look at this posture outside. Even half the men in Beijing are here. "
Gu Huaijing scorned her for being so ignorant. "Take a look at your unseen elegance building. Choose a based person every year. It’s all natural and beautiful. It makes people linger at a glance. How many people are scrambling to see Fang? This ostentation and extravagance is small for the based."
Danger at the age of eucalyptus surprised "but … based not all have been selected that what there are so many people to see? And show up for the first time today? "
Because she was not very concerned before, these people really know little about this aspect
This time, it was Jin Lan who solved the doubts. He opened the fan in front of his chest and fanned it a few times. "The difference between Fenghua Building and other romantic places is that the romantic building is based on the selection of the building and then announced to the world."
Choose it first and then push it to the world?
I don’t know why I should do this, but what should I do if the people in the building have a bad eye and the people don’t look good?
Her eyes rolled and she immediately denied the idea.
How is that possible?
From Gu Huaijing’s words, it can’t be ugly to attract a large number of men here because the flower heads are very beautiful and lovable every year.
I can’t wait for such a thought that eucalyptus at the age of danger will detain the docking to be based on expectations.
"Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go."
Three people along the stairs directly to the box on the second floor.
Speaking of this box, it is still due to Jinlan’s credit. After they watched the spectacular scene of Yong ‘an Street just now, they actually thought about giving up.
At this time, the fan in Jinlan’s hand was an understatement, and they took the path to a back door of Bieyuan, and someone knocked on the door to meet them, and then someone led them to the box.
Danger eucalyptus Gu Huaijing two people stunned when they pressed Jinlan to tell the truth.
It turns out that Jinlan’s family has always had business dealings with Fenghua Building, and the stewards of Fenghua Building often buy silks, satins, jewels, rouge and gouache from their home to dress girls, and the price for Fenghua Building here has been very low.
It was also handed over to the steward, who left him a place in the balcony on the second floor, which is why Jin Lanfen has a balcony here for the first time.
The three men followed him all the way to the center of the second floor and took them to Jinlan’s exclusive box, and then brought tea and snacks, which were thoughtful and melon and peanuts.
Until danger eucalyptus grabbed a handful of melon, it suddenly felt unreal. She couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when she watched the surrounding environment.
"This elegant building … this is not a brothel. It is a golden cave."
That’s true
Fenghua building is not short of money, which is well known in Beijing, and eucalyptus knows it before, but it is vague. There is a concept, but today it is really seen.
However, along the way, they first walked on two wide and moist stairs, and all of them smelled of fragrance. At first, she didn’t know what it was, but after sitting, she found out that it was yellow pear wood.
Although it is more valuable than nanmu, which is not red sandalwood, it is also a valuable wood. It is really rich to be laid on the ground and trampled by people.
Besides, they tread on the carpet, and the tea in the tea cup is all famous and precious, and this is the root of hospitality in Fenghua Building.
Yu sui eucalyptus felt that it was really right for her to come to this place today. It really opened her eyes.
She "tut-tut" wanted to say something, but before she said it, she heard something snapping at the center of the wall.
She looked along the sound source and froze in place.
The opposite person affectionately called her.
The person next to her turned out to be Ling Waner?
And beside her, there were Gu Chengyun and Lin Qian, who had not been seen for a long time, and then there was a deadly ugly one, a very familiar but dangerous eucalyptus who just couldn’t remember his name.
At the age of danger, Eucalyptus looked over there and didn’t want to look at the temple again, but she didn’t have to feel that it was a narrow road. The more I didn’t want to see anyone, I had to meet them.
Danger years old eucalyptus sigh.
I met two when I met them.
She turned her head and said coldly, "Cover the board. I don’t want to see you."
This board is to communicate with two boxes, in order to bring them closer to meet people, so Fenghua Building opened something like a small window in the wall very intimately.
In this way, if two boxes want to talk, they can open a direct dialogue and save the trouble of going in and out.
But she doesn’t want to talk to one person opposite, not one of the four.
You have something to say.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, my God.
Chapter 37 Chapter 37
The four people across the street were unhappy when they heard her say this. Gu Chengyun and the deadly man were fine, and Ling Wan ‘er was a face of hating iron and not turning into steel, with a pair of small white flowers with a broken heart.
It seems that she is ready to speak piteously and criticize her at any time, but Lin Qian is much faster than her.
"Danger eucalyptus, what do you mean? Don’t want to see us? Who don’t want to see? Have you forgotten the time when you followed Taidian’s ass pitifully? What are you pretending to be lofty here now? Your brother wants to see you? "
Lin Qian angry heart, danger years old eucalyptus this she likes too, ling wan son is her ordinary sister, next to Zhao Huan, she doesn’t know this is not to her, who said it to?
Aside from Gu Huaijing Jinlan, two people heard her say this, and the eucalyptus face was pulled now.
Jinlan corners of the mouth with radian pressure to silently closed the fan, and did not open his mouth, but Gu Huaijing was a grumpy person who couldn’t hide his words and immediately went back.
"Lin Qian are you sick? My third brother didn’t even open his mouth. Is it up to you to preach here? "
Lin Qian saw that she was Gu Huaijing back to know that he was not easy to handle, and she grew up with Tai for a while speechless. After a long time, she popped out "You, you, you, you …"
Gu Huaijing listened to her like this, frowning at her ears and crossing her legs. "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Miss Linda, you say it."
Lin Qiangui, the prime minister’s daughter, is usually held by everyone in No.1 Middle School, and everyone agrees with everything she says. Few people are as straightforward as Gu Huaijing.
At that time, I blushed and my neck was thick, and I couldn’t even say’ you’.

Lin Qing left Zhao Erhu’s house and returned to Lin Village. Jiang Wen was anxious to know Lin Yue’s recent situation. He had been waiting to see Lin Qing at the entrance of the village for a long time. He was forced to ask, "How is A Qing Abortion recently? Has the reckless man abused her? If the reckless man dares to abuse abortion, I must find him desperately."

Listening to Jiang Wen’s statement, it turns out that Lin Qing, the word headstrong, still heard from Jiang Wen and brought it to the words. Lin Qing looked at Jiang Wen and shook his head. Now his sister seems to be doing very well. What should he do? If her sister can’t remember Jiang Wen, forget it. If she does, what should she do?
"Wen, don’t worry about abortion. She has a good life. Zhao Erhu is still good at abortion. He has raised abortion well, grown taller and fatter, which is more beautiful than before. I remember that abortion was a little girl, and now it is a big girl." Lin Qing became very soft when he talked about his sister’s face expression. It was that he loved her since childhood.
Jiang Wen’s listening to Lin Qing seems to think of Lin Yue’s present situation. "Yes, the longer the abortion is, the more beautiful it is. When I went to see her, I found it. By the way, I bought cakes for abortion. Did you give it to her? Did she like it? If you like, I’ll buy her that dim sum shop again. It is said that many ladies and wives of big families like the chef’s skills there. I think abortion should like eating and queuing for a long time before buying it. "
"I should like it. I didn’t ask about it. I left after a conversation with Abortion." Lin Qing said and paused and finally said it from the bottom of her heart. "In fact, Abortion is very good now, and both Zhao Erhu and those children get along well with her. She seems to be very satisfied with her present life. I hope we don’t disturb her life."
Jiang Wen actually just noticed the change of Lin Qing’s attitude from Lin Qing’s words, and he was unwilling to make a big difference, even more unwilling to admit and believe that Lin Qing said it so bluntly now. Jiang Wen was excited "A Qing, what do you mean by this? Did you just say that you would support me? What’s the change of attitude now? What did that reckless man do to shake you? I decided that I like abortion so much that I would marry her no matter what she became. You said you would help me. Aren’t we good brothers? In the future, it will be a common relative of Xiaoyue. You can’t shake your faith. What should I do if you do? I won’t give up abortion! "
Jiang Wen’s words seemed to be a little crazy. Before he shouted, he didn’t necessarily like Lin Yue so much. Although he occasionally went to see Lin Yue, most of them were invited by Lin Qing. By the way, his feelings for Lin Yue seemed to be more brotherly and brotherly. He regarded Lin Yue as a sensible and caring sister. Since Lin Yue was sold by her parents, Jiang Wencai missed Lin Yue, especially when he saw Lin Yue growing up in Zhaojiacun, and the little girl became more beautiful and so energetic in an instant.
"You calm down! I didn’t say I admit Zhao Erhu’s attitude of treating my brother-in-law as an abortion. I have to worry that if she really thinks that life is good like that, how can I, as a brother, have the heart to destroy it? My parents don’t like girls. It’s someone else’s house. She was beaten and scolded by her parents as a maid since she was a child, and she didn’t have a good life. I think she has a good life. "Lin Qing, a good friend and sister, will not hesitate to choose her sister, not only because of family ties, but also because she feels guilty about taking care of
"Abortion is like this now because she has lost her memory. Once she remembers it, she won’t think so. She will regret it!"
"But who knows whether abortion will remember if her generation can’t remember? !” Lin Qing is also agitated about this matter, so he started to leave 7. Chapter 7 wants to take people.
Lin Qing said that Zhao Erhu’s brothers had no one else except Zhao’s old house. Zhao’s old house didn’t ask about anything. Just call Li Xiaomei and ask him. It turned out that it was Zhao Xing who kissed the matchmaker and Lin Qing, a village girl with her, said that.
"Yisow, what’s the matter? Is there any problem? " Li Xiaomei see Lin yue specially called her to come over and ask this thing must be what’s the problem.
"Nothing. I just heard that Zhao Xing was going to get married and asked you to come over."
"So that’s it. Sister-in-law, you don’t know that the Chen family girl is amazing. It’s said that the bride price has to be two silver to marry the old thief and old woman of Wei’s. But Zhao Xing doesn’t know what possessed her. She has to marry the Chen family girl. My mother-in-law is so partial to the old man. Without saying anything, she will go to kiss and say that my bride price was only five taels in Ginta. I want to see what kind of good girl Zhao Xing is when he marries back. Is she worth so much silver as a bride price?"
Li Xiaomei is a man who talks but doesn’t listen to Lin Yue’s question, that is, he pours out a string of scratching things he knows and doesn’t forget to complain about Wei’s words.
"What are you talking about? Compare her to me!" Yue-lai Lin doesn’t like to compare herself with others. The Chen family girl is such a good girl. If she is compared with her, isn’t it lowering her style? Of course, there are some things that can’t be told to Li Xiaomei. Otherwise, if she opens her mouth and accidentally says it, how can the villagers keep it a secret?
"It was also at the beginning that Yisow’s betrothal money was fifteen taels, that is, the Chen family girl was not as beautiful as you." Li Xiaomei nodded thoughtfully and said.
Lin Yue has some words about how the girl’s brain is so straight. Almost everyone in the village knows what it was like when she married Zhao Erhu. Li Xiaomei is still so unabashed to take it out in front of her and say that it is no wonder that she is easy to offend. If she is that stingy, she will be angry.
"I’m sorry yisow, I didn’t mean anything else. I just wanted to say that that woman is definitely better than you." Li Xiaomei said that before he remembered what was wrong with his words, he hurriedly apologized in a flurry for fear that Lin Yue would be angry.
"By the way, I forgot to say that the girl is still Lin Cun and Yisow. Are you from the same village?" Li Xiaomei will compare the girl with Lin Yue because they are from the same village, so he made a comparison with them.
But now in Li Xiaomei’s heart, Lin Yue is detached, thinking that Lin Yue is all natural. That girl is better than not. In fact, she hasn’t even seen that girl’s face. When she first went to sit up and take notice, Wei’s side was also accompanied by Kim, and she was afraid that she would go with her. Although Li Xiaomei did have some ideas.
Li Xiaomei and Yue4 chatted for a while and went back to Zhao’s old house. Zhao Xing wanted to marry a daughter-in-law, but she couldn’t be lazy.
It is confirmed that Zhao Xing is his brother who said that the unlucky Lin Yue didn’t tell anyone in Zhao’s old house what she meant. Don’t say that people like her and Zhao Xing in Zhao’s old house really married a good girl. Lin Yue is not worth it for that girl. Now Zhao Xing is going to marry the Chen family girl. Isn’t it just right to get together and break their marriage? And even if she goes to tell Wei’s mother now, people won’t believe her. Don’t waste the villain.
Although Lin Yue has made a decision in his heart, he still doesn’t forget to tell Zhao Erhu that there are some details about a couple, so it is beneficial to the couple and there will be a lot of misunderstandings and contradictions.
Zhao Erhu listened to Lin Yue and said the things directly. "That’s Wei’s mother. Let’s leave Wei’s mother alone, isn’t it bad? When the time comes, when the daughter-in-law has passed the door, she will naturally have a way to tidy up and let’s not mind their own business. "
Zhao Erhu’s answer is in line with Lin Yue’s mind. Lin Yue remembered that she had known from Li Xiaomei that "Zhao Erhu, I heard Li Xiaomei say that Zhao Xingfei insisted on marrying the girl from the Chen family. Do you think he had seen the girl from the Chen family and thought that the girl from the Chen family was beautiful before she insisted?" Lin Yue is a woman, and she is always curious about why Zhao Xing insisted on marrying the Chen family girl.
Zhao Erhu heard Lin Yue’s question and his eyes darkened. He remembered several times that Zhao Xing saw that his daughter-in-law was obsessed with it. He was cautious about his daughter-in-law, and then connected to the Chen family girl and Lin Cun. Probably some guessed Zhao Xing’s idea and laughed at it. "No matter how beautiful it is, there is no beautiful daughter-in-law. Zhao Xingke is not as lucky as I am to marry such a beautiful and virtuous daughter-in-law."
"I am so beautiful and virtuous?" Lin Yue smiled and asked, being praised is still very beautiful in my heart.
Zhao Erhu looked at Lin Yue and knew that this girl was not stingy and praised "of course my daughter-in-law is the most beautiful"
Although Wei’s family in Zhao Xing has already booked a date with Chen Guren, even the bride price has been sent in the past, waiting to marry the bride at Rimen, but Zhao Xing thought that when he saw the beautiful figure outside the courtyard that day, he couldn’t bear it anymore and secretly went to the forest village.
I have been to Zhao Xing once, and I found the Chen Family Courtyard. It seems that no one saw the girl coming out of the room in the courtyard after half a quarter of an hour. Zhao Xing saw the excitement shining in his eyes, thinking that he and the Chen Family girl had already made an appointment to get married, and even if they met, there was nothing wrong. Otherwise, people would know that he could enhance his feelings with his future daughter-in-law before getting married.
Zhao Xing looked around and knocked at the door to make sure there was no one else in the yard.
Chen Zhoushi wondered who was knocking at the door at this time because her sister-in-law was dirty and most people in the village didn’t want to associate with their home. While thinking about speeding up the pace, Chen Zhoushi opened the door and saw a strange man staring at her with a smirk at the door. He immediately frowned. Where did this apprentice dare to come to her house in broad daylight?
"Take charge of come out! Some disciples came to our house! " Chen Zhoushi shouted at the top of his voice.
Zhao Xing was a little alarmed by Chen Zhoushi’s reaction. "I’m not saying girl, don’t shout. I’m your fiance, Zhaojiacun. Zhao Xing came to see you specially."
Zhao Xing hurriedly explained that Chen Zhoushi didn’t listen to the house. Chen Jiaxing heard Zhou shouting that he had led the stick to come over and wanted to take someone. Zhao Xing looked at it and ran away without noticing anything wrong. Chapter 71 Head held high.
Zhao Lingxiang told Chunxi what happened, and then she went back to the city with peace of mind. This time, if she can get a few more masters, she will definitely pay more attention to her wife. If she is not happy, she can’t be treated like anything. The biggest wife in the backyard is Wei Fu, but the master wants the master to protect her, and even the wife can see her face. It’s like being favored for so many years. Aunt Zhou just hates it again. People don’t have children in the backyard. It’s because of the master’s protection.
"Aunt zhao this is where to go? What’s the good thing about looking at the spring breeze? " The only aunt in the backyard who can still treat Zhao Lingxiang calmly is a few weeks. This time, I was enjoying the scenery in the garden and saw Zhao Lingxiang passing by and said with a smile
"It’s Aunt Zhou. The master called me to serve in the past. I’m just about to go to the backyard. I won’t chat with you until another day." Zhao Lingxiang didn’t put on a high profile when she saw Aunt Zhou. She knew in her master’s heart that Aunt Zhou was more important than her, and she had a clever son. Now the master is treating her well, but if she can do things for her master, she must have no chance to win. Aunt Zhou is kind and she can’t stand it.
Zhao Lingxiang feels very low-key, but it’s not the case in the eyes of Aunt Zhou’s personal servant girl. Especially Zhao Lingxiang also specifically said that she was called to wait on Master Wei’s little servant girl. The Lord glared at Zhao Lingxiang and left the figure resentfully.
"Aunt Zhou, look at Aunt Zhao’s swagger. It seems that she has never seen a aunt in the market. You are so popular with her master. You can often come to her room. Aunt Zhao just waits for her master a few times. What’s there to show off? Look at her frivolous sample. I can’t believe how long she can be proud. Women in the hospital can’t wait to drink her blood and eat her meat. When she loses her master’s pet farm, it will definitely be no better. The wife will definitely be the first to spare her.
Aunt Zhou glanced at her aggrieved servant girl and smiled indifferently. "What are you angry with her? Aunt Zhao is also a poor person. She hasn’t given birth to a man and a woman in all these years, and she seems to be instructed by her wife to behave in her room all day long. Now it’s hard to have a few good days, or there’s nothing to be jealous of because the master has her."
Master Wei loves Aunt Zhou, and even business matters will be revealed to Aunt Zhou. Zhao Lingxiang knows the reasons for her favor these days, so Aunt Zhou is not jealous at all. She is not as fond of Master Wei as she seems, but she has to attach herself to a man because of her life, or it will affect her life.
"Aunt, you are so kind. No wonder everyone likes you so much, and your master loves you so much. You are the most kind-hearted aunt," said the little girl flatteringly.
"Maybe it’s nothing to care about." Aunt Zhou’s face is still pale.
"Aunt Master knows that you like tea. Yesterday, I specially sent a catty of good Maojian tea for you to taste." The little girl was just transferred to Aunt Zhou. Soon after, it was not white. Aunt Zhou’s mind was deliberately aroused because Aunt Zhao didn’t want to say it. Master Wei sent tea yesterday. It seems that you are still favored. Don’t worry.
Aunt Zhou ignored this little thought of her maid. She didn’t bother to explain anything. Some things are not a little maid. She can know that she took the tea and slowly lost in thought. Before, he liked tea best. She enjoyed watching him drink tea and felt quite elegant.
Although the little girl was only transferred to Aunt Zhou’s side soon, she knew that Aunt Zhou’s temper was absolutely not to be disturbed at this time, or she was silently standing by and did not dare to move.
Master Wei was very unhappy when he saw Zhao Lingxiang coming over with a twist. Obviously, he was impatient to wait for Zhao Lingxiang for so long. "I asked him to call you. Why did you come here at this time? Did you spoil me for a few days and let you cock your tail and even stop listening to me?"
Zhao Lingxiang is just an ordinary woman’s mentality. It will be delayed when she learns that Master Wei wants to see her and dress up well, but she can’t say that if Master really recognizes her favor and arrogance, it will be bad to remember that she met Aunt Zhou in the garden before and scooped her up as a shield.
"How dare you, my master? I met Aunt Zhou when I was passing by the garden. I think Aunt Zhou hit it off and said a few more words before I came over. Forgive me," explained Zhao Lingxiang jiao dia, carefully eyeing Master Wei’s face.
Master Wei frowned more and more when he heard the words Aunt Zhou. "Aunt Zhou is a quiet girl and doesn’t like others to disturb you in Weifu for so many years. You should know less and disturb her purity."
Master Wei doesn’t know if he is too lazy to take care of these jealousness and jealousy things in the backyard. Now he is involved in his favorite concubine, Aunt Zhou, and Master Wei warned Zhao Lingxiang. Although Aunt Zhou is not the best in Wei’s heart, she is the only woman in this house who has ever been sincere to him, not the woman who has kept his family property and money behind him, but also the woman he has always kept in his heart all these years.
Master Wei is so because Aunt Zhou has always been so indifferent, never taking the initiative to ask him for anything, and always staying with him silently. Even if other women enter the house, they will never be jealous and wait for him silently in the courtyard. Of course, if he knew that Aunt Zhou was behaving like this, he would be so indifferent and even be angry.
Zhao Lingxiang saw that Master Wei was so protective, and Aunt Zhou’s eyes flashed with a touch of jealousy. Although she knew that Aunt Zhou was the most beloved woman in her house, she was still a little unwilling at the last moment. She just met a few random chats in the garden, so how could she disturb Aunt Zhou’s purity?
Zhao Lingxiang also dare to be angry in my heart and never dare to show it. "Master and concubine dare not bother Aunt Zhou again after knowing it. Don’t be angry. Chapter 7 is enough for you."
After coming back from Master Wei, Zhao Lingxiang thought about it and decided to go back to Zhaojiacun immediately to ask Chunxi how things are going. Now Master is not satisfied with the method of sprouting bean sprouts. I heard that Zhao Erhu sells all kinds of marinated vegetables besides bean sprouts and bean skin and yuba in the city, and so on. If we can get hold of these parties, we will definitely make a lot of money. This is to spend money to buy them.
Master Wei tasted the sweetness of selling bean sprouts this time, and many Zhao Lingxiang was more generous than before. She had a lot of confidence in holding the master’s two hundred and twenty silver tickets. She first asked Chunxi if she had got the new party. If it weren’t for her, it would be good for Zhao Erhu’s family. Now she doesn’t want their family to spend money to buy it. I don’t believe that Zhao Erhu and his wife will not be tempted when they see the silver.
Zhao Lingxiang still looked down upon that party. Now Zhao Erhu’s family scene is big. He invited people. Zhao Erhu earned more money in Xin ‘an City alone than this 220 silver. Besides, is Master Wei the kind of person who will let others take advantage of himself? Will the buyer take out the silver? This 220 must be the one who can earn a lot of silver. Compared with that number, Master Mao Wei of Niu Yi won’t tell Zhao Lingxiang how much silver he earned. Zhao Lingxiang is so complacent.
Zhao Lingxiang didn’t know that Chunxi had sold her until she got to Zhao’s old house, but Zhao Lingxiang still held out a glimmer of hope and asked Xiaocui to call Chunxi.
"It’s my aunt’s handmaiden." Xiaocui is much smarter than before. When Zhao Lingxiang directed her, she was not so unwilling.

"Are you killers?"

"Can you speak the words of Kun Tian Lingjie?" The tall and thin brother was very surprised, and immediately thought of something. He said fiercely, "You know Yu Ba’s lost dog, you deserve to die."
I don’t know which killer is better than the killer. "As not tall and thin nose eagle eye big fellow, muttered to himself, and in its wave, offering the killer day, released ninety-nine ghost killer inside.
The tall-nosed eagle’s eyes flashed through Li Mang, looking at the killer’s Tianluo multiplier, and his eyes were full of lust. As soon as the ghost killer came out, he smelled the breath of his peers. What kind of instrument is this? You can pretend to be a master of true spirit. If you own it for yourself, you can easily complete all kinds of tasks in the future, and kill those targets who let their guard down when they see that they are alone.
As the killer group of the first dark and fierce clan in Kuntian spirit world, the tall-nosed eagle man is very knowledgeable. The killer group is not without this kind of multiplier, but it is obviously not as good as this multiplier in front of us. This multiplier can not only hold people, but also imprison masters. It can withstand tossing and turning, and there should be a lot of space inside …
The dark killer and the ghost killer caught each other in the void, and was induced by the nine-day Hualien and the killer Tianluo. The big man with high nose and black armor was so excited that he forgot all the unfavorable factors and descended on Tianxin, grabbing two instruments with his right hand.
I don’t know that Tianxin is waiting for him to change, so as to test the means of the killer leader in the later stage of the real spirit, which is different from his own world. At this time, when I saw him coming, my mind moved. In nine days, Hualian was full of brilliance, and the red and white swords flashed through the sky, stabbing and splitting, and meeting the killer leader, I rushed over.
Lightning Shi Huo, plane day high nose black armor big fellow flowers at the moment, only feel their magic dharma body was cut by something, and at that time again surprised and angry. The so-called killer is to point at the target by all means. Now the target is still far away, and it is found by two expanding flying swords, which is simply detrimental to the front of the killer, and in the true consciousness, the guy who cast the lotus multiplier still coldly presents the color of watching the play.
"crack day is moving, it is dark and thunderous, and it is sick!"
In fact, the red and white swords are not urgent, and Tianxin is bent on seeing the means of innocent spiritual practice in another plane. So the thin man with a high nose and black armor who didn’t realize that he was too far away had the opportunity to pinch the spell. In the void, a breeze began to burst, gradually becoming a hurricane, and the layers of black that were in urgent need rolled into a monstrous wave, which seemed to swallow the huge space in front of me.
"Spiritual knowledge is not grand, so it can only be a threat to borrow the means of empty dark energy."
Tianxin shook his head, his hands staggered, and the red and white swords turned into the ultimate giant state, and the circle turned to Tai Chi. Set up a tens of thousands of kilometers of Tai Chi force field, and abruptly peel away the dark wind and thunder formed by the opponent.
The tall-nosed, black-armored and thin man was frightened, and he repeatedly used several powerful techniques to borrow energy. Unfortunately, he was in the Tai Chi force field of the red and white swords. Don’t try to summon a little familiar emptiness and dark energy, but show Tianxin a lot of magic skills in another world. In the end, you can only rely on your own strongest weapon to fight against the red and white swords.
Skill, so controlling people, is that the attack it causes is pervasive, and the attacked person is not easy to defend. When the amount is great, the soft power will change into the strongest power, and if the recipient does not have more earth power, he will be harmed. The dark wind and thunder that the tall-nosed, black-breasted and thin-skinned man relies on special means to destroy belongs to this level of strike force. However, by the same means as Tianxin, the Red Sword and the White Sword were cracked by the Taiji-derived Taiji force field, so that the tall pole killer from another plane had to hope to fly on the sword.
Thousands of broken, but fast.
Dark fierce killer’s sword control means really get home, and the sword is fast and fast, not only that, but also in a small state of extremely moving jump. Round turns have send, control by, in the state of its true spirit planet dharma body luck, send out cold electricity, cold light shine vanity …
Sure. Red and white swords are not too much to give. You are fast and I am fast, and you are fast and I am faster. Red and white swords, the red master dies, the white master lives, and the jumping range is getting bigger and bigger. The red sword rowed to the dharma body of the true spirit planet of the man with high nose and black armor, while the white sword found and shook the enemy’s flying sword hard.
When the two swords intersect, there are countless meteor-sized sparks in the void, and the red and white swords under the control of chaos are finally better, which will hit back the cold electric flying sword with high nose, black armor and thin man step by step, making the latter feel shocked. The flying sword with high nose and thin Han belongs to the best star flying sword in Kuntian spirit world. The whole dark clan can’t come up with ten. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a treasure of the town clan, but it’s just like the enemy’s white sword. Therefore, retreating is not as good as skill.
Generally, when the flying sword of the true spirit arrives at the middle product, it abandons the attack and defense array commonly used at the level of repairing the true spirit and the level of immortal energy, and directly attaches it to the reorganization of the spirit knowledge in the most secret way. Who has ever seen an explosive pack that can blow up a piece of refined iron? What is remarkable is that it leaves a black smoke layer. Is a nuclear bomb, encounter can withstand nuclear fusion tens of billions of degrees high temperature to dense material, will also be reactive. Law of any level of power, meet the sea of layers of true spirit planet dharma, have no effect at all. At this time, if you want to give your opponent a fatal blow, you can only do it with simple instruments with skill and tenacity.
The thin man with a high nose and black armor was so horrified. The flying swords of Heilie Town clan, which exudes the smell of cold electricity, entered his hands, directly crashing, destroying and cutting down countless opponents’ flying swords, and ignored the opponent’s body defense and directly hit the opponent’s body. Now I am hit back by a white sword. Although there is no possibility of falling apart, I do feel hurt.
"I am too turbulent."
The tall-nosed, black-breasted and thin-skinned man who blames himself doesn’t know that the red and white swords and even the whole Nine-Day Lotus are all made by collecting pure elements of hardware and arranging them in micro-eyes. How can the flying swords of the black fierce clan be compared with each other? However, with a single sword attack, Bai Jian can’t break the flying sword from another plane.
They are all top-level treasures, and the final competition depends on the cultivation of the owner of the treasure.
High nose, black armor and thin Han is the kind of guy who misses a shot, which is also the killer’s rule. I don’t want to think about this greedy baby, and I don’t want to think that anyone who can afford such an instrument is not a freak. When he makes a mistake, he will fail, knowing that he is defeated and wants to retreat. The situation is beyond his control. It is rare for Tianxin to meet an opponent who can show his prowess and fight alone. Without the means of hollowing out the plane, how can he just retreat?
Void, light and cold, sound and shock eight miles.
Faced with heavy pressure, the thin man with a high nose and black armor began to be squeezed out of his breast-feeding strength, and all the means belonging to the killer or non-killer were used one by one, trying to deal with the terrible red and white swords.
In the distance, ninety-nine ghost killers are also fighting with their opponents.
Can the star field, it is another scene.
The ten black blood legions with black lines jumped from the deep space of the three systems to the starry sky of Canjun, and the red prince of the black clan was in a bad mood.
According to the information given by Jill in the country of the stars, the starry sky is desolate. But now which is the case, the spies sent all the way back to the prosperous scene. Most importantly, twenty legions of the same order of magnitude were found approaching behind them until they entered the star field, that is, the border of the stars. The twenty legions stopped.
The reaction is so fast, and the specifications of the legion are not bad for the dark blood legion, which makes the prince of Heilie Red lose his pride when he just broke the boundary, and a cold sweat brought out by a long-distance move reminds him of the vanity shock just now and that there is a powerful country that he can not be taunted temporarily.
"This coquettish fox, false information, Lao tze survived this time, will call you can’t survive, beg for death …"
Dark fierce red prince scold aloud. I feel that I have been taken in by Jill. The ghost woman has never been true and false, and she is not careful this time. Is likely to lose the black fierce expedition ten legion.
"Contact the ghost woman, let her quote us the position. If she can’t explain in detail what happened to the twenty legions chasing after the king, expose her spy identity. "
"Yes, Your Highness." Hearing the cold and violent voice, an adjutant who was in charge of contact behind him answered and left.
The star country is the capital, and the Qingqiong River system.
The country’s main domain tyrant sat in the military aircraft hall, discussing with the four stars and the elders how to deal with the cross-border attack of the Heilie nationality. Since Yu Ba practiced the Heart Sutra of Blood God, his knowledge of God has greatly increased. Over the years, Jill has been playing tricks in the emperor’s palace, so how can she hide it from him? One day, he was caught by the blood god at the bedside. After imprisonment, a little blood and divine knowledge invaded his sea of knowledge, found out the truth and left a trace of divine knowledge. The party involved, Jill, had no idea that she had become a double spy, and everything was under the control of the domain tyrant. When the black and red contact signal was sent, he told the domain bully everything.
However, knowing is knowing. The military situation is extremely urgent. The Heilie army came earlier than expected, and the true spirit army was not cultivated. Domain tyrants and a bunch of elders were caught off guard. Now, the only place we can rely on is 20,000 King Kong battlestar fortresses and 10,000 people in the later period of the true spirit and 100 people in the Qing dome near the end of the true spirit. Fortunately, the star country has two star fields, which are quite deep, and Yuto can be expanded as much as possible when necessary.
Export-oriented King Kong Battle Star Fortress. Domain tyrants choose the kind that carries 20 billion people. This is mainly based on the fact that there is no true spirit army in the star country, and only by virtue of a huge number of fairy almighty enemies.
Domain bully is absolutely old oil essence.
The command was issued soon, and all the practitioners in the Star Kingdom who have the immortal realm, regardless of the level, all crammed into the King Kong Fighting Star Fortress to provide fighting energy for the fortress. And domain bully himself, all the elders and thousands of people in the green dome entered his specially-made defensive super star method base. Specifically, the star method base, only for the use of the blue dome clan, there are not many launch holes, only 10 thousand, which is to concentrate on clicking on the true spirit enemy. Domain bully believes that under the guidance of this flag base, plus he has been able to explore the gods of more than 150 light years, he will definitely drag the hateful black dog bastard in vain. When things really can’t be done, he still has the trick of abandoning the country and fleeing into the three countries.
After deliberation, the plan was quickly rolled out.
The star country is not so pessimistic. The four stars are guarding the four sides. At this time, they have been authorized by the domain tyrants to do their best to attract the adventures of true spirituality into the two star fields of the star country. Although the number of true spirituality in the star zones of the three-system China countries is small, the adventurers’ guild is accessible to the four sides. Through them, the low-order true spirituality in the Thunderbolt Star Zone swarms in. As long as it is not a war against the three-system China countries, the adventurers’ guild still dares to make this money.
To put it bluntly, as long as the central army can drag on a few interstellar days, the thousands of star fortresses to be allocated to the four stars will be recruited enough to be truly spiritual, and they may not necessarily be losers.
In a word, it is very difficult for the black army to kill the Qingqiong clan without knowing the situation of this world.
Black and red are undoubtedly too cautious. The 20 legions of Guangyuan and Dark Yuan in the Three-system China were not chasing after his black and fierce army, but were ordered to consolidate the three-system star defense in the star field adjacent to the star country. It is no wonder that when he first set foot in this unknown world, he met twenty Chinese regiments whose rank was no worse than that of the Black Blood Corps. How could he not be nervous?
Caution is often the enemy of time. After entering the star field of Canjun, he contacted Jill, and if he ignored the signal after Jill’s adoption, he invaded the river system in the capital of the star country quickly, and the domain bully had only a plan that could not become a force or enough power.
After a period of twists and turns, Heilie Red led ten black blood legions, specifically, they were adopted by Jill. No, it was hacked by domain tyrants. Cai Jill’s first message to Heilie Red was the right place, but then it was the domain tyrant who controlled Cai Jill to play tricks, so that after finally finding the river system of the capital of the star country through his own means, they were greeted by nearly 20,000 King Kong battle star fortresses that had recruited enough fairy talents and laid out their formations.
Domain bully more don’t know where to come from, bachelor, rate of only ten thousand capability for in the later period of true spirit or above the green dome people stand still before the star battle fortress, to meet the eternal enemy black fierce people.
"Ha ha. Sure enough, it’s the Red Prince, how lucky is the domain tyrant! " In the void, looking at the ten legions of the black army approaching, the domain bully gave a guffaw.
"Very close to death … The Black Blood Expedition Corps attacked." Black and red sneer. Not much to say, directly order a legion to carry out exploratory attacks.
"What dog prince, meet an old friend, I have temporarily put under the enemy, hope to catch up, you … malicious," domain bully and more than ten thousand people flew back to the King Kong battle star fortress, got into one of them, and at the same time issued an attack order.
The export-oriented star fortress of King Kong War is not equipped with optical nerve master control system, so its agility is insufficient. The loss of energy is very large, however, each fortress has twenty billion immortal almighty as the fighting energy, and there is no worry about not being able to gather energy for a long time.
So, when the black blood expedition a legion of one billion soldiers rushed, nearly twenty thousand fortresses.
Spinning to meet up. Conduct indiscriminate attacks.
The battle was soon in a state of anxiety.
The formation of nearly 20,000 battle star fortresses has obviously passed the best calculation, and it is a formation that can’t hit each other and can echo each other. After the start of the battle, he only spun around with one mind and did not give up the fairy energy, so he stormed into the formation of the true spirit warriors of the Black Clan and started positional warfare to the letter.
"Strange, very strange!"
You can’t get a good black blood by looking at it. Black fierce red frown, the in the mind rises bad feeling. The soldiers in the late period of the true spirit were resisted by the light wall barrage formed by the immortal ability.
Where did he know that the Black Blood Legion is now facing the King Kong Star Fortress, and there are as many as 10.24 million launch holes each, and the fairy almighty who charges the energy gathering system at the same time reaches 10 billion. In principle, a gas bomb played by each launch hole is equivalent to 10 million fairy almighty. But … In order to fire the bomb smoothly and uninterruptedly, the booster system divides and compresses the immortal energy collected by the gathering gas system. A compressed immortal energy bomb is almost equivalent to a volley of millions of immortal energy players. Due to the limited energy level, although this kind of gas bomb can’t pose a threat to the black warrior of the planet dharma body in the later stage of the illusion, the continuous bomb quantity and fast speed can make the black warrior as hard to move forward as the ordinary planet people facing the strong winds of seven or eight.
Domain tyrants are fully trained and prepared for the coming of war. Black Fierce Red now sees that the cross-section of the fairy energy gas bomb launched by each star fortress has been reduced by half, that is, each fortress actually has only five million emission holes in operation, and the other half has only five million emission holes open for standby. This is partly because the emission holes are protected, and partly because the levels of immortals are uneven, and the emission holes are all open, so the energy gathering and charging will not keep up. To this end, the domain bully also broke up hundreds of critical fairy legions into various fortresses, and ordered all fairy almighty to rotate once every half star.
Unknown so black fierce red in the face of such a battle for the first time, of course, will feel strange, for a while also could not get good attention. A billion black warriors are too many for 20,000 star fortresses. As long as 10,000 black warriors in each star fortress conjure up the dharma body of the true spirit planet, every angle of attack will be blocked, and when the foremost attacker advances to a certain extent, he can’t move forward under the shock wave of the fairy energy bomb. The magic small dharma body can’t be attacked well, and it’s hard to advance. When it encounters the energy shield of the fortress at most, it will be beaten back by the terrible click of the asteroid warhead of the third-order star cannon, and the dharma body will be damaged or even disappeared.
Prince Heilie Red has ten legions of tens of billions of true spirit soldiers, which is useless. He is a little in distress situation and naught.
In fact, he is inexperienced, and the formation posed by the domain bully dare not be used against the three-system China-made multi-country multi-yuan army. As long as you assemble half a true spirit army and forcibly remove the impact from one direction. If the force is strong, the giant will win, and this formation will be quickly dispersed, and then the small team will attack the single-seat King Kong fighting star fortress and shake the energy shield of the fortress. If the fortress is not properly maneuvered, the internal mechanism will inevitably be destroyed in a big collision.
I just don’t know how long it will take Hei Liehong and his staff to understand this kind of "cohesion and fighting force" fighting method, or just wait for the other side’s fighting energy failure. But I don’t know when to stay. The adjusted immortal warrior in the Star Country can’t be exhausted under the shift system. The only possibility is that the engine system and the launch hole are worn out and lose their functions.
Heiliehong now finally understands why the domain bully dares to compete with his ten legions with only twenty thousand fortresses.
"You, study and rehearse various breakthrough methods."
"Yes, Your Highness," all the staff scattered vanity, watching from all angles.

Promise wry smile, he is a disciple handed down by Mr. Cang, the next heir to the throne of Cang Yu Dynasty. This identity will never be lower than that of any sect of cultivating immortals in the East Wilderness. However, he always knew that if he provoked troubles in the East Wilderness, Mr. Cang would not stand up for him, and might even abolish him directly.

Therefore, he never dared to put his eyes on his head.
Besides, he was raised as a slave by Mr. Cang since childhood, and he didn’t realize the scenery of infant spirits’s bodhi old zu’s disciples.
However, this topic doesn’t seem to be easy to say, so Wuji was busy changing the subject and said, "The bodhi old zu didn’t know something. In the Eastern Wilderness, due to the deliberate propaganda of the Sangs, the name of the son of Chu was tantamount to waste, and no one could afford it."
"I don’t understand, what does Sang Changfeng want to do?" Mr. Cang shook his head.
Wuji also said that he didn’t understand. The mulberry family attached great importance to Chu Yanqi, but it was possible to publicize it before, belittling him as worthless, and even using a Dan medicine, in such a humiliating way, in exchange for his adoption.
However, Sang Jia’s etiquette for welcoming him was authentic, and it was not sloppy at all. Even when Chu Yanqi had an accident, Sang Feilong, a big disciple, hurried from the city of Cangwu.
"We get along with him, naturally know. But in the eyes of outsiders, he is a waste that Sangjia exchanged for a Dan medicine. Except for his handsome appearance, he is nothing. " Wuji said. "The bodhi old zu is not I don’t know, cultivate immortality who look down on can’t practice mortals, this in the wild, it’s no secret. Think about what is the status of Guang Chengzi, the bodhi old zu in infant spirits period, or taking a photo. When he goes there, everyone will be polite. Now. He wrote a post and gave it to a loser. Don’t be grateful and kowtow to this loser? "
The extreme irony of Wuji said that even he understood that Zhou Hongye was bound to have many imbalances in his heart, so he would lay a tattoo on that post.
If Chu Yanqi opens it in public, the post will naturally burn. When he is surprised, he is bound to sell the post. Burned to ashes, at that time, Zhou Hongye will even find a reason to say that he disrespected infant spirits’s bodhi old zu in Qingyun Mountain, forcing him to kowtow and make amends or something.
But yes, for Chu Yanqi, Guang Chengzi is just a slave given to him by the Queen of Fusang.
"bodhi old zu, Guang Chengzi deserves it. What’s bothering you?" The infinite shan shan asked.
"If I go to give somebody else a slave. You said, Cangyu dynasty can promise? " Mr. Cang looked up at him and asked.
"This … I don’t think so." Promise silently, think about it carefully, if Mr. Cang is branded with slave blood, he will naturally not agree, but. This time in the ten-square ghost domain, it is quite dangerous, and this possibility is real.
Fortunately, they have been on good terms with Chu Yanqi. To avoid this embarrassment.
"Qingyun Mountain can’t afford to lose this face even if it doesn’t want Hiroko." Mr. Cang said, "A infant spirits-period photogenic great cultivator branded a slave’s blood deed and made him a slave? Is this man still a mortal who seems unable to practice on the surface? If this is to get out, how can Qingyun Mountain hold its head in front of many immortal sects in the future? "
Wuji thought for a moment, then said, "Does the bodhi old zu advise Prince Chu?"
"When I was in the ten-square ghost domain, I said, and he also said that as long as Guang Chengzi and Luojinshe don’t bother him afterwards, then when they return to the wild, he will lift their slave blood contract, but-"Mr. Cang shook his head. Guang Chengzi doesn’t know what medicine he ate wrong, so what’s the score?
When the blood bond of the slave is lifted, he loves to put on airs, and no one can control him. But now, maybe he is qualified to put on airs in front of others, but don’t put it in front of his own master.
"If it was before, it would be fine." Mr. Cang continued, "But think about it, what is Guang Chengzi compared with Xiao Nu and Long Nu? In the past three months, the son of Chu has been instilled with a lot of ideas by the slaves. Those people are born to be his slaves and he can use them at will. "
"Owl’s adult … I don’t know what to think." When it comes to this, Wuji doesn’t know what to say.
"The Luo family will not be so good at giving up." Mr. Cang said, "So, I am very worried. When he wakes up tomorrow, ask him what he means?"
"I have always said that I can’t understand that master." Infinite smile.
"Oh?" Mr. Cang was stunned and asked, "What can’t be understood?"
"For example, I can’t understand how he tricked Queen Fusang into giving him two infant spirits-period immortals as slaves?" Promise said, "and-how did he fool owl adults and others? He is 18 years old and was born in Kunlan town. Although his mother’s identity is unknown and he has a long history, no one knows who his father is, but even so, he can’t be the master of the adults. "
"I am also puzzled." Mr. Cang said, "When he was in the Ten-Party Ghost Domain, he was confused himself. Well, he can be confused, but we can’t be confused." What’s even more ridiculous is that he actually brought a person out from the ten-square ghost domain. The identity of that person is unknown, but he just came out with the momentum and coercion. I’m afraid he won’t be under the owl’s adult. There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"I was infinitely troubled just now, and now, suddenly I am happy." Inside, a voice came.
When Mr. Cang turned around, he saw Chi Mo coming out of Chu Yan’s living room, and then he sat down in the chair opposite him.
"Hello, Mr. Chi!" Mr. Cang smiled and asked, "I wonder what worries Mr. Cang?"
"Your Majesty hates me." The demon sighed, "I’m not as cute as the owl, and I have beautiful cat ears, which will make him happy. I’m also worried that he will kick me out just after leaving the ten-square ghost domain."
"I don’t think Mr. Wang is willing to be a slave." Mr. Cang laughed.
"That depends on who it is." Chi also just laughed, "I don’t want to, kill me, I am willing to, he doesn’t agree …"
"Obviously, your Majesty doesn’t agree." Mr. Cang suddenly wanted to laugh. Chu Yanqi may be the first one in the history of the East Wilderness. He was forced to recognize the Lord and could not resist.
"This matter is not up to your majesty alone." Chi smiled.
"You shouldn’t really force him? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Asked Wuji with a frown. He suddenly began to sympathize with Chu Yanqi. What kind of people do you know and are forced to recognize the Lord?
"It is forced, and his original intention should be unwilling." Chi Mo also cared and smiled cheerfully. "Wuji, please give us a cup of tea."
"Oh?" Wuji didn’t care about his shouting tone, so he immediately poured tea for him. Anyway, he was strong and not under the owl slave. It was nothing shameful to pour him a cup of tea.
"Owl adults obviously have a tendency to love the Lord." Wuji smiled. "But you, my Lord, seem to have a tendency to abuse the Lord."
"Promise, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, and words can’t be blather." The demon said solemnly, "I don’t have a tendency to abuse the Lord. I just found a funny thing. Your majesty will need me in a short time and won’t drive me away."
Mr. Cang and Wuji stayed for a while, and then they understood.
"What Mr. Guo means is that Qingyun Mountain and the Luo family will find trouble with Mr. Chu, and you just took the opportunity to stay with him and solve this trouble for him."
"Right." Chi magic nods, "didn’t you say that they are powerful? Your majesty will be very upset if you want to come, so just let them be slaves forever, and don’t expect to erase the blood contract of slaves. Unless they can kill me first, they will be slaves honestly. "
"I feel that it is still inappropriate for adults to let their masters meet more enemies in the East Wilderness." Wuji frowned and said, "You are forcing to acknowledge the Lord now, but God knows that you lost interest that day and left. What can I do? I am a small cultivator, but I can’t control the situation in the East. "
"I won’t pat my ass and leave." Chi smiled, where can he go? Even if Chu Yanqi drives him away, it’s not impossible. "They don’t make trouble, and I won’t make trouble on my own initiative. I don’t want to get involved in your majesty’s family law."
"Chu Gongzi always hates killing." Mr. Cang kindly reminded him.
"I know!" The demon smiled. "So, there are some things that must be done behind his back. For example, I must never let him know what I want to discuss with you now."
"Oh?" Mr. Cang asked inexplicably, "What is it?"
"I want to know the distribution of power in the East Wilderness at once." The demon said.
"There are many major forces in this Eastern Wilderness, and it is unclear for a while." Mr. Cang said.
"Well, so ask, which one is the stupid family with a lot of money in the East?" The demon said, "As you can see, I have nothing, so I can’t let your majesty pay for me, can I? There are a lot of words in the error-free novel network. I have to find a stupid family with a lot of money and secretly make a vote. Besides, I forced myself to recognize the Lord and didn’t give my master any gifts. I was always embarrassed to stay with him like this, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"The richest thing in the East Wilderness is the city of Cangwu, and it is really stupid for many people with money, so it is suitable to be a vote." Mr. Cang said, "I know their Lord very well, so I’m embarrassed to do it. Otherwise, why don’t you go?"
Chi Mo thought seriously, this city of Cangwu seems familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere. After a moment’s reflection, he finally understood that it was the people who invited them to drink today and called your majesty "Little Master".
"Mr. Cang, at least we have met once. You … don’t hurt me. I robbed the city of Cangwu, and your majesty will know sooner or later. It would be strange if he didn’t kill me." Chi Mo shook his head again and again, feeling that Mr. Cang was very unkind. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )

Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Manager
Mr. Cang drank a little wine. Like Chu Yanqi, he didn’t use spiritual force to force the alcohol out. Therefore, at this time, his head was a little dizzy. When he heard that, he laughed out loud on the spot: "So you know?"
"I didn’t know it at first, but I know it today!" The demon vendor said with a wry smile, "Change someone else."
"Many people with money are stupid, just this one, other people?" Mr. Cang frowned. "Mr. Chi, we are acquaintances. You’re not going to kill them, are you? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"I can’t do it with acquaintances." The demon said, "Besides, if it’s cooked, you’ll complain to my master, and I’ll be more than I can bear."
"Uh-huh … I will definitely complain." Mr. Cang just laughed, took a small handless cup for tea and said, "I can give you tens of thousands of flowers, just don’t rob me."
"Where are tens of thousands of lingshi enough?" Chi demon shook his head.
"My Lord!" Wuji has been standing on the side. At this time, he suddenly said, "If you do it in the East Wilderness, you will definitely not be able to hide it from your master. Maybe it will bring trouble to your master."
"But I have no money." The demon said, "I have no money. How can I feed my master?"
Wuji secretly glanced at his bodhi old zu, then pinched a note and handed it to Chi Mo.
Chi-mo understood, opened the note, and Wuji leaned over his ear and whispered a few words, listening to Chi-mo nodding.
"This son of a bitch didn’t follow the owl for long, so he didn’t learn. He learned a lot of bad things." Mr. Cang naturally understands that if Wuji really wants to hide things from him, he will definitely not speak with every note in front of him. He is just joking.
The devil broke the note, patted Wuji on the shoulder and said, "Good boy. Good for you. The melon seeds in the head are good. You practice hard and take the position of the manager around your majesty in the future. "

Ji Fan looked up and said to Tian Feng, "Where is Dian Wei? It’s not peaceful in the city. "

Dian Wei was just outside the temple. When Ji Fan called him, his cold face moved, and he marched in, kneeling with his hands clenched and yelling, "Dian Wei is here!"
Ji Fan said faintly: "Go kill people!"
———————————— dividing line
An hour later, Dian Wei was covered with blood that had not dried up, and presented three heads.
Ji Fan looked at it and nodded and said, "Take it down!"
At this time, a voice came from outside the temple: "Oh, my God, brother, you are back!" Long time no see! Did you miss your brother? "
JiFan canthus pulled pull, everyone knows who is coming!
What a unique way to speak!
Seeing the fat figure at the entrance of the temple, JiFan couldn’t help sighing.
This Wang Qiang is the oldest old man around JiFan, who appeared earlier than Lu Xun.
Ji Fan smiled and said, "Yes, it’s been a long time, and you’ve gained weight again!" "
Wang Qiang suddenly wolf ao: "I this is strong! You understand? Seriously, do you really miss my brother! "
Ji Fan smiled at Wu Yeyun and Jia Wen behind him. When he heard this, he immediately made a big supercilious look and shouted, "I’m not gay! Die! "
Wang Qiang suddenly shivered all over, trembling and saying, "This is a big misunderstanding!" Only to find that Wu Yeyun looked at him with a disgusting look, but also far away.
Wang Qiang’s face turned into a bitter gourd face: "I can’t wash it if I jump into the Yellow River!" Only to find Jia Wen still standing in the same place, he immediately leaned up and said, "I’m not gay."
Jia Wen raised his eyebrows and said, "Gays are normal in front of outsiders, and they don’t call themselves gay."
Wang Qiang was indignant and pointed to Ji Fan, Jia Wen and Wu Ye Yun, who was far away, with trembling fingers. "You bad guys! Be careful that I find out what underwear you are wearing. "
JiFan mirth on the surface, but the heart is very anxious.
Tian Feng frowned and shouted, "What a scandal! Now the mistress has fallen into the hands of the Deng family in Beiping, and the Han family has defected! You still have time to chat here! "
Wang Qiang frowned and asked, "What? Is that information true? " In a hurry, I took a crumpled paper film out of my arms.
It says. . .
"Nanpi Korea’s house moves strangely, I hope to pay attention! June 17th. "
Today is June 23rd. It happened five days ago.
Wang Qiang looked at JiFan with a pale face and a guilty face. He was sorry. He didn’t think that people who would become JiFan’s father-in-law in July would betray JiFan.
Tian Feng grabbed the note with a livid face, and roared with a grim face: "Be beheaded!"
Ji Fan said with a smile: "Hey, don’t talk about this now. By the way, Marotta said that you three have an idea."
JiFan a look at the situation is not good hurriedly change the subject.
Tian Feng looked upright and said, "Master, you can’t be Fiona Fang without rules!"
The table in front of JiFan suddenly rang.
Ji Fan said calmly, "Wang Qiang! He’s not my subordinate, and he never was! He is my friend. When did you hear that Wang Qiang was my subordinate? "
Tian Feng was speechless. After thinking about it, his face calmed down a lot. He stepped forward and said, "I propose to remove the commander of the Wang Qiang bandit troops."
Ji Fan frowned and looked furious: "Is this the time to say this? What’s more, all the bandit troops in this life belong to him in Wang Qiang. This is my promise, and I also think Wang Qiang’s style is very suitable. Now it’s about saving lives! Tian Feng, don’t go too far! "
Tian Feng look a shock, look above is the color of guilt.
Jia Wen stepped forward and presented a map with both hands, then said, "This is the way."
JiFan curious opened on see, stunned looking at the hands of this thin layer of paper.
Chapter 15. Waste Deng Ji’s five limbs
On this map paper, all the buildings in Nanpi City are painted in detail. .
Ji Fan’s pupil suddenly shrank into a needle. . .
Here. . .
This is … . . .
This is the tunnel!
JiFan suddenly stood up and didn’t know what to say with his mouth open.
Who is this?